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Part III - Moonwater Plains (Levels 38-45)

Level 38 - Brightstone Occupation

Moonwater Plains Note
Levelling strategy in the Moonwater Plains differs from person to person. Some people want to get to 45
as quickly as possible. If that is what you wish to do, you follow this guide through the end of Lycandi
Foothills, run over to wayfarer's warf, and grind the pirates in there until you hit level 40.5. At that point,
do story quests to get Misty Woods, run to the Forsaken Crash site, and grind the skeletons there until
45 (should take 3-4 hours).

However, doing this only works if nobody else is at the Forsaken Crash site. If there is, you can double or
triple your levelling time there, making questing more efficient.

Yet if you choose that path, the weapon you have will be the weapon you use until the end of the game,
and you will be completely broke. You then will need to backtrack to unlock dailies to get gold at
endgame, which really is not efficient.

This guide believes that questing, while about 10% slower than grinding, is more efficient as it saves you
about a day's worth of dailies.

This guide also makes an assumption that Moonwater Transformation Stones are 5 gold on the
marketplace. Based on inflation and/or demand, this may go up or down in the future. We will not be
crafting these stones as they require a special recipe.

This guide makes the assumption that dailies have reset since the end of the Cinderlands. If you are still
on your first day, you will have difficulty completing many quests outlined here as they are daily quests.
If you choose to continue levelling on the first day, you would be better off grinding.

Several questlines in the Moonwater Plains are censored. The uncensored storylines will be included in
this guide using blue text.
Level 38
Madun sent us to the past to investigate a disturbance of the Great Dragon Pulse - not to see what
Jinsoyun is capable of only in his memories. She killed your entire school - I think you know what she can
do. The west just doesn't like time travel, I guess.

After speaking with Madun, we'll land at the Great Dragon Pulse. Speak with Hyojun to update your

Enter Chunpung, pursued by two infiltrators. Kill them, and then speak with Chunpung behind a rock.
Head south and kill 2 more Infiltrators before going through the swirly gate. Speak with Chunpung on
the other side.

We're going to escort her south. Again, don't go too far or she won't follow. Kill the dogs on Daiwon, and
then speak with him.
Continue south to Yu Taywo's house. Use the bucket on the right to douse the fire (walk up to the fire
and press "f" while holding the bucket.)

Speak with Kuwin, who'll start a quest to escort Ilsim. Head west through the wooden gate, and a few
mobs appear to kill. After killing them, continue east and speak with Mayor Taywo and Won Unjay.
Then head east to the soulstone mine and speak with Won Sujin to turn in "The Fall of Brightstone

Make your way back east. You'll see villagers fighting. Kill the mobs they're fighting and speak with them
to free them. Free 3. You don't have to worry about them once they're free.
Head north through the swirly gate to speak with Won Unjay. Mobs will appear. Don't just stand around
- kill a couple to update the quest.

Speak with Won Unjay again, and then use the Censer. Jinsoyun will appear.
Jinsoyun mentions about how she's supporting the Talus troops and kill the townsfolk. She then sees
you with the mark of the black rose and recognizes the mark. She mentions that you must be from the
future and says she'll leave you be because you are obviously fated to meet again.

Use the censer again to return to the present. Speak with the Mayor, and then head out and speak with
Chunpung to pick up "A Gathering Under the Moon."

Head east through the wooden fence and up the hill to go through the swirly gate.
In here, kill the crabs to get to the Augerites. You attack them to 60%, talk with them, and they'll either
make a flower bloom or attack you again so you have to kill them. However, this isn't random. The
second Augerite, the fourth Augerite, and the Augerite in the 2nd room the furthest right will make the
flowers bloom.

Gather the 3 flowers they spawn.

Continue north and speak with Muwonbo after you kill the two Talus officials that spawn.

Yoma back to town to turn in your quests and pick up "Traitors, Haters, and Liberators." Update it at
Nang and Paengi and pick up "Paengi's Impatience" and "A Tale of Two Sisters." Then, use three bulletin
boards around town to collect proclamations.
Head south into the Talus Garrison. We're going to fight our way southeast. Any mob can drop the Talus
orders, so when they do, loot it and right click it in your inventory to read it.

Speak with Yubo to turn in "A Tale of Two Sisters" and pick up "Mine Break."
Head west to the armory and kill 10 guards.

At the west end, gather a weapon.

Return to town to turn in "Paengi's Impatience" and pick up "Paengi's Determination." Update your
quests and Cunpung and then right click the proclamation. Turn in "Traitors, Haters, and Liberators." The
head into the house to turn in "A Link to the Past and Present" to Ilsim. Head northeast to get to the
Soulstone Mine. Speak with Gubin outside it to update "Paengi's Determination" and pick up "Insider

Head inside to speak with Ilsim to escort him. Continue to follow the path to reach Hongyun. When Ilsim
RPs with Hongyun, you can update the quest at Ilsim.
Continue down the path to get to a room. Kill the 7 mobs in here and loot them.

Gather a letter from an Automaton.

Now we head north. Our main goal is to speak with the laborers - not kill stuff. The laborers will clear
most of the trash for us.

Once you have 10 freed, follow the path to the Mayor and speak with him. Hongyun will spawn. Kill him
and speak with the Mayor again.
Continue south to get to more laborers. Pick up a rock and left click to throw it at the lamp. Wait for the
guards to burn themselves, and then continue to the last room.

Kill the Talus to the south and speak with Paengi's mother to update the quest.
Then head north and kill the Army Overseer. Once he is dead, find some random mob and let them kill
you. Press "4" to release to the entrance.

Head outside and speak with Gubin. Right click the item in your inventory to read the letter, and then
turn in "Insider Information" to Gubin. Pick up "Outsider Information."

Return to town and turn in "Paengi's Determination," and "Mine Break" and update your story quest.
Then head north to the Skygate. Once through the swirly gate, look immediately to the right to speak
with Ilsim.
Follow him to the first chain, and kill the guards. Then attach a charm.

Continue north and wait for a bit of RP to happen. Then kill Hongyun again. Use the chain to teleport to

Speak with Ilsim when you land to turn in "The Great Escape" and hit level 39.
Levels 39-40 - Lycandi Foothills
Level 39
Ah, Lycandi. The most censored zone in the game. Move towards Iksanun to get a bit of Black Rose RP,
and then update your quest at him. Head out of his house and north to Wong to pick up "Tax to Grind."

Head west to Olgani to pick up "A Scholarly Path - Local Delicacies."

This is the infamous "censored" quest. Olgani was originally named "Ma Ture" (punny name), and is a
recently released convict. He was sent to prison for having an affair with the wife of an official.
Something rendered him sexually impotent there, so he is really looking for eggs as a home-made

Head east to Siri to update "Tax to Grind."

Continue south to Han Jinmi, and then follow the path south towards the bottom. You'll see the eggs on
top of the pub to gather.
Turn in "Outsider Information" and update "Tax to Grind" on the bottom level. Return to the top to turn
in "Tax to Grind" and your first "A Scholarly Path" quest. Pick up "A Radiant Request" and "A Matter of
Taste." Then head to Han Jinmi to update "A Matter of Taste." Run upstairs to give the fish to the lady.

