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Chain of successful

women apparel and

accessory boutiques
throughout the
country, adding new
stores each year

The House Of Style (2014)
1 Marketing Report (2014)

Presented by:
Isma nizam
Zartasha shaukat
Sumayia mir hassan
Shafaq shahid
Maryam Arshad

Presented to:
2 Marketing Report (2014)

Sir Zargham Ulla



1. Introduction
2. Vision
3. Mission
4. Features
5. USP
6. Market research
7. Target market
8. Our strategies
9. Competitors
10. Operational plan
11. Financial plan
12. Our Ps of marketing
13. Tools for advertisements
14. Swat analysis
15. Survey
3 Marketing Report (2014)
4 Marketing Report (2014)

Executive Summary

The report explains the marketing plan for launching a new boutique
beginning of the report we have explained the mission and vision of
SATRANGI. That we have further carried out. It will be introduced in the
market with the help of various promotional displays, advertisement,
discount offers and bumper sales offers to the general public.
This report examines that this boutique firstly launch in Lahores domestic
market. The study involve both primary and secondary research. The
primary study involves survey of competitors, liking and disliking of
people. Through this company can penetrate more into the market and
can attract the bulk of customers.
For this purpose, we have done SWOT analysis of our boutique to see our
strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. Then we have explained
the purposes, benefits and objectives of our boutique.
Then we have made a marketing mix strategies for our boutique. We have
divided the market into different market segments and decided to target
working ladies, young girls and house wives.
We have paid special attention to the price and place of our product. We
have decided to place our boutique in that area of Lahore where no such
one boutique exist MOON MARKET IQBAL TOWN
We will promote our boutique through electronic media, print media and
through bumper sales/discount offers.
5 Marketing Report (2014)


Satrangi is actually a wardrobe &

accessories boutique
Satrangi is the name of quality &
Holds the collection of art and style
A lot different than other boutiques
Satrangi opts the concept of
6 Marketing Report (2014)

Our Vision

Our vision is to open a chain of successful

women apparel and accessory boutiques
throughout the country, adding new stores
each year.
7 Marketing Report (2014)

Our mission

Our mission is to transform womens lives by

making them feel good about themselves,
through their outward appearance, so that it
might permeate inward, to build their self-
esteem, so they might reach their highest
dreams and potential.
8 Marketing Report (2014)


1. Ease for Everyone

2. Advisory consultancy
3. Customer Satisfaction
4. Transform Your Life

It is the claim of the Satrangi once you come to our shop, you will be compelled
to say that satrangi the house of style
9 Marketing Report (2014)



Fashion consultant advisor
Array of services
Beast quality with affordable price

The unique selling point of SATRANGI is its metamorphosing concept

which means we transform the life of our client by providing them huge
collection of apparel & accessories at one shop with the service of
advisory consultant for fashion wears at a reasonable price

Satrangi business in Lahore:

10 Marketing Report (2014)

Satrangi will commence business in Lahore from January 2015. The

boutique will be located in a new opening mall of MOON MARKET.
We have assured that our boutique will have the desired collection of
style, design and emerging fashion taste by having the collection of all the
famous major designers wear and also the collection of many local
designers in one shop for general public.
Women are becoming more and more concern with the image present to
the society. We will enhance the women wardrobe by expanding their
choices through accessories and coordination that mix and match. An
image consultant will be on staff daily to provide ongoing consultation to
assist the client in obtaining their desired image. A profile will be make on
each client to obtain an intimate knowledge of her personal desire and
goals. In order to meet their desire SATRANGI will provide an array of
services for head to toe makeover. The boutique will offer fashion
coordination and determine the best color and style for each client.

Market Segmentation
11 Marketing Report (2014)

Efforts to increase the companys precision marketing. We have divided the

whole market into different segments on the basis of following variables:

Our current target area is Lahore. Weve divide Lahore into three zones
A zone include Allama Iqbal Town, Sabzazar
B zone include Wahdat Road, Gulshan Ravi
C zone include Multan Road, Scheme Mor, Allama Iqbal Town

There is almost an equal ratio between male and female. Currently were
focusing on female side. Now the main target of us are the following
Working ladies
Young university/college girls
House wife

To analyze the psyche of Lahore people weve divided them into different
social classes, life style, attitude & personality.

