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Fluency and Clarity -Voice is not audible -Voice is somewhat -Voice is audible and -Voice is very clear
and not clear. audible and clear. clear. and words are clearly
-Student mumbles and -Speaks clearly and -Speaks clearly and enunciated.
cannot be understood distinctly some of the distinctly most of the -Always speaks clearly
OR mispronounces time, but time, mispronounces a and distinctly and
many words. mispronounces some few words. does not
words. mispronounces any of
the words.
Pace and Flow -There are a -Pauses and/or too -Pace and flow of the -Pace and flow of the
significant amount of rapid a pace interrupt speech is effective. speech is effective. The
pauses/stoppages in the flow of the speech There are no long pace and flow is
the speech or the pace making it difficult to pauses and the pace adjusted purposefully
is too fast or too slow. understand. makes it easy to to improve the impact
understand the of the speech.
Eye Contact -Eye contact is not -Eye contact is -Eye contact is -Eye contact is
maintained maintained maintained consistently
throughout the throughout some of throughout most of maintained
speech. the speech. the speech. throughout the
Posture -Poor posture. -Good posture -Good posture -Excellent posture
maintained some of maintained most of consistently
the time. the time. maintained
Enthusiasm -The speaker is unsure -The speaker tends to -The speaker is -The speaker is
during delivery and hesitate during comfortable with the confident, dynamic
demonstrates a lack of delivery and shows audience and shows and shows excellent
enthusiasm. some enthusiasm. enthusiasm. enthusiasm.
Length of speech -Speech is extremely -Speech is too long or -Speech is just under -Speech is within the
too long or too short. too short. or over 3-5 minutes. suggested time limit of
3-5 minutes.
Memorization -Speech is not -Some parts of the -Most of the speech is -The entire speech is
memorized at all. speech are memorized. memorized.