Return downstairs to turn it in. Pick up "Three Dog Plight" on the top level (ignore the daily), and then
pick up "All Soul and No Money" on the bottom. Head out the west side of town. Kill 10 Nettlebugs on
the road outside.
Make your way northeast and kill 10 Scalebeaks.

You should see a rock around here near the well symbol. By it is our first gatherable. We won't be
crafting anymore, but these still give a ton of XP (2k per gather).
Continue northeast through the swirly gate to teetering falls. Inside, speak with Pupthos.

Follow the path east. On your right side you'll see a rock stack. Sprint/jump to get to the top of it.
At the top, use a skill to break the jar.

Then glide down to the east and use the Water Cask.
Head northwest to get to the stag and gather it.

Head up the wooden planks on the hill east of it to get to the other jar you need to break.
Return to Pupthos to turn in "Three Dog Plight", and then head out of the instance.

Run south to and encampment to update your quests.

Make your way south. In this quarry, we're looking for the black items with the green marker above
them to gather 3. The grey ones are crabs.

Return to the camp to update your quests and then Yoma back to Greenhollow to turn them in. Turn in
"A Quest Rekindled" to receive the most valuable objects you'll receive levelling - 5 moonwater pickaxes.

Pick up "Against Regulation" and "Poacher Encroachers." Then head straight to the marketplace and sell
the pickaxes for the lowest price going. I sold them for 90 silver each. This gold is a godsend for weapon
evolutions later.
Head out of Greenhollow and head west to get to a river. Walk north to get to a net. Use it and then kill
the hunter that spawns.

Head up the east side of the hill and kill 10 pairs of butchers and poachers. They will always be in pairs,
so kill the gunner first.
Then head north to the Hunter's camp. Turn in your quests and pick up "The Unforgiveable One" and
"Page Returner." Update your story quest.

Make your way east through the swirly gate, ignoring the mobs. Charge in towards Shi Hai, and escort
her about 10 feet to update the quest.
Young Chul will spawn. After some RP, kill the seekers and then Young Chul.

Don't wait for the RP. Just head northwest and kill Talus mobs until you have 7 dead and one drops and
Account Book.
At the top is Tu Riki. Wait for him to RP a bit, and then kill him.

Return down the hill to update your quest at Iksanun and Shin Hai. Yoma back to camp to turn in your
quests. Pick up "Saving Skin" and "A Scholarly Path - Cat's Cradle." This was another quest of finding
ingredients for a homemade impotence remedy.

Grab a gun from the weapon rack next to Olgani.

Then head west and kill a Hill Saberfang. Make sure it is a Hill or it won't work. Then gather the whiskers.

Turn the quest in and then head north to predator's den. Clear through the middle room and then jump
up the mushrooms.
You'll find Yura and Sanugo on top. Yura'll oneshot you, so ignore her and just talk to Sanugo.

Then head west and kill the Dark Saberfang Alpha. You don't really have to worry about aggroing other
mobs - they're easy to AoE down. Loot its hide.
Then head into the north room and kill the alpha bear. Same as before, much easier to AoE down than
solo. Loot its hide as well.

Return to the camp to turn in your quests, including "The Skyward Path," and pick up "Wolf at the Door"
and "Go Fish." Speak with Yongu to update "Go Fish."

Head to the river and walk south in it. Use the rock before the bridge to get a fish. The other rocks will
shock you and deal damage.
Then head out of the river to Twin Wagons to turn in your quests. Pick up "I, Lycandi" and "Convoy!"
Ignore the boss quest.

Head south to the mercenary camp. Kill them until you get their plan. This is random but a high drop
You should see a rock in camp. By it, you'll find the soil for the next gatherable.

Make your way south and gather a mossy bee hive rock. There are two types - one has honey, one does
not. Look at its name carefully to make sure it does. Then kill 10 bears around it. Avoid the named bear.
Continue west to gather a Thornberry tree.

We'll then come to Lilystalk Tradepost. Turn in your quests and pick up "Lone Wolf" and "The hills have
Talk to the corpse and then Ja Ketu to update "Lone Wolf."

Head west to the boy. He'll flee when you get to him. Gather the soul shield he drops.
Then head onto the altar. Press "enter" to bring up your chat window, and then type "/bow" to bow.
Speak with the witch doctor to update the quest.

Continue west to kill 7 wolves. Each wolf will aggro a Lycandi as well.
Gather 3 Tradegoods closer to the tradepost.

Return to the tradepost to turn in your quests and update/turn in "Lone Wolf." Pick up "A Wolf in
Sheep's Clothing," "Making them Pay," and pick up/update "Freedom." Then head behind the outpost
and walk up the tree root.
Continue going up the path to get to crops. Gather them for 2k more free XP.

At the top, speak with Bondu to update your story quest and then light the fire.
Head north and kill 10 Lycandi on the way, looting them.

Behind a rock in the north before the river, speak with the Indentured Servant to update "Freedom."
Head over to the Twin Wagons to update the quest.

Return to the Indentured Servant to update the quest. Then head north to the Lycandi War Tent.
Update "A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing" and "Blood of the Wolf."
Head up the hill behind the war tent and speak with Khoid the Quick.

Fight your way up the hill, killing 10 Talus army members.

Then at the top, gather a spear from a striker.

Return to the war tent to update the story quest, and then Yoma to Lilystalk Outpost to turn in your
quests. Turn in "Blood of the Wolf" to reach level 40.
Level 40
Pick up "Crying Wolf," "The Bold," and "The Cost of Freedom." Then head west. In the area where we
killed wolves before, kill a deer.

This'll spawn a Saberfang. Kill it and loot its pelt.

Continue west to use the memorial.

Speak with Olgani to pick up "A Scholarly Path - Wolf's Clothing."

Head onto the rock to gather the clothes, and then turn in the quest to Olgani.

In this quest. Olgani has regained his potency. He is being a "peeping tom," spying on the women. He
thinks they are nymphs, and believes that if he has their clothing, they have to marry him. So he has you
steal them for him.

To the north, kill lycandi until a special mob appears.

When White Pebble spawns, kill her.

Head north through the swirly gate and continue north. Gather 2 saberfang pelts.
Then head through the swirly gate into Lycandi Den. Fight your way to the end to kill the Deputy Chief.

Speak with Belen the ready to get to a cutscene. Speak with him again and run out of the den. Speak
with Iksanun outside, and then head south to Salkhi.
Update the quest at her, and then fight your way east and across the bridge. We'll get to Lycan. Avoid
Lycan and just attack the wolf shades. You want to do this until one drops an orb. Don't get close to
Lycan - she can do 60% of your HP in one hit.

When you have the orb, use it on the obelisk of matching color.
Repeat this in clockwise manner for the other two. When the third is in, you'll get to a cutscene. Speak
with Belen to update your quest, and then use the glowing orb. This'll not only update your quest but
also fully recover your HP.

Then speak with Salkhi to update the quest again.

In the original, Belen was initially reluctant to accept Salkhi as a leader because he thinks women are
weak leaders. He also didn't want to join the Skyhaven Resistance since it is led by a woman.

When Lycan awakes, Salkhi jumps at the opportunity as the tradition is the one who seals Lycan back to
sleep is recognized as a great warrior. As such, you and her defeat Lycan, and Belen has no choice but to
acknowledge her as the leader and accept her path of joining the Skyhaven Resistance.

