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Hunger Defined Project Overview

This project will be unlike any project that you have done before!!!! You are going to be looking
at the many faces of hunger and creating solutions and raising awareness to this major issue.
Here is your checklist so that you are prepared to submit all of the things required to present
your campaign to the community stakeholders.

United States:

The root cause of Hunger in the United States.

Mini Garden: Research and design a garden plot. Grow 3 different types of
vegetables indoors.
Determine how much money a person in the United States could save by having an
indoor garden based on the plants that you grew.
Determine the health benefits of having a small garden plot.
Research farming practices used in your country.
Research alternatives to those farming practices to help the local person.
Sub-Saharan Africa:
The root cause of Hunger in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Social Media Awareness Campaign: Measure public awareness on world hunger
issues (in the form of likes, shares and reposts) Use the #HUNGERDEFINED.
My African Country Is: Determine the cultural aspects of a specific Sub-Saharan
African country including language, religion, including traditional meals, research
the set-up of the government and identify the economic source of the country.
Compare hunger issues in the United States to hunger issues in your specific Sub
Saharan African country.

Contact a local food bank and interview an employee. Use the provided script.
Organize an event with the local food pantry: collect and donate canned goods to
the Believe You CAN food drive to assist local families in need.
Raise awareness about a particular Sub Saharan African Country using the hashtag
Contact a global hunger organization and find out how you can help.

Discuss your garden design and its benefits.
Create a PSA about Hunger Defined.
Create a social media movement based on support of this issue (US Hunger or Your
Document how many canned goods you are responsible for donating (friends and
Create an event through our local food bank.
Rubrics will be given as you go. This assignment will be the majority of your grade for the unit.
You will be responsible for maintaining all of your documents. You will receive a timeline that will
help you organize your time used in class. ALWAYS BRING YOUR WORK WITH YOU TO CLASS.
When calling a local food bank please use the following script.
Name of the food bank_________________________________________________
First & Last Name of the Person You Spoke With
Hello my name is______________________and I am a student and Pebblebrook High School. I would
like to find out some information about your food bank. Would it be alright if I ask you some
questions? If NO try back later and get the name of the person to contact.
1. How many people do you service in a day?

2. Does the time of year effect how much food you give out?

3. How would a person be able to volunteer?

4. Is there a specific age requirement?

5. When is the best day and time to volunteer?

6. How do people donate to the food pantry and are there any requirements for the food if
you receive food donations?

7. Is there a specific company that donates most of the food?

8. Who is the person to contact if someone wanted to help volunteer?

Thank you so much for your help!

Good bye
Food Drive Donation Log
Collect as many canned goods as you can and keep track of how many people were able to help
you out with this log.

Person Item How Many

Total items
Measuring Public Awareness on Social Media
As you research, make sure that you document information via social media.
Pick Your Platform (Instagram, YouTube, blog posts, twitter, Facebook, etc).
Make sure that you use the hashtag #HUNGERDEFINED
Username/Blog Address: _____________________________________________________________

Post Likes Shares Reposts Hearts Comments Other



What does your data tell you?

What can you do to make people more aware?

Why do you think you got the results presented in the chart?

Global Hunger Organization_____________________________

You would need to contact this organization, after learning the details provided on the
website, by email, or social media to avoid phone charges. Here are some questions that would
need to be included in your correspondence:

How can students get more involved in helping their organization?

How will students in the United States know that their efforts are improving hunger conditions in
Are there any internships offered to students who would like to work in this field?
Does the government of _____________ approve of the help being given?

Feel free to ask any more questions about their efforts but make sure that you have researched
the website thoroughly before contacting an organization.