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Bridge to

Pre-intermediate-lntermediate Band 5.5 to 4,5

Bridge to

Pre-intermediate-lntermediate Band 5.5 to 4,5

Louis Rogers

LEARNlNG i Lrig,
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l r*

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1 2 45 67 8 9 10- 16 |5 |4 1 12
Ul / TlTlB

I m 4

2 Festivals 12

Teamwork 2
4 Education 28

5 Buildings d cities

6 Work 44

Urban sports 52

8 The natura! world 60

9 Family 68

t0 conservation 76

l I Design

l2 Plans and predictions 92

Audioscript I00

Answer key ]

lrregular verbs 12



3 Put the sentences in order to mk dialogue. IllNG pEopLE
t Elena: Anton, this is Luc. from Fr, Complete the dialogue. Use the words !w.
2 t: Nice to meet you, too! l'm from Russia.
5 L: l'm w student, too! this is (2) to meet you you, too
4 Luc: r you new student?
5 l: Hello, t! : Rochila, l _ Suleiman. Slim,
6 I: l'm fine, thanks. And you? 2 Rochila, Rhil science
7 [: Hello, t, Nice to meet u, student, too.
8 t: Yes, l am, : Hi, Suleiman, Nice 3

9 Anton: I'm very well, thanks, : Hello, Rochila. Nice to meet 4

l0 Anton: Hi, l! How r you? -

r2l tisten and check.
} ;j l-isten and check.

ffi Unri / m
G *lm NN
sl slptE F VowBl souNDs - lol leil lail
I Rewrite the sentences sig the full form. l Listen to the riti of the words
i bold.
1 We're students.
// /ei/ /ai/
2 l'm from Grm.
what m l
fly eight

5 They're from r, late not hot
stop hate m
4 Sh Frh.

Read the words i the table. Are they i the

q 5 Ld in the UK. correct lm? Correct mistakes.
i 6 I'm hr brother. r{4]tirt"n and check.

{ 4 tq tisten again and repeat the words.

correct the mistakes i the sentences.
I They isn't in the science department,
2 Rochila r from Nepal, Wg&sLRy
5 London r in the USA. lt r the capital city of
England, ll FRlENDs
4 l is not frm the UAE.
l Complete the answers with the words in th .
5 Agnes r't from hi.
6 She from Grm,
meet chat start go out say
i Match the questions with the short answers
t Lt go and hello to m.
2 l_ people from m urs every
t l ls she Frh? Friday i the f.
2 r u w student? 5 The easiest way to conversation l
5 ls h from Grm? England is to talk t the wthr,
{ 4 r they the tour? 4 l_ with friends ftr lessons.
5 ls ur name Agnes? 5 l like to to someone w
Yes, l m.
every day.

No, she isn't,

Yes, they are, *rList and check,
d Yes, he is. -
No, it isn't.

IJnit t m
Living with lots of thr students can
Living in halls is an exciting time for also vr noisy.
m students. lt is often the first time
So why r these dark, uncomfortable
Iiving away frm hm.
and noisy rms popular? h couId
h rms r usually quite small. The rt house with friends r get private
windows r also small so it bedsit r flat, but many students love
quite drk inside, Fr some students it halls. Why? You meet some of the best
is often too hot, because the heating friends u make in your life. lt is such
is controlled the university and not an exciting time that students quickly
the individual student. The beds r forget the halls d just have fun
comfortable, but it is not five-star luxury. mti9 others frm rud the worldl

Rmg vg
'Halls of residence' (or'Halls') are type of
accommodation for students in the uk. Read the
text and answer the questions.
I Whr do most students live before going to
2 Why r the rooms sometimes dark?
5 What the problem living with other students?
4 What other pes of accommodation r there for
5 Why do students Iove haIls?

Write the opposites of the words lw using words

i bold from the text.
I big
2 bright
5 cold
4 comfortabIe
5 quiet

unit / m
Ao.1BcTlvs DEscRlBE Roos
Complete the descriptions. Use the words below.

flat untidy house cold student haII comfortable bedsit

l l live in small in Ivloscow. 4 l don't like my because it is mh

smaller than my rt house,

2 fmil _ is big. 5 This chair is very l could go to

sleep in it.

5 l live in _, everything is in 6 This room is . Can you put the

rm. heating ?

7 How do you study in that bedroom? lt so

lJnit t m W
I Label the pictures with the words in the .

bed bookshe|ves desk |amp

sofa table window laptop

choose the correct answers.

l ls there / r there lot of people in your
2 ls there / r there m shops here?
5 ls there / Are there 24-hur computer rm
at the universi?
4 ls there / r there m people from Saudi
{ tisten to Vera talking the phone. Choose the Arabia here?
correct answers. 5 ls there / r there bank r hr?
l Vr is phoning her sister / mother / ul.
2 Vr mm is worried about food / friends / lessons. write sentences to describe the town i the
5 Vr is living i flat / house / student holls. m. Use the words in the with there is/
4 Vr rm is picture / , ist or there r/r1.

centre rstrt bank

shopping f
ry}m tisten again and complete the sentences.
supermarket post office doctor's
l There isn't an r _ in
m room.
2 There is in the living room.
5 hr is _ next to my desk.
4 hr r't but there is
for my laptop.
5 There is in the living room,

tr Complete the sentences with is or ore.
I hr table i the kitchen.
2 There two sofas in the living room.
5 hr shop under the flat,
4 hr forty drms in ur
student haIls.

Ulr / m
sL DEscRlploN

I Read the description of the Uirsi of Svalbard and answer the questions lw. Write full sentences.

# l


"'t' ]*";,r*;
1 1:{t ]'*r.:.

The Univesity t in Std is in Nrw. hr r [ fr

ss f students - biology, 9eology, geophysics and techno[ogy.
hr r 50 students in the university. hr is telephone in every
drm. h is [iry, but most books and ti:!:|]i:-:ii|ri.i]].{i!-li!:rl-:|]
ifrmti [tri.
The irsit is i [ called Lg
wg kfuL
h r 2000 [ in Lgr. hr WoKo
r [ots of rstrts, but they expensive.
Nrw is one of the most expensive utis ? Correct the mistakes in the questions.
in r. l What r m is?
2 Whr you are frm?
5 What is home r r?
4 What your home is like?
5 How people m in ur town live?
l How m courses r there at the universi? 6 What do you in the evenings do?