This obviously was removed from the North American version due to sexist themes.
Yoma back to the Lilystalk Tradepost to turn in your quests and pick up "Family Business" and "Where
Wolves of Lycandi." Ignore all other quests. Head north to get to Lycan the Mighty. Typically, bots will be
farming it, but there's no reason you can't join in. Kill it to get its essence.

Return to camp to use the wheel of fate. You want at least 2 weapon boxes, so if you didn't get it, keep
kill Lycan. Open the boxes and if you get what you want, great. Otherwise, sell what you didn't want on
the marketplace and buy the version you want.
This can be used to breakthrough our weapon. You should still have plenty of Tomb of the Exiles fodder
in your bank, so you can easily enchant it to +10 in about 3 pieces of fodder.

Turn in "Where Wolves of Lycandi" and then head west. We'll see a tree growing across the road. Head
to either side of it and sprint/jump to get to the top.

Here we get our final gatherable of Moonwater plains. Gather it for 2k free XP.
Continue west to gather 3 eye medicines.

Then continue west through the swirly gate to leave the zone and enter Hogshead Pastures.
Levels 40-41 - Hogshead Pastures
Level 40
As you run along the road, look to the right for Hogshead Mill. Turn in "Family Business" and head inside
the house's swirly gate to update your story quest.

Pick up "Dirty Dealing" and "Tour Interrupted" outside. Then head across the road to pick up "I don't
know why" from Homnang.
By the river (south side), gather 3 poisonous herbs.

Then head into the river and pick up a water bucket.

Head into the fields and use the water on a plant. Several mites will appear. Just run to get more water -
the mites reset before they can get to you. Do this 3 times.

In the fields, kill 10 vermin. Watch out for their poison!

Return to Homnang to update the quest and get a gun. Return into the fields and shoot 3 birds.

Turn in your quest and head west. Kill a dispatch commander to loot the letter, and 9 extra talus mobs.
Then head north to the brookside tavern and go through the swirly gate.

Talk with the soldier, and then press "f" on the table. Speak with the soldier again, and then to Jin to
turn in the quest.
Return to the mill to turn in "Tour Interrupted" and update the story quest. Outside is a quest called
"Hay Reaver." This is the worst quest in the game, so naturally we will not be doing it. Instead, head
west to the Pig Ranch. Pick up "Diamonds in the Rough" from Haewon.

Across the road, gather a grain basket and place it in the trough in front of the pink piglet. Then search
his stool. Turn in your quest and continue down the road.
Speak with Nolbu to pick up "Swallow your pride." Open up a gourd (an easy mob will appear) with "f"
and loot the letter. Read it from your inventory, and turn in the quest to Nolbu. Pick up "Sty Games."

Continue to Sunja and pick up "The Last Straw." Use the haystacks to spawn 3 spiders. They're easy to
kill, or you can just run away if you want.
Continue along to Nolsidu to pick up "It's a wash." Use the bucket on the ground, and then use your left
mouse button in front of a pig to wash it. Repeat this three times.

Turn in your quests and head north to Hogshead Hamlet. Speak with Jungnam to update "Sty Games."
Then pick up a piece of dung in the stye and throw it at a pig. The pig will either attack you, or it will turn
into a spy to kill.
Turn in your quest and head into town. Head over to the outhouse and speak with Kangbok to update
"Right Under our Noses." Then head into the building behind her. You will fall after going through the
swirly gate, so try and glide when you can.

The mobs inside will drop an "Anonymous Diary" quest item, so make sure to loot one and read it to
pick up "The Disappearance." We start off with a hallway of Taskmasters. These guys aren't bad, but
their pig adds are - they are level 44. Kill the taskmasters as quickly as possible.
One room will have a curious pig run out. Continue down the hall, and then speak to it and it'll become a

Speak with him to start a really short escort quest. Head to the north with him.
He will then run out. You can really just ignore all mobs and sprint until you reach the west side of the
instance to escape. Speak with Kan Om to update the quest. Then kill 7 wolves.

Head to town to turn in your quests, including the story quest "Right Under our Noses."

Pick up "The Hog Days are Over," "Pignapped," and "Eating Crow." Open the letter in your quest log for
"Join the Martial Arts Tournament" and turn it in at the quest board.
Head south out of town and kill 10 Pig Liberators. You only want the ones directly south as they update
two quests. The ones by the fishing lodge only update 1.

Walk by a totem to aggro it. Kill it, and then gather the firewood pile that appears. Do this for 5
Lastly, kill 10 scarecrows.

Head south to the farmland to turn in your quests and update your story quest. Pick up "She Loves Him,
She Loves Him Not."
Head to the fields and gather a seed sack.

Use it on 3 empty plots. Then gather 3 plants (potatoes).

Speak with Manbok to update the quest, and then to Dodori to update it again. You'll get an axe. Left
click on 3 stacks of firewood, and then speak with Manbok again.

Gather a stone on the ground.

Then throw it at 3 pigs across the road. Turn in your quest to Doduri.

Speak with Sehun to update your story quest, and then pick up "The Legend of the Hujikar" from Sulaku.

Make your way south to Bantaesu to pick up "Catfished", and then head into the hold next to him.
Once through the swirly gate, fight your way south to get to Tsudalin. This guy is annoying because of
the stuns the patrols do, so you may want to use healing potions during this fight. Gather his letter and
the research log. Use the research log to pick up "Cold Blooded Experiments."

Continue to the end of the instance to speak with Lee Dongwon. Then speak with the two guards.
This'll start an escort quest. Make your way back north with Lee, fighting off the mobs.

Speak with Bantaesu to turn in "Catfished." Then head further south and kill a pig. Pick it up with "f."
Head south and you'll see a rock in the river. Press "f" on it to set the pig down. Hujikar will appear.

Hujikar requires a small group - maybe 2-4 people. If you're alone, you can try to solo it, but it'll probably
just eat you. So I'd just spawn it and wait if people aren't there.

Hujikar will drop a treasure box that you can open, if you so choose. I'd just open the first box for the
"just in case" situation where you get your class's weapon. You get a second box by completing your
surveys. Again, open it. If both fail, then turn in "The Legend of Hujikar" and use the moonwater key
from your survey to open that.

This will give you the evolution material to evolve your weapon to True Infernal. Remember that money
we earned earlier by selling the Moonwater Pickaxes? Now's the time to use it. Open the marketplace
(F5) and buy one Moonwater Transformation Stone. Use this to evolve your weapon to True Infernal,
and then feed it all the fodder we got from Tomb of the Exiles. Halfway through, you need a "Imperator"
weapon. Just buy it off the marketplace again, and use the horns from Tomb of the Exiles to break it
through to level 6. You should be able to get it to level 6 with your feedstock. Just feed it any weapons
that drop from this point on, as well as any elements of training you have remaining, or "small elements
of luck" you get from quests.

Return to the Farmhead to turn in your quests and reach level 41.
Level 41
Pick up "The Ploggle's Curse." Head north to town, especially if you need to use the marketplace still.
Speak with Ryujo and buy all 8 pieces of the Moonwater Courage Soul Shield from her to replace your
Cinderlands one (or possibly the Lycan one). This will give a huge HP boost.

Head east and go through the swirly gate. Once on the other side, kill 10 Hex Ploggles. There are exactly
10, so if someone else is there you might want to change channels.
Speak with Hungbu by the pond to update the quest, and then head north. Speak with Jomri to pick up
"Back Pains." Head south into the fields and use a watering device. This will make the two nearest plants
grow. Gather them, and repeat. Do this until you have 5.

