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Uprising of the Fools The South African Gandhi
Pilgrimage as Moral Protest Stretcher-Bearer of Empire
Examination Copy Policy........ 17
in Contemporary India Ashwin Desai and
Vikash Singh Goolam Vahed
O RDER ING The Kanwar is Indias largest annual The South African Gandhi focuses
religious pilgrimage. Millions of on the first leadership experiences
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a 20% discount on all ISBNs participants gather sacred water of Ghandia man who actu-
listed in this catalog. from the Ganga and then carry it ally supported the British Empire.
across hundreds of miles to dis- The authors unveil a man who,
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pense as offerings in iva shrines. throughout his stay on African soil,
for information on phone
For these devoteescalled bhola, stayed true to Empire while show-
orders. Books not yet published gullible or foolsthe ordeal of the ing a disdain for Africans. Gandhi
or temporarily out of stock will be pilgrimage is no foolish pursuit, but persistently claimed that the
charged to your credit card when a means to master their anxieties Indian indentured were ignorant
they become available and are in and attest their good faith in and needed his leadership, and he
the process of being shipped. unfavorable social conditions. After erased their resistances and com-
walking with the pilgrims of the promises in surviving a brutal labor
@stanfordpress Kanwar procession, Vikash Singh regime from history. Meticulously
highlights how the procession offers researched, this book punctures
a social space where participants the dominant narrative of Gandhi
can prove their talents, resolve, and and uncovers an ambiguous figure
Blog: stanfordpress. moral worth. Uprising of the Fools whose time in Africa was marked shows how religion today is not by a desire to seek the integration
a retreat into tradition, but an of Indians, minus many basic
Cover: Hynung Chng. alternative forum for recognition rights, into the white body politic
Greeting the Moon: and resistance within a rampant while simultaneously excluding
Watercolor, 1960. A global neoliberalism. Africans from his moral compass
permanent exhibit of the and political ideals.
Chosn Art Museum in Wonderfullyand disturbingly
Pyongyang, North Korea. rich with insights drawn from "Finally, a real and convincing
impressive ethnographic research. account of Indian life and politics
For anyone interested in theories of in South Africa and Gandhi's
religious practice, performance, and changing place within it."
pilgrimage, this is a must-read. Faisal Devji,
Robert Wuthnow, University of Oxford
Princeton University
344 pages, 2015
256 pages, March 2017 9780804797177 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale
9781503601673 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale


The Slow Boil The Demands of Recognition Aurangzeb
Street Food, Rights, and State Anthropology and The Life and Legacy of Indias
Public Space in Mumbai Ethnopolitics in Darjeeling Most Controversial King
Jonathan Shapiro Anjaria Townsend Middleton Audrey Truschke
In The Slow Boil, Jonathan Shapiro Since the British colonial period, The Mughal emperor Aurangzeb
Anjaria draws on his long-term anthropology has been central to Alamgir is one of the most hated
fieldwork with Mumbais street policy in India. But today, those men in Indian history. Reviled as
food vendors to create a better who were the objects of study are a religious fanatic who violently
understanding of the urban space harnessing disciplinary knowledge oppressed Hindus, he is even blamed
they inhabit. Much urban studies to redefine their communities, for setting into motion conflicts that
literature paints street vendors achieve greater prosperity, and secure resulted in the creation of a separate
as oppressed and marginalized political rights. In this groundbreak- Muslim state in South Asia. In her
victims. With this book, Anjaria ing study, Townsend Middleton lively overview of his life and influ-
acknowledges the diverse tracks these newfound lives of ence, Audrey Truschke offers a clear-
political, economic, historic, anthropology, exposing how minori- eyed perspective on the debate over
and symbolic processes that ties areand are notrecognized Aurangzeb and makes the case for
create contradictions in the for affirmative action and autonomy. why his maligned legacy deserves to
vendors everyday lives, like At once ethnographic and historical, be reassessed. She evaluates Aurangzeb
their illegality and proximity to this book chronicles how multicultural not by modern standards but
the state, or their insecurity and governance has motivated the people according to the traditions and values
permanence. In this ethnography, of Darjeeling to ethnologically of his own time, painting a picture of
issues of livelihood, democracy, redefine themselves. Yet, their search Aurangzeb as a complex figure whose
and rights are not subsumed for recognition has only amplified relationship to Islam was dynamic,
into a larger framework, but are their anxieties about who they strategic, and sometimes contradictory.
explored on their own terms. areand who they must beif they This book invites students of South
Anjarias sensitive ethnography are to attain the rights, autonomy, and Asian history and religion into the
shows that the lives of urban street belonging they desire. world of the Mughal Empire, framing
hawkers are characterized not by At once an ethnography of tribal the debate on Aurangzebs impact and
transience and distance, but by communities in Darjeeling and of legacy in accessible and engaging terms.
deep relationships with the state. the government anthropologists
A must-read. A fresh, balanced, and much-needed
studying them, this dizzying hall of survey of one of the most controversial
Lisa Mitchell, mirrors will provoke and unsettle. figures in Indian history.
University of Pennsylvania Akhil Gupta, Richard M. Eaton,
University of California, Los Angeles,
232 pages, 2016 University of Arizona
and author of Red Tape
9780804799379 Paper $25.95 $20.76 sale 136 pages, May 2017
272 pages, 2015
9780804796262 Paper $25.95 $20.76 sale 9781503602571 Paper $19.95 $15.96 sale