2 How m students are thr? Match the answers with the questions in activity 2,
There is supermarket and restaurant r my home.
5 ls there lirry? name is Paul.
l go out to restaurant with my friends,
d l live in small flat. There is bedroom d kitchen.
4 |s there telephone?
There are lots of people. 200000.
f l am from Russia.
5 r there restaurants?
4 Answer the questions i activity 2 for you.

IJit t m
! Do you think are good language
learner? Write down the things do
well as language learner.

Look at the list below. Tick (/) the

sentences that are true for . Put
Glss () next to the sentences
that are not t]ue for .
l l look at my wrk after class and study new materials again.
2 l have vocabulary book to writ w words in,
5 l practise using the new vocabulary and don't just rmmr the meaning.
4 l don't translate every word, I try to use monolingual dictionary,
5 | read English outside the classroom,
6 I listen to English outside the classroom,
7 l use English (not m own language) in c|ass.
8 l check m work for mistakes.
9 l practise w grmmr with self-study book r online,
5 Complete the table with four examptes of your good language learner skiIls.

Things l do w w l do them
l chat Ii i qlish. l write 55G)5 Fk in nglish"

! mlt the table lw with four goals for your future.

Things l do now w l m going to do them

u qraMar k d yraolise an\f t\ew

l d't 7rac\i;e ew qfurfu\y
qYrr\rY points.

2 Look at your goals again in two weeks and see what progress make.

W| uit / m
I the first part of the speaking test yorr are asked questions . t

about familiar topics, sh as hm, family, work, studies


and interests. This part lasts fr to five li

l Read these questions d think t r wr.

What do u like doing i r fr time?
Why do u like doing these things? ,rd

How mh time do you spend these hobbies?


What would do if you had mr free time? .,,, . .

z Practise speakig answering the questions i activi I.

I ll{l Liten to two students swrig the questions, Whih student do thlnk is better?


i.. *Sffi .] .,:. ..],
. iiii _]]:,,:]

il Listen again d tick rh makes the mistaks (Lucia or Khalid).

The swr is very short.

The student speaks very quietly.
The student speaks very quick|y.
The student forgets word,

Answer the questions i activi t again. ry to avoid the mistakes i activi 4.

Complete the tips below using words from the .

understand cIearly *synonym full

I ry to give_ answers, not just r two words,

2 ry to speak _ so it is easy for the examiner to hr u,
5 Don't speak too fast r it difficu|t to _ .
Sm: word that has the same meaning as another word. Fr example: bedroom is very light / bright.

Uit / m
The diugh Festivol Frig is the lrgst rts festivol in the rld.
lt tokes ploce every fiugust thr ks in Edinburgh, Scotlond's
copitol city.
Every thousonds of shrs toke ploce ond thr is somethin9
[ everyone. hr vry fomous rfmrs i the ruld f
trtimt ond uk; crrtists just stortin9 thi rs, Shs
include thtr, comedy, donce, music, exhibitions ond events.
The festivol sttd i 1947, rlhen eight uninvited tht grus
rrid to perfolm ot the Edinbugh lttil Festivol. Not being
t f the officiol r9rmm f the lnternotionol festivol didn't stop
these rfms - they just did thir shor-us onyluoy. Every mr
ond mr rfrms come ond i l959 the Festivol Fi9 Society
The Society become rml ond printed its r9r.r ond sold
tickets. The society lets rfrm ond doesn't check events
f they stt. Todoy it is the some - ith story to tell ond
ploce to rfm con .

Read the text quickly. What is the text about? Complete the sentences using words in bold from
the text.
scottish music
Holidays in Scotland l The starts at 8pm every night.
festival in scotland 2 The includes music, dance and
Read the text again and complete the sentences. 5 There are m music _ in England
in the summer.
l The Edinburgh Fringe Festival lasts for
4 lt difficult to u tickets for show wh the
Everyone wants to see
2 Person IS
The shows include comedy, them.
_ two shows every day for three
5 The first festival was in weeks. very tired at the end.

4 The society lets

Ulr 2 Festivals
*m Rewrite the sentences using the positive form.
I parents don't like the festival.
sl slMpLE
l Correct the mistakes with the present simple in 2 lot of tourists don't go to Edinburgh in August.
five of the sentences.
I People rs frm all r the world fr the
5 f\st people don't enjoy music.
Edinburgh Fringe FestivaI.
2 lVly parents goes to the festival every r, 4 She doesn't eat meat,
5 We sti beautifuI hotel in Edinburgh,
4 l likes the music best, 5 The show doesn't start at

5 l brother /iye in Scotland,

6 The festival /osfs for three weeks,
6 Sally doesn't listen to traditional Scottish music,

7 cousins isifs us for the festival.

8 visitors wt to kw about traditional
7 l don't live r my family,
scottish food.
8 We don't have holiday every r.

tJnit 2 Festivals

l ryry Listen to two students talking about Ghis
New Year. Answer the questions.
I l which season does the chinese New yr start?
2 How long does it last?
5 Which days r the most important?

2 choose the correct answers.

t l the UK, Chinese New Yr is fhe same /
different day every year.
2 People usually spend New Year with fomily /
3 The New Yr Eve meal is traditionally fish /
4 Chi|dren usually get m i red / gr

KS l-irt"n again and check.

lll ABoUT LlKEs AND DlsLlKEs

I Read the table and write sentences t
PauI and Katrina,
love ,/,/ don't like
like / hate
carnivaI footbaIl fish
l ,/,/ /
Katrina ,/,/ ,/

l loves ril

PoslTlvB Nl AolBcTlvEs
I Match the adjectives with the meanings.
I awful very bad or unpleasant
amazing very surprising r j
2 interesting tastes very nice
delicious something want to know
more about
5 beautiful not interesting
rig very pleasant r attractive
4 colourful lots of different colours
exciting very interesting with lots
5 fantastic very good
freezing very cold

Correct the adjectives in the sentences with

ad|ectives in the .

amazing awful colourful boring delicious

l This ril is delicious, The ones in m country

are mh bigger and mr colourful.
2 Wow! Look at those floats. h'r boring|
3 lt's exciting celebrating New Year in Scotland.
l hate the co|d.
4 The parade is very itrstig, The floats r very
5 you show me how to cook this? lt rrfl.