Return to Jomri to turn in your quest and pick up "A Benevolent God." Break a rock to the north.
Then carry it and place it on a structure. Speak with the earth god.

Return to Jomri an then turn in your quest to Orpun. Then head into Crop Storage to turn in your quest
and update "A Pig in a Poke" twice and "Sorry to Bug You."
Pick up "Race Against Swine" and then speak with Juwang to update it. Kill a pig fast and pick it up.
Speak with Juwang again to update the quest before time runs out. Then turn in your quest.

Head south and kill 5 Gnarloxes, looting their kidneys.

Also kill 7 Nettlebugs.

Speak with (drug) the Talus Convoy Soldier to receive a map. Open it in your inventory to update the
Return to Crop Storage to update the story quest and turn in the others. Pick up "A Brother's Obligation"
and "We've Got a Little Convoy." Then make your way north to the old prison tunnel.

Fight your way west to the Convoy Captain. Jin Dalrae will join you to fight him.

Head up the ramp and attack the Disloyal Sentry. Then speak with him to update your quest.
Continue north to rescue Colonel Yonkai... I mean, the Guildmaster. Untie him and then speak with him.

Escort him to the top. There'll be a bit of RP, and then you speak to him again. Open the prison door and
speak with Laofu.
Stand near him and in your text bar (hit enter), type /bow. He'll then die and Iksanun will appear. Speak
with him to update the quest, and then head south to the Hamlet.

Originally, the guildmaster was negotiating with the pig when the Talus captured them. He acted like the
pig had captured him, leading to him getting a lighter treatment. However, the pig refused to tell
anything about the meeting, leading to painful torture. That's why he is called a better man than the
Turn in your quests and pick up "Free Cooking Class" in the northeast corner of town. Update it, and
then run to the eggs behind the pigs. Press "f" to gather them, and then wait for them to respawn. You'll
finish with plenty of time to return and turn in the quest.

Pick up "No Such Thing as a Free Cooking Lesson." Kill 7 pigs and loot them.
Return to the chefs and use the fire.

Speak with Jangnum to start the service. Use 3 tables to serve food.
Turn in your quests and head south to pick up "Stuck in the Mud" and "Bottom of a Bottle." Just like the
eggs, go to the bowl and gather it, waiting on a respawn. Do this 3 times.

On the other side of the big house, speak with Saikul to update "Bottom of a Bottle." Then return to Old
Man Oh to turn in your quest.

Head west out of town and kill 10 Pig Handlers.

Head south to the fishing lodge to turn in "Stuck in the Mud" and pick up "Faction Action." Head into the
house with the swirly gate and kill the Strange Talus Soldier (after some RP). Then speak with Ilsim and

Head north and pick up "I've Got Soul." Then continue north and kill 7 pirates to loot their duty roster

Return to the Fishing Lodge to turn in "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" and pick up "Blackram Begone."
Mini Instance #5 - Augerite Cavern
Press F8 to find a party for Augerite Canyon and head into it. You need 3 people at least. Easy instance.
Kill the first boss (some people just train straight to him).

Gather his soulstone and then use the dragon pulse. Fly up to the next level and move on to the last
boss. Again - easy kill. He summons two adds that you could honestly just ignore.
Turn in your green quest via your quest log to obtain the earring we want. Don't worry about breaking
through - money is best spent towards your weapon. Leave party to leave the instance and turn in your
quest. Then escape from the lobby and go back to the real world.

We are now heading into the Pirate headquarters. Remember that Blackram uniform we got way back in
Viridian Coast? Now is where you use it. Put it on to run through the swirly gate and no mobs will attack

Take it off inside to kill 5 Landing Soldiers, 5 Convoy Soldiers, and 5 Scouts.
Continue north to get to Bumbak. Speak with him to update the quest, and he'll attack with more mobs.
Kill them all, and speak with him again to update your quest.

Put on the pirate uniform again and go to the building to the north to turn in "Blackram Begone."
Head to the Blackram Trove and head up the steps. Then double back.

Head across the bridge and into the swirly gate to speak with Han Yunsu to update your quest.
Head back outside. Gather the sack in the tent to the north.

Remove your uniform and kill 5 blackram patrols, looting their medicine.
Then put your uniform on and head east. Find the captain, remove your uniform, and kill him, looting his

Put your uniform back on and return to Han Yunsu. Speak with Gwon and then Junsu. Return to
Wayfarer's Warf to get to a cutscene. When it's done, kill the mobs attacking Junghado.
Speak with him, and then escort him to the end of the warf. You honestly don't need to do anything -
he's level 45 and can clear them no problem.

Turn in "Professional Courtesy" to Junghado.

Remove your uniform and put on your faction uniform. Head north and then towards shipwreck
shallows. Turn in "Faction Action" to your respective faction.
You probably don't have enough faction contribution points to get dailies, and they don't give a huge
amount of XP compared to the time it would take to get to them, so we will ignore them for now. At end
game, you will definitely want to get your rank up so that you can gather soulstones for money and

Continue south past all the mobs to get to an island. Once on the island, change back into a normal
outfit and head through the swirly gate to go to our next zone.
Levels 41-42 - Sapphire Basin
Level 41
After heading up the ramp into the sapphire basin, we'll get to a brown bear. Kill it to loot a half-
digested diary. Use it in your inventory to pick up "Where the Plog Grass Grows."

Head south and then up the hill on your right to get to Angler's Watch. Pick up "Yutay Soiree."
Head out and you'll find a lake with birds. On the south side, use the grass to summon a ploggle. Speak
with it to update the quest.

Head into the lake and kill Scalebeaks until one of them drops Yuwa's bundle. Turn in the quest.
Around the lake you'll find sets of three Yutay around boxes. Kill them and break open the box to gather
7 loot charms.

Occasionally, it'll spawn an Enforcer. Kill 3 of them.

Head west to the Dreadtide Arena. Don't pick up the quest on the outside - just go inside the swirly gate.

Follow the path leading to the bottom left. A quest item drops, but you shouldn't pick it up. At the end,
kill Gabiak the Thief and loot its letter.

Return to Angler's Watch to turn in your quest and update your store. Then head south to a little inlet to
enter the Fish Stock (ha ha, funny name...)
Speak with Ro, and then run in some more. You'll get to a cutscene. Continue in to kill the two guards
and speak with the dying woman.

Return outside to pick up "The Problem with Ploggles." The head east to the pond. Kill fishers below a
platform, and then head to the top of it to gather fish. Do this 3 times.
Continue east to Fishbelly pub (look for wooden planks). Head to the northwest corner to turn in your
quests, including "The Commander's Shadow."

Pick up "The Halfmoon Merrymaker." Head into the pub and pick up "Extracurricular Festivities." Then
move next to the drunken man and type "/applause" in your text.
Continue to Ko and type /tease.

Be on the lookout for pickpockets. You just need to hit them, and they'll go away. They'll drop a quest
item. Pick it up and turn it in to Hyeja.
Head west to get to Wi, and type /bravo.

Then speak with Jungnam. He'll start to fight you. Check his color. If it's grey, then you need to reset him
as he bugged. If it's red, kill him and he'll stop fighting. Speak with Yiju to update the quest.
Return to the pub and grab an axe.