The Colonial Origins of Scythe and the City Goddess on the Frontier
Ethnic Violence in India A Social History of Death Religion, Ethnicity, and Gender
in Shanghai in Southwest China
Ajay Verghese
Christian Henriot Megan Bryson
The neighboring north Indian
districts of Jaipur and Ajmer are Recent historiography has almost Dali is a small region on a high
identical in language, geography, completely ignored the ways in plateau in Southeast Asia. Its main
and religious and caste demogra- which death created immense deity, Baijie, has assumed several
phy. But in recent decades, these social change in Chinas cities. gendered forms throughout the
multiethnic communities have Throughout the Republican period, areas history: a Buddhist goddess,
displayed differing patterns of Shanghai swallowed up lives by the the mother of Dalis founder, a
ethnic conflict. Using archival thousands. Exposed bodies strewn widowed martyr, and a village
research and elite interviews in five around in public spaces were a divinity. What accounts for so
case studies across India, as well threat to social order as well as many different incarnations of a
as a quantitative analysis of 589 to public health. In a place where local deity? Goddess on the Frontier
districts, Ajay Verghese persua- every group had its own beliefs argues that Dalis encounters with
sively argues that these differences and set of death and funeral prac- forces beyond region and nation
are born of the legacies of British tices, how did Shanghai adapt to a have influenced the goddesss
colonialism. The Colonial Origins modern, urbanized environment? transformations. Dali sits at the
of Ethnic Violence in India makes Christian Henriots pioneering and cultural crossroads of Southeast
important contributions to the original study of Shanghai between Asia, India, and Tibet; it has been
study of Indian politics, ethnicity, 1865 and 1965 offers new insights claimed by different countries but
conflict, and historical legacies. into death as a crucial aspect of is currently part of Yunnan Prov-
modern society in this global ince in Southwest China. Megan
Outstanding.Verghese offers fresh
hypotheses about the sources of commercial hub. He deftly guides Bryson argues that Baijie provided
different types of ethnic violence readers through this tumultuous a regional identity that enabled
across India. era that radically redefined the Dali to position itself geopolitically
James Mahoney, Chinese relationship with death. and historically.
Northwestern University
An utterly original perspective on A tour de force of historical and
STUDIES OF THE WALTER H. Shanghais modernization. Henriots ethnographic inquiry, this book is
SHORENSTEIN ASIA-PACIFIC scythe will stick in readers minds. a must-read for anyone interested
Matthew Sommer, in the interplay of gender, ethnicity,
296 pages, 2016 Stanford University and religion.
9780804798136 Paper $25.95 $20.76 sale Meir Shahar,
496 pages, 2016 Tel Aviv University
9780804797467 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale
264 pages, 2016
9780804799546 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale


Borderland Capitalism A World Trimmed with Fur Luxurious Networks
Turkestan Produce, Qing Silver, Wild Things, Pristine Places, and Salt Merchants, Status, and
and the Birth of an Eastern Market the Natural Fringes of Qing Rule Statecraft in Eighteenth-
Kwangmin Kim Jonathan Schlesinger Century China

