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A Tnup Sronv
The man who lost his personality
N September 13,1848, a
f^4. lti"si"-"""identoccurredthat PHINEAS CASS'S
\r*o-utA shbck the world of ACSInPmAt LOBCITOlt'fY _
medical science. A 25-year-old railroad
construction foreman in Vermont named

Phineas P. Girge was in charge ofblast-
ing through a mountaineous region for
laying down a new railroad line. HEART NISAA$U I$
The routine was simple: drill a long
hole into the rock, fill it partially full NUMBARONH
Figure I
with explosive powder, then cover the . Heart disease is the biggest killer in the sntirc world.
powder with sand. Atamping iron was worker and husband. He was known as
next used to pound down on the sand, a person with high morals and was de-
. In developcd nltions, thc proportion of tolul dsaths ri*es
cqnsolidating the charge. Finally, a fuse scribed.accordrng to one account as "a to rno(e thnn 50 perrent.
would be lit to detonate the explosion. pious and reverent churchgoer." So ex- r
It likdy ovcrtake
On that fateful'day, everything was go- cellent'was Phinead character that work infectlous disersot as
ing as planned. The long hollow hole records lauded him as 'tlrc most effi- thc main cause of
had been drilled, the explosive powder cient aird capable foreman" employed death in many
was put in the hole, but someone forgot developing nations.
by the Rutland and Burlington Railroad.
to put in the sand. Phineas began tamp' After the accident Phineas experi- . Woildwide, heart attacks nnd strokes account for !5
ing directing over the powder. A spark enced a tenible moral decline. He be- perc$nt of deaths.
flew and ignitedthe powder and apow- came very emotional about things and'
Figure 2
erful explosion and blast came forth would get angry quickly. He lost inter- .
ftom the hole. est in church and spiritual ttrings. He be-
The l3-pound tamping iron, about came irreverent, andprone to excessive
I inch thick and 3 feet long, was hurled
directly at him. With the force of amis-
profanity. He lost all respect for social
customs and became totally irrespon-
*If prcrcnt trendr conthuo-
sile, fhe iron went under his left cheek- sible. He went from a prized employee . 500 million people worldwide will die
bone, behind his left eye, through his to the unemployment rolls. His company from smoking.
brain, and then out again. dismissed hirn when he could n<i longer . This translates to approximately l0% of the
Amazingly, the traumatic accident responsibly perform his duties. entire world popul*tion and roughly double
did not kill Phineas. In fact, he lived Phineas' traumatic accident cost the entire U.$. population.
for another 13 years and had regained him his personality, his moral standards,
nearly all of his physical strength. He and his commitment to family, church,
' Ilalf of these deaths, or 250 mlllion,
will occur in the developed
seemed just as mentally intelligent, he and loved ones. Researchers have con-
could speak and physically work just cluded that he had lost an important area
as well, and his rnemory was just as
. Thut, smoking will account for
on the front part of his brain, called the
sharp. However, this accident did cost frontal' lobe. It is the part of our brain 20% ofall deaths ln these nstlons.
him something. that is responsible for moral reasoning
Before the accident Phineas was a and social behavior.
Figure j
well-loved, responsible, and intelligent ,
(Cont. onpage 8)
Frequenry af eekg Colon cancerrish
heef, pork, or lamh percerrt incressc
thln once per month
I"esr 0
0nce per montl to otrcs per 39
I EADING cancer specialist, Sir Fruits and Vegetables and
Ttvo to four tlmer perte*k fl, I Richard Doll, estimates that diet Antioxidant Nutrients
'A vegetarian diet does not contain
Flve to rk fimu per weeh s4 -LJ is responsible for about 30-70%
Ddlyormore 149 of all forms of cancers. According to the the nifrates and nitrites found in many
World Cancer Research Fund, the fig- meats that have been linked to cancer of
ure is between 35-600/o. the mouth, esophagus, and stomach. In-
According to the National Cancer stead, vegetables iontain natural sub-
Institute (NCI), people who eat five stances, called antioxidant nutrients, that
Figure 4 protect against cancer. The most impor-
servings of fruits and vegetables a day
are half as likely to develop rnost forms tant antioxidant nutrients are theACE vi-
of cancer ab are those who serve up tamins-vitamins A, C and E, and the
mineral selenium. People who smoke, or
CANCXR-FNOTSCTIVA TRTITT$ fewer than two. As a result, the institute
who are exposedto averypolluted enti
ANI'VEGETABTES has launched a campaign called "5-A-
ronment, require more antioxidant nutri-
Day" to persuade people to eat 5 serv-
Frnts YM_ ings ,of fruits and vegetables each day
ents in their diet.
r blucberrles . krlo, *piuetfi Sources of antioxidant nutrients
. kttucq colhril grccn* to reduce their risk ofcancer.
which combat the free radicals that cause

.grrpct g
'. brurnl cproutr[ crbbryc
. broc*oll, caulllbwer
In 1991 Americans ate 3.8 servings
a day. Today, in 1998, we are up to 4r4
servings per day. However, half of us
cancer, and which are widely found in a
typical vegetarian diet include:
. cltrur fldts . crffoqh@ potrloog Beta-carotene-{ark geen, yellow,
r rprlcoti. r *atBrcrmr mn$*rd greeu still don't eat the suggested three serv- orange, and red vegetables such as car-
girllg odonr, ings ofvegetables, and three-fourth of
. lceks rots, tomatoes, spinach, peppers, water-
' turntp/lwnlp greour us don't get the recommended minimum cress, broccoli, cherries, peaches, water-
. tomabQe
.trfpberd$ r ysmc, wcct pot&to€f of fruit. melons, and'apricots.
.blrckberrier \ . mkcd veg$trblel "On any given day, eighty peicent Vitamin C+ll fresh fruits andveg-
. brdrnrr Ml
w iffi-***
r pumphin

Figure 5
ofus will eai veget4bles every day, but

vegetable choices are dark green oncs

etables, particularly citrus fruits, straw-
french fries and potato chips account for berries, melons, black currants, potatoes,
a quarter ofthat. Only l0 percent ofour green leafu vegetalles, and tomatoes.
Vitamin E--all whole grain cere-
like broccoli and spinach; only 13 per- als including brown rice, oats and'whole
cent are deep yellow, like winter squash, meal bread, wheat germ, soybeans, cold-
or orange, like carrots." Yet these deli- pressed vegetable oils, nuts, parsley,
ffiirulffiI{T$ OrAcANcTe cious and nutritious vegetables are the broccoli, and asparagus.
Selenium-whole grain cereals,
n(YIEISITYE UTESTYLE best ones to reduce our risk ofdisease.
Health, May/June 1998. From the ar- particularly whe4t germ and bran, also
onions, garlic, and mushrooms.
ticle, "Only S-A-Day," p. 80. As would
There are otler rernarkable ingredi-
. Re$llermeahn'itb be expected, studies show that vegetar-
. Proptr dlet ents in fresh fruits and vegetables called
ians are less likely to fall prey to cancer
no smels phytochanicals. "Phyto" comes fiom the
Frrtt$ by at least one third.
Greek word for plant. Thus, phytochemi-
Yegetabler . Regular reroble exercise lnthe American Journal of Clini- cals simply means plant chemicals.
cal Nutrition, it is reported that there is These plant chemicals perform
Cered grains a sigrificant protection from cancers of many functions within the plant itself.
.,sunlight in mdc,rrdon
Nuts the esophagus, laryhx, oral cavity, and Some regulate normal growth and devel-
pancreas in those people with a high di- opment of the plant and guard against in-
. Mnintrin pfopor . Stre*contiol etary C index obtained from eating fruits fection, Some exist,in"the plant to offer
welglt and vegetables high in vitamnC. Ameri- it protection while it soaks up the sun's
cai Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Janu- energy day after day. Others act as natu-
ary l99l1' 53 (1 Supplernent): ral pestipides in the plant to ward offin-
Figure 6 270Sj282S. sects and animal predators. It is amazing

how God designed these chemicals to sene hibitory effect on the growttr of cancer cells.
the dual purpose ofproviding protection to P.trlTOCUElltCAut As one reviews the research being done with
both plant and man. Let us now consider how the soybean, there is hardly a dimension of
these wonderful phytochemicals can help us !!#!.gy*__ Fo* the disease process in which it does not hold
against the onslaught ofcancer. Shlgrln.. .... Brrrrclrrprulru ^ potential to play a preventative role. That is
Supnonpflc.........Broccoli' I tnre for everyttring from diabetes, gall blad-
Broccoli der and kidney stones, PMS and menopausal
The following is a report rnthe Univer- symptoms, high blood pressure, heart disease,
sity of California at Berkeley Wellness Letten
July 1994, Volume 10, Issue 10:
Imllavoletr Erpodu. . . ,Soybam, leguno
Protcrrc llllbllon., . . . .Soybcrq hgpncr
and cancers. The type of fiber and protein
which soybeans contain, added to their rich
array of plant chernicals, make the soybean a
"Broccoli and its relatives are nutritional
powerhouses. They are known as cruciferous
because their flowers are cross-shaped. One
cup ofcooked broccoli supplies halfa day's tomatoes, pcoumaric acii and
f unique and potent contributor to i host of
health benefits."