Head east and break a pot. Do this 3 times. Then speak with Himishu to update the quest.
Turn in "Extracurricular Festivities" and then head southwest. Speak with Ku Lia who's walking around to
update your story quest.

Then speak with Gonji who'll give you a hammer. Head into the fenced area and bop 10 Bulbaris by left
clicking. If you miss, you'll need to get another hammer from Gonji eventually. Make sure you don't start
this unless you're the only person here.
Speak with Yunji to update the quest. In the air, shoot down 2 festival gourds. They take 4 shots each.

Turn in your quest to reach level 42.

Level 42
Head northeast and glide all the way down to the bottom of the basin. Kill boozehounds until one drops
liquor that you can pick up.
Then head north and deliver it to old man Ik. Pick up "Life of Plog" and "Fished from Clouds."

Head into the pond and kill shimmering raptors until you have 7 regal meats and 7 regular meats. There
are 4 regal raptors that are guaranteed to drop regal meat, and plenty of shimmerings who drop regular
meat at 50% chance. If you need regals, they like to be in corners.
At the back side, kill 7 rock crabs and loot their meat.

Return to the north and use the fishing rod.

A mob will appear. Kill it, loot it, and then turn in the quest.

Use the dragon pulse in the west to jump up to Fishbelly pub to turn in your quest. Then head southwest
to get to the Croak King Court's Vicinity.
Update your quest and pick up "Inplognito," "Behind Enemy Plogs," and "Rebels without a Plog."

Head north and kill a rebel lieutenant. This will cross off "Defeat Qingwa." This is a bug - we still need to
defeat Qingwa.

Look for pigs around the lake. Kill them and use 3 charms on the poles they guard.
Then look for prison guards. Kill 3 of them to free the ploggles. Wait for the ploggles to finish running, in
case Qingwa spawns. He's a delayed spawn.

If he does, just smash him.

If you haven't gotten 12 mobs, just keep killing until you have. Then head to the outside of Croak King's
court to turn in your quests and update the story quest. Ignore the daily.

Head through the swirly gate and speak with Guixong hiding on a rock to update the quest.

To the east you'll find 3 trainers. Kill them to free the thrasher.
He'll go to attack Tad. Kill Tad and loot his orb.

Repeat the process to the south with Firebeli. Then open the cage holding Feichi.
Speak with Feichi and then use /bow to gain his life force (and a free heal!) Then head outside and move
south to the Ploggle War Pad. Turn in "Plogging Along."

Pick up "Full Metal Ploggle" and "When you wish upon a Plog."

Head east along the south cliff to find the first dragon orb between two trees.
Continue north to get to our first scout captain and scout. They are primarily in pairs. I'd suggest getting
the captain first since he can poison. Kill 7 captains and look 9 scouts. The scouts have a couple
individuals to the north.

We'll get to a turtle lake. Gather the Koki Dragon Orb and then kill the Mama Turtle.
Continue north to kill a thrasher and gather the third.

Return to camp to turn in your quests and pick up "Aiding Private Ryowa."

Head north and kill 10 Tarn Thrashers. They have a chance to spawn a dog. These are free 1000 XP and a
lucky jewel (use to update any non-max accessories). Kill them until you have at least 2 of the 3 dogs.
Then head through the swirly gate to get to the east side of the zone. This gate is a bit hard to find, so
use your minimap.

Speak with the Koki Envoy Corpse and read its letter.
Then head east to the Plogstead. Turn in your quests and pick up "Clash at Blood Peak" and "Too Good
to be Plog." The other quests are a boss quest (who isn't always done), and a quest with far too low of a
drop rate to be useful.

Head south to kill and loot 7 turtles. This isn't a 100% drop.
Return to camp to turn in your quest.

Make your way west to kill 3 Firebrand leaders. Gather their notes.
Then to the south, you'll find the ramp leading up. Kill the ritualist in the way.

There are 3 platforms. Head to the middle one. If the sharptooth is alone, kill it as fast as possible, and
then attack any ritualists that spawn. If there are ritualists up, kill them first. They summon adds - focus
the ritualists first.
Kill any more ritualists you need, and then return to the Plogstead. Turn in your quest and update your
story quest. Pick up "Grounds for Termination."

Head southwest to the proving grounds. Kill 10 elite warriors outside the swirly gate.

You'll find shamans around a poll. Kill them and then use the poll. Repeat this 3 times.
Head into the swirly gate and speak with Clapjaw. He'll summon a mob to kill.

Do this for 3 mobs, talking to clapjaw between. With the last one, speak with it instead, and then yoma
to the plogstead. Turn in your quests and pick up "So Long and Thanks for all the Fish Monsters." Then
head west to spike tooth.
He'll give you a gun. Use the fire in the middle to bait the thrashers to come.

When they charge, just focus on hitting them. The snapjaws will do the rest. Some will knock you down -
pick up your gun after. Around 1/2 way through, use the fire again to spawn more.
Speak with Spike Tooth to turn in your quest. Then head east to get to Snapjaw Passage and begin the
Highlands Necropolis zone.
Levels 42-43 - Highlands Necropolis
Level 42
When you enter into the Snapjaw Passage, speak with Ju Liwa to pick up "A Plog by any other Name."
Then head southeast and kill 7 stonebiters.

Follow the path up to get to Roe Mio. Speak with him and he'll summon two adds. Kill the adds and then
turn in the quest at Roe Mio.
Continue up and through the swirly gate. Attack the two bloodscale defenders. They'll become NPCs.
Then speak with Hammerjaw.

Follow him east and kill Captain Chan.

Speak with Hammerjaw again, and then head northeast out of the passage. Continue east through
another swirly gate to get to the zone. Then head south to the snapjaw camp. Speak with Ashjaw and
Redjaw to update your quest.

Pick up "A Young Sapling," and "Tears in the Rain." Update "A Young Sapling" twice, and then pick up "A
Stab in the Dark." Head east and throw your spear (left click) at stratus undead. Use them to get the
spear back. Do this 5 times.
As you're waiting for respawns, head up the hill to gather a staff. Adds will spawn - just run away and let
them reset.

At the lower level, use 3 holes to plant saplings.

When you have all 5 spears thrown, press "4" to drop the spear and then start killing Jiangshi. Haunted
Jiangshi are much easier to kill. We'll need to kill 10 as we head south. We also need to kill 10 stratus
soldiers outright.

One of the undead will drop Doyung's orders. Read it to pick up "Final Orders." Then, to the south,
gather a corpse.
You'll see some stratus attacking a house. Head inside to pick up "The Origin of the Dokkaebi."

Return to the Snapjaw camp to turn in your quests. Then head east and start killing Dokkaebi. It'll either
turn into a book (which you need 3 of), or garbage. Kill them until you have all 3.
You'll find a house with a swirly gate. Head inside and speak with the scroll hanging on the wall to pick
up "Well, Well, Well."

Outside, grab a stone and throw it at the well. Then speak with Kupai.
Now we're going to kill the dokkaebi. Kill 10 totems and 10 Dokkaebi.

Return to Kupai to update the quest, and then into the house again to speak with the scroll. Kill the
Dokkaebi that spawns.
Head out and go to the Soul Ward. Walk towards Redjaw for a bit of RP and to update the quest.