In the eighteenth and nineteenth

Yulian Wu
This book offers a dynamic revision-
ist account of the history of the Qing centuries, booming demand for Luxurious Networks examines
Empire in Central Asia. Drawing on natural resources transformed Chi- Huizhou salt merchants of High
Chinese, Manchu, Turki, Russian, na and its frontiers. Wild objects Qing China to reveal a dynamic
and English sources and archival from the far north became part of interaction between people and
material, Kwangmin Kim shows elite fashion, and unprecedented objects. The Qianlong emperor
how Muslim notables (begs) aligned consumption exhausted the regions purposely used objects to expand
themselves with the Qing to most precious resourcespearlers his economic and cultural influence.
strengthen their own plantation-like had stripped riverbeds of mussels, Thanks to their broad networks,
economic system. As controllers of mushroom pickers had uprooted outstanding managerial skills, and
food supplies, commercial goods, the steppe, and fur-bearing animals abundant financial resources, salt
and human resources, the begs had disappeared from the forest. merchants were ideal agents for
had the political power to dictate In response, the Qing court turned selecting and producing objects
the fortunes of governments in the to purification: It registered for imperial use. These wealthy
region. Their political choice to and arrested poachers, reformed businessmen became respected
cooperate with the Qing promoted territorial rule, and redefined the individuals who played a crucial role
an expansion of the Qings emerging boundary between the pristine and in the political, economic, social, and
international trade at the same time the corrupted. In A World Trimmed cultural world of eighteenth-century
that Europe was developing global with Fur, Jonathan Schlesinger uses China. Their life experiences illustrate
capitalism and imperialism. Manchu and Mongolian archives the dynamic relationship between the
to reveal how Qing rule witnessed Manchu and Han, central and local,
In this pioneering frontier history,
Kwangmin Kim offers striking new not the destruction of unspoiled and humans and objects.
perspectives on the economic power environments, but their invention.
A paragon of interdisciplinary
of the Qing state in the borderlands, Schlesingers resulting analysis scholarship, filled with insights into
with implications for comparative provides a framework for rethink- the political and material cultures of
study of empires everywhere. ing the global invention of nature. eighteenth-century China.
Peter C. Perdue, Michael Chang,
Yale University A tremendously important book. This George Mason University
is scholarship of the highest order.
312 pages, 2016
9780804799232 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale Micah Muscolino, 320 pages, January 2017
University of Oxford 9780804798112 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale
288 pages, January 2017
9780804799966 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

State-Sponsored Inequality Empires of Coal Bound Feet, Young Hands
The Banner System and Social Fueling Chinas Entry into the Tracking the Demise of Footbinding
Stratification in Northeast China Modern World Order, 18601920 in Village China
Shuang Chen Shellen Xiao Wu Laurel Boussen and Hill Gates
This book explores the socio- From 18681872, German geologist In this groundbreaking work, Laurel
economic processes of inequality Ferdinand von Richthofen went on Bossen and Hill Gates upend the
in nineteenth- and early-twentieth- an expedition to China. His reports popular view of footbinding as a
century rural China, wherein the transformed Western interest in status or sexual symbol by showing
state classified immigrants to the China from the land of porcelain that it was an undeniably effective
county of Shuangcheng into distinct and tea to a repository of immense way to get young girls to sit still and
categories, each associated with coal reserves. As coal became the work with their hands. Interviews
different land entitlements. The essential fuel of industrialization, it with 1,800 elderly women, many
resulting patterns of wealth strati- would prove integral to the struggle with bound feet, reveal the reality of
fication and social hierarchy were for political control of China. In girls hand labor across the North
both challenged and reinforced by Empires of Coal, Shellen Xiao Wu China Plain, Northwest China, and
the local population. The tensions argues that the shifting conceptions Southwest China. When factories
built into unequal land entitlements of natural resources during the late eliminated the economic value
shaped the identities of immigrant Qing were part of global trends in of handwork, footbinding died
groups, persisting even after the nineteenth century, when the out. As the last generation of
unequal state entitlements were rise of science and industrialization footbound women passes away,
removed. This book also sheds light destabilized global systems and Bound Feet, Young Hands presents
on the many parallels between the caused widespread unrest and the a data-driven examination of the
stratification system in nineteenth- toppling of ruling regimes around social and economic aspects of this
century Shuangcheng and structural the world. misunderstood custom.
inequality in contemporary China. A fascinating and timely contri- Laurel Bossen and Hill Gates break
A rare and highly original contribution bution to the histories of China. new ground in our understanding of
to the studies of community formation It will be required reading for the role and status of womens work
and social stratification in human anyone interested in the entangle- during a period of enormous eco-
history. This book is destined to become ment of science, technology, and nomic, political, and cultural change.
a new reference for understanding modernity in global history. Rubie S. Watson,
Chinese society, past and present. Carla Nappi, Harvard University
Wang Feng, New Books in East Asian Studies
264 pages, January 2017
University of California, Irvine 9780804799553 Cloth $45.00 $36.00 sale
9780804799034 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale
280 pages, 2015
9780804792844 Cloth $45.00 $36.00 sale