Endometriat Cancer Reduced
by Soy-Fiber Diet
supply of vitamin A (in the form of acid, are thought to combat cancer by disrupt- "Wllff^l Tlre American Journal of Epideniologt
beta-carotene), twice the requirement of vita- ing the making of nitrosamines, which can reviewed research done on the risk ofendome-
min C (more than a glass of orange juice); 6% workto tum normal cells cancerous. These two trial cancer<ancerofthe lining ofthe uterus.
ofniacin, g% of calcium, 12% ofphosphorus, chemicals are also found in green peppers, It was found that women,who consumed the
10% of ron,20To of daily fiber needs, five pineapples, stawberries, and carrots to name most fiber from ceregls, vegetables, and fruits
grams ofprotein, some potassium, and all for a few. Oni,ons and garlic contain allylic sul- had a2H6o/o reduction in cancer risk com-
only 45 calories. The phytochemicals it con- fide, whichworks on enzymes to detoxifr car- pared to those who ate the least amount of fi-
tains have less than memorable names: in- cinogens. Capsaicin in hotpeppers keeps toxic ber.
doles,.isothiocyanates, and others. One of these molecules from attachingto DNA andthereby According to researchers from the Can-
isothiocyanates, known as sulforaphane, has initiating cancer. Almost every fruit and veg- cer Research Center ofHawaii, the risk of en-
captured attention for its role in cancer pre- etable, ftom benies to yams, citus, and cu- dometrial cancer could be reduced by consum-
vention. In the test tube it was able to protect cumbers, contains flavonoids, another anlioxi- ing plant-based foods, low in fal fi-
cells against cancer-causing agents, and in a dant and anti-carcinogen." ber, and rich in whole grains, vegetablei, fruits,
study done at Johns Hopkins University and legumbs-+specially soybeans.
School of Medicine it was shorvn to be pro- Legumes, tofu, and products are
Another report in Envi.ronmental Nutri-
tective against mammary cancers in labora- tion,May 1994, Vol. 17, No. 5, states the ben- rich in phytoestogens which are compounds
tory animals. Studies also showed that humans efit bfsoybeans: that help contol the level ofestogen circu-
who eat large amounts ofcruciferous lating in the blood.
vegetables were at reduced risk of , The researchers concluded,
various kinds of cancer. It is sus- "These findings andthose of other in-
pected that it is the combination of frrrdltryk I ryN I 71elulettdtcv,bd&ffiita vestigators suggest a practical sfiat-
beta-carotene, indoles, and t*, Fb(t)i I*-.
2,1 i .,
rbt(d egy for the prevention of endometial
cancer; namely, weight control
isothiocyanates, as well as other sub-
dpances, which are working to offer
this protection. Other members of
?ttr brurd|rf,dcwhcrr ;l Crutltrorver
i Brurrcbrprort
through the reduction of energy in-
take, especially from fat and proteini
this family, cabbage, kale, cauli- ffin"ffi 5.t i Swoolpot*o,wlthoutrlh
i:l ;ffiH:: t03
1,7 and an increase in soy and fiber,
mostly from vegetables and fruits."

