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Glossary of Terms:

The following is an alphabetical list of some of the terms, abbreviations, slang

, and acronyms that you will find on the Fast Tech forum. Much of it is accepted
vaping parlance, though some are in jokes, or just the vernacular associated sp
ecifically with FT and some of it's more notorious denizens. Whilst there are s
ome light hearted entries, the more serious and important terms are often kept s
hort, but will point you towards more fulsome explanations. This document will h
elp you sound like you know what you're talking about, but by better acquainting
yourself with the FAQ, technical, and battery folders in this drop box, you'll
be able to back that up with some good old fashioned learning.

14500, 18350, 18490, 18500, 18650, 26650: Battery sizes often encountered by vap
ers. The first two numbers are the diameter in millimetres, the next two is the
height in millimetres, and the zero is because FUCK YOU - THAT'S WHY *shrugs*.
510: The vapers' version of the stoners' 420 - this is now officially 'a thing'.
Derived from the 510 connection used on mods and atties, Shenanigans now occur
at 5:10pm daily, and on 5/10 each year.
510 Connector: A standardised size of thread (7mmx0.5mm) and negative/positive c
onnector used to join a mod to an atty. Other sizes exist (808, 909, etc.), but
are now all but defunct outside of certain cigalikes and old school devices.
ADV: All Day Vape - the juice flavour you can vape all day and every day. Much h
ated by Kothoga.
AFC: Air Flow Control. Any way in which you can adjust the draw on your atty.
Alibooboo: Chinese wholesale website Alibaba. See also 'Forty Thieves'.
Amps/Amperes: The SI unit applied to current.
Analogues: Cigarettes. See also 'Stinkies'.
Atty: Atomiser - the part that screws into your mod, and into which you place co
ils, wicks, and juice. These can be cartomisers, clearomisers, RBAs, RTAs, or RD
B&M: Bricks and Mortar - a physical store rather than an online vendor.
Base/Base Mix: Concentrated nicotine in some form of glycerine, usually supplied
at under 10% or 100mg, from which DIYers make their own juice by diluting it an
d adding flavours.
Battery Sag: The drop in voltage supplied by a battery when under load.
Bawks Mawd: Box Mod. See also 'Victor' and 'Wartz'.
Beauty Ring: A decorative touch which in some cases cover the lower larger threa
d on an ego connector (see Ego Threading) when using an RBA, or can in some case
s add length to a tube mod to allow the use of a fuse (see also Kick and Kick Ri
Big Dripper: An RDA deck with a feed-on-demand system and tank placed above it.
Juice is forced into the juice well by depressing a plunger, which is called 'Do
nking'. See also 'Donking'.
Boiling: What you do to coffee and ramen noodles, and never cotton, batteries, m
ods, chargers, wire, etc.
Boost: See 'Step Up' and 'Kick'.
Bottom Feed: This can be applied to both mods and atties, in which the juice res
ervoir is beneath the deck, and which feeds through the 510 connection. Certain
RDAs such as the Origen can be converted into this configuration for use with mo
ds like the Reo, which houses a plastic juice bottle inside it. Pressing the bot
tle forces juice onto the juice well of the deck (see 'Squonking'). This term al
so applies to people who post begging for free juice and gear.
Box Mod: Any mod that is encased in a box shaped enclosure, though it's often ap
plied to devices that are not strictly square. Generally speaking, if it's not a
tube mod, then it's a box mod.
Buck: See 'Step Down'.
Build: "What's under the hood" of your RBA - the precise details of wire, coil,
resistance, and wick that you're using.
Cable: Stainless steel rigging wire used for wicks, mostly in genesisesesesesese
Cape: What spellcheck thinks we do.
Cartomiser/Carto: Old school atomiser based on the increasingly dated and defunc
t 'cigalike' cartridge. This consists of a wick and coil arrangement inside a me
tal tube with a 510 connector at the end. Usually the tube is punctured to allow
juice in, and then slid inside a metal, glass, or plastic tank which you fill w
ill juice. They're notoriously a huge pain in the ass, but some people still swe
ar by them rather than just at them like the rest of us.
Cellucotton: Also known as rayon - a synthetic cotton like material usually made
from wood pulp.
Chinglish: The odd form of English used by Chinese manufacturers and vape review
ers. Some insist that it's a racist term, but the simple fact is that even adver
tising collateral and instructions supplied by big name manufacturers like Joyet
ech and Sigelei, could really benefit by being run past a native English speaker
before going to print. Sometimes it's simple vocal inflection (their English is
a lot better than my Cantonese, so there's no malice at play here - see 'mouse
piss', 'wartz', 'bawks mahd', etc), but some written material is hilarious at be
st, and baffling at worst. My personal favourite of late was in a terrible Eleci
gar mod, which told you to "press button and not unscrew", by which they actuall
y meant " press and hold button", though I have also seen a mod proudly boast th
at the batteries can be removed with the need of a welder. Loosely associated wi
th this is the insistence made by certain manufacturers that we all 'smoke' (vap
e) 'oil' (juice).