Choosing Daughters The Good Child Outsourced Children
Family Chang in Rural China Moral Development in a Orphanage Care and Adoption
Lihong Shi Chinese Preschool in Globalizing China
Jing Xu Leslie K. Wang
Chinas patrilineal and patriarchal
tradition has encouraged a long- Chinese academic traditions take Thousands of Chinese children have
standing preference for male heirs. zuo renself-fulfillment in terms been adopted by American parents,
But a counterpattern is emerging of moral cultivationas the ulti- and many Western aid organizations
in rural China where a noticeable mate goal of education. To many invest in helping orphans in China
proportion of young couples have in contemporary China, however, but why does China allow this ex-
willingly accepted having a single the nation seems gripped by moral change, and what does it reveal about
daughter. In Choosing Daughters, decay, the result of rapid and pro- globalization? Outsourced Children
Lihong Shi delves into the social, found social change over the course answers these questions by examining
economic, and cultural forces of the twentieth century. Placing life in nine Chinese orphanages
behind these couples child-rearing Chinese children at the center of that were assisted by international
aspirations and the resulting her analysis, Jing Xu investigates humanitarian groups. Leslie K. Wang
changes in family dynamics, the effects of these transformations explains how these transnational
gender relations, and intimate on the moral development of the partnerships place marginalized
parentdaughter ties. She refutes nations youngest generation. The children at the intersection of public
the conventional understanding of Good Child examines preschool- and private spheres, state and civil
a universal preference for sons and aged children in Shanghai, China, society, and local and global agendas.
discrimination against daughters in tracing how Chinese socialization Although Western societies view
China and counters claims of con- beliefs and methods influence their childhood as innocent and unaffected
tinuing resistance against Chinas construction of a moral world. Xus by politics, this book explores how
population control program. innovative blend of anthropology children both symbolize and influence
A persuasive, eloquent study of and psychology illuminates how national futures.
changing gender roles. Full of surprises young childrens nascent moral A caringly crafted, unsettling, yet
and new vistas for investigation, it is dispositions are selected, expressed humane account of how the One
ethnography at its best. or repressed, and modulated in Child Policy continues to remake
William Jankowiak, daily experiences. our world.
University of Nevada, Las Vegas Susan Greenhalgh,
The most significant work of sino- Harvard University
192 pages, August 2017 logical anthropology I have read in
9781503602939 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale a long time. 208 pages, 2016
Stevan Harrell, 9781503600119 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale
University of Washington