flower, and brussels sprouts, are high SprfL.ttl, ?tdc rbari t2r
in nutritional value, but none quite l5t American Journal of Epidemiologt,
the equivalent of broccoli."
Struddd rtrrt blrcrltr 1997; 146 (4\:29a-306. See figures
5, 7, and 8 for additional food sources
Cabbage, Turnips, Straw-berries Apph,;iltddr 0.0 that are cancer-fighting and which
Another report from Newsweek,
April25,1994, hailed the discovery fbur,amad
of phytochernicals as its centerpiece
.T;l L*gG 0.0
contains gelrcrous amounts of fiber.
With all 0rese benefis from a veg-
etarian diet to reverse thc ravages of
article, and went on to discuss the cancer arormd the world, we believe
following benefits: stongly inthe "5-A-Day''program. We encour-
age people, where it is possible, to make a
"Another isothiocyanate chemical found "soybeans contain phytochem,i:Tff.i
healthy tansition to a vegetarian diet-to con-
in cabbage and turnips, called PEITC for shorg appear to play a role in lowering cholesterol
sume 3 ormdre servihgs ofvegetables and2 or
inhibits lung cancer by breaking carcinogens and countering heart disease.They contain
more seruings of fruie every day.
into fragments before they can bind to a cell's multiple, cancer-fighting compounds.
To help you in menu planning prepara-
DNA. A phytochemical in strawberries, Genistein, found only in soy, has the ability to
grapes, and raspbenies, called ellagic acid, blockthe development ofcancer at several dif-
tions we have provided for you a one-week
menu planner at the top of the next page.
also neutalizes carcinogens before they can ferent stages. More than 30 labofatory studies
invade DNA. Two of the phytochemicals in have been done which support genistein's in- t
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Natural Wayss
Preventing Disease
T TOW would you like to single most important part of a the lungs and provides the sys- evening me4l. When the stom-
proper diefl Oubody uses 40,000 tem with more oxygen. Dur- ach is not empty before sleep
L 1" ['i,*:1,';:,:ll,3i glasses of water each day to take ing exergise, the lungs are the digestive pro€ess contin-
California study, Dr. Breslow nutrients to each'cell as well as trained to breathe more deeply ues dnring the sleeping hours
identified seven healttr habits ttrat carry away waste products. God while we increase their abil- and this results in unpleasant
would improve health and in- has desigred orn body to recycle ity to expand. drearns.
crease longevity: almost all of ttrat, but some water 2.Good posture: Shallow breath- 5. Refrain fromtobacco, nicotine,
l. Contol your weight, so that is lost and needs to be replaced. The ing is often due to tight fitting caffeine, or alcohol.
you are neither overweigfut nor av€rage adult needs 6 to 8 glasses clothes and poor,posture. This 6. If there is some "unfinished
underweight. ofwater eachday. The besttime is causes the blood to become im- business" that has caused an-
2. Establishregular eating habits between meals, half an hiru before pure because there is less ory- ger, resentment or some other
with no snacking between a meal, or 2 houn after a meal. gen for the system. Conse- strong emotion, take some
meals. quently, we become depressed, time to get it resolved.
3. Enjoy a.hearty and well-bal- Fresh Air our concentration is lesse,ned, 7. Have regular hours for sleep-
anced breakfast. Today, more and more people and our digestion disrupted. ing. As they say, "Earlyto bed
4. Refrain from the use of alco- are concemed with the quality of 3. Drink enough water: Water is and early to rise." Studies
hol, air they breathe, and with good essential fof good respiration. shOw that, due to the i'circa-
5. Treat yourself with seven to reason. It has been shown that The lungs arc7lYo water and dian rhythm" which is regu-
eight hours of sleep every even nonsmokers who live in high we lose at least one pint ofwa- lated by the sun's rays, the
night. a4 pollution ardas sufrerwith the ter in our exhaled breath each deepest sleep occtrs between
6. Stay with a moderate and con- same kind of symptoms that day. 9:00 P.M. and 12:00A.M.
sistent exercise program. smokers do. The pollution in the 4. Air Puri/ier.' For those who 8. Have an abundant supply of
7. Do not smoke. air decreases the amount of oxy- drive daily in heavy traffic, a fresh air in your bedroom
According to this study, gen that can actually get to the pomable air-purifier in your car' while you sleep.
leThe researchers discovered, blood. A prevalent ingredient in would certainly be agreatben-
among other things, that people polluted ait carbon monoxide, efit. There are also purifying See the article onpagd Sfor
aged 45 who practiced at least six actually binds with the orygen in units for the home and office. further mformation on rest.
of these health habits would nor- the bloo4 making it ineffectivb.
mally live 33 more years; those According to one study, thousands Rest Temperance
who practiced only one ortwci of are dying everyyearfrom aiipol- A vital part of a healthful Temperance is strict adher-
the habits could expect to live lution. 'Major cities in the United lifestyle is getting the right quan- ence to that which promotes
oply 22 more yea$. That means States kill thousands ofAmericans tity and quality of sleep. It is dur- health. Temperance is the elimi-
a I 50 percent return on the invest- every year. If people live and ing sleep that the body is able to nation of such harmful things as
ment and better enjoyment oflife breathelongenorrgbincitysmog rebuild and recuperate, ggttirig alcohol, tobacco, drugs,
as well. Leo R. Van Dolson, 77le they usually contact some disease ready for another day. of activity. caffeinated drinks, fatty foods,
Golden 8,20.. that will eventually kill them. The The following are some ideas that and refined sugar.
These seven health habits will National Resources Defense may help you to be more restful: One hundred years ago the
definitely make apositive impactr Council put out a list with the l. Vigorous exercise during the average American consumed
on the quality and longevity of ddadliestcitesinAmericaandthe day in the fresh air and sun- about 40 pounds of sugar per
yorrr life. But the eight golden number ofpeople they kill every shine will aid in restful sleep. year. Now it has jumped to at
laws of health'will help you live year. Holdyourbreathforthe top 2. Adopt a nighttime routine least 100 pounds per year. The
even more healthily, and longer. five: Los Angeles-5,873; New which may include a wann ute of refined sugar not only
These eight natrnal rernedies are: York-4,024; Chicago-3;479; bath, doing some quiet read, adds empty calories to our diet,
Pure Water, FreshAir, Rest, Tern- Philadelphia-2,599; Detroit- ing or drinking a cup ofherbal but it destroys the body's ability
peranc€, Sunlight, Exercise, Nu- 2,123* (Time, Decqr$er 9,1996, teq such as catnip or hops. to fight off bacteria. For ex-
trition, and Trust in God. as quoted in Last Generation 3. Avoid stimulating things such ample, a regular sixteen-ounce
magazine, Vol. 8, No. 5). as television and stressful or soda pop or soft drink contains
Pure Water So what can we do? negative conversations. 8-10 teaspoons of sugar which
Did you know that water is the L Exercise: Exercise strengthens 4. Do not overeat or have a heavy decreases the ability of ou white
blood cells to iestroy bacteria by credses the number of,white blood decreases one's risk of disease. saturated fats.
fifty pefcent. Tragically, cells called lymphocytes, which DuringWorldWars I dod Il, "E r- . 6. Do not eat too fast. This
America's youth drink more soft are the cells thai fight disease. ropeans had drastic food short- disallows proper digestion,
drinks than pure water. ' With all of these benefits, ages, the most noticeable being which begins in the mouth, and
and many more, regulariry and meat, eggs, millg butter, cheese, tends to lead us to overeat, be-
Sunlight consistency in an exercise pro- and lard. Raising, slaughtering, cause the taSte buds are not sat-
' Mostofuswouldbeamazed gram are at the very comerstone processing, storing, transporting isfied.
at how beneficial sunlight can be of health. At least'three times a and distributing these foods is a 7. Set a schedule for your
in the treatment of high blood week is recommended, but cer- day with a specific,time to eat, '
complex industy easily disrupted
pressure and cholesterol, and in tainly eveiy day isntt too much. by war, and people fell back onexercise, rest; and then do every-
the prevention of-cancer. Sun- When you decide to start an thing lou can to stick with it.
more easily raised andstored food
light is one of the most blessed exercise program, there are a few Once you are doing this for a
like potatoes, vegetables, and par-
healing agents that God has basic things to do. First, it is a ticularly grains which can be' while, your life will seem less
given to man. good idea to chpck with your stored for a long time. stressful and you will feel better. '
However, sunlight has been doctor, especially ifyou have a "In Finland, Dr. Ilma.ri
given a lot ofnegative press be- history ofhealth concerns. Next, Vartiainen andDr. Karl Kanerva Divine Power
cause of the high incidence of dpcide what you would like to docurrented a 67 percent drop in True phlsical healing begins
skin cancer Some of this is due try. We suggest walking, at least deaths due to heart disease in the with
the cleansing our of
to overexposure. But another to start. Walking uses almost all civilian population as compared though* and feelings. All good
factor is the amount of fat in the ofthe body's 206 bones and 660 with pre-wa1 days, and there was and bad actions that affect our
diet. Fat creates a basis for the muscles. It is something that much less cholesterol plaque." health have the mind as their
formation of those unstable free most everyone can do and you Julian M. Whitaker, Reversing source. [f we continue to ciave
radicals. Of the 450,000 people don't need to learn new skills! Heart' Diseasg Warner Books, uhealthful foods and entertain
that are diagrrosed with skin can- The main thing is to plan to 60-6 1.
other unhealthful practices we
cer every year, most of these succeed. If walking is your Imagine if we had a67 per-
will increase our risk of disease.
cases are caused by a high fat choice, invest in a good pair of cent drop in heart disease deaths
The first step in overcoming
diet, excessive exposure to the walking shoes, and make sure in America. It is possible. Most
unhealthful practices sim- "
sun, and low levels of vitamins you dress appropriatbly for the heart disease is reversible when
ply come to Christ just as you
A, C,.E, and selenium, which are weather. Find alternatives for we'follow the eight golden laws
are. See Matthew 11:28. Come
found prim.arily in plant foods. days when the weather does not of health.
permit walking outside. to Him and ask Him to forgive
Here are a few suggestions
Exercise you of all your past sins, includ-
Pick atime ofday thatis best to help you get offto a goird start
There is a saying that goes, for you and keep that exercise on a healthy diet; ing health destroying practices.
"If you can't find time for exer- appointment as if it were a busi-' 1. Bake, boil, or steam Second, establisha life ofstudy
cise, you will have to find time ness appoint-nent. Start out walk- foods, rather than firy, in the Bible, especially concen-
to be sick." Let's look at a few ing slowly to let yow body warm 2. Eat raw foods at every trating on the life and teachings
reasons why this saylng is true. up for 5 to 10 minutes. Then, do meal, either fruit or vegetables. of Christ. Third develop the habit
l. Exercise will reduce your a few stretching exercises. Al- Use a liule lemon.juice on saf- of spending time with God in
risk of heart disease by improv- ways stretch with a slow, steady ads instead of salad dressings prayer. Find a special time and
ing the strength and efficiency of movement. Then walk 20-30 high in fat. place to commrme with God. Let
the heart and it will lower your minutes at a brisk pace, brisk 3. Eat fresh fiuit, melon, or Him know your concerns,
blood pressure. enough to increase the rate of dried fruit for a healthy dessert, struggles, mdjoys. As you do you
2. Exercise improves the your breathing, followed by 4 to instead of sugary donuts and will learn to love and trust Him
strength ofmuscles and bonei as 5 minutes ofslowerwalking and pastries. / .
.more. Fourtb tell others aboutthe
well as ligaments, tendons, and more stretching. The stretching 4. Avoid between meal life ofChrist andthe eight golden
cartilage. is important to avoid soreness snacks. Snacking shuts downthe laws ofhealth.As you sharethese
3. Exercise increases the and to.enhance your flexibility. digestive prqcess to start another precious thoughts and priirciples
Basal Metabolic Rate, helping us But remember, you aren't in one. Consequently- digestion of with others, they will be richly
bum offmany ofthose extra calo- competitionwith anyo:re so don't previously eaten food is hin- blessed. And lastly,
never give up!
ries. push beyond your tolerance, dered.
Every sweet victory over
4. Exercise strengthens 5. Avoid foods that have
health-destroying practices will
immune system. Reseaqch has Nutrition hydrogenated fats. Hydroggna-
add quality years to your life.
shown that people with active Studies have shown that a tion changes the chemical struc-
lifestyles me less likely to get can- diet lower in fat and protein and ture of an oil by adding hydro-
cers of many kinds. Exercise in- higher in complex carbohydrates gen atoms which saturate the un- t
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(A True Story, cont from pg. 1)
Thebrain is divided into sev-
eral sections, or lobes. Each lobe
has specific functions. The fron-
tal lobe behind the forehead is the
largest lobe of the brain. It is the
seat ofjudgment, reasoningo in-
tellect, and the will. It is the place
of spirituality and morality that
makes up the character of man.
Therefore, a person with a dam-
aged frontal lobe may look the
same as they always did, but if
you interact with them, it is usu-
ally apparent that they are 'Just
not the same."