Cigalike: Small often disposable vaporisers that resemble a cigarette. Vuse, Njo
y, Blu, and Ten are the most familiar brands. Some can be refilled and recharged
, but they're largely junk, and only serve as a springboard for smokers into bet
ter devices.
Circular Argument: See 'Waste of Time'.
Clapton Coil: Coil with a structure not dissimilar to a wound guitar string, and
which originally used a singke strand guitar string as a mandrel during winding
, which was removed and replaced by Kanthal or nichrome prior to use. The concep
t is that it increases surface area, but also can increase ramp up time.
Clearomiser/clearo: A step up in atomiser technology from the cartomiser. These
are a modular tank which takes a disposable atomiser 'head' or 'cartridge' in wh
ich wicks and coils of a given resistance are pre-assembled. These are often pre
tty flaky, and have a high DOA attrition rate. However, they can be rebuilt in m
any cases. There's a guide to doing this in the technical folder of the group's
files section.
Clone: A usually Chinese counterfeit. See also 'Colne'.
Clouds for days: Reflex comment made by a vape retard, along with "hits like a t
Cloudy/Cloud Chaser: A vaper for whom the sheer quantity of vape produced is the
ir primary concern.
Clowd: Misspelt with the sole intention of inferring that 'clowd chaysas' are in
tellectually subnormal. Along with 'clowdy' (see separate entry), saying that th
ey enter 'clowd compytishuns' is also an acceptable form of abuse.
Clowdy: Often used in the term 'clowdy skumbagz', a pejorative for cloud chaser
s, or with slight modification in the justification for any pointless feature of
a device, 'becoz clowdz'. "This bitchin' new compytishun dripper has a rifled d
rip tip becoz clowdz". See also 'Hits like a truck'.
Coil: Wraps of wire that heat juice in order to create vape. these come in many
styles, and there are too many names to list here.
Coil porn/pron: Often pointlessly intricate coils formed from awkward to make tw
isted wire stock, whose only function is to look cool when photographed. Jigsaw
coils leap to mind, but the number of tiresome variations created by nerdy vape
tinkerers are seemingly endless. And people think I have too much time on my han
Colne: An alternative word for 'clone', which came into use after Ameravape hila
riously made a video calling for 'colnes' (their typo was splashed across the sc
reen) to be banned about ten minutes after their Manhattan had been copied. This
was doubly ironic as the owner of the company posted a video of him using a ful
l clone set up just a couple of weeks earlier.
Contact: Terrible movie with Jodie Foster. Also the often adjustable portions of
your mod that complete the circuit when the button is pressed.
Continuous: Can refer to either dual coils made from one length of wire (as in a
sleeper coil), or the amp rating that a battery can sustain indefinitely withou
t damage. See also 'Pulse'.
Cotton Bacon: see also 'magic vape cotton'. It's just unrolled dental cotton sol
d at a 10,000% markup. That said, dental cotton is an excellent wicking material
, but buy it in 2lb boxes for twenty bucks, not 10g bags for five.
Cotton wool/cotton balls: A common wicking material.
CS/CS team: Customer services.
Cu: Designation for copper on the table of elements. Some people may say that a
mod is available in Cu or SS. see also Cu.
Dangle Smeg: Angel Cigs, one of FT's competitors. Various other permutations ex
ist such as wangle stig, but they're all used either as a perjorative, or to cir
cumnavigate board rules on not mentioning competitors. There are too many to lis
t here, but similar names exist for Pink Mule, 3F, Focal Ecig, Gear Best, Deal E
xtreme, Aliexpress, Alibaba, etc.
Deck: The portion of an RBA on which one installs coils and wicks.
Dehydration: Common side effect of vaping, and which is often the cause of heada
Delrin: A polymer used as a thermal and electrical insulator in mods and atties.
Drip tips are often made of this material as well.
Diacetyl: A flavour component used to add creaminess to juices such as custard,
and which was a component in a respiratory condition called 'popcorn lung'. This
effected workers in factories making popcorn, but was as much down to burnt sug
ar and fine cellulose participated. Some vapers lose their damned minds if there
are a few PPM of it in their juice.
Diver: A popular rebuildable carto.
DIYers: Vapers who make their own juice.
Doc: Nickname of member Maui_Dave. MD? Geddit? You see what I did there; you see
that shit?
Donking: To users of top tank juice-on-demand devices like the Big Dripper, what
squonking is to users of bottom feed juice-on-demand systems. The act of pressi
ng a plunger or plunger/drip tip combination to force juice into the juice well
beneath. See also 'Squonking' and 'Big Dripper'.
Douchecanoe: Because you can't fit that much bullshit in a douchekayak.
Dragon coil: A microcoil that has the wick around it rather than through it.
