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Transaction code Description

BP Maintain business partner
CO01 Create production order
CO11 Production order conformation
CO13 Cancel production order conformation
CJ2C Display project planning board
CJ03 Display project/WBS
CJI3 Display actual cost line items
CJI4 Display project planned cost line items
CJI5 Display project commitment line items
CN21 / CN22 / CN23 Create/Change/Display Network Orders
FB03 Display document (e.g. journal, Accounting)
FD02 Change Customer: General data
FMDERIVE Funds management object assignment
GMDERIVER Grant management assignment
GMGRANT Maintain grant master data
KE53 Display profit center
KO03 Display Internal order
KOB1 Display actual line items for internal orders
KS03 Display Cost center
MB01 Good receipt for purchase order- Allows you to receipt goods
and therefor create an inspection lot
MB1B Transfer posting - move stock to stock transport order
MB1C Goods receipt (other), Stock movement into plants.
ME27 Create stock transport order
MM01 Create material - i.e. move material to new plant
MM02 Change material.
MM03 Display material details i.e. associated plant(purchasing)
MMBE Stock overview, available stock
MR1M Post invoice document (mod made)
OQV1 Function modules for follow up actions
QA01 Create inspection lot manually
QE51 Results recording, Display inspection lots
QS54 Edit selected set codes, Create follow up actions
QM03 Quality notification

Print: Reject note and debit note, Return Note, QN Output

form, Concessions form, MQF Form , PIR Form
VA03 Display sales order


Transaction code Description

OY05 SAP Calender: Maintain public holidays, holiday calender
and factory calender (see tables THOCI and TFACD)
PSV2 Dynamic Business event menu, Setting up events (training
course etc.)
PA20 Display HR Master Data
PA30 Maintain HR Master Data
PA42 Adapt infotype for fast entry of master data
PA70 Adapt infotype for fast entry of action data
PB30 Maintain Applicant Master Data
PC00_M08_CLPC Personal absence calander for SSP/SMP
PC_PAYRESULT Display pay results (i.e. previous pay details)
PM01 Creating and Enhancing Infotypes (also see PPCI)
PO10 Maintain organizational unit
PPCI Creating and Enhancing Infotypes (also see PM01)
PT63 Personal Work Schedule


Transaction code Description

SEARCH_SAP_MENU Find menu path for transaction code
AL11 SAP directories
BUSP Regenerate screens during BDT development
CMOD Project management
FILE Logical file paths
GRANT_CUSTOMIZE Customize Grant management screens via SAP's BDT(business data
toolset) - Must have permission from SAP to use this method of
OAOR Business document navigator (edit ENJOYSAP_LOGO etc for ALV
OLE Examples for OLE Processing
PFTC Workflow
SA38 Execute program
SCC1 Client Copy, copy transport
SCDO Change Document / Change History
SCOT SAPconnect Administration.
SHD0 Create Transaction Variant. Enter name of transaction plus name of
new/existing variant.
SE01 Transport Organizer (extended view)
SE03 Transport Organizer Tools (change package/dev class etc..)
SE09 Workbench organiser
SE11 ABAP Dictionary
SE14 Database utility: Adjust after change to definition, delete.
SE16 Data browser, view/add table data
SE18 Business Add-ins(BADIs): Definition transaction
SE19 Business Add-ins(BADIs): Implementation transaction
SE24 Class builder
SE38 Program Editor
SE39 Split screen editor
SE61 Document maintenance
SE71 Form painter (SAPscript)
SE80 Authority objects
SE81 Application Hierarchy (leads to SE84 for desired area)
SE84 Repository info system
SE91 Message Maintenance
SE93 Maintain Transaction code
SHDB Batch input recorder
SHD0 Transaction variants
SLIN ABAP program extended syntax check (full check of programs syntax)
SM04 User overview
SM12 Lock entries
SM13 Update Requests
SM21 Online system log analysis
SM30 Maintain table views
SM31 Table maintenance
SM35 Batch input i.e. Recording
SM36 Create background job
SM37 Background job monitor, Select background jobs
SM49 External Commands
SM50 Process overview (within current server)
SM51 Server overview
SM59 Display and Maintain RFC destination
SM64 Display/maintain Events
SM66 Process(session) overview across all servers
SM69 External commands(Maintain)
SMW0 SAP WEB Repository(binary data) - add/ mod images(used to put in
screen containers)
SMX View background jobs
SNOTE SAP note assistant (if installed)
SNRO Maintain number ranges (use FM 'NUMBER_GET_NEXT' to retrieve
next number in range.)
SO10 Standard text editor
SP01 Spool list
SP02 Own spool list
SPAD Spool Administrator
SPAM Support package manager
SPAU Modification adjustment
SQ01 Sap Query
ST02 Database Tune Summary
ST04 DB Performance Monitor
STMS Transport Manager
ST22 ABAP Dump Analysis
SU01 User Maintenance
SU53 Retrieve authorisation data for object, execute after error message is
SUIM User info system (New user, Roles, Authorisations, User tcodes etc..)
SXDA Data transfer workbench
SALE IDoc and ALE development
VOK2 Output determination by functional area / output type (Output programs).
WEDI IDoc and EDI Basis

Transaction code Description
DB02 Table and Indexes Monitor
DB04 DB Performance Monitor
DB12 Backup logs
DB13 DBA Oracle Planning Calendar
DB16 Overview of Database Check Messages
PFCG Authorisation
RRMX Business Analyser Loader
RS12 Overview of master data locks
RSA1 Administrators Workbench
RSA5 Transfer Business Content DataSources
RSBBS Query Jump Targets
RSO2 Generic Data Extraction Tools
RSQ02 Maintain Infosets transactions
RSQ10 Roles for Infoset query
RSRV Analysis and repair of BW Objects
RSSM Reporting Authorisation Objects
RSZC Copy Queries between cubes
RSZDELETE Delete queries and workbooks
RSZV Maintaining variables
RZ10 Maintain profile parameters
RZ20 CCMS monitoring
SBIW Implementation Guide
SBIW Data sources Control Center
SCC4 Display/Add Client
SCCL Copy Client
SGEN SAP Load Generator
SPAD Spool Administration
ST02 Database Tune Summary
ST03 Workload Monitor
ST04 DB Performance Monitor
STMS Transport Manager
SU01 Create new user