{ Concepts concerning HR management

Tourism and People .

 Concept of organization  HR Department  HR planning Today’s contents .

. responsibility and justice  Organizations are alive  All organizations are made up of people. authority.  Organizational structure => Organizational chart Concept of organization ..  to be successful there. An ‘Organization’ is…  Shared efforts towards a common goal  Work is divided. there are identifiable limits in tasks distribution  Order. To  understand organizations. we need to understand people in there.. to have influence in them. and thatʹs the key.

 career  development. …  Planning: Definition of policies HR Department .  Functions of the HR Department  Technical functions: administration  Human dimension: motivation.

  training. incentives. career development.  Working place design  Recruitment process  Selection process  Welcome plan 2. … HR planning . Maintaining an effective workforce. Attracting an effective workforce. 1.   Motivation.

 HR needs in a map.  Working place design  Analysis of the situation of the company (SWOT  ‐ PEST).  Construction of the ideal candidate profile HR planning .  Design of work places profile.

   It is as well important to consider an amount of  local workforce from the community.  Recruitment process is…  Attracting a pool of qualified job candidates  from which the organization may select  appropriate individuals to meet its job  requirements.  Sources: …???   Companies must carefully balance the  advantages of promotion from within with the  fact that workers from outside bring “new  blood” to the organization.  HR planning .

 Different stages to take out candidates of the  process:  Application forms and CV’s/resumes  Tests Including Psychological tests.  Selection process means   Narrowing down that pool of potential candidates  and choosing the person that best meets the  requirements of the job (the most appropriate  candidate for each working place). etc)  Exams  Interviews  Work Sampling  Body Language. graphology. Appearance HR planning .

 people.  tasks. future projects.  Relations among employees  Communication systems and mechanisms HR planning . dressing rules.  etc.  Rules to be followed: working time.  Welcome plan…  A Welcome Plan must be carefully designed to  facilitate incorporation of new employees in the  organization.   It is generally a document that includes:  General information about the company: mission‐ vision‐objectives. etc. functions.

 Concept of organization  HR Department  HR planning Wrap‐up .

 Get the information on the different  positions. roles. responsibilities. and draw their  organizational chart. that you know well  Write a short presentation of the company. Exercise . Organizational chart (21/09)  Choose a company or institution from the  tourism industry. relations…  within the company.