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Lesson Plan Template

Date Subject Number of students Grade

13.3 Letter 21 Kg2

Personal Aims (What do YOU need to work on in order grow professionally?)

- Control the student when they are misbehaving.

- Using rewarding for increase the good behavior in class and Encouragement the student how does
not participate.
- Using teacher voice.

Learning Outcomes: Materials

(Link to the ADEC / MOE K-5 curriculum
Students will be able to (Write the - Marker
outcome word for word) - Laptop
- Data show
- Card letter
- Know how to write the letter
- Papers
- Find the letter in the words
- panicles
- Know new word with the letter.
- colors
- Know the different between
- woody stick
- glue
- scissors

Lesson Introduction
Whole group activity: Time 30 m Question (Blooms Taxonomy)

Opening/Introduction: (Bullet points) Are you remember the last letter we

What will you do in order to introduce the take?
concept to the students? Tell me words with the letter?
Show them video about the letter. Can you write for me the letter?
song Where is the letter in this word?
Asking them about the video and How we can write the letter?
what it was about Can you read the word?

Active Engagement: (Bullet points)

After youve modeled the concept, what
activity will you have the students perform
while on the carpet to ensure that they
understand it?
The student will start think about
words with the letter.
Ask the student about words they
already know with the letter.
Show the student card with the letter
and ask them about what word
written in the card.

Link: (Bullet points)

Remind the students in kid friendly language
how they can apply what they did whole
group in their independent learning centers
Let the student find word with the
letter and circle the letter we take in
the class.
Playing game finding the letter in the
Color the sun because its start with
the letter ( )

Learning Center Resources or Materials

Learning Center Learning Center 2 Learning Center 3 Learning Center 4
- Finding the letter - Playing card - Sun activity
- Listing to the in the word. game reading
song and - Finding words the words and
Reading the with the letter. guessing the
words from pictures
the slides

Small Group Learning Centers: each one 5-8 minutes total: 25 minutes
Learning Center 1 Title: reading and Learning Center 2 Title: search the
listening. letter and the word.

- Firstly, I will record for them the song - In the power point slide they will
that about the letter search in the words with the letter
- I will ask them to guess words with and point in it with finger.
the letter. - This activity we will sit in the circle
- Then showing them the power point time and I will beak one children to
which it includes: search the letter.
- Words with highlighting the letter. - And the same thing for finding the
- Let them try to read the word and letter in the word and ask the children
help them to read it. where the letter if its at the begging
of the letter or meddle or the end.

Learning Center 3 Title: playing card Learning Center 4 Title: sun activity
game & reading the words.
Materials we need for this activity are;
Showing them cards: 1. paper with sun draw
- The cards it will be include word. 2. panicle
- Words for low level, medium level, high 3. colors
level. 4. scissors
- Words without pictures 5. wood stick
- Words with pictures. 6. glue

at the first I will show them example of what

they should do and tell them the rules for
the activity.
- Do not cut the sun
- Cut the sun carefully
- Dont color out of the sun
- Write letter at meddle of the picture
and then color it
- Asking them what is the color of the sun to
not let them to color it in another color.
- Then I will show them who to stick the
paper and the stick with the glow.
Closing activity: Time: 3-5m

Allow children time to discuss how what they did during their learning centers and how it
relates to the lesson outcome

- Ask the student what they benefit from the lesson.

- Ask them about what we take and if they have fun with the lesson.

Assessment for Learning: How will you determine if the students understood the
learning outcome? What evidence will you show to prove this?

I will assess the student with the last activity which they write the letter inside
the sun.
And another assessment is asking each child to come and write the letter.

General Comments

Recommendations / Future personal targets / Areas of focus

- Focus in student development

- Improve the student knowledge
- Develop the student physical and emotional skills