Sylll sTREss
l w m slls are there i each of these
l amazing
2 awful
5 lrfl
4 boring
5 fantastic
6 exciting

,8 tisten again and check.

lirt"n again. Circle the stressed sIls.

tJnit Z Festivals
sl sIMpLE qUEsTloN5 ND sHoRT
l Choose the correct questions.
1 Do you like the carnival?
Do you the ril Iike?
2 Do they celebrate New Yr?
Do lt they New Yr?
5 Does take part she i the parade?
Does she take part in the parade?
4 Does he visit his family in the holiday?
Does visit his family he in the holiday?
Do l need ticket?
Do l ticket need?
Do the fireworks u watch?
Do you watch the fireworks?

Correct the mistakes i three of the questions.

I Do he speak Spanish?
2 Does she wrk?
5 Does they enjoy learning English?
4 Does we have homework?
5 Do your children watch TV?
6 Do l need my computer for the next lesson?

Match the question words with the words Iw.

What Whr Wh How long

l day
2 5thNmr
5 England
4 Cuy Fawkes Night

Match the questions with the correct answers

I What do you like doing in your fr time?
2 Whr do you work?
5 What time does the restaurant ?
4 How long does your tutorial class last?
5 How much does of coke cost?
l enjoy reading and watching V.
ln London.
d Two hours,
At seven.

uft2 Festivals
W \,WKxTl ,6 LL
DsllG FEsTlvAL ll
l Read the text and answer the questions. Complete the punctuation rIs. h check your
answels to activity 2.
l When is Day?
2 What happens on I\ Day? l Youuseaca t_l l-tt_ratthe
5 What is l Day called in other countries?
beginning of sentence.
2 Ysf l s--pattheendofa
2 Read the text again. Add the punctuation and the
5 Y use capital letters for the names of
capital letters.
m _ _ th _, people, | __ es, countries
and special days.

& Complete the text with the words i the .

is happens remembers celebrate lasts

nT oy doy hoppens on the first of m

'r englond it hs v/
Guy Fawkes night ' in winter i England.
r lt 2
the 5th November, lt _
d it is troditionally celebroted ot for night. | 4 _ having bonfire

.he d of witr. thr is mcy and fireworks. lt 5 _ the day Guy Fawkes
and the gunpowder plot failed to blow up parliament
ueen d troditioncl dig, i -
in England.
frd it is troditionol to meet ot .m.
utsid rgdl college. ct durhm
university studenis enjoy folk dcncing
d trsditil music it is cclled l[:ur /
dcy in mO th countries such os ' . .:i|",, .'l ,

grm, hri ond Lrrozil. .r!|1 .}| : ...

l,Jit z estivals W
9 cood language learners read instructions carefully because they know it important to understand
what exercise or test is t.

You have three minutes to answer the questions lw. Quickly read all the questions first.
l Write four irreguIar English verbs,
2 Circle the incorrect definition of the present continuous.
we use it for routines d habits.
We use it for things happening w
5 Circle the rrt sentence.
l like fish,
I am liking fish.
4 How m sections are there in the IELTS test?
2 3 4
5 What is the highest score in lELTS?
7 8 9
write the umrs as words.
l0l 888
Put dw ur and rl. You do not
d to answer of the questions above.

Did you swr any of the questions in activity I ?

lf yes, read question 7 again.

Read the questions and mI answers. What mistakes has the student made?

2 choose the correct answer and write
appropriate letter in the space provided,
ry tr
: ln groups
Which of the following best : | pairs
l describes paragraph 2?
: lndividually
ll i. Student life i England,
ii. lnternationalstudents,
Answer: hi

la iii. uk students overseas,

,l Whih two of the
following are true?
j: ].h" restaurant opens at 8.
ll, hr isn't free
iii. The restaurant ;s
"r the station.
Set goals for yourself for this week. At the end of
the week find t
I how m different question types there are in
the Reading and Listening tests.
2 what you have to do i each question type.

W uir2 Festivals
Llsll srl 1

l Section I of the Listening test, hear people hig conversation i everyday sitation.
Fr example, asking t travel rrgmt, booking r or asking for information,

Read th instructios from ection l d swr the questions,

Listen to m booking course and complete the notes below. Write mr than three words
and/or mr for eaih answer.
l what is the situation?
2 How m words you write for h question?
5 you write numbers?

Read the text and predict which type of questions will hear in the rsti. Match the
question words in the with the gaps lw.

w muh..,? How long..,? When..,? What,.,? Whr.,.?

Name of course: Week one: the European Union

Length of course: Week two: transport
Cost: 5
or f50 for the month Weeks three and four: marketing and

Nearest Location: Bury St Edmunds

Next Course Date: 29th r

$ltE'S ll Name: 8

Address:9 Newmarket

!oi]] Listen d complete the text, Use r notes

from activity 2 to help you,
Complete the tips using the words in
At the end of the Listening test, ill have t the .
mits to transfer r anwers to swr sheet
Poor spelling or grammar will lose marks. Circle the
spelling instructions type umr
correct spellings l,
1 breif ammount accommodation
I Read the carefully,
2 advertizement seperate acceptable
2 Check the of words you
3 envirament techer argument USe,
4 calendar beleive benifit
5 predict the_ of information
5 colum thier until you will hr.
6 rIt skedule ruiti 4 Check ur answers for correct

Correct the words in activity 4. UsB ur dictionary to

help .

tJnit 2 Festivals
. -- \#{,, \
,, d


Wwg, fu&y
Complete the crossword using the clues.