256 pages, August 2017

9781503602434 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale

Fragile Elite Class Work Infectious Change
The Dilemmas of Chinas Vocational Schools and Reinventing Chinese Public
Top University Students Chinas Urban Youth Health After an Epidemic
Susanne Bregnbk T. E. Woronov Katherine A. Mason
Chinas One Child Policy and its Exploring vocational school stu- How did a virus like SARS manage
rigorous focus on educational dents backgrounds, experiences, to transform the Chinese public
testing are well known. But what schooling, and trajectories into the health systemonce famous for
happens to those lucky few at workforce, T. E. Woronov explores its grassroots, low-technology
the very top, the elite university the value systems in contemporary approachinto a scientific endeavor
students in China who grew up China that stigmatize these youth centered on global recognition?
under the One Child Policy and as failures, and the political and Katherine A. Masons ethnography
now attend the nations most pres- economic structures that funnel investigates local Chinese public
tigious universities? Fragile Elite them into working-class futures. health institutions in Southeastern
explores the contradictions and These marginalized students China, examining how the outbreak
perplexities of being an elite student and schools provide a privileged of SARS reimagined public health
through research conducted at two window into the ongoing, complex as a professionalized, biomedical-
top universities in China. Susanne intersections between the socialist ized machineone that frequently
Bregnbk offers fascinating insight and capitalist modes of production failed to serve the Chinese people.
into the intergenerational tensions in China today and the rapid Infectious Change grapples with this
at work in contemporary China transformation of Chinas cities transformation, telling the story of
and locates them within an ongoing into post-industrial, service-based how an epidemic reinvented public
shift in educational policy and what economies. This book argues health in China into a prestigious
it means to be a quality student, that urban vocational schools are profession in which transnational
child, and citizen in China. incipient sites for the formation of impact was paramount and service
Fragile Elite is a beautifully-written a new working class. to vulnerable local communities
ethnography. Bregnbk integrates This exemplary ethnography is was secondary.
vivid stories of students experiences full of insights into education, Meticulously crafted, this book
and perspectives with analysis of the class formation, and capitalism. elucidates why epidemic preven-
familial, psychological, social, and Tamara Jacka, tion everywhere must draw on local
political factors that fill their lives The Australian National University knowledge and practices.
with anxiety. Margaret Lock,
200 pages, 2015
Vanessa L. Fong, author of The
author of Paradise Redefined 9780804796927 Paper $25.95 $20.76 sale Alzheimer Conundrum
184 pages, 2016 9780804798921 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale
9780804797788 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale

Occupational Hazards Arresting Cinema Fact in Fiction
Sex, Business, and HIV in Surveillance in Hong Kong Film 1920s China and Ba Jins Family
Post-Mao China Karen Fang Kristin Stapleton
Elanah Uretsky In Arresting Cinema, Karen Fang In Fact in Fiction, Kristin Stapleton
Occupational Hazards follows a delivers a unifying account of Hong puts Ba Jins bestseller, Family,
group of Chinese businessmen and Kong cinema that draws upon its into full historical context, both
government officials to show that renowned crime films and other to illustrate how it successfully
conducting business in China is unique genres to demonstrate Hong portrays human experiences during
not about simple transactionsit Kongs view of surveillance. She the 1920s and to reveal its his-
is dependent on building webs of argues that Hong Kongs films torical distortions. She focuses on
informal networks over liquor, display a tolerance ofand even Chengdu, China, Ba Jins birthplace
cigarettes, food, and sex. Elanah opportunism towardsconstant and the setting for Family, which
Uretsky argues that the burgeoning observation, unlike the fearful view was also a cultural and political
epidemics of STIs and HIV/AIDS prevalent in the West. These films center of western China. The citys
are not the product of Western show a more crowded, increasingly richly preserved archives allow
influence or economic growth but economically stratified, and post- for an intimate portrait of a city
a reflection of the reemergence national world that nevertheless that seemed far from the center
of traditional patterns of gender offers an aura of hopeful futurity. of national politics of the day but
relations and sexuality in contem- While many surveillance cinema clearly felt the forces ofand
porary China. studies focus solely on European contributed tothe turbulent
and Hollywood films, Fang shows stream of Chinese history.
Elanah Uretskys forceful ethnogra-
phy examines the entrenched male that only by exploring Hong Kong This book is beautifully written
rituals of doing business in China surveillance film can we begin to and a real pleasure to read. A useful
much to the detriment of these mens shape a truly global understanding complement to Family, it is an in-
integrity and health, and to Chinas of Hitchcocks rear window ethics. structive example of how to read lit-
HIV/AIDS epidemic more broadly. erary sources with attention to their
An important contribution to our Innovative, refreshing, and yes, motivation and historical context.
understanding of this simultaneously arresting. Fangs analysis offers
Henrietta Harrison,
powerful and vulnerable population an essential complement to University of Oxford
and to our understanding of public Western scholarship on cinema
health in China. and surveillance. 296 pages, 2016
Michael Curtin, 9781503601062 Paper $25.95 $20.76 sale
Arthur Kleinman,
co-author of Deep China and University of California,
Director, Harvard University Santa Barbara
Asia Center
240 pages, January 2017
280 pages, 2016 9781503600706 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale
9780804797535 Paper $25.95 $20.76 sale