Draw: Resistance against airflow. Atties with a hard draw are better for mouth t
o lung inhales like a traditional cigarette, whilst looser draws suit direct lun
g inhales. The draw is governed by the air intakes. See also 'AFC'.
Drip Cap: Made popular by Chuff Enuff, these are a very wide bore drip tip and t
op cap designed to fit an RDA such as the TOBH. Increasingly manufacturers are o
ffering similar arrangements, for example the Dark Horse.
Drip Tip: The replaceable mouth piece that fits in most atomisers.
Drip Tip Cooties: The revolting gunk that collects on your drip tips if you don'
t clean them.
Dripper: Another name for an RDA. Also one who drips.
Dripping: The act of using an RDA.
Dry Cotton Test (DCT): The dry cotton test is a stupid party trick allegedly per
fomed by TC mods whereby they shut off before totally dry cotton reaches its cha
r point, and which neckbearded vape douches have decided is really cool to show
in their dull as fuck youtube reviews. The dry cotton test is like deciding how
fast a car goes, by how many cupholders it has. I don't care about the fact that
TC won't burn my cotton, because if you're not an idiot, you weren't burning it
before you switched to TC. TC allows you to better tune your vape, limit the te
mp in order to bring out certain notes of your juice, and be kinder to your cell
s - that means higher mAh cells are perfectly useable in applications that shoul
d send them fizzling out the base of your mod in a hot fart of boiling electroly
Dry Hit: When your wick is dry, and you inhale super heated air combined with th
e taste if your wick cooking. Cotton wicks taste worse, but a dry hit from some
form of metal wick is a uniquely horrible experience.
Dual Fuel/Fueler: One who both vapes and smokes.
ECF: Tedious online vape forum called Electronic Cigarette Forum. It's slow and
cliquey, and there are a million rules you will have to learn off by heart prior
to posting, else you will be ritually humiliated by one of the dull pedantic mo
derators, and henceforth treated as a pariah by the other members. That said the
re is a lot of good info there, so it's worth skimming now and again as long as
you don't start a thread about any topic that has been discussed there since 200
9. Also, If you once sold a second hand clone mod on eBay, you're now a vendor.
Ecowool: a woven silica wicking material.
Ego: Now used as a generic term for a self contained battery onto which a 510 co
nnector has been placed. See also 'Pen' and 'Ego Threading'.
Ego Threading: A 510 connector which has an additional larger thread (12mmx0.5mm
) below it. These are designed to accommodate mostly clearomisers. RBAs can stil
l be used on them, and beauty rings can be purchased to cover the unused larger
thread section.
Eliquid: See 'Juice'.
EM: Ethyl Maltose - a common sweetener used in DIY juice. 100% pure stevia is be
EW: Elitist Wankers. This term was bestowed on the regular posters by Flambo (se
e FFF), in an accusative fashion. We have subsequently embraced this, and the EW
s are now the elite shock troops of the SOotMBS' militant wing. Nerfologist is o
ur general, and Harto is head of PR. For full membership list, see the most acti
ve posters at the top of the forum landing page.
Ejuice: See 'juice'.
Evil: Never sleeps. See 'Nymza'.
Evil Pixie Magic: The cause of most complex occurrences within your rig, as in "
my mod suddenly won't fire; must be down to evil pixie magic".
Faecal Smeg: Focal ecig, one of FT's competitors.
FeV: Flash E-Vape. arguably the best flavour tank available, which uses an unusu
al dual wick set up with a top feed juice reservoir.
FFF: Full Fuggin' Flambo - you NEVER go FFF.
Fgt: This is an acceptable ironic use of the perjorative 'faggot' (the use of wh
ich isn't acceptable), normally associated with lighthearted memery as in "OP is
an fgt", or "1v1 me IRL fgt". Anyone actually using 'faggot' as a perjorative,
will become a pariah pretty damned fast. We're largely grown-ups, well versed in
netiquette, and the humour can sqil a bit close to the wind sometimes, but genu
ine bigotry is not something we tend to tolerate.
Fibre Freaks: Cellucotton based wicking material which is good, but overly costl
y. possibly the only 'magic vape cotton' genuinely designed for vaping.
Files Section: A mysteriously hard to find place (though if you found this gloss
ary in it, well done) and a repository of much wisdom for newbies.
Fire: If you see this word printed on a battery (Bestfire, Trustfire, Ultrafire,
Fandyfire, etc) don't even think about using it in a mod - save them for torche
Firing pin: occasionally used in reference to the positive pin in the 510 connec
tor of a mod, by people who have no idea about guns.
Flavour Chaser/Flavour Hound: A vaper who cares more about flavour than quantity
of vape.
Flavour wick: A secondary wick placed over your coil.
Flounce: The act of leaving the group with as much fuss as possible, as in "This
group sucks donkey balls, and I'm leaving!" All such events will be judged on s
tyle and content by the regulars.
Forty thieves: Chinese wholesale website, Alibaba. See also 'Ali booboo'.