Complete the emailwith ad|ectives i the .

shy hardworking talkative

confident lazy quiet

,,;;,:i,,.ii:l:i.,:il;;..,, .ll;*..*,r:,l,;;,i;,iir ll.'*"

Dear Dr Callow,

|'m not r happy with m gru fr the presentation,

They r vr difficult to wrk with, Takeshi is r
_ - he is the opposite of Jose who is
i_ so loud. Takeshi might
_ r it might
2 very person. so good at
cultural, but it's difficuIt to wrk with him, Jose is
thinking clearly and quickly.
5 l'm n_ about the exam, l'm really worried
v 3 when w have hmwrk to do
and bit afraid. between meetings, he doesn't do it. ln the meetings
6 l m really h_ with m job. l love itl he is rll 4 always says lot,
is r 5
_ and always thinks he is right
Down - even when he is wrg! l am

_ and
I Sh so f Sh always nice and helpful want to study with other people who wrk hrd, Can l

to other people. -.
change 9rus, please?
4 l feel s_ about m result. l wanted
better mark. Best wishes
5 very w_ person, kind and u
makes other people feel comfortable.

Urr J Teamwork
.rJ Listen to three students lig
presentation and complete the notes.

Presentation topic:
presentation date:
Date of meeting:

i Listen again d match the person with

what they do.
I I use IT weli,
2 Theo l work alone weI|.
5 Zara l speak confidently in
frt of other people,

? Put the adverbs of frequency in order.

often sometimes usually vr always

W;*_:::j W_:__$d;
0/ {- -- - | 1O/

Put the adverbs of frequency in brackets i the

correct position i the sentences.
I We have to work in teams at university. (often)
2 I give presentations. (sometimes)
5 The lecturers give us test at the end of the year.
4 We have multiple choice test. lt is essays.
(r, always)

Complete the sentences with the m of Complete the sentences with the adverb described
person know. i brackets.
1_ is very hardworking. studies I l_ make mistakes in English, (quite
lot, lot, but not all the time)
2 iVly friend, , is the most talkative 2 _ l miss my lVlonday mrig nine
rs I know, o'clock class, (every week)
5 classmate, , is quite shy. 5 We have to work in groups. (not
4 The most confident person l know is very often)
4 tutor _ gives us homework.
5_ is lazy, doesn't do work. (nearly every class)
6_ is very quiet, 5 _ I arrive late for class. (not time)

lJnit Teamwork W
Read the text quickly d choose the correct
I ... think group work is good idea.
ru work difficult because .,.

people work in different ways.

some people r always wrong.
Gru work is best wh .,.
vry do what they want.
everything is planned and organised well.

Replace the definitions in the sentences with

the words in bold from the text.
I She always tries to controlthe group.
2 The meetings r difficult, but it helps m to
improve m English.
5 His job in the group is to research the topic.
4 We fel/ each other opinions topic i r
We need list of oll the things w have to do.

tudents often h to work in

grus at universiry. This is because
m ltrrs think there r advantages
to group work. Yu can share your ideas and

- find solutions to problems. You can develop your

communication slls. Yu can also learn ut
different cultures and improve your English.
However, there are rms with working in group.
_;] Sometimes r confident or talkative person can
dominate the group. Some group mmrs r
speak - th just sit in silence. Sometimes l only
want to talk and not listen. This might because they
think th r right and th think everyone else is wrg.
Students can avoid these kinds of rms making
rules. Fr example, gr agenda fr the meeting
and how often the gToup will meet. Always agree
the deadlines for the work. Usually it is hlful fr
errefyone to h role. For ml, one person takes
notes, another does research, and another produces the
PowerPoint slides.
Doing group work at university is an important
experience that you also need for ur futur.



/ ' FR ABlLlTy
Read the advert and complete the notes with
ot t. Complete the text using r answers from
The m... activities I d 2.
I wants people who _ work in teams. l _ is the best candidate for the
2 doesn't want shy people and people who volunteer job, She 2 _work in team
and _ communicate well with others,
5 wants people who _ speak languages,
She speak another language, She
4 wants people who _ drive. 5
_ drive, but she Iead
5 doesn't want people wh _ lead others.
team well,

Read the table d decide who is best for the job.

work in good Ianguage

leading -
team communication skills team

,; j].],:_: ;: .,.1i, /
!ij']]]::'.]'::! ,/ ,/ ,/
R r m&jN!ru
} Read the letters d answer these questions. Sl AND wEAK FRs: l '
I Who is studying Chemistry? t.n Listen to Georgios and omar tatking about
2 who volunteers in school? what they and can't do. Tick the things they
5 Who lives in |taly? do,
4 Who works with homeless people?
5 Who speaks at least three languages?
6 Who leads gru every week? speak Spanish

work under pressure
iB,|aLiy 7arl i-li, Vl,|
!' i,tel,esleo/
l" s-ld^l -| l/ne Ur,iuers;-{g wrk in team
Cos,|a ?,; Fg,,,
s,|l;" 9 l"e"ol,ee is iy,
{jkl ir
geal,, l w,|
tl | i, se"o^c|
2 :- ,,_lJ Listen and choose the correct
i,u qe,l ,aolre ea?e}r'ieLe aJ
wrt;g i"lea,Ms, pronunciation of .
"leaMs ,| qiye
l degree l ,S} u;ort i 1 strong / weak 5 strong / weok
n^,! ,*'|;^" leai, "fhe gr,q, l also 2 strong / weok 4 strong / weok
vl-| -| * sch,ol i /" ! s7ea&
|,|alia, Olnee{- a*i ,qlisk a"rl l hl7 s}l-{s ,|llo,,t
,|kese |is wh^ ,llneiy glis!" isB'-l: u;, gaol-,
l |aLe yar,{ i
!'pl yeylt kat,ell,,lrrki*9 l- 1,o7"
"{l,.e ri,^t rg,


l.;] :

'm writing to t
thVltr i s\ ftioa

l'rr. stdt * *he {Jniversity of [hi/ in ltaly. { degree is
in Cheistry and 'irr in rny {inal year.


