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SuccessFactor Academies

SuccessFactor Academies are primarily designed for consultants who are configuring cloud-based customer
HCM applications. There are two ways of accessing SuccessFactor Academies.

1) To attend the virtual classroom (note to Leana could you hyperlink virtual classroom and jump to the
info on the training shop about VLC training -
classroom ) and self-learn sessions which are described with the start dates in the course descriptions

2) To use the Learning Hub to self-teach. As well as containing all the SuccessFactor academy courses,
Learning Hub also contains all of the other SAP Education assets including participant guides, e-learning
and early product training. Learning Rooms are supported by instructors and are available to support
learners through the materials in each of the Academies. This is an excellent and low cost way of
accessing a wealth of learning material.

Course code Course Name

THR80 Introduction to SuccessFactors, Academy

THR81 SuccessFactors Employee Central Academy

THR82 SuccessFactors Performance & Goals Academy
THR83 SuccessFactors Recruiting Management Academy
THR84 SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing Academy
THR85 SuccessFactors Succession Academy
THR86 SuccessFactors Compensation Academy
THR87 SuccessFactors Variable Pay Academy
THR88 SuccessFactors Learning Academy
THR89 Success Factors Workforce Analytics and Planning Academy
THR90 SAP Jam Academy
THR91 SuccessFactors Onboarding Academy

The above courses have been specifically designed for SAP and Partner Consultants only.

Each of the Academy courses includes a Graded Assignment to demonstrate that they have mastered the
content and topics covered.

In addition to the assignments included in each course, there is also now an associate-level certification
exam which can be taken for SAP HCM Cloud Employee Central. For details on this, see the link below:
If you are a Customer, the relevant training is exclusively available in e-learning format in SAP Learning
Hub. The list of e-learning titles are below:

SuccessFactors HCM Suite: Platform Duration

HR800E 41 Setting the Foundations: Introduction 60 min
HR801E 41 Setting the Foundation: Customizing Your Instance 60 min
HR802E 41 Managing Permissions: Role Based Permissions 60 min
HR803E 41 Managing Permissions: Standard Permissions 45 min
HR804E 41 Setting the Foundation: Competencies 30 min

Core HR: Employee Central

HR810E 41 Employee Central Project Team Orientation (PTO) 60 min
HR811E 41 Employee Central Administration 80 min
HR812E 41 Employee Central Payroll for HR Administrators 45 min

Talent Solutions: Performance & Goals

HR820E 41 Performance and Goals Project Team Orientation 65 min
HR821E 41 Goal Management Administration 30 min
HR822E 41 Create and Modify Performance Form Templates v11 60 min
HR823E 41 Create and Modify Performance Form Templates v12 45 min
HR824E 41 Manage Performance Cycle from Launch to Close 45 min
HR825E 41 360 Degree Reviews Administration 45 min
HR826E 41 Calibration Administration 60 min

Talent Solutions: Recruiting and Onboarding

HR830E 41 Recruiting Management Project Team Orientation (PTO) 60 min

HR831E 41 Recruiting Management Administration 90 min
HR832E 41 Recruiting Marketing Administration 60 min
HR833E 42 Onboarding Project Team Orientation (PTO)
HR834E 42 Onboarding Administration
HR835E 43 Recruiting Marketing PTO
Talent Solutions: Succession & Development
HR840E 41 Succession and Development Project Team Orientation (PTO) 45 min
HR841E 41 Succession Administration 45 min
HR842E 41 Development Administration 30 min

Talent Solutions: Compensation
HR850E 41 Compensation Project Team Orientation (PTO) 45 min
HR851E 41 Compensation Administration (Legacy Tools) 80 min
HR852E 41 Compensation Administration 2.0
Talent Solutions: Learning Management System
HR860E 41 Learning Management Project Team Orientation (PTO) 60 min
HR861E 41 Learning Management Administrator Introduction 45 min
HR862E 41 Learning Needs Management 100 min
HR863E 41 Learning: Scheduling Management 60 min
HR864E 41 Learning: Online Exams 30 min
HR865E 41 Learning: Training Evaluation 30 min
HR866E 41 Learning: Online Content Management 45 min
HR867E 41 Learning: Notifications 145 min

HR999 Learning - Tutorials for Users and Supervisors

Social Collaboration: SAP Jam

HR870E 41 SAP Jam Administration 30 min

HR880E 41 Reports Administration (Legacy) 30 min
HR881E 41 Using Dashboards and Reports (Legacy) 30 min
HR882E 41 Dashboards 2.0 45 min
HR883E 41 Introduction to the Ad-Hoc Report Builder (2.0) 45 min
HR884E 41 Using the Online Report Designer 40 min