Free Wrapping: The act of making a usually spaced coil directly into a wick rath
er than forming one on a mandrel, and then inserting the wick. Common practice f
or old school vapers and users of Genesis style RTAs.
Frog, the: Frog In Fog, one of FT's competitors.
FT: Fast Tech - a notoriously cheap and pernicious seller of clones/colnes based
in China.
Fuck Amerivape: see 'douchecanoe'.
FUHattan: Clone of the Ameravape Manhattan. See also 'Fuck Ameravape'.
Game changer: Kayfun with added airflow, or the same tired old three post RDA we
have been using for years, but with a splatter paint finish. Basically every ne
w vape device released, is classified by SGOR as "a game changer", are yet rarel
y is.
GB: Gear Best, one of FT's competitors.
Geek: Member of the FT staff who is active on the forum now and again.
Genesis: Band that was never the same after Peter Gabriel left, the first book o
f the Pentateuch, and a type of RBA/RTA in which the tank is beneath the coils a
nd wicks. Examples include the Kraken, Perseus, RF-99, and Sat22.
Genesiseseseseseses: Accepted plural form of Genesis.
Gplat: Resistance wire used to make coils.
Grimm Green: Tattooed youtube review who naturally has his haters, but who I lar
gely consider one of the good guys, along with Twisted420.
Hand Check: An often largely pointless photo of your current rig. Whilst it's oc
caisionally a rare and exotic combo, it's usually a Stingray with a TOBH. Yeah,
we've seen those before - thanks for sharing.
Half Dead Battery: Along with being shirtless if male, seemingly a prerequisite
for making a cloud vid.
Harto: Fast tech legend and all 'round good egg. She is as funny as she is wise.
HDIVMF/HIVMF?: How does it vape mother fucker? or How's it vape motherfucker?
HEMO: High End Mod Only. Some stores sell exclusively costly authentics, and cer
tain groups, people, and even events arrogantly boast their HEMO status on the b
asis that a $300 metal tube is innately better than an identical $20 metal tube.
Some mods do deserve high dollar values, but most aren't sold for what they're
worth, but rather what the maker thinks they can get away with. Some people thin
k that spending more makes you a better or at least more honest vaper, when comp
ared to people who use clones.
Hits like a truck: Something noobs and clowdy skumbagz say about their new mod,
regardless of whether there is a literal shit ton of voltage drop or not. Extra
points are awarded for noobs who say something really dumb like "I just polished
the outside of my mod, and now it hits like a truck". See also 'clouds for days
Hot Legs: The straight section joining the coil to the post, and which glow unev
enly. Often caused by a nick, crushed wire, badly pressed coil, a sharp bend, or
evil pixie Magick.
Hot Spot: A part of your coil that glows unevenly.
Hunertfiddywartz: This can be used in any format (toohunertwartz), and originate
s from Chinese youtube reviewer Victor. Usually used as an exclamation when pres
ented with a very powerful box mod. "have you seen the new DNA TC board? It's TO
OHUNERTWARTZ!! See also 'wartz' and 'bawks mawd'.
Hybrid: Traditionally a mod and atty which are combined in a single unit like th
e Valkyrie. However, some mods can become hybrids with certain atties, such as t
he Tree of Life and Elm RDA, by removing the top cap. Other mods come with speci
al inset top caps as accessories, which allow them to become hybridised with any
atty, such as the Stingray X. Drip tips made of more than one material are ofte
n referred to as hybrids.
ICR/IMR: Two kinds of battery chemistries. Please see the separate guide in the
battery data sheets folder in the group's files section. In short, vapers favour
'safe chemistry' IMR cells over ICR.
IDB: In Da Basket. Exclamation made on a thread when someone 'Instabuys' somethi
Instabuy: Purchasing an item the second it lists, and with minimal concern for t
he details. "I've been dying to see that mod listed here - Instabuy!"
Japanese or Jap Cotton: Cotton made in Japan, and which is better to use in wick
s because of reasons. When sold in packs of five sheets, it becomes magic vape c
otton. See also 'Magic Vape Cotton'.
Jenny: FT's long suffering forum house mother, who took over from Sufie.
JJ: Either user Juicy Jap (tedious troll) or Facebook group Juice Junkies (just
Juice: Flavoured glycerine, often with added nicotine. Also called eliquid or ej
Juice Well: The small lipped area of an RDA's deck from which juice is gathered
by the wick.
Kanthal: Resistance wire used to make coils. See also Gplat and Nichrome.
Kothoga: Tedious troll.
KF/KFL: Kayfun or Kayfun Lite - two popular RBA/RTAs.
KGD: Koh Gen Do cotton wool pads. Sold in overpriced cosmetics stores, it's orga
nic Japanese cotton, and a good material for wicks. However, Muji, Puffs, and Or
ganyc make equally good cotton pads for a whole lot less. Personally I endorse M
Kick: A small ICB that fits over the top of your battery in a tube mod. These bo
ost the voltage of your battery via a small potentiometer, but increase the resi
stance required of your build. Some simple fuses that offer battery protection a
re often erroneously called kicks. It's also a classic INXS album.