Taiwans China Dilemma Circles of Compensation The Strange Child
Contested Identities and Multiple Economic Growth and the Education and the Psychology of
Interests in Taiwans Cross-Strait Globalization of Japan Patriotism in Recessionary Japan
Economic Policy Kent E. Calder Andrea Gevurtz Arai
Syaru Shirley Lin Japan grew explosively and con- The Strange Child examines how the
China and Taiwan share one of the sistently for more than a century, Japanese financial crisis of the 1990s
worlds most complex international from the Meiji Restoration until the gave rise to the child problem, a
relationships. Although similar collapse of the economic bubble in social anxiety driven by a palpable
cultures and economic interests the early 1990s. Since then, it has sense that something about the
promoted an explosion of economic been unable to restart its economic young had suddenly and irrevocably
ties between them since the late engine and respond to globalization. changed. Andrea Gevurtz Arais
1980s, these ties have not led to How could the same political ethnography narrates the social and
an improved political relationship. economic system produce such cultural dislocation that erupted in
Taiwans China Dilemma explains strongly contrasting outcomes? This Japan after the economic downturn
the divergence between the develop- book identifies the crucial variables through the present. She argues that
ment of economic and political as classic Japanese forms of socio- the child problem and the social
relations across the Taiwan Strait political organization: the circles of unease it created provided a rationale
through the interplay of national compensation. These cooperative for reimagining governance in
identity and economic interests. groupings of economic, political, education, liberalizing the job
Using primary sources, surveys, and and bureaucratic interests dictate market, and establishing a new
interviews with Taiwanese leaders, corporate and individual responses role for psychology to address
Syaru Shirley Lin paints a vivid to such critical issues as investment changing nationalcultural ideologies.
picture of one of the most unsettled and innovation. Kent E. Calder Ultimately these developments
and dangerous relationships in the examines how these circles operate diverted attention from the
contemporary world. and deals in special detail with very real challenges facing a
the influence of Japans changing recessionary society.
The combination of a fresh
theoretical approach and strong financial system. With extreme rigor and effortless
empirical analysis make Taiwans A beautifully-written breakthrough grace, Gevurtz Arai shows us how
China Dilemma a must-read analysis of how to think about one of the institutions of the state, family,
for anyone interested in the the worlds most important nations. school, law enforcement, and
dynamic cross-Strait relationship. Simply too important to pass up. psychology encroach into the lives
Scott L. Kastner, Jeffrey Garten, of youth.
University of Maryland, College Park Yale University Miyako Inoue,
304 pages, 2016 Stanford University
344 pages, July 2017
9780804799287 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale 9781503602441 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale 256 pages, 2016
9780804798532 Paper $25.95 $20.76 sale