Turn in your quests and update "The Origin of the Dokkaebi." Read the item in your inventory to update
your quest. Then turn in the quest to reach level 43.

Level 43
Pick up and update "The Terror in the Orchard," and pick up "I've got Soul, but I'm not a Warden." Head
south to a wagon. Kill the mobs that spawn, and then investigate the wagon.
Return to the Soul Ward to turn in the quest. Pick up "Moments Lost in Time" and update it by reading
the item in your quest log. Then speak with Takgun to update the quest again. Then head north to Park
to pick up "Cry Me a River."

Kill a Scissor Dokkaebi to the north and gather the scissors it drops. Return to Park to update it. Then
stand next to the dead Dokkaebi and type "/cry." Speak with Park again to turn in the quest.
Yoma to the Snapjaw camp to turn in "The Highland Necropolis" and update your quests. Pick up
"Jiangshi Riot" and "A Fallen Tree." Then head out and make your way north. Kill 8 Jiangshi along the
way and turn in the quest via your quest log.

Speak with Gudoshin on the bridge to turn in "Moments Lost in Time."

Continue north to Bloodscale post. Update your quests and pick up "Pest Control" and "Any Job worth
doing is worth doing well." Ignore the Dokumo quest.

Make your way east and start killing spiders in your way. Don't grind them - there are plenty to run
Gather a torch by the fire.

Use the torch on the eggs to set them ablaze. A broodmother will appear. Kill it and move to another set
of eggs. We need 4 mothers to kill.
To the north we'll find the corrupted mother spider's corpse. Use it to summon 3 spiderlings that die in
1-2 hits. Head to the other side of the house and repeat this with the other mother. Do this until we
have 15 dead spiderlings.

Head into the house near the torches to speak with Nakrang and update your quest.
Then return outside. We're now looking for tied up mummies. Use it, and either a corrupted earthseer
will appear and attack you, or a soul warden will appear and update the quest. Use mummies until the
quest is updated twice.

Once this is done, start grinding. Kill as many spiders as you need to get to 15, and then look for dust
clouds - signs of scorpions. Kill 7 of them.
Return to Bloodscale Post and walk near Nakrang's body to update the quest, and then speak with
Horang. Turn in all your quests and pick up "Honoring the Dead," "Waste Not, Want Not," and "A
Dishonorable Demise." Speak with Horang to update "Honoring the Dead."

Head east and throw your pole at a shaman.

Continue east to find a bomb crate. Don't kill snapjaws in the way - just get a bomb. Throw it at them,
and it'll either update your quest and do 40% damage, or not. Kill the snapjaws regardless.
Repeat this until the bomb worked 5 times and you killed 15 snapjaws.

Head up to the hill above the house to pick up "Time to Die" from Gudoshin.
Head east towards fallen refuge. Speak to Gudoshin to update the quest, and then head inside. Speak
with Hammerjaw to start an escort. But we're not worried about him. Instead, head to the east room.

Update "A Time to Die" and use the Grain Chest to get a tag. A mob will spawn to kill. Speak with
Gudoshin to turn in the quest.
Return to Hammerjaw and fight with him to the north. Speak with Lee Sunghui.

Head into the next room to kill Risen Doyung, and wait for some RP to play out.
Speak with Doyung, and then kill Captain Chan again.

Speak with Doyung and then Ashjaw to be teleported into a memory. Speak with Captain Chan to turn in
"Strange Aeons." Then head back east to the fallen refuge, and head into the middle room. Speak with
Doyung to update the quest, and wait for a lot of RP. When it's done, kill an Infected Citizen.
Speak with Doyung and then head out of the instance. Head all the way west to the highland gate.

Speak with Doyung to turn in "Sins of the Past." Then head outside and go to the southeast. Kill 7 stratus
When you're done, head north along the east side of the zone to get to the Royal Treasury.

Speak with Doyung and fight with him a bit. Then speak with Hammerjaw and Doyung again. Then
follow the instance path to Sogun. Update your quest, and then kill him.
Speak with Solaan, and then return to Hammerjaw to turn in "What the Soldier Saw." Then head out of
the instance and back to the east gate. Note - the river is a little buggy to waterwalk on, so you might
want to rely on gliding.

Speak with Ashjaw to update the quest, and then just stand around and wait.
Speak with Ashjaw to summon the four guardians. Speak with Master Hong to update the quest and
return to the present (after a cutscene showing Jinsoyun's past).

Turn in your quests in the present, including "Rise of the Four Guardians." Pick up "If you can hold on,
hold on," and then yoma to the soul ward.

Turn in your quests, update the story quest, and pick up "Memories of a Mysterious Handmaiden." Head
back to the Pilfered Treasure, and inside, kill Paper Dokkaebi along the route.
You'll get to a wall. Hit it and use the box inside to update your quest.

The fifth paper Dokkaebi will drop a book. Use it and read the item in your inventory. Yoma back to the
soul ward to turn in your quest and update your story quest. Pick up "Into the Orchard of Souls."

Head back to the central bridge and go through the swirly gate. Take the Dragon Pulse.
Speak with Iksanun, let him and Yura RP a bit (he'll take care of the adds), and then attack Yura.

Speak with Iksanun to update your quest. Then speak with Ashjaw. Type "/bow" to receive his life force,
and then to Redjaw to turn in "What Have we Learned."

In the original, Ashjaw is generous, but Redjaw gives you no life force because he's a jerk. Here they give
half each.
Yoma back to the soul ward and head southeast to the Orchard of Souls. Kill 15 Tyrian Cultists on the

We'll get to Spirit's Rest. Turn in your quest and pick up "For the Fallen" and "The Meandering Dead."
Head south and kill 10 skeleton soldiers.

Then continue east and kill 6 Jiangshi.

By the profane jiangshi, you'll find the elders. Burst them down and loot their orders. Read the orders,
and the yoma back to Spirit's Rest.

Turn in your quests and pick up "A Recurring Nightmare" and "Laid to Rest."

Head north to get to the Hulking Ghost. This guy is easy once you learn his rotation. If he pulls you, it
means get out. If you jumps, again, get out. It's easier with multiple people, but you can solo him. You
need his box for the necklace (breakthrough for later).
The other quest with the Profane Jiangshi you need to decide based off if anyone is doing it in any
channel. If people are, join them and spin the wheel until you get the weapon that matches your class.
Otherwise, you'll have to purchase essences off the marketplace and pray you get your weapon. You
also should replace your soul shield with the profane soul shield.

Turn in your quests and Yoma to Bloodscale Post. Run north through a swirly gate and continue north
until you get to Ugum.
Wait for his RP, and then speak with him. Then speak with Doyuhan who runs in. Continue north
through the swirly gate.

Speak with Nadonak to pick up "Merry Monkey Drink." Head down and kill 20 monkeys, looting them.

Turn in the quest and then run into the Hall of Ogong.
Fight your way to Iksanun and speak with him. Then speak with Ogong. You'll have to fight him. You
literally hit him 2 times and he stops and calls it the best fight he's had in years.