Kick Ring: An extra tube section that allows one to use a kick in a tube mod. Se
e also 'Beauty Ring' which serves similar duty when using a fuse, often erroneou
sly referred to as a kick.
Leads: The ends of your coil that are clamped onto or into the posts. See also '
Legs' and 'Tails'.
Legs: The section of straight wire between the installed coil and posts. See als
o 'Leads' and 'Tails'. She's also got them, and knows how to use them if ZZ Top
is to be believed. They have beards, so they're probably correct.
Lung Inhale: See 'Draw'.
Mandrel: Anything around which wraps a coil.
Magic Vape Cotton: Pejorative for any bullshit wicking material sold for a dolla
r a sheet. This includes Koga, Cotton Bacon, etc - all of which is simply anothe
r product repackaged, and marked up 10,000% by merit of it being put in a bag.
Macro Coil: A larger than normal pressed coil, usually wrapped on a mandrel over
3mm in size.
MBS: Magick Blue Screwdriver, which is often supplied free with Chinese cloned a
tomisers. These are handy for wrapping coils around, and bragging rights can be
had for finding the rare flat head, long shaft, and wide shaft varieties. There
are also ultra rare albino and yellow variants. These will be used as currency a
fter the global economic system collapses due to the inevitable zombie apocalyps
e. The Sacred Order of The Magick Blue Screwdriver is the illuminati of vapers.
If you're worthy you will be invited to join, but don't hold your breath. There'
s secret handshakes and everything. Legend tells that all SOotMBS members await
the prophesied coming of our saviour, whose coming will be marked by them findin
g a free range (by which I mean it was supplied with an atty) albino (clear) MBS
with a long wide hex head shaft. Anyone found trying to clone this unique treas
ure, isn't the messiah, he's a very naughty boy. Red and green screwdrivers are
blasphemous splinter groups started by their evil false prophets Lucifer Dreams
and Hiko9 respectively.
Mech/Mechanical Mod: Any mod which is purely mechanical, including the switch. A
s soon as wires are present, it becomes either an unregulated or semi mech mod.
Mesh: Stainless steel mesh which is rolled to form wicks, mostly for genesis RBA
Micro Coils: Originally this referred to any coil in which all wraps were fully
touching. However, this tends to now refer to a specific size of coil, usually i
n the 1.5-2.5mm range. See also 'Pressed Coil'.
Mod: The device which contains the battery used to power the coils in your atty.
Originally these were made from torches (and kinda still are if you use a Panze
r) and thus took their name from being 'modified' from something else. See also
'Box Mod', 'Tube Mod', 'Regulated', and 'Unregulated'. See also 'Paul Weller'.
MOSFET: Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor. A voltage controller/
relay used in box mods to stop the current passing through the switch.
Mouse Piss: Chinese for drip tip....'mouth piece'. See also 'Chinglish'.
MTL: Mouth to lung. See 'Draw'.
Muji: Stylish Japanese home store, noted for its classy no nonsense products, in
cluding their own brand of organic Japanese cotton wool pads. they're cheap, and
by far the best cotton for wicking in my not so humble opinion.
Mute: Contraction of 'Mutation X' - a popular and affordable Chinese-made authen
tic RDA.
MVC: see magic vape cotton.
N80: See 'Nichrome'.
Nano Coil: Any coil wound on a hypodermic needle or similarly sized mandrel. See
also 'Sub Nano Coil'.
NCR: Very safe and robust battery chemistry used in Panasonic and Sanyo batterie
Neckbeards: Generalised pejorative for YouTube vape pundits, due to their appare
nt obsession with facial hair.
Neme/Nemi: Contraction of 'Nemesis' - a popular mechanical tube mod. However, a
14500 slim version of the Nemesis exists, and is officially called the Nemi. As
virtually no one uses one, this is less confusing than one might think.
Nemesiseseseses: Accepted plural of Nemesis.
Nerf: Nerfologist - English FT member who is notoriously useful, and usually hil
NET: Naturally Extracted Tobacco. Juice made from actual tobacco rather than fro
m laboratory grade nicotine. See also 'WTA'.
New Arrivals: what we all eagerly await six days a week at between 9am and 1pm G
MT, like the bunch of Jonesing Junkies we all are.
Newb/Newbie: A newcomer. Not necessarily a new vaper, as a person can be simply
new to the forum. This is a non demeaning form of the word, but more often than
not, the perjorative variant 'noob' is seen more frequently. The difference bein
g: "Hey there newbie, welcome to the forum. Where are you from?", as opposed to
"oh FFS, another know-it-all noob who needs a diagram to tell which end of an 18
650 is positive.....just STFU NOOB".
Ni200: pure nickel wire used in TC mods.