ffi Frontal Lobotomy

In the late 1800s psychia-
trists began using a surgical pro-
cedure called a "frontal lo-
botomy" (literally meaning re-
moval of the frontal lobe). Al-
though sometimes a portion of
the lobe was physically removed,
at other times it was "function-
ally" removed by severing its
nerve connections.
The operation initially was
used on people who were vio-
lently or criminally insane. The
practice of frontal lobotomies be-
came increasingly popular in the
1930s and 1940s. However, today
this operation is rdrely used.

Patricia, the Surgical Nurse

Patricia was a very success-
ful surgical ntrse who was pre-
paring for a frontal lobotomy. The

hope was that the surgery would

frl{:i resolve her many guilt problems
that she had struggled with for
several years. Following the pro-
cedure there were striking
changes in her interests, attitude,
work performance, and integrity.
It was obvious that Patricia was
a different person.
Before the lobotomy, Patricia
was dn extremely efficient oper-
ating room nurse. She was also
very fond ofbooks and belonged
to the nruses' literary circle.
After,the lobotomy, she lost
.t. l. i 1- ;
lIgW##r! much ofher ambition. She lost in-
terest in her work, and lost sym- It is evident, that a healthy to he4vy alcohol users. Adverse the recipientnerve cell, while oth-
pathy with her patients. She could lifestyle protects the frontal lobe, effects were seen with those who ersi causie depression. Caffeine's
only perform subordinate work and a healthy frontal lobe helps us drank only one alcoholic drink widespread inflrrence focuses pri-
and she lost interest in books. to make better lifestyle choices. per week. Of course, as alcohol marily on its ability to afu ttre lev-
. Studies have shown that Therefore, it is imperative intake increases, there w,ill be a els of two newotansmittens: ace-
thosewhohave frontal lobe dam- that we ask this most important decreased ability to think ab- tylcholine and adenosine. Caffeine
age experience impairment of question: What arethemost com- stractly and to make the best disrupts the brain chernistyby in-
moral principles, loss of love for mon causes of frontal lobe im- moral decisions. creasing the level of aceflcholine
family, loss of empathy, and a lack pairment? It is not surgeries..It is . Alcohol also interferes with and interfering with the tansmis-
of restraint (leading to boasting, not occupational injuries.It is im- the developmentofthe fetal brain. sion ofadenosine.i
hostility, aggressiveness). They proper lifestyle habits. It is well recognizrcd that women Reseachprs consistently fi nd
also experience distractibility and Let us consider a number of who use alcohol duringpregnancy that a decrease inbrain acetylcho-
reStlessness, fantasying, lack of lifestyle habits that compromise advenely affect their offspring for line is associated with impaired
foresight, and become incapable ouf frontal lobe from making the life. Fathers who'drink are likely mental functioning. When caf-
ofabstract reasoning. best moral and spiritual decisions. impairing their children's frontal feine weakens the power of ad-
Diseases caused by frontal enosine to do its work-an artifi-
lobe damage include: mania" ob- cial stimulation and an imbakince

sus*K .*I{:} ?ffi m,sFr?AL LcBE

is created in the mind. A summary
;ffiX trft1lli#.iffifr''.?: of some of the effects of caffeine
on the brain is listed in Figure 11.
iliftlJ*::*"'".T""' The Effects of Diet
*"'?:HH3.?*:;Hlf;: in thc cier h*ve been and Nutrition
Research shows that children
:ff::l"T'i$try#:T::'y*T demonstrated to impair who me breast-fed have a mantal
900,000 to more than two mil- ffOntnl lObg edge that persists at least for yeai"s
lion in 1995. and.probably for a lifetime.

Sophisticated brain scans functians in Among the advantages appears to
be the fat content of breast milk.
scans) reveal that depressed
patients may have a 60 percent re- school age Dr. Yokota of Japan showed that
duction in frontal lobe blood flow. newborn rats need adequate
In working with depressed pa- children. amounts of omega-3 fats in their
tients, there is evidence that ifone Figte l0 diet. Wthout those fats, learning
can enhance the activity of their Alcohol lobes as well. The free use ofwine is impaired. It is well recogdzed
frontal lobe, blood flow to that Alcohol has direct effects on and liquor leaves to their children in research circles that traditional
area will increase, and the depres- the frontal lobe. Severalyears ago, the legacy of a feeble constitution, infant forrnulas for humans pro-
sion can be markedly improveil alcoholics and non-alcoholics mental and moral debility, trnnatu- vides substandard amounts of
and corrected. were studied by two modem di- ral appetites, initable temper, and omega-3 fats when compared to
When it comes to appetite agnostic tests: magnetic resonance an inclination to vice. breast milk. Supplementing the
contol, the frontal lobe plays a imaging (MRI) and posiron emis- child's diet will not r4ake up the
very important role. In fact, the sion topography (PET scanning). Caffeine omega-3 deficit.
highest center ofappetite contol TheMRllooks attheartvalstruc- Caffeine has become a very However, the proper type of
is in the frontal lobe of the brain. ture of thebrann Among the alco- popular drug for an early moming fat also seems to be necessary for
No matter how hungry you are or holics, it revealed a striking fift.However,aheavypriceispaid short term learning in adults. Dr.
how shong yorn desire may be for amount ofloss offrontal lobe gray for this artificial stimulation. Caf. Coscina and colleagues demon-
something that may be harmful, matter. This loss of gray matter in- feine impinges on the brain's com- strated this fact a decade ago.
you can gurerally suppress that dicates an actual loss ofbrain cells tn*isrtion system in a number of They fed trvo groups ofadult rats
desire ifyour frontal lobe is firnc- that are involved in critical fron- yi3y5. In exploriirg these relation- diets that had identical amounts
tioning optimally. Those without tal lobefimctions. ships, we need to recall that brain of fat. However, the fat came
a capable frontpl lobe have great PET scanning looks at the ssil5 talk to one another through from different s ource s. After only
difficulty in suppressing such function of the brain. In this test- chemical interchanges. Nerve cells three weeks, mts given a diet
urges. Some gvemreight individu- ing, the alcoholics showed a release chemicals called neu- based on a moderate irmount of
als who know they are eating too Iower glqcose metabolism- rotansmitters.(or,.chanical mes- vegetable fat (20 percent polyun-
much will continue to eat because which indicates less frontal lobe sgngffs.) that are picked rip by saturated soybean oil) exhibited
their frontal lobes are not fully activity. These frontai lobe-im- neiitrUoring cells. Some neu- improved learning skills com-
able to say "no." pairing effects'are not confined rotansmitterscausestimulationof 'pared to those fed a diet based on
20 percent saturated fat (ard).
' If brain waves were mea-
Dr. Bernell Baldwin sug- sured with an EEG (electroen-

ffi ffiilr",'ff#'_rJ:::li corl'