! work s l\r {or oharity in fhilan. l lead \

; | v!\rs who hl7 hlss yea7le. This is third
,ffis workinq lor \he oharily and rrry |irst year leadinq qru. Fur
.,],,. .ffi
varts al fil to clive
niqhts wk r tea drives to dif{erent
{ood d clothes \ hrls
, 7eoyle.
lll ABoUT ABlLlTy

].]]l l s7k ltalian arrd llish, S7kiq nqlish hl7s to

rrrit s sone hls
7l 'i syea& ltalian. Complete the sentences for . Use l ot
.ll ..
t lMe hel7inq 77l
l t.
use r sKills in Costa (ica.
d l h

_ l _ speak Spanish.
Kind Regards
2 _useacomputer.

ffi Qiuseyye 5 _ drive.

4 _work under rssur.
5 _ work in team
? There is only mr place i the Volunteer in
Costa Rica plogramme g 25, Wh is the best Say the sentences in activi I and practise
]s for the j, Anastasia or Giuseppe? Why? your pronunciation ot d 'f.

W Unlr 3 Teamwork
Wrru \&lg efu


I Read the text and answer the questions. Read the text again and swr the questions.
I Do good leaders understand everything about t Which word usua|ly joins Wvo ideas together?
their job? 2 which two words r used to add idea?
2 Do good leaders talk lot? Why/ Why not? 5 Which word do w usually put at the end of
5 What three skil|s do good leaders d? sentence?

Complete the text with d, foo and a/so.

Cood leaders in the workplace r confident
and they are good at their job. They have
Some people think leaders mgrs
r different. [\grs make simple decisions but
lt of work experience and they understand leaders motivate people to work hard.
everything about their job too. Employees Leaders don't l make decisions - people want to
th have confidence in the |eader and trst follow them _,
them. Cood leaders also have good
communication skills. This doesn't m
Correct the mistakes with d, too and c/so i
the sentences.
talking lot - it means listening to employees.
l is warm foo friendly.
leader makes decisions all the time and it 2 l is kind. She is foo grus.
is imrtt that the decisions r good. 5 Lucia is honest o/so hardworking,
4 Paul is intelligent. is funny ond.

.i], :il}i . .t*,1]1 }i1

* ns*- .. l
i."u;, ,


Preparing well for test is important. Find t everything t the format of the lELTS test
and what happens in the different tests.

Choose the correct answefs to describe the IELTS test.

l hr are three / four different tests in IELTS.
2 l the Writing test, you have to write essoy / story
or describe graph, t, chart r diagram.
There r four sections in the Listening test. You
listen to *monologues, dialogues d conversations
with u to three / four people.
hr r three / four reading passages in the
Reading test.
There are thr parts i the speaking test -
questions everyday topics, Ig individual turn
d two-woy discussion / rstti,
*monologue =
rs ta|kin8

,$] Listen to two students discussing the lELTS practice test they did yesterday.
Complete the advice lw.

l You should the questions fr the next section during the test.
2 You should ur answers to the answer sheet at the end of the test
2 You should the instructions carefully.
tr Reoding
# 4 You shouldn't too long question.
5 You shouldn't mr words than u'r allowed,
;ffi Writing
6 Yu shouldn't use personal - it makes it sound informal.
;r 7 You should words correctly.
8 Yu should give _ answers.
9 yu should answer all the _ on the task card.

Complete the t with things you wt to find out about the |ELTS test.

Section Things to find out

Writing tiJht t_s { thiqs d l hv \ describe in ti,re {irst writiylq \k?


unft 3 Teamwork
Rlrrl s 1

ln the Reading test, you read different types of texts d w] different types of questions. Yu read
the questions-first or read the text first. Choose the technique that helps u.

} Read the text first d then sw the questions Iw.

The University of lg i ltaly is popular place to study. Over l O00 stdents study thr today,
No knows wh it first d, t most people believe it ws probably in 1088.
The university was started wh groups of Frh, English and other frig students decided
to form university, So the Universiry of Bologna was also rl the first international
university in the world.
Today the Universi of Bolegna is of the best 200 universities in the world. tt has centres
in fivb ttalian cities d tr in us Aires, the capital city of rgti,
.., wh the universi d. 3 The universi has centres in
vry kws No knows two countries
l ltaly
.., students started th universi.
ltalian Itrtil

Nw read the questions first and then read the text lw to swr the questions.
I 3
universi ,.. the l place you get degree. ... can do this course,
is isn't All employees
l mgrs
2 They are ffrig degree in ,,. ,
Fd Science l\gig Business
There r vr 12 0 universities rd the world offering degrees, but universi is not the l
place you get degree. The fast-food giant Dld has also started to offer degree rss,
l ihe UK, Dlds is w offering two-year foundation degree i Managing Business" The m
pays the tuition fees. l its first 1 there were 5 employees the degree rs.
Not all lcDonalds employees do the degree - they have to get job as mgr first. wr,
as degree courses r very expensive, school leavers m prefer job d degree with tcDonalds,

whih technique did think ws easier: & l activi 1, the swrs are i the text i the
reading the tei,t {irst ir reading the questions ofder Iw:
first? Tick the mmts lw u agree with- question I = r*fh question 2 = paragraph
to Read the text in activi 2 gi. Do the questions
,,. , '' .-'{' :: ti \f s V4lr 'l
,\ ,
and ansers follow the order of the text?
\ l lI l]. rdt Qk*+|s i
JgL-i 61lg{|t ! -|Lil1

-I ,! fir,s, h D
i i
t ''+1 ]. ,_rt.l.+J,r,r,{
{id *l,re l{ft i
\ ],,, qizr " ,i Complete the tips using the words in the ,
' questions rdr text technique
Rdi. tlre text {;rtt 1*u, feel
tg{ide* t trvrig f qti" I Practise reading the questions first and then
reading the text first. Decide which
is best for you.
2 Reading the _ first help you find
i likn r"dith v*'t {irct. h r", , answers quickly,
th. rdt g t|,e telt, the ryti9 5 Reading the _ first can help you
hatp r u*rgtd l*e te.xt ai l r*d, understand the general meaning.
4 Remember that the questions often follow the
of the text.

