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The Definitive Guide to

Aircraft Part Conditions

Table of

Introduction...p. 3
Factory New (FN) Partsp. 4
New (NE) Parts...p. 5
New Surplus (NS).................................p. 7
As Removed (AR)..................................p. 9
Serviceable (SV)....................................p. 11
Repaired (RP)........................................p. 12
Overhaul (OH).......................................p. 13
Cheat Sheet..p. 15
Conclusion....p. 16 2
Why you need to know your aircraft
part conditions
Many companies use various terms to define their aircraft part conditions. It
causes confusion and frustration for buyers. In order to get rid of the
headaches Skylink has put together a complete guide to the most commonly
used terms for aircraft part conditions.

In this guide youll learn the most commonly used terms, what exactly those
terms mean, handy tips and tricks for each type of condition, and picture
examples of parts in that condition. Enjoy! 3
Factory New (FN)
Part Condition

Factory New (FN) parts are considered parts that come directly from
the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

When is a part no longer considered Factory New?

Standard Industry Practice: Skylink:

After 2 years 6 months to a year depending
on the material. 2 years on a
shelf is WAY too long for some

IMPORTANT: Factory New (FN) items will ALWAYS come with a

warranty 4
Part Condition

With New (NE) parts:

The manufacturing date
will vary
If you need a DOM make
sure to ask for it! 5
NEW is a regulatory definition

...a product, assembly, accessory,

component, part or material
produced on conformity with
approved data that is
accompanied by a manufacturer
s material certification at the
time of sale, and has no
operating time or cycles.

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New Surplus (NS)

Pros : Cons
Less costly No regulatory definition
Great for servicing aging Varies from how many
aircraft & cost conscious people have had it and
operators how old it is
A solution for out of
production material 7
New Surplus (NS)
Part Condition
The few guidelines for New Surplus (NS) parts are:
1. The part is new and has no operating time or cycles
2. The owner was someone who had the opportunity to use the part; to
install it (i.e. an aircraft or engine manufacturer, airline, repair station, or
military operator). 8
As Removed (AR)
Part Condition

As Removed (AR) parts are components that were pulled off of

an aircraft.

Most the time these component wont come with come with a
reason for removal. Just a removal tag and trace. That means it
can be repairable or beyond economical repair (BER). 9

As Removed (AS) parts MUST go to a

certified MRO for functional test or

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Serviceable (SV)
Part Condition
Servicable (SV) units have been
functionally tested in accordance
with OEM specifications and they
ll come with an airworthiness
certification depending on what
region you're in.

Typically these units will not come

with a teardown but only an
airworthiness certification stating
it passed functional test and it's
able to be installed. This varies
depending on MRO. 11
Repaired (RP)
Part Condition

Minor parts are used to bring

Repaired (RP) units to serviceable
condition in order to meet the
functional test requirements.
Gaskets, bolts, and small
expendables are normal piece
parts used in repairs.

This condition will come with an

airworthiness certification and
teardown detailing what was done
and what piece parts were used in
the repair. 1412
Overhaul (OH)
Part Condition

The best of all conditions and it requires the most work.

With an OH unit you'll be sure

that your units will receive the
100% OH kit according to the
CMM and any other
components to bring it to such
a condition.

Overhauled units can also be

painted and cosmetically
pleasing so you know you're
not getting a hunk of metal. 13

In some situations, MROs will tag certain components as OH

despite the CMM not having proper OH specification and
they should be deemed RP. It's primarily used for marketing
to sell a higher priced unit based on its classification. We use
to see this a lot with pitot tubes and other accessories. 14
Aircraft Part Condition
Cheat Sheet
OEM -> End User
NEW (NE) Has been functionally tested and comes with
New part -> Sold to Distributor -> Sold to another airworthiness certificate.
Distributor -> the part is still represented as New

NEW SURPLUS (NS) Requires minor piece parts to become
New part -> sold to an Airline -> sold to a Distributor Serviceable condition. Comes with an
-> the part is now represented as New Surplus airworthiness certificate.

AS REMOVED (AR) The best of all repairable conditions and
Pulled off an aircraft. Could or could not be requires the most work.

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