B cor{$tJMPrIoN ANI' ::3li:-;HIiTJl,?lH: ffi:
ference. The saturated fats.that MANTAL PROALEMS notizedperson loses betawaves
are typically found in animal -".;; -* ' , ,,,,, -,--. from thi 6rain.'This beta wave
products may make brain nerve l6 activity indicates sound thinking
communication more diffrcult. 1{ that involves dynamic frontal
His hypothesis is that the mem- lobe activity.
CompWnets 12
branes where brain communica- (Wonw) l0 In the hypnotized state,
tion takes place (called syn- however, analpha brain pattern
apses) are rendered more rigid
I is operative, during which we do
by a diet rich in saturated fat; 6 'not qritically ana\yze incoming
while unsaturated fats from veg- 4 information. Alpha waves are
etables, seeds, and nuts induce 2 brain waves of a lower fre-
more flexible mbmbranes that 0 quency. In this state, an indi-
promote more efficient brain vidual will rectird information
Depresslox CaplugProbtens In*aal,nie
communications. and suggestions without inter-
' pretation and without frontal
Lesgons from Carbohydrates Years ago, when scibntists ralfood.Inre.po*",,frfi#li# lobe filtering.
Other parts of the body can first discovered that the brain produces a large amount ofimu-
use fat, proteins, or carbohydrates functionedbestwithcarbohydrate lin. However, the rapid rise in The Home Hypnotist
for enerry, but not the brain. The fuel, somepeoplebeganrefening blood sugar is deceptive. Unlike You may not be aware of it,
brain uses glucose, a simple car- to candy bars as "brain food." natural plant foods, foods rich in but there may be something in
bohydrate, almost exclusively as Eventually, they leamed that re- refined sugar tend to be quickly your home that puts you into a
its source of enerry. Apparently, fined sugar products like candy absorted. The result is that the type of hypnotic trance.
as aresult ofthe brain's very rapid bars had the opposite effect. In rapid rise in blood sugar is short- After just two minutes of
metabolism, it is dependent on fact, large amormts of sugar in the lived. With insulin still prese,nt and watching television, the brain
minute-to-minute supplies of this diet have been demonstrated to no more sugar coming in via the waves of the viewer are almost
simple carbohydrate. This be- impair frontal lobe firnctions in digestive tract, the biood sugar gntirely in an alpha pattem. This
comes easier to appreciate when school age children. level canplunge. means that while they were
you understand that the brain has One study of46 five-year old Ifa person's blood sugar level watching television, they were
a metabolic rate7.5 times greater boys was particularly revealing. falls low enough, frontal lobe "not reacting;not orienting, not
than the average body tissue. Al- Boys with little sugar intheir diet functions can suffer due to inad- focusing, just spaced-out."
though itmakesup only 2 percent had superior attention spans and equdtefuel supplies.Toavoidthis Dr. Herbert Krugman, a
of our body's mass, the brain ac- moreaccumteresponsesthantheir unhealthy rapid rise and'fall in brain wave'researcher, has gone
counts for 15 percent ofourtotal high-sugar consriming peers. blood sugar levels, each day on record: "Television is a com-
metabolism. When teste{ the boys on a low should begin with a high-quality munication medium that effort-
The b'rain, however, does not refined'sugar diet performed the breakfastthatincludes abalanced lessly transmits huge quantities
have mrichroomto store nutrients. equivalent of one whole letter selection ofplant sources ofnu- of information not thought about
Only atwo-minute supply ofglu- grade higher in school. trition. at the time of exposure."
cose is available to the brain cells Some have asked: If sugar is Dr. Erik Peper, another in-
and this is in the form of glyco- acarbohydrateandcarbohydrates EffectsofHypnotism fluential researcher and writer,
gen---the storage form of sugar. *The horror
are the frontal lobe's preferred on the Brain once sai4 oftelevi-
Thus, for peak performance, the fuel,thenhowcouldahighsugar Hypnosis, by design, by- sion is thet the information goes
frontal lobe requires blood with a diet impair brain function? Orn passes the ftontal lobe as it brings in, but we do not react to it. It
steady and adequate glucose level. bodies wsre created to eat foods thesubjectintoatancelikestate. goes right into our memory pool
Ourbest sor.rces of carbohy- suchasfruitsandgrainsinanatu- Dwing the hypnotic state, indi- and perhaps we react to it later,
drates for the mind are fiom fruits, ral, unrefined state. These foods viduals can receive information butwe do not know whatwe ar€
vegetables, and whole-grains. It help to keep our blood sugar at a of various kinds, and can men- reacting to. When you watch
should be noted that animal-basedfairly constant level. However, tallyrecordthedutiesthehypno- . television you are training your-.
product3, such asmeats add dairy when refined sugary foods enter tist asks them to perform. None selfnot to react and so later on,
products" are completely void of the digestive system, the blood of the information is filtered ac- you're doing things without
carbohydrates. So for mental sugar rises dramatically, and the cordrng to their sense of values knowing why you're doing them
healthwe sholld stay away from body reacts as if it wgre just ex- or moral worth; their very reason- or where they come from."
animal products when possible. posed to a great volume of natu- ing powers are being bypassed. In other words, children
may not go out and murder utes. Then they separated the
someone aft er witnessing a mur- mice in their distinctive groups.
der on television. However, all
those violent acts are recorded ffi oF' 1? ffi f,H"?:"1J'**T H"":,,i:l
inthe mind and increase thepos-
sibility ofviolent behavior later
UffBtCfSOFTYW duced the time takento navigate
the maze by half . The mice that
listened to Mozart did even bet-
l. Producet typaodcrfrcct, : lS. hfluenex vlc!f;
ter. They navigated'the maze in
Another problem with tele- bypes{ag froatd lobe fltering regrrd violmc'e llgbtly
. only one and a half minutes.
vision is its influence to weaken 2. Redscer bhrest in rerding

ll. Mrker children more

brain power. One of the greatest teening
rad : irritrble rock music mice bumped their
way throughthe maze taking all
concerns in academic circles is 3. Wcekens brein power I 2. Incrcare nggr*rirene*r
13, Acselerat*s r*xual rcfvity
of 30 minutes. Eventually, the
that the TV viewer's interest in 4, Encourager poor lifeetyle hablts
experiment came to ahalt du6 to
reading is markedly reduced. 5. Emounge* obesity 14. Addlctire
the rock music mice eating one
Children who spend many hours 15. Rcduces tine *vdl*lto for
6. Incremes d*ydrnarning producllvr actlevement another.
each day watching TV tend to be ?, Wsa*ens creatlvi$ To determine why the rock
16. $teelr fime from frmily
poor readers. The result has been music mice were having so
8. Mry reducc ourpowrr$" lgterrcfon
a consistent decline in the aver- af dil*rlmination l?. Advorcely tffee$ rpiritual much trouble, the researchers
age reading skills ofouryouth 9. Traiar in aon-reretim purrults examined their brains. Sure
since TV began to be influential enough, they found abnormal
Figure 12 branching and sprouting ofthe
in the 1950's.
Television also encourages lism combined with the high fat ,lobe, which is the seat of spiri- nerve cells, and also disruptions
poor lifestyle habits. Ifyou view snacks eaten during these hours tuality, morality, and the wiil. in the normal amounts of mes-
places children at high risk of senger RNA, a chemical crucial
a few children's programs, you Ifanyarestillwaveringdsto
'whether to memory storage.
will notice that a variety of obesity.'In fact, childhood obe- television should b"
sugar-laden high fat foods are sity now affects I out of 4 kids. phasized less in their homes, con-"*- rockThis could help explain why
music listeners are more
frequently advertised. Large sec- sider the sevenleen harmfu I etrects 'prone to use drugs and
tions of our supennarkets arq Television Strengthens of TV watching in Figrre 12. in extramarital sexn and why
loaded with these television-ad- Negative Qualities in Chil- heavy metal listeners are much
vertised snack foods, not be- dren Rock Music Mice more likely to consider suicide.
cause they are good for us, but Children who watch televi-
Few people understand the On the other hand, classical
because they sell well. sion are prone to have bad atti- powerful influence that music music has been demonstrated to
By watching television, tudes and are more initable. It en- has on the frontal lobe. Depend- help college students learn spa-
children are already compromis- coumges them to show disrespect ing on the type of music, it can tial relationships in giometry.In
short, if you listen to the wrong
ing their frontal lobe. By watch- for their parents, to lie, and to eitherinfluencethebrainbenefi-
kind of music, you will become
ing "junk food" commercials engage in aggressive behavior. cially or detrimentally. Music the wrong kind person.
Television also increases
of Yet,
they are encouragedto consume therapists tell us that certain there is wholesome Christian
"anti-brain foods," which in turn sexual activity in teens and typesofinusic,suchasrockmir- music that helps to ennoble the
leads to firrther compromise of youngerchildren. Themoretele- sic with its syncopated rhythnl, mind.
the frontal lobe. vision watched, the lower the bypass the frontal lobe and thus
These negative influences age for that first sexual encoun- escape our ability to reason and
upon children seems to be ama- ter, make judgments about it. Evi- The main source of information for
jor factor in obesity in ch,ild- dence suggests that it, like tele_ this article was derived from proof
hood. Many studies reveal that Television Robs Spiritual vision, can produce a hypnotic Posiiive, by Dr. Neil Nedley. Get
television watching and obesity Qualities effect. For many years some youlcopy today! Priced at $59.95
in children are directly related: When we look at an aver- havearguedthatrockmusicwas Call l-E0046&7t84 or
the more TV a child watches, the age person's weekly activities ruining the minds of young t-800-774-3ffi6
heavier he or she tends to be. before and after the arrival of people. Recently a neurobiolo-
Television viewing requires television, we see that the gist and a physicist teamed up
no physical involvement, yet oc- amount of time in church or in to put this generalization to a
cupies an average of26 hours a reading spiritual material such as test. '

