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Katherina Undurraga

Assignment #2 Assessment Tools

Section 1: Formative Assessment
Grade 8 History Quiz:
1)Which Canadian province did Louis Riel found?
a. Ontario
b. Saskatchewan
c. Manitoba
d. British Columbia
2) What groups rights did Louis Riel fight for?
a. The Indigenous peoples of Canada
b. The French Canadians
c. The Protestant population of Canada
d. The Catholic population of Canada
3) Which rebellions did Louis Riel take part in?
a. The Northern and Prairie rebellion
b. The North-West and Red River rebellion
c. The Red River and North-Atlantic rebellion
d. The North-West and Prairie rebellion
4) How was Louis Riel executed?
a. He was shot
b. He was hung
c. He died in prison
d. His death is still unknown
5) Who was not responsible for running the Red River Settlement?
a. The Metis tribal council led by Louis Riel
b. The Hudson Bay Company
c. The British government
d. The Canadian government.

Section 2: Self-Assessment Checklist

Katherina Undurraga

How much do I I fully Understand Im Not Sure I dont Understand

understand? (place checkmark if (place checkmark if (place checkmark if
applies) applies) applies)
Know why Louis
Riel is important in
Canadian history.
Understand the role
Riel played in the
Understand the land
issues that the Metis
people had before
Understand the
different views that
people have towards
Louis Riel.
Understand the role
that Louis Riel and
the Metis people had
during confederation.
Understand the issues
that Indigenous
peoples continue to
face today.

Section 3: Rubric
Students will write a 2-3-page opinion paper on their own views of Louis Riel and his
role in Canadian history. The paper should represent what was learned in the unit and how it
affects Canada today. Students should think about why they have that viewpoint and how it may
differ from other peoples in Canada.
Katherina Undurraga

Criteria Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4


The paper has a The paper is The paper has a The paper has a The paper has a
clear opinion and a difficult to somewhat clear specific clear and definite
strong outline of follow and point of view viewpoint and opinion and
points to prove. does not have however, lacks supports its exceeds
a specific strong arguments expectations to
argument. argument. accordingly. prove argument.

The paper uses The paper The paper The paper The paper has no
appropriate contains contains some contains little to grammatical
vocabulary with various spelling errors no spelling issues and uses
little to no spelling and uses errors and has appropriate
grammatical errors. errors. vocabulary an appropriate vocabulary.
somewhat vocabulary
effectively. level.
Knowledge and

The paper has The paper has The paper The paper has The paper has
arguments that relate unsupported shows little clear arguments sufficient course
back to the course arguments. evidence to that relate back content and does
unit. support the to the course. an excellent job
authors at reflecting
opinion. authors opinion.

The paper reflects The paper The paper is a The paper

that the student has shows little The paper clear reflection transcends the
an understanding of understandin shows a basic of the units knowledge from
the unit. g of the unit. understanding content. this unit.
of the unit.