lJnit mwrk
Wt L&Ry
l Complete the academic subjects.
lG lo
2 L__erat__e
5 l___s
4 _ pu__ Sc__ nc_
5Bu _5
7 _ in__ ing
8 IVl_ ic__e
9 _ gua_
l0 ocio___y
Il _ _ho_ 8
2 Complete the sentences with words from activity l.
I l like because l like
learning about animals and plants,
2 l like studying
because l love reading.
3 l don't like but l'm
good with numbers.
4 So m people study
but l think working is better to get m
jobs in m,
is about the study of
6 is the study of the mind,
7 l enjoy studying favourite
is English.
l we study rocks,
volcanoes and minerals.
Complete the words and phrases t education
Today we learnt about the micro-chip in
in these sentences.

l0 contract and criminal l Universi and college is sometimes called

are two of ur modules. h__hr __at_on.
lI l am studying because 2 When you finish at university you get
l want to work in construction,
12 l m studying to m Your rrd at universi is called
doctor, q___ific __.
Wh you do well i test __

unft 4 Education
LlsTg r !l\
} Read activity 2 below and answer these questions.
l Wh are you going to listen to?
2 Whr r they going to speaking?
SuB.lBcT: 5 What are they going to speak about?
4 What ifrmti do you need to listen for?

-q Ali, Omar and Naif are studying at university.

Now they are going back to their school to talk
U F STUDY: t their experience. What sub|ect are they
studying d in which country?

* Listen again, Circle the things each person

does in their free time.
l work in shop
2 play football
5 study
4 go shopping
l meet friends
2 eat out
SuBlBcT: 5 surf the net
4 work
l go shopping
STUDv: 2 go walking
utt F 5 study postgraduate course
4 go to Sydney

g &y&
Slll sTRESs
put the words in the into the correct lm
for syllable stress.

geology literature languages sociology

psychology biology

ul F SUDy:


ltB Listen and check. h listen again and

repeat the words.

tJit 4 dti

rs coNTlNuoUs BKlTlsH suDENTS ABRoAD
Read the audioscript for track t 5 page I02 d
drli examples of the present continuous, Read the text i three minutes and answer
' these questions.

Saif is another student presenting today. Make l ls the umr of British students studying
sentences to complete Sif presentation notes overseas decreasing?
using the present tis. 2 What percentage of British students study
l study / computer science / at Southampton
Which country is the most popular for British
4 What is the Erasmus programme?
5 How many students take part in the Erasmus
2 do / three r undergraduate urs

3 take / Frh
4 hope / to spend the summer in Fr
5 think / of renting house next r
6 look / for house at the moment

Write questions i the present tis to ask

to Ali, Omar, Naif and Saif.
Questions for AIi tI
5tu dts
l who / live / wiih?
2 vott / work / hrd?

Questions for Omar

5 -
/ like / live / i urli?

Questions for Naif Peopl of,ten think of itrtil students

os studenis frm d the rr|d studying
Questions for Saif in utis suh os the uk, the u r
ustli. However, thr clso
growing umr of British students going
Match your questions l -6 with the correct to str,.ldy 0rO.
answer below.
l love living with British students - it great
for my English!
l'm not working that hard, t the second
year is harder.
I'm studying cu|ture, society and politics.
d l'm living with my friend Ahmed,
l love living there.
f l'm hig to work in universi.

, Ulr 4 Education
Read the text again d answer these questions, Complete the sentences with the words in the .
I What do most people think about international
western campuses global overseas
2 Do mr Chinese, British r lndian students
study d? l students go to _ sle
5 How m British students r there in Fr? university to help get better job when they
go back hm.
4 Where does the Erasmus rgrmm h?
2 companies are not local but
and have offices in many countries,
3 People who work for international companies
often have to wrk for some time.
4 Large companies m to university
to find the best students to work in their m,

Srrisigif 0 rtg, m ritish

students r trlNig rd thg students
frm thr coL;ntries. 1 .V per cent of the
tir British siudent ulti is studying
d. This tg is highr th
hig gt l,4 r i and lndia ot 1 r
cent of thi student ulti.
g &. ,g&,r
hr r r 22 000 itish students
studying i different rts of the wrld. The NUMBERs
th most ulr utris fr -!bfz Listen and circle the numbers, or ,
British students r the U {8500),
Fr {2600} d Gm {2200}.
1 1.4 4
2 1,7 7
ulr strd rd rgm fr 3 22 22 000
riiish students is the smus rgrr] 4 1,2 2.1
thci CIllows ur siudents to spend 5 6.3 63
q i thr r utr. h 6 l2000 bl200
ul of British stdents taking rt i
ih rgrm is irsig r r. ] Listen and repeat. Practise saying the
Now l0000 toke pcrt ll i the mrs below.
9rOmm. hs British students r
mig mr giobol. I.8 8 500 800 2,7 2 600
l800 2, l50 I5280

tJnit 4 Bducation


PKBsBluT coNTlNUous AND pRE5ENT slMptE
I Choose the correct verbs to complete these Match the charts to these descriptions. h
sentences. complete the descriptions with the words below.
Use the present tis form of the verbs
l N cousin studies / is studying maths i Bristol below.
at the moment.
2 More than 22 British students r studying / g up go down stay the same
study abroad this r.
5 Nearly 2OO students take / r toking part
l The umr of people going to university
in Erasmus this year,
IVlany British people go / r gig to the USA
to study,
2 The umr of universities

5 l m living / /iye in rm for the summer,

3 The umr of courses in English

6 British children usuaIly lr / are lrig

Frh at school.



Unli 4 dti
WKlTllc \mrl G LL
DslllG GR5 DBscnlBllG TRENDs
l Read the chart below and choose the best words 2 Read the graph d complete the text with the
to complete the description. phrases in the .

25 000
h 5
rt8 of
fu1l-time first
20 000
de8ree students
in En8ineerin8 &
_+- cyPriot 5tUdents
technolo8y, l0000
cyPriot studentS
i Cyprus
Fri8 Students
5 000 in Cyprus

The 1 bor chort / li groph shows the percentage is becoming line graph the left
of students studying girig and technology in is increasing
the UK. the left we can see the percentage of
students and the bottom we see the time i Ther shows the umr
years. The percentage of students is2 irsig of international students in Cyprus.
going dw every r. This shows that Engineering 2
_, we can see the umr of
and technology is less / mr ulr. students and the bottom we see the time
in years, The number of foreign students in Cyprus
, This shows that Cyprus
ulr country for
international students.