Speak with Ogong again and type "/bow." Then speak with Iksanun to turn in your quest and reach level

Note - If you are more than 30,000 experience away from level 44, please go to Misty Woods and grind
skeletons until you are level 44 (The location will be mentioned in the Misty Woods Guide a few pages
down). If you are between 30,000 and 5,000 experience away from level 44, please go to Misty Woods
and follow this guide for Misty Woods a few pages done. If you are 5,000 experience or less away from
level 44, please continue using this guide in order.
Level 44 - Blackram Shipyard
Level 44
Instance #3 - East Fleet Supply Chain
At this point, there are two ways to level up. The fast way, where you end up poor and underequipped
for Silverfrost, or the efficient way which takes a little bit longer and gives us at least a 15% boost in
power. We'll choose the latter.

Read the letter from "Invitation from Poharan." Then teleport to the Fishing Lodge in Hogshead
Pastures. Put on your pirate outfit and run to Wayfarer's Warf, where we fought Bombak Before. Swim
across the stream.

Turn in invitation from Poharan and a man with a lot of dailies will spawn. Pick them all up - "It's the
Little Things that Kill," "Broadside the Blackram," "Allies of the Blackram Marauders," "Brethren of the
Coast," "Capsize the Captains," and "The Chain of Command."

Then head through the swirly gate to his left to enter East Fleet Supply Chain. This instance is a 24-man
instance, meaning that it is continually active. It is essentially an open world area with multiple channels.
There are 3 main bosses - Mak Sobo, Slashimi, and Tae Jungham. When they have died, in any
combination, 9 times, Poharan will spawn.

This instance is very hard at our level, but it is still worth it. Be sure you have lots of health potions and
repair tools and be ready to dedicated 45-60 minutes to it.

One of the trickiest parts of the instance is navigation. There are all sorts of dragon pulses. They are
outlined below. Yellows are the yellow dragon pulse paths, reds are the red paths, and blue are
convenient glides you can do.

Some people like to rush bosses. If you are in a group and they do that, follow them. Otherwise, head
north. On each side are "Mak"s. Kill one of the bottom two, and one of the top two. They all are equal
difficulty, I find, so look to see what adds they have. Gunners are a bit annoying.
In the middle is a mob called Mak Dagul. He's the same as the others, but with lighter adds. However,
there is only one of him, so if you see multiple people waiting, try to group them.

While doing this, Mak Sobo will probably spawn. Make sure to watch the ground, as his red circles
create very painful AoEs. Loot him for his treasure and token.
Continue north and start killing pirates. We're not going to grind any more than necessary to reach the

The Sentinel Captain is in the north. This guy is a joke. Just burst him down, relying a bit more of defense
than offense. And make sure you take care of the other mobs first.
Follow that blue path I laid out of the map to head towards the mess hall. In it, we're going to be looking
for Pa Toi to spawn. He spawns on the left side, and is by far the easiest mini-boss to deal with of the 3
options. Just avoid his poison.

You may want to continue south if the Chef isn't up yet, but if she is, wait for people to arrive and kill
her. She's an assassin with very annoying poison bursts to look out for (cone = get out). In intervals,
she'll set a time bomb. Wait for the bar to tick down to the green on the bottom and press "space" to
dodge it. Then loot her token.
Make your way south and take the dragon pulse.

Head inside the room and start killing snapjaws. We want to head immediately downwards.
Here is Maotai - our next mini-boss. He's not hard, but when he shouts about how he is so full of venom,
get away from him lest you be poisoned.

Take the dragon pulse to head to the south area.

Continue past Slashimi's camp (unless it's up, of course), to get to the pirates. Ignore the first mini boss
you see and fight your way away from the camp.

Here we find the Guard Captain. He's an assassin, but very squishy and most importantly - alone. No
mechanics to really worry about.
When he's dead, jump/glide to the cliff on the other side to reach Slashimi's camp.

Head north and kill the snapjaws there until you have 30, or Slashimi spawns. When Slashimi spawns,
we'll wait for people and attack.
Slashimi will at times go underground. He will them fire missiles, which can be dodged if you're quick
enough. But it won't kill you if you're full heath. Once that is done and you see "The ground is getting
hotter," kill an ice crab to freeze and avoid the mechanic.

He'll pop out after. Use a block/evade skill if he changes after you to knock him down.

When he's down, kill any more snapjaws you need, and then take the yellow portal to return to the
start. Kill pirates on the way to the mess hall to get to 50.
When Poharan is announced as spawning, immediately head to her. She's a gunner who likes to shoot
people and put them in the air. In 24-man, her damage is definitely reduced. However, we can't ignore
her mechanics. First, she'll jump into the middle and say something about you being good or weak. This
means to run to the wall, as she will do an outwards lava AoE that'll hit all but the wall.

After about 50%, you'll see that the steam vent has reached maximum pressure. Run to a vent and stand
on it. If you see a red circle before she ices the room, get to a different vent or you'll probably die.
Once Poharan is dead and you loot her, you can resume whatever you were doing, or return to the
entrance if you're done with the instance.

Outside, turn in all your quests, and you should probably wind up at about 50% of the way to level 45.
You should also have a ton of gold right now. My estimates say about 7-8 gold. If you have enough, buy
a moonwater transformation stone off the marketplace and evolve your weapon to an awakened
profane weapon. Use one element of Hongmoon to get it somewhere between level 4 and the
breakthrough level. Do not worry about continuing to upgrade this - we will be getting more money and
elements shortly.

Instance #4 - Nightshade Harbor

Head south to Turncoat Shuisho (after making sure your inventory is all cleaned up and you have
consumables and all that good jazz). Speak with him to pick up and turn in "Unsafe Harbor." This will
consume the Naryu Silver you got as a quest reward in East Fleet, but gain you access to Nightshade
Harbor. From now on, when you want to enter Nightshade, you need to speak with him and give him a
Naryu COIN (Not Silver) and you can get back in.
Unlike in East Fleet, if you are still running solo, we are not going to worry about bosses (they require
wallwalk to effectively do). If you are running with a group, you should and pick up all quests. Pick up
"Bashing Buccaneers," "Dead Reckoning," "Blackram Battle Royale," "A Shadey Alliance," and "Poaching
the Poachers." You should also pick up "The Man Behind the Mystery" just in case the mysterious man
spawns. If he does, run to the nearest red dragon pulse and fly to him, but if he doesn't, no big deal.

Head north and kill 30 revived pirates. If they drop a gun, that's a free 2-shot of any other pirate.
When you're done, head across the northern bridge to get to the Yutays. Kill them to get to the edge of
the cliff.

Here we have the Defense Captain. He's a normal shield boss, but when he says "I will not be defeated",
that means look on the ground. If you see fire, move out of it or suffer major damage.
Fight your way south, killing 20 Yutays. Then take the Dragon Pulse to get to the top level.

Start following the path north. Avoid the Guard Captain's Aggro line, as he hurts and won't count for
Once we get to the gate, kill Poachers as we head north. Avoid pulling both a Hoglin and a Koki poacher
at the same time, thought, as the ranged/melee poison combo makes this a really hard fight.

In the north, kill Mogdom. He will at times glow blue. This means he is creating an ice AoE which will
really hurt if you're in it. If you see the ice forming (as below), get out of it.
Head back south and kill Poachers until you have 20 of them. Then jump and sprint off edge and glide to
the starting point.

Take the dragon pulse right at the start to teleport to the pirates.
Fight your way north around the curve. If you see a wolf mob, kill that first as it summons adds which
will not count to your 40 kills.