Behavioral segmentation divide buyers into groups on base on income
level, attitude, knowledge, uses & responses. Weve obtain this
information in Lahore with the help of questionnaire

Positioning Strategies:
Placing a product in that part of the market where it will have a favorable
reception compare with other product
By Product or Service Class
12 Marketing Report (2014)

Our products is positioned at lower cost and competitive alternative of

other brands, while it provides better style and look.
By Price & Quality
Satrangi wants to believe that their products is of the highest quality
positioning is what the customer believes.
By User
Everyone who want to have a good style at reasonable product may have

By Value
We will also position our products on the basis of customer values. Like
this, if you want to look different and graceful then buy from us

Target Market
We are targeting:
Ladies (16-50)
Income groups (average 20,000)
Approximately 400,000 ladies

Current market situation

13 Marketing Report (2014)

Youth comprise approximately 32/o (aged 15-29)1 of Pakistans

population and there are varying interpretations about their orientation,
outlook and worldview. Fashion design, fashion shows and trendy clothes
are gaining popularity with the youth. Is that an indicator of changing life
style? Youths predilection for fashion reveals significant change in the
perception of morality and religiosity as well as hints towards a penchant
for consumerism, extravagance to even ostentatiousness.

The fashion and apparel industry in Pakistan is experiencing

accelerated growth and youth appear to be the guiding force behind
it. Talented designers with innovative ideas and internationally
competitive designs are projecting the cultural heritage of Pakistan.
They are targeting the youth and catering to their demands. Fashion
products and apparel industry is showing dynamism and diversity.
In a relatively short span of ten years, a large number of
international and local brands have sprung up all over Lahore. In an
extremely competitive market, these brands endeavor to come up
with the most creative designs that are edgy yet wearable.

Among the most thriving segments of the apparel industry is the

lawn business. Lawn campaign advertisements have swept over the
city. Pret wear brands for women have gained immense popularity.
While western-wear, pret- wear and branded lawn are popular
among the elite and upper-middle class youth, there is a matching
demand for similar items among the middle and lower middle class.

The textile industry may be languishing because of energy

shortages and inadequate investment in modernization of plants,
yet cloth manufacturers are aggressively targeting the emerging
middle class and the youth2. Various fabrics are producing more
innovative designs inspired by elite designer-wear. Cloth bazaars
have loose cloth available in many varieties and in various price
ranges. Buyers with low and high budgets can both find something
to suite their pocket.
14 Marketing Report (2014)

Competitor Review

Online Local Pakistani Clothing Shop

Lime Light
Beech Tree
Ensari centre

They provide variety of cloths some on affordable and some on high prices these
names are also creating brand loyalty loop among their costumers and
increasing their prices that all other brands do.
Their products are:
Party wear
Evening wear and Light Party wears
15 Marketing Report (2014)

Operational plan

We will make an agreement with Local Whole seller &

Retailor of Fabrics
We will make another contract with local tailors.
Boutique will be run by partners.
We will also make agreement with fashion advisory group
We will earn profits amounting to the difference between
cost and retail
16 Marketing Report (2014)

Financial plan

Bank Loan; 8%

Sponser Ship; 17%

Bank Loan
Sponser Ship

Investement; 75%

Projected Cash Flow

Estimated Cost of One Year = RS 1 Crore
Expected Revenue of One Year = RS 60 LAC
Break Even = 1.5 YEARS
Revenue after Break Even = 75 LAC
17 Marketing Report (2014)

Break Even
= 1.5 YEARS

Marketing Mix

1. Product strategy
Develop long relationship with customer
Give values to customer to delight them
Do whatever it takes not to satisfy our customer but to retain

Product variety
Casual dressing
Formal Wear
Bridal wear
Antique jewelry
Hijab range
Handmade original Gota jewelry
Traditional Hand bags

Bridal Casual Antique Gota Hija
wear wear(m jewelry( jewel b
(min) in) min) ry wea
(min) rs
18 Marketing Report (2014)

RS RS 700/- RS 200/- RS RS
35,00 100/- 300/
0/- -

1. Nishat linen
2. Khaadi
3. Maria b
4. Rang ja
5. Sana Safinaz
6. Bareeze
7. Many other famous& local market brands
As we are giving the local tailors the opportunity of employment by hiring
them professionally they can work for us even in the area they live in. we
are hiring the newly designers so they can explore their ideas on a middle
level and can hit the well-known designers in future.