Read the graph and complete the text.

chart 3 l 60/
Percenta8e of 1 /)
fUll-timefirst degree ]

students in each 12aloi

5ubject area,
l 994l95-2008/09

, ] 998/99
,] ] 999/00
1] 2000/0]
} 2l/2
* 2002/0
* 2006/7
, 21 /

copyi8hto Univeities UK

The] shows the percentage

of students in the UK studying'
the left, w see the 3
and at the bottom we see the
The number of students
studying Business and Administration
This shows that Business
and Administration
ulr subject to study in the UK,

lJit 4 dti
llG youR vocABuLARy 1

Good language learners keep vocabulary notebook. lt impossible to learn all the w words see, so
you need1o Jecide which words wani to |earn. y also d to have good techniques to Ir them.


Answer the questions. Write r answers in your vocabulary notebook.
Write three reasons why you decide to learn w word.

Write four things you can do when you see r hr word you don't understand.
5 Write three techniques you use to revise vocabu|ary.

4 Write five things that are imrtt to |r about w words.

Read the extract from vocabulary notebook, Are the ideas similar to your answers
i activity l mr 4 ?

l) qlobul
i i

global tad.l)

qiobally \adv}

*Collocation: words that ft go together.

Read the text pages 52-35 gi, Underline new words or phrases. Do think these words
and phrases are important to learn? Wh? Why not?

Ghoose four important words or phrases from activi 5 and add them to the table in activity 2.
Complete the information about each w word d phrase.

vocabulary notebook r create w document 1 computer. Make table

similar to the one i activity 2 and add all w vocabulary to it for the next two weeks.

Read r notes again after two weeks and check how m w words you kw.
You also compare notes with classmate and test each other.

V unit4 Education
wltl s 1

l Section I of the llllriting tet describe different pes of visual information. These can ild
table, chart or graph. lt important to understand the differences,

::, i_ii, f*}s] i:|]:.:,!i]

Look at the different pes of visual information. Which is ,..

I r chart? 5 line grh?
2 pie chart? 4 table?

Read the two charts d swr the qestions.


$ Bovo
*r25-4 } zovo
35-44 f 600/
, , I ),

4/ .",,.;
A.E* 50/

ffij i;; 8o
:l(r.c{ +oozo
! 500/
9 *_*_i a]]]]]]]]]]:||:]

2/ && 9
ffi ffiffi ::j']l,]]],::i'

L I 00/ - l 00/
00/ 00/
18-24 25-34 35-4 45-54 55-64 s+
Age of shoppers

I what information does chart show? 5 Which axis shows the rtg of internet
2 What do the colour represent in chart ? shoppers i chart ?
4 w m rs are in chart ?

Match the descriptions with haft in activity 2,

I Not m people shopped the internet in 1995, The mr is increasing ry r. hru 200
d 205 the umr is gig u. Frm 205 to 20I0 the umr is groTving quickly.
2 The hrt shows the umr of shoppers the internet age gr. Itr people aged l8-24 use the
itrt th the 65+ group. The mr is the same in the 25,4 gr d the 35-44 grou,

t the words i the into the correct gr.

increasing decreasing growing CompIete the tips usint the words in the .
falling ing
trends important type
going up going down
l ldentify the of visual information,
2 Find the information such as the
title and each axis.
3 Look for patterns and and think
of useful word you use,

lJnit Education
\f* L fu&Ry
Ao.1BcTlvBs DEscRlBE BUlLDlNGs
Complete the sentences with the words in the .

glass ug|y mdr tall

l _ buildings, like skyscrapers, often

have lot of _ outside d this means
that window cleaners have lot mr work!
2 Some people prefer _ buildings to old
buildings. They don't like the design of the old ones
and they think they are _.

unusual fantastic brick wonderful

people think the rl Olympic stadium

is_ and _, but others think
it is ugly.
The Chrysler building was the wrld tallest
and steeI building, It is made from
over 3 million bricks,
5 The Basket building in Ohio is rl|
It looks like huge shopping basket and thr
not another building in the world like it,

Match the words in the with pictures ,

and .

old stone glass ug| mdr

concrete tall huge unusual
fantastic small ik wonderful
The Olympics \
The Spanish city of rl is m than 2 000
rs old, lt has m fantastic old buildings and is
famous fr the architect, Gaudi. His unusual stone
The Olympics r mjr international sts event. and rik buildings r all rss the city. Since the
It happens r two rs i the summr and then in 1992 Olympics, you also see m mdr
the witr. buildings i the city.

countries want to host the Olympics, but it is D The Olympic rt was ugly, old r of rl.
very difficult event to organise. utis have to hr wasn't i beach i the city, but now thr is
-construct new buildings and make old buildings mr wdful man-made beach. fr the Olympics,
md. wr, it give old city w life thr wr m huge, ugly rt and glass
d imr the city. lt also make lot of m. hotels, struti wrkrs made the old hotels
Atlanta, Grgi, i the USA, made $300 million frm mr mdr, Today l is the twelfth most
the 2004 Olympics. visited city in the world!

*construct = build

I What do kw about the Olympics and the ci of choose the correct answe]s.
Barcelona? Choose (true) or F (false). l The Summer Olympics happen every...
l The Olympics are mjr sports event, /r hru years.
2 The Olympics happen every fur years. /r four years.
5 The Olympics always h in the summer. /F The Olympics r usually .,
4 The Olympics usually loses m fr the host ci, /F good for city.
5 lot of construction hs for most Olympics. /F bad for city,
6 rl is in Spain. /F Gaudi is...
7 rl is historic city. /F building.
8 hr was lot of construction for the Barcelona
Olympics. T/F
9 The Barcelona Olympics were success, T/F The Olympic port is now...
10 Tourists think rl is wonderful city. /F modern r,
an ugly area.
2 Read the text and checkyoul answers.
Read the text opposite and answer the questions.
l When was the first modern Olympics?
2 When were wm first allowed to compete?
5 How m countries wr at the Athens Olympics?
4 Whr was the most expensive opening rm?