Staged Seduction Photography for Everyone Beyond Nation
Selling Dreams in a Tokyo The Cultural Lives of Cameras and Time, Writing, and Community
Host Club Consumers in Early Twentieth- in the Work of Abe Kb
Akiko Takeyama Century Japan Richard F. Calichman
In the host clubs of Tokyos red-light
Kerry Ross In the English-speaking world, Abe
district, ambitious young men The Japanese passion for photog- Kb (19241993) is primarily
seek their fortunes by selling love, raphy is almost a clich, but how known as a Japanese writer whose
romance, companionship, and did it begin? This book is the first works explore the alienation of
sometimes sex to female consumers to demonstrate how photography the individual within a repressive
for exorbitant sums of money. Akiko became an everyday activity. society. Richard F. Calichman reads
Takeyamas investigation of this Japans enthusiasm for photography this alienation as an attack on the
beguiling love business provides emerged alongside a retail and concept of national affiliation and
a window into Japanese host clubs consumer revolution that marketed resistance to the nostalgic fiction of
and the lives of hosts, clients, club products and activities that fit into authentic communities promoted
owners, and managers. The club is a modern, tasteful, middle-class by governments. Arguing that the
a place where fantasies are pursued, lifestyle. Kerry Ross examines the question of national identification
and the art of seduction reveals a magazines and merchandise pro- has long been neglected by scholars,
complex set of transactions built on moted to ordinary Japanese people Calichman shows how, in Kbs
desperation and hope. Aspiration it- in the early twentieth century that work, the formation of community
self is commercialized as citizens are allowed consumers to participate is constantly displaced by the notions
seduced out of the present and into in that lifestyle and gave them a of time and writing. Beyond Nation
a future where hopes and dreams powerful tool to define its contours. thus analyzes the elements of
are imaginableand billions Orientalism, culturalism, and
A highly original and much needed
of dollars seem within reach. account of prewar Japanese photogra- racism that often underlie the appeal
There is so much of interest in Staged phy as a modernity-making social for- to collective Japanese identity.
Seduction. Takeyama argues that host mation. The research opens up whole A remarkable writer and philosopher,
clubs are emblematic of a neoliberal, new worlds to historians of Japanese Abe Kb raised questions about
post-industrial Tokyo. Her study culture, commerce, gender, everyday human existence and the boundaries
offers fascinating insight into a greatly life, and even nationalism/democracy. of identity which have powerful reso-
expanded part of its nightlife. Paul D. Barclay, nance for the present day. A profound
Lafayette College
Joy Hendry, and illuminating perspective on Abes
Times Higher Education 256 pages, 2015 vision of the human condition.
248 pages, 2016 9780804795647 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale Tessa Morris-Suzuki,
9780804798549 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale The Australian National University
288 pages, 2016
9780804797016 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

