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Food Labels

As you have already learned, food products are

required to have a nutritional label posted on the
back. This label contains important information such
as the caloric intake, amount of fat, protein, carbs,
vitamins, and other nutrients.

Examine the following nutrition labels that I have

provided for you and use them to answer the
following questions.

1. How many calories would you take in if

you at the whole box of crackers in one
sitting? _______________

2. How many servings per container are

there? _______________

3. If you ate 2 servings, how many grams

of protein would you get? _____________

4. What vitamins are included in this pack

of crackers? _____________
5. Look at the label on the right. It is the
information of a Hot Cheetos bag. If
you were to eat the entire bag, how
much sodium would you consume?

6. If the recommended sodium intake

from ages 9 to adulthood is 1,500mg,
would you be eating too much
sodium? _____________

7. What vitamins are you receiving from

eating this package? ____________

8. Based on this information, which

would you conclude is the better
snack? _______________