Nichrome: Resistance wire used to make coils, and which is high in nickel.
No Nic Nancies: Collective pejorative term for cloud chasers. See also 'Zero' an
d 'Zero Nic'.
Non Resistance Wire: usually nickel or silver, and used in the Ithaca series of
RBAs along with resistance wire, or in the new Evolve DNA40 based regulated devi
Noob: Perjorative form of 'newb' or 'newby', often preceded by "fuggin' stoopid"
, or "STFU".
Nymza: see 'Evil'.
Ohm/ohm meter: Ohms are a measure of electrical resistance, which is a factor in
dictating the load placed on your battery when vaping. To ensure you vape safel
y you MUST check your build with an ohm meter, and ensure that your battery prov
ides enough current according to Ohm's law. A full explanation of this is found
in the battery folder of this drop box.
Ohm's Law: V=I*R, where V is potential difference in volts, I is current in amps
, and R is resistance in ohms. This equation is used to work out what amp rating
a battery needs to be with a given load and resistance, in the form I=V/R.
On/Off Load: This is usually associated with voltage drop, which can be measured
with either a coil (on load) or just the meter (off load) as part of the circui
t when fired. See also 'Voltage Drop', 'Parasitic Resistance', and 'Battery Sag'
OP: Original Post/Poster, who in longstanding web tradition, is always "an fgt"
or "fgt".
Pafapaf: French resident of the FT forum known for being outspoken ABOUT FUGGIN'
EVERYTHING and wrapping things in vinyl. He's our go-to guy for stealthy ickle
mods and 18350 battery data.
Parallel: This can either apply to multiple batteries in a mod, whose negative a
nd positive terminals all join into a single feed, giving a larger capacity but
the same voltage (see also 'series'). It can also refer to a coil consisting of
two wires wound simultaneously onto the same mandrel. basically it gives you a d
ual set up, but with both coils on the same side.
Parasitic Resistance: The resistance innate in your mod and atty other than that
associated with your coil.
Paul Weller: The Mod Father.
PBastardo: Perjorative name for pudgy hairy faced youtube vape pundit Phil Busar
do. He's notorious for being an Evolv fanboi, and for creating huge charts from
an oscilloscope that like his audience, he doesn't understand either.
PBDTAH: Problem Between Drip Tip And Hat. Basically a technical issue traced to
the innate stupidity of the user.
Peggy: Contraction of 'Pegasus', a notoriously high performance copper mechanica
l tube mod, famously cloned and improved on by Vapetech.
P.E.N.I.S: Personal Electronic Nicotine Inhalation System.
PG: Propolyne glycol. A synthetic form of glycerine used in juice, and derived f
rom fossil fuels.
Pickup wick: Usually a wick used in a Taifun, which is split into two sections o
n either side of the coil - one section goes through the juice channel, whilst t
he other rests on the deck to collect condensation and spits before it can make
its way into the air inlet/snorkel.
Plume/ploom: Either a cloud of vape, or a contraction of Plume Veil - a popular
RDA, also referred to as a PV.
PMMA:, whatever - it's plastic. Often used to
make clear tank sections in RBAs like Kayfuns.
POM: Polyoxymolycatzanellaboganbythesea.....some shit like that - see 'Delrin'.
Popcorn Lung: See 'Diacetyl'.
Pressed coil: A coil in which all wraps are touching. See also 'Micro Coil'.
Pulse: A short burst. In vaping terms this refers to the amperage a battery can
sustain for a brief period without damage, and which is higher than its continuo
us rating. See also 'Continuous'.
PWM: Pulse width modulation. Google is your friend on this one.
Ramp up time: The time it takes a coil to attain operating temperature. The more
mass a coil has, the longer the ramp up time.
Ratio: This is the split between PG and VG in your juice, and was traditionally
expressed in that order - therefore 20/80 would be 20% PG and 80% VG. Increasing
ly VG is the more desired ingredient, so many flip that to 80/20 - which confuse
s the shit out of everyone.
Rattlesnaking: Buzzing sound made by TC mods, and some VV/VW mods that use mean
instead of PWM.
RBA: Any ReBuildable Atomiser, though it's often used to describe tanks like Kay
funs and Taifuns.
RDA: An RBA which is also a Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser, i.e. one with no tank
for juice, but rather where you drip directly onto the wicks. They often have a
juice well.
Red Screwdriver: A heathen lie, which has no magickal abilities.
Regulated mod: A mod which includes some form of circuit which can buck, boost,
or in some way adjust the output of your batteries. These often have LCD or LED
Ribbon Wire: Flat rather than round resistance wire, which allows far greater su
rface area when making a coil.
Rice Pin: A small pin inside the switches of certain mods such as the Nemesis an
d Stingray, and which stops the button spinning. They're notoriously easy to los
e, but replacements can be made out of anything from tooth picks to cut lengths
of wire coat hangers.
Rig: A vaporiser - a combined mod and atomiser. That with which one vapes, as in
"check out my new rig - SMPL with a Stumpy!"
