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Individual Learning Plan

08/01/14 to 5/12/15

Student Parent(s
Saidatu Kaburi ):
Maria and Husseini Kaburi
Advisor: Laura, Davis Date: 12/9/16
Mentor: n/a n/a
Grade: 10th Quarter: 2nd

Section 1: Service Learning Due Date Grade

Journals 1 10/21/2016 100
Journal #2 11/21/2016 100
LTI Porject Questions 11/04/2016 50
Research Paper 11/21/2016
EPortfolio 12/02/2016
Learning Plan 12/06/2016

Section 2 COM Due Date Grade

Zombie Individual 11/15/2016 100

Zombie Talk 11/15/2016 100
ACT Reading Practice 11/21/2016 100
Section 3:SR Due Date Grade

Diorama Rough Draft 11/21/2016 100

Diorama Final 12/02/2016 100
Diorama Writing Piece 12/02/2016 100
Section 4: QR Due Date Grade

Dividing Polynomials Quiz 10/28/2016 100

Test 11/11/2016 81
Parent Contract 10/12/2016 50
Section 4: ER Due Date Grade

Cell Project 11/30/2016 83

Cell Membrane & tonicity 12/02/2016 96
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Individual Learning Plan

Bill check transport 12/02/2016 84

Section 5: Spanish Due Date Grade

Unit 2 Summative--Listening 11/30/2016 95

Conjugation Quiz--In Sentences 11/18/2016 100
Unit 2 Summative--Reading 11/30/2016 100
Subject Pronoun Quiz--Replacing Nouns 10/21/2016 100
Unit 2 Summative--Speaking 11/30/2016
Conjugation Quiz--Chart Conjugations 11/18/2016 92
Conjugation Quiz--Translations 11/18/2016 100
Unit 2 Summative--Writing 11/30/2016 93

Current GPA 1st 2nd 3rd 4th ACT Explore Plan Practice Test
3.33 N/A N/A N/A N/A

Academic Progress 1 2nd Exam Avg. 3rd 4th Exam Avg.

Quantitative Reasoning 77

Empirical Reasoning 84 84
Social Reasoning 97 94
Communication 100 97
Service Learning 99 99
Spanish 96 94

4-Advanced (Above Standard) 3-Proficient (Meets Standard) 2-Basic (Nearing Standard) 1-Below Basic
(Below Standard)
College & Career Readiness: 21st Century Skills Score
Attendance & Punctuality: Keeping appointments on time, & completing assignments on time. When
student makes up work in a prompt & respectful manner.
Personal Presentation: Exhibits professionalism in the areas of courtesy, appropriate language, & 4
Communication: Reads with understanding, writes with skill, & communicates effectively & 4
responsibly in a variety
of ways & settings.
Interpersonal Effectiveness: Works effectively with others & contributes productively as a member3of
a group. Works
toward achieving individual & group goals.
Quality & Commitment: Gives best effort, evaluates work, & completes work to quality standards. 3
Ethics: Ethical use of time, technology & other resources with regards to property, privacy, & 4

Individual Learning Plan:

Next quarter I'm going to be working on getting a computer. And also setting up times with my
other sister for when I can come over and do work at my sister's house. And I want to work with
finding better math education sites and I really want to do IXL again so I want for one of my goals to
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Individual Learning Plan

be to is to get an account. And I also want to be able to put all of my math notes into a book so I'm
going to work with Derrick about it next quarter.
I am extremely proud of my project in Laura's class this year. I did a diorama and a great poem
so it was definitely one of the highlights of the year. My mannequin looks extremely real and bloody
just the way I wanted it to look. And another highlight of my year is my e portfolio. I personally love
the way it looks, its relaxing, its beautiful and I have everything I need in it. I not only completed it but
I completed it with style! And the central theme of it is Water Bubbles. And while we're on the subject
of style, at my internship I learned a lot about different art styles and techniques. I learned about the
effects of marble and melted colors and I also learned about the effects of wax on a block panel.
At my LTI I am more than likely patching and painting. I do A LOT of patching and painting
and get very dirty. If I'm not patching and painting I am either searching for lost or missing art or I am
meeting an artist and making ID numbers for their art pieces or checking it their art pieces. I also deal
a lot with excel so I may be putting in new art in the master section on the artist's excel sheet or taking
things out of it as sold. I also vacuum, organize artists and pin up name tags.

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