Organizational Chart


Pro - Chancellor

Board of Academic Advisors

Board of Governors

Chief Executive officers

Senate / Senators – who will
approve your FINAL research

Head of Academic
Deputy Vice Chancellor Deputy Vice Chancellor Registrar
(Administration) Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) (Research & Internationalization)

Director of Operation Dean Faculty of Dentistry
Director of Student Dean Faculty of Medicine and Research Regulatory Office &
Affairs Health Sciences Accreditation
Property & Dean Faculty of Pharmacy
Development Internationalization
International Department of Medicine Admission & Record
Student Office
Facilities Dean Faculty of Nursing School of Postgraduate
Management Department of Studies Examination Unit
Director Centre for Physiotherapy
Accommodation &
Bursar Foundation Studies Journal and Publication
Transportation Convocation
Department of Medical
Account Sciences
Counseling & Library
Dean Faculty of Computer
Development Payroll Dean Faculty of Business,
Science and Engineering
SRC / Student Accounting and Hospitality
Activities Purchasing
Department of Electrical
Department of & Electronics
Disciplinary Unit PTPTN/Other Agencies Business Engineering

Department of Department of Computer
ALUMNI & Director of Marketing Accounting Science
Information Technology Department of Department of
(IT) Hospitality Multimedia

Director of Human
Resource & Director Centre of
Administration language and General