Moon Market, near Iqbal town , Lahore, Pakistan

Distributors review
19 Marketing Report (2014)

Fa c to r Fa c to r
y y
B o u tiq
D is t r i
b u to rs
O u tle t
B o u tiq End
ue consu
O u t le t m er
m er

2. Pricing Policy:
As we claim We deal in low price and high quality and we are making
our efforts in this respect so our objective is to provide our customers
quality products in an affordable and reasonable price which will be in the
range of every buyer we are supposed to target.
We will be using value based pricing strategy because we are highly
relying on the customer perception about our Product, thus as much
customer will value our product, the more price they will be charged. We
are ranging from high to lower side, so we will be charging more for the
elegant products and vice versa.
We will be providing profitable discounts, offers, deals and different sort of
schemes to our customers to attract them and in order to retain them.
Our focus will be on penetrating price strategy; providing high quality
products at a lower price in starting to capture the market share.
As we come up in the market by providing value to our customers we will
increase the prices but still in a rational way.
Our minimum price will be starting from 100 rupees ranging to 200,000.
Split of this price is ; Bridal wear will be starting from 35,000 going up to
200,000.Comming to the formal/Party wear it is available in between
5000 to 20,000.Casual wear is available in between a very reasonable and
affordable price i.e 800-14,000.Handmade accessories & Gota Jewelry are
available up to 7499.Hijab wear is available up to 6999.

Pricing Strategy Matrix:

20 Marketing Report (2014)

Market penetration
Market penetration is the name given to a growth strategy where the
business focuses on selling products into existing markets. Market
penetration seeks to achieve four main objectives:

Maintain or increase the market share of current products this can

be achieved by a combination of competitive pricing strategies,
advertising, sales promotion and perhaps more resources dedicated
to personal selling

Secure dominance of growth markets

Restructure a mature market by driving out competitors; this would

require a much more aggressive promotional campaign, supported
by a pricing strategy designed to make the market unattractive for

Increase usage by existing customers for example by introducing

loyalty schemes.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) has to be some requirements for making
an impression in the market for penetrating:

Strong distribution channel

Minimum profit margin

Simple marketing message

Lesser-priced packs to increase affordability

Packaging in smaller units and localized design that attracts consumers.

Convenience of storage while use.

Thorough knowledge of the village psyche.

In brief, the strategy revolves around what attracts consumers to a product.

21 Marketing Report (2014)

units Min Max

price/unit RS price/unit RS
Bridal wear 35,000 200,000

Formal wear 5000 20,000

Casual wear 800 14,500


Antique jewelry 200 20,000

Handmade 100 7,499


Hijab range 300 6,999

Pricing chart:

3. Promotion:
Criteria of promotion will be:
22 Marketing Report (2014)

Awareness: By creating awareness among the ladies of middle class

by heavy promotional activities and providing them with a lot of
offers and discounts.

Knowledge: Gaining knowledge about our product.

Liking: Liking the product and then advocating it.

Preference: Showing you priorities about our product.


We will promote our product by using following

1 Offers/discount
2 Advertisements

Strangi Royale certifies exclusive benefits from current trends to the
latest fashion for you and your loved ones.
Avail all the services with your Royal card:

1 8% Discount on all the products

2 Gifts coupon discounts
3 Free home delivery
4 Online shopping
5 Lifetime membership
6 Gift hampers and free delivery
7 Newsletters
8 Bonus Points
9 Sneak Preview

By offering special offers to our card holders/Royal Customers,

giving them 8% discount on every purchase. (We will be issuing
cards to the customers at the purchase of 6000 rupees in order
to increase awareness about new Boutique)

1 As premium offer we will be giving 25% discounts on the

shoppers who will buy in the first one month of the Satrangi
23 Marketing Report (2014)

2 We will be offering a set of accessories on the shopping of RS.

3 We have plans to sponsor fun fair at different colleges in Lahore
University of and constituent

Following methods will be used for advertisement purpose
1 Newspaper (local newspaper: Daily city42 Newspaper)
2 Broachers will be distributed with daily newspapers and in different
3 Events.
4 With our website. Our all services along with the catalogue will be
5 Available on internet. We will also arrange to telecast our ads on
6 Websites like face book etc.
7 TV channels
8 Using FM Radio Station

9 Television & teasers ads

10 Outdoor (Billboards)

Our company will use various advertising appeal to attract customers. These will include
innovative, affective, lattractive, comparative appeals in the videos, newspapers and on
the internet.