Rip: Hairy faced youtube vape pundit, Rip Trippers. Also occasionally the act of
vaping as in "take a rip off that". See also 'toot'.
Roadster: Member of the FT staff who is active on the forum now and again.
RTA: A more correct name for a Rebuildable Tank Atomiser, which is often referre
d to as an RBA.
S2V: Safe to vape. Usually if you have to ask, then the answer is "no".
Safe Chemistry: See ICR/IMR.
SBA: Suicide By Admin. When someone hasn't got the imagination to flounce, or ar
e too stupid to work out where the 'leave group' button is, they wrongly assume
that baiting an admin into banning them, makes them sort sort of heroic martyr.
It doesn't, it just makes them banned.
Semi Mech: Any unregulated mod that includes wires, and is therefore not strictl
y a mech.
Series: Batteries connected end to end (positive to negative) so the total volta
ge is doubled, but overall capacity and amperage remains the same.
SGOR: The source of all doom porn and sage inside track on things such as how So
ny don't make VTC batteries anymore - Some Guy On Reddit.
Shiny: The main factor in making a buying decision in regard to vape hardware, a
s in "I didn't need a new mod, but I had to buy this because shiny". It can also
be used as a collective noun for vape hardware.
Shisheido: Company that makes organic Japanese cotton pads popular for use as wi
cks. Personally I feel that Muji is better and a lot cheaper, but see what you l
Sizzle Button: The momentary switch with which you fire your mod.
Slowtech: Perjorative name for Fast Tech used during flounces and tirades of abu
se because someone didn't get their item next day, and which the user seems to t
hink is something that nobody else has ever come up with. It's usually accompan
ied by a meme featuring a skeleton.
Snag/Snagging: To buy an item.
Snorkel: A raised section of the airflow channels, which prevents juice flooding
the AFT. The most notable example of this, is the one in the Taifun.
SOotMBS: Sacred Order of the Magick Blue Screwdriver. See also 'MBS'.
Spaced Coil: A coil where the wraps are not touching.
Squee: Tiny and cute.
Squonking: The act of pressing the plastic bottle in a bottom feed mod such as t
he Reo, in order to deliver juice to the well of your RBA. See also 'Donking'.
SRX: Stingray X; a popular mech mod.
SS: Stainless steel. Often in combination with other characters such as 316L, de
noting a certain composition of alloy.
Stacked: See 'series'.
Steeping: The process of allowing juice to mature so the flavour fully develops.
This can be accelerated by storing juice for a couple of weeks in a dark warm p
lace, or using an ultrasonic cleaner.
Step Down: Reduce voltage via a voltage regulator or transformer. Also known as
Step Up: Increase voltage via a voltage regulator or transformer. Also known as
'Boost' or 'Kick'.
STFU: Common internet abbreviation for 'Shut The Fuck Up', often accompanied by
"noob" on the forum.
Stinkies: Cigarettes. See also 'analogues'.
STL: Straight to lung. See 'draw'.
Stove Top Coil: Any coil that is wound in a way that they resemble the flat heat
ing element of an electric stove.
Sub Nano Coil: A very tiny coil, usually wound on paperclips or similarly sized
mandrel. See also 'Nano Coil'.
Sub Ohm: Any build which is metered at under 1ohm. See also 'Super Ohm'.
Subohming: Vaping a build with a resistance under 1 ohm.
Subtank: The name of a rather spiffy RTA made by Kanger, which allows the user t
o employ either prebuilt clearo heads designed to fire below 1ohm, or a rebuilda
ble RBA base. Its become a generic term to refer to any clearo designed for subo
Sufie: Long serving and greatly missed member of the FT CS team. Recently replac
ed by Jen.
Super Ohm: Also called ohm+ or high ohm. Any build metered at over 1 ohm.
Tails: The excess wire that you trim away after installing your coils. See also
'Legs' and 'Leads'.
Take one for the team: The act of buying a totally unknown and untested device,
with view to telling other customers whether it's worth snagging. SOotMBS member
s have a quota for this that they have to fulfill each year. It's also a good ex
cuse to buy stuff because you're bored. See also 'snagging'.
TC: Temperature control. A system that uses normally titanium or nickel coils, a
nd calculates the temperature within your atty based on the way in which the res
istance changes in the wire as they heat up. This allows the user to set a maxim
um temperature below the char point of cotton, reducing the instance if burnt wi
cks. In doing this, the mod 'pulses' the current, allowing a battery to handle a
far higher drain than the current and resistance suggests is possible.
Terminals: The negative and positive parts of the battery on which your contacts'contact'.
TF: Taifun - the world's second best tank atomiser for non clowdy skumbagz.
Throat Hit: The slight harshness on the inhale which some hardened smokers look
for. Higher ratios of PG will cause this, as will greater levels of nicotine, an
d naturally the heat of your vape.