week for most children. During the Bible, has noticeably de- They had three groups of
television viewing, the meta- creased. The reason for this mice. One group listeineA io n,i
bolic rate ofchildren ages 8 to probabiy has to do with more music, anotler to Mozart, and a
12 was significantly lower than than TV subtly steiling away our third to rock music. But first they
when the children were at rest time. Remember, television de- ran the mice through a maze t;
doing nothing. Lower metabo- presses activity in the frontal establish a base time of 10 min-
help these programs are: for a week:
l. Theypo$deinformdion 1. For the first twenty-four
on tre resulg oftobscco use, with hours, eat only fmit, and drink
special emphasis ol short term only fruit juice and water. Con-
From Smoldngl hea{h effece rd social effecs. sume asi much as youwant of all
2. They combat miscon- three. Fruit and water will flush
rl-lHRouGHouT the de- 4. The tobacco industry is ceptions about the percentage of your system of toxins, like nico-
I veloping countries, more actively targeting young people adults and peers who smoke. tine. The sooner nicotine is out
I than one-third of men, as their hope for the futrue; we 3. They educate on social of yorn system, the quicker yorn
ages 35 - 69, die from cigarette must actively focus on this age influences of tobacco use, dispel- cravings will subside.
smoking. Nearly one-half of goup to help empower thern to ling myths provided by the me- 2. Refrainfrom drinking any
Eastery European men die from determine their own futr:re. dia, peer groups, parents, and caffeinated drinks or alcohol.
smoking atmiddle age. Similarly, 5. If we really believe in other adults. These will stimulate your crav-
one-thir{ of Westem European preventing, we will start with the ' 4. They help children to ing for nicotine. During the weelg
men also die prematurely. group who has not yet taken up know how to resist pressure to keep drinking lots offluids, about
The {orld Health Organiza- tlrc habit-{his is the greatest way smoke. 9to 12 glasses a day.
tion (WHO) estimates that smok- to minimize the health risks of I know we can help millions 3. Take yarm (not hot)
ing causes 3 million deaths per smoking. Say "no" to smoking..I do solicit showers moming and evening,
year worldwide. Some.500 mil- Forchildren3 to 11 years old, your prayerc and support to help ending with cool water and a
lion people living today will ul- ttretaskmaybe as simple as con- educate young and old around brisk towel rub.
timately die as the result of crga- the world never to strt smok- 4. Tvdce daily, do the 5, 10,
rette smoking. ing. And for those who are ad- 15 rorfue: fivembrfe snetch; ten
This heavy use oftobacco Some 500 million dicted I hope that the following min$e walk in fte fresh air; fifteen