When you bend the curve, we'll get to Irontooth. Same as the bear, but it can drop poison pools instead.
Don't be in them. He has no real warning when he does this.
At the end of the second curve is Captain Sahun. She hits hard, so you want to either kite her if you're
ranged, or use your counters if you're melee. If she says "What, an intruder," she'll do the same fire AoE
that the defense captain did.

Head back south and continue killing pirates until you have 40 of them. Then head south towards the
Thrasher Breeding Chamber and take the dragon pulse right above it.
When you land, kill Lovecrazy Nan Juri. Same as the last boss, she does the fire AoE.

Take the dragon pulse back to the Thrasher chamber, and run north. Take that dragon pulse to return to
the start. Turn in your quests to reach level 45. At this point, you should definitely be able to evolve and
enchant your weapon to at least +6. Make sure you have at least 50 silver left over for Misty Woods.
Level 45 - Misty Woods
Level 45
Yoma to Greenhollow, and then head to the second floor. Speak with Olgani to pick up "Finding a Peer."

Head south to the pub, and then return to Olgani.

Update the quest and speak with Siri to turn it in.

In the original, Olgani didn't find a peer. The girl he was talking to was the Lycandi you stole clothes
from. The Lycandi have a tradition that if you steal their clothes, they have to marry you. He gets her
pregnant, but doesn't like her because she's "muscular." He the blames you for all his problems.

Head into Iksanun's house through the swirly gate and speak with Yunma Fei to update the story quest.
Speak with Iksanun, and he'll create a Dragon Pulse. Take it to head to Misty Woods.

Head towards Yunma Fei and clear the mobs. Then speak with her.
Head east with Junghado to get to Doyuhan.

Return west to Junghado who is fighting Ugum. We will kill him 4 times this zone - this being the first.
Speak with Yunma Fei and run south with her. You don't have to worry about the mobs until they NPCs
start attacking. Continue until you get to the captured agents. After they explode, kill the adds.

Turn in "The Sky's Burden." Then you can either run north through the swirly gate to get to the
watchtowers, or Yoma there. To Yoma, open your map, zoom out, and zoom back in.
Glide to the watchtower across the way. Update "Promises" and pick up "Riled Hunt" and "Breakfast for
Champions." These are the only blue quests we will do in this zone, as the other quests are annoying
and don't do much XP wise.

South of the watchtowers you'll find Huren. She's an archer, and you're best killing her tiger first. You
should also wait for someone else to come around. Her loot box will give you the ring to breakthrough
(which will come soon, I promise!)
Head northwest and kill Skyhaven Traitors until one drops encoded orders. This can be anywhere from 1
to 20 traitors to get it. Read the orders to update the quest.

Head west to gather eggs. Each one will be guarded by a hatchling, and attacking it summons the
mother. Gather 3 eggs.
Return to the watchtowers (using the dragon pulse gets you on top easier) to turn in your quests and
update "Promises." Use the small element of luck to continue to enhance your profane weapon.

Make your way to the southeast to get to the Forsaken Crash Site. Speak with Doyuhan and Hojao to
update the quest.
Head south to gather the Stratus Soldier's remains. Gather 4 of them.

Then head north and kill 10 outpost guards. The ones closest to the camp will not count.
Return to camp to update "Promises" and turn it in.

If you skipped the 24-mans because of your level, check your XP bar. If you are at least 20,000
experience away from level 44, head back south. Kill Skeletons until you are 20,000 experience away.
You can gather a bunch of them up just like in Jackal's/Vulture's and use XP charms to make it faster.
When you are 20,000 away (or less), continue on with the Misty Woods guide.
Head north to the Skyhaven Stockade and head inside the swirly gate.

Follow the path and open the last door on the left. Then speak with Wunsok.
Use a weapon rack to get a gun.

Then shoot it at a bomb.

Kill the mobs that attack, and then speak with Wunsok again. Then burn the two documents.

Continue northwest and wait for some RP to occur. When your friends attack, kill Damung.
Speak with Wunsok and head south to the big room. Clear the mobs and wait for Doyuhan to arrive.
Speak with him to turn in "A Knife in the Dark."

Yoma to the Watchtowers to update "A Road to All Things." Read the letter in your quest log to pick up
"Climbing to Greater Heights." Then head southeast to your faction base (wear your faction uniform)
and speak with the merchant to purchase an "Evil Ox Horn" for 50 silver.
Head back just east of the watchtowers to get in Bunyang's vicinity.

Head up the tree and glide over to Old Man Cho to turn in your quest and learn how to wallwalk. In
other words - walk up walls.
Head north and kill 15 Talus army members. The Skyhaven mobs will help, but not enough to just do one
hit and run away. Avoid the automaton in the middle - it doesn't count.

Then speak with Junghado in Skyhaven Perch.

Head northeast to get to Brightstone Ruins. Head through the swirly gate and speak with Iksanun.

Follow with him to get to the first room. Kill the defenders, and then a portal will open. Kill Ugum for the
2nd time here.
Speak with Yunma Fei and yoma back to Skyhaven Perch. Then head west and kill 10 talus mercenaries.
Sometimes, a deputy will appear with an extra mob. Just treat these as normal mobs.

Continue west (past the boss), and break open a box.

It'll drop a hammer. Use it to destroy the stake (left clicks).

Yoma to Skyhaven Perch to turn in "A Road to All Things."

Return west to the Beastmaster's Camp and head into the house in the far northwest corner to get to a
cutscene and arrive at the Talus Garrison.
Speak with Kangbok outside your cell. Then head south and kill the mobs attacking Hammerjaw. Speak
with him to update the story quest.

Make your way east to clear the mobs attacking Salkhi the Swift and speak with her as well.
Make your way all the way east and kill Yongwan.

When he's gone, Ugum will appear. Kill him a 3rd time.
Make your way north to find Doyuhan speak with Ugum. Kill Ugum for the 4th and final time.

Then head East to the Soulstone Mine. Hojao will run out with reinforcements. Kill Doyuhan and then
speak with Hojao.
Head back west to Mayor Taywo. Kill Yongchul and his men, and then speak with Taywo to turn in
"What is Rightfully Theirs."

Continue north through the swirly gate to reach the Skygate. Kill the mobs attacking Junghado and
speak with him.
Run to the altar to get to a cutscene. You'll find Yura as the Scorpion Queen. She's not hard to kill, but
you need to watch to see when she saws something. When she does, get off the altar since she'll do a
massive spin move that does a lot of damage.

You'll get to another cutscene, and Jinsoyun will appear. You have no choice here - attack her and get
oneshot immediately, going to another cutscene.
When it ends, you'll be dead. Press "4" to resurrect, and then speak with Mushin.

You'll need to follow him to the altar with massive RP. This takes a while, so you may just want to walk
with him (/ on the numpad), or just run to the altar and do something else while he approaches.

Then speak with him to update your quest. Type "/bow" to be teleported out after a cutscene.
Speak with Yura to update "The Dying of the Light."

If you skipped here because of your level, you should be level 44 now. Head to the 24-man part of the
guide and follow it to hit level 45 before returning here.

Yoma to Hogshead Hamlet and speak with Ryujo to purchase the Moonwater Reknowned Valor Soul
Shield with 16 Moonwater Valor Stones we got from dailies.
Read the letter in your quest log for "The Calling of the Naryu Sage." Then speak with Chungsil to update

Open your map to Yoma to Mushin's tower and get ready for the final zone - The Silverfrost Mountains.