Ticket: What you open if you have an issue with a purchase, instead of posting a
n impassioned rant devoid of punctuation in the forum.
Ti: Titanium. Ti wire can be used in TC mods instead of Ni200.
Tiger coils: A twisted wire stock attributed to I think either Leo Lee or Yoshi,
in which a piece of round wire is twisted with ribbon wire - the former lying p
erfectly flat and central to the latter. They're a pain in the ass - ain't nobod
y gots time fo tiger coils!
Top feed: Also called gravity feed or vacuum feed. These are RBA/RTA and clearom
isers in which the coil and wicks sit at the base of the juice reservoir. Exampl
es include the Kayfun and Taifun.
Tube mod: Any mod in the form of a tube.
Torchy: A torch geek, which also inhabit the forum, and who are perpetually tryi
ng to make us understand that they use high drain batteries like we do, and not
cheap ICR crap with 'Fire' in the name. Whilst one could argue that unlike clowd
chaysin', having a really bright torch makes sense, it's often the realm of peo
ple who have absolutely no need for anything more than an off the shelf LED.
Twisted: Either a wire stock made from multiple strands, or YouTube vape pundit
Richard Drake, AKA Twisted420 - occasional visitor to the FT forum.
UC: Ultrasonic Cleaner used to clean gear, and accelerate steeping of DIY juice.

Unregulated mod: Any mod in which no circuitry is present to modify the current
supplied by the battery.
Vacuum Feed: See 'Top Feed'.
Vape: Atomised glycerine, or the act of vaping.
Vape Band: A protective rubber band, often marked with a slogan or brand, which
stops your mod and atty being scratched or damaged if it falls over.
Vape Mail: The anxiously awaited delivery of new vape related toys.
Vape years: This is akin to the concept of 'dog years', but refers to the margin
of exaggeration used by people flaming FT for their delivery times. As a rough
guide, if someone says that they have waited three months for an item, they actu
ally mean two weeks. They do this on the basis that if they didn't, they'd have
no reason to complain, and assholes like that would crawl naked on their belly o
ver the contents of an Ebola clinic's sharps bin to get to an argument.
Vaper: One who vapes.
Vaporiser: Generic name for a vaping device. See also 'rig'.
Vent/Venting: What a battery does when it's stressed beyond its capacity. if you
're using IMR cells, then it tends to be a rush of hot gas. if you're using ICR,
it tends to be an explosion - which is why we don't use ICR batteries.
VG: Vegetable glycerin. A natural form of glycerine used in juice, and derived f
rom plant matter via hydrolysis and distillation.
Victor: The only YouTube reviewer everyone on the FT forum can rely on to tell u
s anything, and who has a passion for bawks mawds that can vape all the way up t
o two hunnert fiddy wartz. See also 'Wartz' and 'Bawks Mawd'.
Vidiots: I just made this up, but it so fittingly describes fans of both voobs a
nd vooping, that I'm going with it - it's a thing now.
Viking: FT legend who has been active on the forum longer than anyone else, and
largely knows more than the rest of us. Especially notable for not getting invol
ved in drama.
Volts: The SI unit of measurement for potential difference.
Voltage Drop: The amount of voltage lost between that known to be supplied by th
e battery off load, and that of the battery when under load by merit of firing t
he coil. see also 'Battery Sag', 'parasitic resistance', and 'On/Off Load'.
Voobs: Low rent pornography featuring vaping, and enjoyed by kids whose parents
have forced them to use the strictest filters on all their computers and mobile
devices. They also presumably beat off to the underwear section of mail order ca
talogues, and secure their porno mags from railway sidings and public toilets. S
ee also 'Vooping', and 'Vidiots'. Oh, and it's only not called 'vapping', 'vanki
ng', or 'vasturbating' because it's so hard for fans to type all that with one f
ree hand - and I'm not inferring that they're holding a mod either.
Vooping: The act of making a bowel movement whilst vaping - preferably linked in
to being sat on a toilet. Why this is even 'a thing', still baffles me. see also
'voobs' and 'vidiots'.
VV: Variable Voltage - used in relation to regulated devices.
VW: Variable wattage. An alternative to VV.
Wartz: Watts. See also 'Victor', and 'bawks mawd'.
Waste of Time: See 'Circular Argument'.
Watts: The SI unit of measurement for power.
Wick: Any material that brings juice to the coil via capillary action. Cotton is
the most popular choice, though stainless steel mesh, cable, silica, fused quar
tz, glass, and ceramic are also used.
Wraps: Delicious flat bread sandwiches. Also the individual loops used to make a
WTA: Whole Tobacco Alkaloids. Expensive juice made by steeping actual tobacco to
extract more than just the nicotine component. These can be helpful for people
wishing to quit smoking, but who are jonesing for a real cigarette. See also 'NE
Zero Nic: Juice with no nicotine component.
Zero: A vaper who doesn't use nicotine, but not in a pejorative sense as in 'no
nic nancies'