Figuring Korean Futures Decentering Citizenship Contested Embrace
Childrens Literature in Gender, Labor, and Migrant Transborder Membership Politics
Modern Korea Rights in South Korea in Twentieth-Century Korea
Dafna Zur Hae Yeon Choo Jaeeun Kim
This book is the story of the emer- Decentering Citizenship follows Contested Embrace explores how
gence and development of writing three groups of Filipina migrants a state relates to people it views
for children in twentieth-century struggles to belong in South Korea. as external members, such as
Korea. The child audience was Hae Yeon Choo examines how emigrants and diasporas. Jaeeun
perceived as unique because of a new rights are enacted, translated, and Kim analyzes disputes over the
concept: the child-heart, the percep- challenged in daily life and ulti- belonging of Koreans in Japan and
tion that the childs body and mind mately interrogates the concept of China, focusing on their contested
rested on the threshold of culture. citizenship. She reveals citizenship relationship with the colonial and
Reading childrens periodicals as a language of social and personal postcolonial states in the Korean
against the political, educational, transformation within the pursuit of peninsula. Through a comparative
and psychological discourses of their dignity, security, and mobility. Her analysis of transborder membership
time, Dafna Zur argues that the vivid ethnography of both migrants politics in the colonial, Cold War,
figure of the child was particularly and their South Korean advocates and post Cold War periods, the
favorable to the project of modernity illuminates how social inequalities book shows how the configura-
and nation-building, as well as to the of gender, race, class, and nation tion of geopolitics, bureaucratic
colonial and postcolonial projects operate in defining citizenship. techniques, and actors agency
of socialization and nationalization. Decentering Citizenship argues that shapes the making, unmaking, and
Figuring Korean Futures reveals the citizenship emerges from negotiations remaking of transborder ties. Kim
complex ways in which the child about rights and belonging. As the demonstrates that being a home-
became a driving force of nostalgia promise of equal rights and full mem- land state or a member of the
that stood in for aspirations for the bership in a polity erodes in the face transborder nation is a precarious,
individual, family, class, and nation. of global inequalities, this decentering arduous, and revocable political
A remarkable achievement. The book illuminates important contestation at achievement.
gives welcome new insights into colo- the margins of citizenship. A brilliant and bracing analysis
nial modernity and astutely illumi- At once a fast-paced and engrossing of transborder membership politics.
nates some of the most fundamental ethnography and an insightful, often It is a great book to think with.
concerns of the colonial period. brilliant rumination on citizenship, John Lie,
Karen Thornber, kinship, and human rights. University of California, Berkeley
Harvard University
Namhee Lee, 360 pages, 2016
280 pages, August 2017 University of California, Los Angeles 9780804797627 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale
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Divergent Memories Uneasy Partnerships The New Great Game
Opinion Leaders and the Chinas Engagement with Japan, the China and South and Central
Asia-Pacific War Koreas, and Russia in the Asia in the Era of Reform
Gi-Wook Shin and Era of Reform Edited by Thomas Fingar
Daniel Sneider Edited by Thomas Fingar Chinas rise has elicited envy,
Debate over the history of World Uneasy Partnerships presents the admiration, and fear among its
War II in Asia remains surprisingly analysis and insights of practitioners neighbors. Although much has
intense, and this book examines the and scholars who have shaped and been written about this, previous
opinions of powerful individuals examined Chinas interactions coverage portrays events as
to pinpoint the sources of conflict. with key Northeast Asian partners determined almost entirely by
Rather than labeling others views Japan, the Koreas, and Russia. Beijing. Such accounts minimize
as distorted or ignoring dissent- Using the same empirical approach or ignore the other side of the
ing voices to create a monolithic employed in the companion volume, equation: namely, what individuals,
historical account, Gi-Wook Shin The New Great Game, this text corporate actors, and governments
and Daniel Sneider pursue a more analyzes the perceptions, priori- in other countries do to attract,
fruitful approach: analyzing how ties, and policies of China and its shape, exploit, or deflect Chinese
historical memory has developed, partners to explain why dyadic involvement. The New Great Game
been formulated, and even been relationships evolved as they have analyzes and explains how Chinese
challenged in each country. during Chinas rise. The findings are policies and priorities interact
used to identify patterns and trends with the goals and actions of other
The Asia-Pacific War ended two
generations ago, but history wars and to develop a framework that can countries in the region.
are still fought in East Asia today. be used to illuminate and explain
To explore the reciprocal nature
Mobilizing evidence from interviews Beijings engagement with the rest of
of relations between China and
to pop culture to textbooks, the au- the world.
thors show how personal experience, countries in South and Central
political change, regional diplomacy, A masterful examination of Chinas Asia, the contributors employ
and national identity shaped war complex interactions with its im- numerous policy-relevant lenses:
narratives; they also suggest a path to mediate neighbors. The fine-grained geography, culture, history, resource
armistice. Essential reading. strands of this complex story are
endowments, and levels of develop-
woven into a compelling macro-level
Peter Duus,
analysis of Northeast Asia that will ment. This volumes goal is deeper
Stanford University
be applauded by experts and general- understanding of Chinese and
376 pages, 2016 ists alike. other national priorities and
9780804799706 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale T. J. Pempel, policies and of discerning patterns
University of California, Berkeley among countries and issues.
264 pages, April 2017 360 pages, 2016
9781503601963 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale 9780804797634 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale


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on analysis of how the global power
500 Broadway An innovative study of the evolving
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Redwood City, CA 94063 affect alliances. As China becomes
Amid an increasing application of
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(650) 725-3457 nuance to over-simplified debates Security shows that these countries
about dealing with North Korea. should be understood not just as
John S. Park, competing threats, but as competing
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security suppliers.
344 pages, June 2017
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The Chinese Deathscape

Thomas S. Mullaney
The Chinese Deathscapeexamines the phenomenon of grave relocation in late imperial
and modern China, a campaign that has led to the exhumation and reburial of 10 mil-
lion corpses in the past decade alone and has transformed Chinas graveyards into sites
of acute personal, social, political, and economic contestation. Building on a bespoke
spatial analysis platform, ve historians and anthropologists of the Chinese world
analyze the phenomenon of grave relocation via essays that move from the local to the
global. Framing these essaysare contributions by the editor andthe platform developer
reecting on the methods applied inthis original approach to Chinese history.

When Melodies Gather

Samuel Liebhaber
This project is built on the largest collection of poetic recordings in the endangered
Mahri language, approximately 60poems, each ofwhich isprovided with transcription,
translation into English, and lexical and grammatical annotations. The core of the project
constitutes an innovative classication system based on the intrinsic formal character-
istics of the poems. The web-based medium allows users to explore the diversity and
complexity of the Mahras poetic expressions and experience the poets creative process.

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