peaple living todav u*'1;111f,.T,ff]"il,-"*

H'"J:fflli1:*H'l!;* ffil;frfi:ti:fi':11""'3Jil
public health campaigr against Will Ultifnately die being free from smoking. hours, avoid spicy foods, mus-
smoking. If successful, we will rL_ *o-,,1i tard; vinegar,'k9tchup, pickles,
have tackled th" t*e"J;;;
-_ the
as ^f
rgsult of AChristianApproach to spicedmeats,spicedolives,sharp
mostpreventablecarseofillness Cigafgttg Smoking.
- -Q-- - - - --9ryfnS
C.Ssation cheese and all heavy, rich des-
and premature death in many Would you like to smoke serts. These foods trigger a de-
pans or the world. your lasr cigarene? Here is the sire rbr nicotine. Continue to
Where do we begin? Statis- vincing therr that smoking is dan' practical inform4tion you need to avoid caffeinated drinls and al-
tics indicate that most smokers gerous to their health. Howwe4 by quit the nicotine habit. I cannot cohol. Use cereal coffees or herb
begin smoking when they are the time they reach puberty, many promise quitting will be easy; but teas, ifa hot drink is desired.
young. In the U:S., 60% of all young people view themselves as I can tell you how to fight the
current smokers began by age 14 'tmmortal." Therefore, we may fe nicotine battle and win. Others Psychological Addiction:
and over 90%beganby age 19. cus onthe short-tenn detrimenb of have done it; so can you. Deeply ingrained habits be-,
Therefore, we need to foeus smoking. These include decreas€d come reflexes-we do them
a good share ofour prevention athletic endurance, cost, bad Dealing With Addiction without'hinking. Smoking is the
efforts on'children and adoles- b'reath, premature graying and it is not a sign of weakness same way. Your mind is condi-
cents for a number ofreasons: -
baldness, body odors, shorliessof to admit addiction. It is actually tioned to life with tobacco. Not
l. It is easier for young breath cigarette bums, decline in the fint step toward taking con- only do you need to stop smok-
people never'to start smoking scholastic performance, and the trol ofyour lifestyle habie. mg, brsyou also need to replace
than to stop once they become risk of starting a fire. An addiction to tobacco is 56sking and smoking related
addicted. Of course, parental smoking both psychologrcal an{ physical. ac'tivity wifr new habits.
2. fire earlier individuals is one factorthat influe,nces chil- You must deal with both aspects 1. Analyze ybur smoking
start smoking, the more years dren to smoke. In fact, studies ofaddiction, ifyou are to have habits. Where do you usually
they gre exposed to tfre injurious show that parental smoking is.the lasting freedom. smoke?Who doyou smoke with?
effects oftobacco, and the greater strongest predictor of whether or Whe,n doyou smoke? Ifyouusu-
the risk ofserious diseases. not a child will smoke. Physical Addiction ally smoke sitting atthe table af-
3. Smokinghasimmcdiate ' Research also indicates that There are some proven tech- ter dinner, then get up imrnedi-
physical and social effects that classroorn-based progtams are niques that lessen physical ately afterdinnerandgo do some-
can undermine health, impair very effective whenthey address cravings for nicotine. Once you thing not associated with smok
performance, and weaken career social influences in a structured have chosen to smoke your last ing. ff certain individuals are your
opportunities way. Some of the elements that cigarette, ty fte following plan smoking buddies, avoid unneces-
sary contact with them until you
have firmly broken.the habit.
What about that easy chair? Do
you always have a cigarette in
yow hand when,you sit in it? Sit
somewhere else. By Ellen G. White
2. When the urge comes,
tension can build. You have no ff.lHE Savior said, "Except a we do?" The first word of Peter's
tobacco! But remember, you I man be bom again," unless answer was, "Repent." Acts
have stopped smoking. Immedi-
I tre shall receive a new 2:37 -38. At another time, shortly
heart, new desires, purposes, and after, he said, "Repent, ...and be
ately do the following: silently
motives, leading to a neiv life, converted, that your sins may be
pray to God and humbly say
"he cannot see the kingdom of blotted out." Acts 3:19.
"Please give me strength;" then
God." John 3:3, margin. The idea Repentance includes sorrow
exercise your power of choice that it is necessary only to de- for sin and a turning away from
and repeat aloud, "I chose to velop the good that exists in rnan it. We will not renounce sin un-
quit;" and finally ghoose one or by nature, is a fatal deception. less we see its sinfulness; until we
more of the following weapons "Maryel nqt that I said unto thee, turn away from it in heart, there
listed below: Ye must be bom again." John 3:7. will b€ no real change in the life.
. Take five deep breaths; do not it is not enough to perceive the true that men sometimes
' hyperventilate. lovingkindness ofGod, to see the become ashamed of their sinful
. Drink a glass of water or fruit benevolence, the fatherly tender- ways, and give up some of their
juice. ness, of His character. evil tlabits, before they are con-
. Thke a brisk walk. It is not enough to discem the scious that they are being drawn
. Do sketching and relaxation ex- wisdom and justice of His law, to to Christ. But wheneverthey make
see ttrat it is foundedupon the eter: an effort to reform, from a sincere
. Work on ahobby. nal principle of love. Paul the desire to do right, it is the power
. Brush apostle saw all this when he ex- ofChristthat is drawing them.An
your teeth with a mint
claimed, o'I consent unto the law infltrence of which they are un-
that it is good." "The law is holy, conscious works upon the soul,
. Take a.warm, thencool shower;
and the commandment holy, and and the conscience is quickened,
rub gently with a wash cloth. just, and good." But he added, in and the outward life is amended.
. Chew on carrot or celery sticks.
the bitterness ofhis soul anguish And as Christ draws them to look
. Choose unshelled sunflower and despair, "I am camal, sold tm- upbn His cross, to behold Him
seeds to shell and eat. der sin" Romans 7:16,12,14. He whom their sins have pierced, the
. Phone someone for help. longed for the purity, the righ- commandment comes home to the
' Repeat the affirmationn "I teousness, to which in himself he conscience. The wickedness of
choose to quit." was powerless to attain, and cried their life, the deep-seated sin of
. Look at your watch and post- out, "0 wretched man that I am! the soul, is revealed to them.
pone for one minute, then for who shall deliver me from this The sinner may resist this
another, and another. body of death?" Romans 7:24, love, may refuse to be drawn to
. Claim a Bible promise. margin Such is the cry that has Christ; but if he does not resist
. Recite your favorite poem or gone up from burdened hearts ifl he will be drawn to Jesus; a
Scripture verse by heart. Here all lands and in all ages. To all, knowledge of the plan of salva-
are some great promises to there is but one answer, "Behold tion will lead him to the foot of
memorize: Philippians 4: 13; thb Lamb of God, which taketh the cross in repentance for his
away the sin of the woild.".Iohn sins, which have caused the sut
Ephesians 3 :20; Mark 10:27 ;
l:29. ferings of God's dear Son.
Isaiah 4l:10; I Corinthians
You who in heart long for
REPENTANCE something better than this world
Source: Hartland Wellness It is only through Christ that can give, recognize this longing
Center's Five Day Stop Smok- we can be brought into harmony as the voice of God to your soul.
ing Plan, Participant's Guide. If with God, with holiness, but how Ask Him to give you repentance,
you need help to stop smoking, are we to come to Christ? Many to reveal Christ to you in His in-
or have any other health related are asking the same questiore as finite love, in His perfect purity.
issues you wish to discuss, con- did the multitude on the Day of In the Savior's life the principles
tact a health institute listed on Pentecost, when, convicted of of God's law-love to God and
Page 15. sin, they cried out, "What sha,ll man-were perfectly exempli-
fied.Benivolence,upselfishlove, require us to do some grievous umighteousness." I John 1:9. hold you steadfast, and thus
was the life ofHis soul. It is as we thing in order that we may have CONSECRATION through constant surrender to God
behold Him, as the light from oru the forgiveness of sin. We need God's promise is, "Ye shall youwillbeenabledtolivethenew
Savior falls upon us, that we see not make long andwearisome pil- seek me, and find me, when ye life, even the life of faith.
the sinfulness of our own hearts. grimages, or perform painful pen- shall search for me with all your
Beware of procrastination. ances, to commend out souis to heart." Jeremiah 29i 13. FAITHANDACCEPTA}ICE
Donotputofftheworkofforsak- the God of heaven or to expiate Many are inquiring, How am You have confessed your
lng your sins and seeking pwity our transgression, but he that I to make the surrender of rhyself sins, and in your heart put them
of heart through Jesus. Here is confesseth and forsaketh his sin to God? You desire to give your- away. You have resglved to give
where thousands upon thousands shall have mercy. self to Him, but you are woak in yor.:rself to God. Now go to Him,
have erred to their eternal loss. I True confession is always of moral power, in slavery to doubt, and ask that He will wash away
will not here dwell upon the short- a specific charpcter, and acknowl- and controlled ba the habits of your sins and give you a new
ness and uncertainty of life; but edgerparticularsins.Theymaybe yourlifeofsin.Yourpromisesand heart. Then believe that He does
there is a tenible danger-a dan- of such a nature as to be brought resolutions are like ropes of sand. lhis because He hos promised.
gernotsufficientlyunderstood- before God only; they may be You cannot contol your thoughts, DQ not wait to feel tJlort you
in delaying to yield to the plead- wrcngs that should be confessed your impulses, your affections. aremadewhole, butsay,'Tbelieve
ingvoiceofGod'sHoly Spiritand to individuals who have suffered The knowledge of your broken it; it is so, not because I feel it, but
choosing to live in sin, for such injury through them; or they may promises and forfeited pledges because God has promised."
this delay really is. Sin, however be of a public character, and weakens your confidence in your Jesus says, "What things
smal! it may be esteemed, can be should then be as publicly con- own sincerity, and causes you to so€veryedesire,whenyepray,be-
indulged in only at the peril ofin- fessed. But all confession should feel that God cannot accept you; lieve that ye receive them, and ye
finite loss. What we do not over- be definite and to the point ac- but you need not despair. What shall have them." Mark 11:24.
come,willovercomeusandwork kndwledging the very sins of ydu need to rmdentand is the true There is a condition to this prom-
out our destruction. which you arc gulty. force of the will. This is the gov- ise---tlrat we pray according to the
Every act of transgression, The examples in God's Word erningpowerinthenatureofman, will of God. But it is the will of
every neglect or rejection of the ofgenuinerepentanceandhumili- the power of decision, or of .God,to cleanse us from sin, to
grace of Christ, is reacting upon ation reveal a spirit ofconfession choice. Everything depends on the make us His children, and to en-
yorr; it is hardening the heart, de- in which there is no excuse for sin right action ofthe will. The power able us to live a holy life. So we
praving the will, benumbing the or attempt at self-justification. of choice God has given to men; may ask for these blessings, and
understanding, and not only mak- Paul did not seek to shield him- it is theirs to exercise. You cannot believe that we receive them, and
ing you less inclined to yield, but self; he paints his sin in its dark- change your heart, you c'annot of thank God that we have received
less capable ofyielding to the t€n- est hue, not attempting to lessen yourselfgivetoGoditsaffections; thern.It is our privilege to go to
derpleadingofGod'sHolySpirit. his guilt. He says, "Many of the butyou canchoosetoserveHim. Jesus and be cleansed, and to
Christ is ready to set us free saints did I shutup inprison, hav- You can give Him yow will; He stand before the law without
from sin, but He does not force ing received authority from the will then work in you to will and shame or remorse. "There is there-
the will; an4 if by persistent tans. chief priests; and when they were to do according to His good plea- fore now no condemnation to
gression the will itself is wholly put to death, I gave my voice sure.Thusyourwholenaturewill them which are in Christ Jesus,
bent on evil, and we do not desire against them. And I prmished thern bebroughtundertheconfolofthe who walk not after the fles[ but
to be set free, ifwe w// not accept oft in every synagogue, and com- Spirit of Christ; your affections afterthe Spirit." Romans 8:1.
His grace, what more can He do? pelled them to blaspheme and be- will be centered upon Him, your As you read the promises, re-
We have desfoyed ourselves by ing exceedingly mad against thoughts will be in harmony wittr
member they are the expression
our determined rejection of His thern, Ipersecutedthemevenunto Him. - of unutterable love and pity. The
love. "Behold, now is the accepted stange cities." Acts 26: I 0, 1 I He Desiresforgoodnessandho- great heart oflnfinite Love is
time;behol4nowisthedayofsal- does not hesitate to declare that liness are right as far as they go; drawn toward the sinner with
vation."-2 Corinthians 6:2. "To-'Christ Jesus came intotheworld but ifyou stop here, they will avail boundless compassion. "We have
day if ye will hear his voice, to save sinneis; of whom I am nothing. Many will be lost while redemption through his blood,
harden not yourhearts." Hebrews ohief." I Timothy 1 : I5. hoping and desiring to be Chris- the forgiveness sins."of
3:7-8. The humble and broken tians. They do not come to the Ephesians 1:7. Yes, only believe
heart, subdued by genuine repen- point of yielding the will to God. that God is your Helper. He wants
CONFESSION tance, will appreciate something They do not now choose to be to restore His moral image in
"He that covereth his sins ofthe love of God and the cost of Christians. man. As you draw near to Him
shall not prosper: but whoso Calvary; and as a son confesses Throughthe rightexerciseof wittt confession and repentance,
confesseth and forsaketh them tolaloving father, so will the truly the will, an entire change may be He will draw near to you with
shall have mercy." Proverbs penitent bring all his sins before made in your life. By yielding up mercy and forgiveness.
28:13. God.And itis written, "Ifwe con- yourwill to Christ, you ally your- +
The conditions of obtaining fess our sins, he is faithful andjust self with the power that is above
themereyofGodaresimple,just, to forgive us oui,sins, and to all principalities and powers.You Excerpts takenfrom Steps to
andreasonable.Thelorddoesnot cleanse us from all will have stength from above to Christ, E.G White, pg. 18-55.
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In 1903, E.G White, a hrmrble Christian writer, wrote about
wh:it God had shown would happen in large cities near the I Ifyou are looking forranswers to the
close of earth's history: essettial and perplexing questions
l'l huy: no light in particular in regard to what is coming on of life-
N9y Yo$, only I know that ong day the great buildings tiere
be tlrown down . . . From ihe light given me, I know that Youmay requestafuee- Behold He
destruction is in the world . . . scenes will take place, the fear- Comah Bible Study Starter Course.
frrlness of which we cannot imagine." There is no obligation to you and no
In this book you will read more ofwhat this author has written pressure tactics. Instea4 you will find
concerning the future. Our world is on the verge of a stupen- simple, understandable Bible truths
dous crisis. You will be surprised at the. outCome. Mifions whichwill help you corne to afullerun-
worldwide have read books from the pen of this best-selling dema4ding of truth and a more mean-
author and have found happiness, and a new life. ingful life.
Write: Sqs to Life, EO. Box 7B28ZB, KS 67278 while thev lasl USA/Canada
Our W0rId last winter, had it when you atg
him. An older cow may fall over
dead with it; brt meanwhile, her
cannot be killed the way we
fought the plague, cholera eoi-
demics, or ebola-which is