Media Vehicle:
Advertising media selection is the process of choosing the most cost-
effective media for advertising, to achieve the required coverage and
number of exposures in a target audience
Types of Media and Their Characteristics:
In terms of overall advertising expenditures, media advertising is still
dominated by Press and television, which are of comparable size (by value
of 'sales'). Posters and radio follow some way behind, with cinema
representing a very specialist medium.

Satrangi will be using:

Electronic Media

Print Media

Electronic Media:
24 Marketing Report (2014)

This is normally the most expensive medium, and as such is generally only open to the major
advertisers, although some regional contractors offer more affordable packages to their local
advertisers. It offers by far the widest coverage, particularly at peak hours (roughly 7.00
10.30 p.m.) and especially of family audiences. Offering sight, sound, movement and colour,
it has the greatest impact, especially for those products or services where a 'demonstration' is
essential; since it combines the virtues of both the 'story-teller' and the `demonstrator'. To be
effective, these messages must be simple and able to overcome surrounding family life
distractions especially the TV remote.

In that regard we will be using


Radio advertising has increased greatly in recent years, with the granting of many more
licenses. It typically reaches specific audiences at different times of the dayadults at
breakfast, housewives during the day, and commuters during rush hours. It can be a cost-
effective way of reaching these audiencesespecially since production costs are much
cheaper than for television, though the lack of visual elements may limit the message. In
radio advertising it is important to identify the right timing to reach specific radio listeners.
For instance, many people only listen to the radio when they are stuck in traffic, whereas
other listeners may only listen in the evenings. The 24-hour availability of radio is helpful to
reach a variety of customer sub-segments. In addition, it is a well-established medium to
reach rural areas

And on radio we will be using FM 106, FM 103 , FM 100 & City FM 89.

Print Out:
Now a days people spending is dominated by the national & regional
newspapers, the latter taking almost all the classified advertising revenue.
The magazines and trade or technical journal markets are about the same
size as each other.

Through print media we will be using

Newspapers: (Jang Newspaper, Dawn News Paper , The Daily Times,

Daily City42 Newspaper)

Billboards (Billboards will be used in Model Town, Iqbal Town and

Scheme More)

Magazines (Akhbaar e jehan, Sunday magzines & Khwateen Digest)

25 Marketing Report (2014)

Social Media:
Social Media used in order to capture the market will be:

Facebook: Through fan page & advertisements, teasers, broachers.

More than 400 million active users on Facebook

1.5 million Local business active users

Over 20 billion people become fans of pages everyday

Over 5.3 billion fans of Facebook pages

Widely used social networking website in Pakistan

Twitter: Through Followers

There are approximately 106,000,000 registered user on twitter

177 Million tweets per day

600 Million search queries per day

49% of monthly twitter user follow brands and companies

63% of twitter users access twitter through mobile devices

SWOT analysis
26 Marketing Report (2014)

Ability to produce option
New service in local area
Advisory/consultation facticity
Quality Product
Reasonable Price
Pakistani Product

No customer Orientation
New in Fashion Industry
Strong Competitor

Big and Attractive Market
Increase the Target Market
Increase Demand of Quality Product as Lahore Being a Developed
Huge Variety for Customer
27 Marketing Report (2014)

Brand Loyal Customer
New Product
Strong competitor
Increase of general sales tax


We have arranged a questionnaire session in local

areas that results:

64 % ladies are in favor of this boutique

20% ladies dont have any view about this boutique

14 % ladies dont support it

28 Marketing Report (2014)

Do you think that the advertisement of dresses affect your buying


34% 36%



36.6 % female say yes

30 % female say no
34.4 % female remain constant
29 Marketing Report (2014)

How often do you go for shopping?

once in 15 days; 11%

once in week; 7%

once in a month; 82%

81.8 % female often go for shopping once in a month

9 % female go for shopping once in a week
9.2 % female go for shopping once in 15 days


Sr no. description Amount (RS)

1 Rent 8,20,000
2 Raw material 900,000
3 Office expense 10,00,000
4 Furniture 800,000
5 Staff salaries 200,000
6 Marketing media 30,00,000
7 Tailor salaries 900,000
8 Consultant charges 600,000
Total 8,13,000
30 Marketing Report (2014)

Weve done this planning under some controls. This cost may vary to some