Health Crlsis infected calves have long since

been slaughtered and serrred at
dinner tables.
generally done by bumingbod-
ies. BSE/CJD is passed on by
means ofprions, which are pro-
Faca about IVad Cow Dis- back in the I 950s from research BSE can be transmitted to teins that degrade at 80ff F. That
)asa This terrible disease is in- waste discarded by scientists offspring. That fact wds estab- is far higher than the tempera-
fecting people in Briain and Eu- trying to determine the cause of lished by researchers in Britain. ture which would reduce thern
rope. There are ominous wam- Kunr, a New Guinea cannibal Sheep and cows pass it to off- to ash;
ings that it is a terible source of disease. spring. Chickens-can put it in Do not we blood meol in
dangerhere inAmerica As early as the 1970s, their eggs. Could CJD, the hu- your garden A British vegan
The scientiftg names for scrapie appeared in sheep in man form, also be transmitted woman caught CJD simply by
Mad Cow Disease includes:In both the U.S. and Britian. to your descendants? This is a dusting her roses with blood
cattle, it is calledBovi4e spong: Slqeepwhich died of itwere be- very serious matter. The FDA meal.
encq lnl opatlry (BSE) ; in
ifu rm Wled to cattle in'both coun- has demanded that all donors to . Thousands of cows ste
sheep, it is called Stapiei in rnjes. The dead sheep were sent the blood supply answer the mystefiously dying in Americu
humans, it is Cran{eldt -Jakob to rendering plants which question: "Has anyone in yotr Since 1981, the United States
disdase (CJD). All forms are tumed them into piotein pow- family died of Cruetzfeldt- has had thousands of"downer"
known as spongifurm encepha- der, which was fed to cows. Jakob Disease [CJD]?' We dare cows. These are cows which
lopathies (Sn). lt causes the That spread the disease widely. not wait longeibefore warning have diedmysteriously. Dr. Ri-
brain to fill with holes, like a Cattle ore not checkcdfor the public that it is no longer chard Marsh, a virologist on the
sponge. The cause is eating con- the disease before they are safe to eat these foods. They Veterinary staff at the Univer-
taminated meat (cows, pigs, slaughtered. The USDA in must be told that they should sity of Wisconsin at Madison,
chickens, or wild, hoofed, ani- America only studies the brains stop eating infected meat. This says he has seen 100 cases of
mals). No symptoms may ap- of 100 cows per every 100,000. food crisis also includes wild BSE inAmerica between 1981
pear for years. That is an exfemely small sam- deer and elk. and 1989.
YoucangaCfDfmmeat- ple. II nfo rt a n ately, farme rs If yo a die of C fD, yo u will-
ing any part of an animal. BSHCID cannot be de- make too much proftt selling ofticially be listed as onAlzhei-
Prions (whichcause all SEs) in- rcaed dwing incubation Be- dead cows for animal feed, for mer'svictitn CJD deaths inthe
fect every part ofthe body, ttot cause.the disease is caused by them to stop doing so, Farmers U.S. are mislabeled as
just the brain. Although BSE/ prions (damaged proteins, not have to pay $500 in order to Alzheimer's. That is why there
CJD attacks brains, it is in ev- ,viruses or bacteria), BSE and have an autopsy made of a dead are, zupposedly, no CJD (mad
ery part of the victim. Therefore CJD cause no antibody re- cow. But they can sell it to a cow) human deaths inAmerica.
every part of the animal is af.. sponse. When.infection enters nearby rendering plant for Some U.S. doctors know the
fected. None of it should be an animal or human, the $100,-which processes it into tnrth. The U.S. veterans hospi-
eaten. This contamination can" victim's immune eystem shows cow food. tal in Pittsbwgh autopsied 53
not be removed by cooking. The no sign offighting the infection The U.S. ban on animals sequential Aldteimer's victims.
'lnys(erious agent' that causes as it does with bacteria" gerns, in feed is being ignored. ln Sampling #t showed 5.5%had
SE is notjust foundinthebrain! and viruses. The immune sys- America" there is now aban on died of CJD; sampling #2
It has been fomd in many ofthe tem can neither detect nor fight putting animals that died into showed 6.3%haddied of CJD.
<irgans and.tissues of animals, it. Scientists caffiot use the an- feeil. But it is well-krlown that Alztreimer's deathtolls are dou-
including the blood and bones. tibody-search method to see if it is still being done anyway. bling and fripling in America,
It was confirmed in 1993, that someone is sick, as is done with TheUSDAhasnot'banned but this is not characteristic of
the disease can be passed from AIDS. The only exception is blood in animal feed The U.S. a genetic Xisease (whichAlztrei-
the cow to the.calf-+stablish- brain biopsies, and that is not Department of Agriculture mer's is). The rate of genetic
ing that transmission can be by done urtil after death occurs. banned diseased meat in animal diseases does not cohtinually
blood. The bones of old cows It cqn tal@ years bcforc the feeds; but, to date, it has not increase.
ane one of
of the major sources full-blown disease oppeorc. banned putting blood from dead
the protein gelatin, used in CJD disease takes behveen l0 animals into the feedstocks. byVance Fenell, au-
many foods, including pepper- and 50 years to eat away the hu- That link continues to contami- thor ofthe boolu International Meat
mints and gelatin. man brain. In cows, death stikes nate the cattle of America, Crisis Qn U.S.A, for a copy of this
U.S. and British sheep as early as one year after expo- through the cattle feed fed to booV, sendS7,00Wd. to Hawestime
were inteaed at the same fima sure or as late as 8. If'a cow thern. Books, Box 300, Altamont, TN
Both U.S. and British sheep whose milk you are drinking has It is utremely dfficult to 37301). An abundance of sources
were infected simultaneously it, her calfl sent to be a veal chop Hil prtons BSE and CJD prions will
be found in the book.