Complete the text with r,yos, wosn't, were ot wr't.

Rewrite the sentences in the negative form,

I The 2004 Athens Olympics were success.

2 Iwas at hm yesterday.

5 We wr holiday last week.

4 was ill on Monday.

5 The city was very modern.

6 The athletes wr very happy,

Complete the sentences using the positive (r') ot

negative () forms.
ll (/) at work
last night, l ()
at home,
2 She () iIl
Monday. She (/)
5 They ()
hr at the weekend. They
(/) at their parents',
The hotel () very
nice, lt (/) too old.

Complete the questions. h match the questions

with the answers in activity 4.
t Where she on Monday?
2 What the hotel like?
3 Whr you |ast night?
4 Whr they at the weekend?

Ulr 5 ildigs and cities


Athens1 the city to host

the f irst modern Olympics il 96.
There 2 ] 4 utris at
the Olympics and there wr 241
athletes and 4 events in total. l
the Olympics
ris. hr (not)
stadium for these Olympics, but it
was important vt because it
the f irst time wm
could compete,
hr 6 (not) opening
rmis until when the first
7 i Antwerp. The - & &&
1984 Los Angeles Olympics }il Listen to lbrahim and Ming. Choose true ()
the first Olympic to or false (F).

make |ot of m (US$225 million). t lbrahim d /ig study together" /r

l 2004 the Olympics 9 2 The builders finished the stadium in 203. /r
in Athens again, but this'time there lbrahim likes the design. /t
vr ]0000 athletes
4 l 70 builders worked it. /r
5 lt cost mr th planned, /r
frm r 200 countries, ln 200
the ig rm i Beijing 2 Match the information with the mrs.
of the most I started building 200 million
expensive vr, oosting $100 million. 2 finished building 2008
5 umr of workers 2003
4 m saved 1 7000

}lm Listen gi and check.

tJnit 5 Buildings d cities W

l Complete the text with the correct form of the
The designer of the National Stadium in Beijing
created very special design for this Olympic venue,
People ] _ (call) the National Stadium
'The ird Nest Stadium', because it2
(look) |ike ird nest. Why ird nest? I China,
there is traditional soup made from ird nests.
The soup was expensive because it _
(need) real ird nests. The designer 4 -_
(believe) the ird nest was good idea fr special
Sports event,

Complete the text using the past simple form of

the verbs in the .
g* "" N&y&&
I Fl Listen and tick the pronunciation of the -ed
travel need call work hate believe ask ending of the verbs.

/t/ /fl/ /d/

l 1
school, but l love university!
when l was at schooI l2 _ five miles 1 arrived
bus every day. r l get up five minutes before class 2 needed
and walk across campus, At schoo| we 5 stopped
to -
do homework every day. The teachers 4 started
_we should remember everything,
5 watched
When they _ 5 out your m they
_ you lots of questions, l 7- 6 used
really hard every night. At university l have to work 7 worked
hard, but they want us to think and have an ii.
lt great!
} ] Listen again and repeat the words.

choose the correct st.

l I don't go to work last week.
l didn't go to work last week. ll posllvE
2 The project didn't finish time. CompIete the expressions.
The project don't finish time.
t l love my ci. lt really sp_ _t_c_l_r city,
5 We didn't have luh, 2 lt looks _ _8 in at night with all the
we have luh. -
lights and the tall buildings.
4 They doesn't stop work until midnight, 5 lt also looks very d- _ _ at night
They didn't stop work until midnight,
because there are lights the castle d in the
old town.
5 I didn't have English class yesterday. 4 It d- _ ly m favourite ci i
I don't have an English class yesterday. the whole world.

ffi uft 5 ildig and cities

l."'"jj Comments(1) ,,,fl Srrare tiKe 1z1 - follow us fiffi send to friend

Lisbon is the 1 of Portugal. lt is
on the River Tagus, about half way down the
country's coast. lt is 2 city with
_ of 500000. lt is 4

city, but there r m modern developments.

ur Football
lt was the home of the

Championships 2004 and it was also the
City in 1998. The city 5
_ has got
_ nightlife and excellent shopping
in the day.
lt's fantastic place to visit.


DslllG clTy l lsl NG RG RApH
I Read the text above and swr the questions. & Read the description of Gologne. Put the
sentences in the order lw:
t Whr is Lisbon?
2 How m people live there? t the m of the city and its main characteristics
5 Wh were the r Championships? 2 the location of the ci
4 Wh was Lisbon the Ci? 3 the size of the city
4 the main industries
2 Read the text again d complete it with words 5 wh it hosted the World Cup
in the ,

historical lively medium-sized + .1 4l4qqo rify itk_r ltil | r

capital ci population centre -tlav1 i!l!. 1 \ \d trjr, 4r q

,\rqg l ,|;i4,, ?!!, |..,19 was onl7

Complete the sentences with three words from ol * hgrl o\t\es t9 ht,th.Wrll .
activity 2 and information about r try, h 9 ciJg l1 r ?i yg
r? l q,. f!4.c. 1,tl9s+_ .of
+h,q i

is the I of my country. (ql, Lp|o|!Q'l, 4 lr | liluoly lifl,

lt is 2 city with population of
lnternational students are not l studying w courses, they are sometimes studying in w city
d w country. It important to learn t cultural and educational differences.

Look at the photos of different cultures and different places. What differences see?
Think about the words in the lw.

food people clothes shops

When you study and live in different culture, there are different rls about how to h. Read
the situations and circle the swr for you.
Today is Wednesday. You have essay to finish for Monday and r parents are visiting u on Friday.
Yur parents want you to show them round ur w town, What would you do?
Ask your teacher for later deadline,
Miss the class.
Tell your rts to 8 out their w,
You arrive 15 minutes late for lecture. What do u do?
straight to the lecturer and apologise.
in quiet|y and try not to noticed.

Wait outside and apologise afterwards.
5 Yr thr gives you lots of reading to do hru classes but never checks that you have read the
texts. You find them very difficult, What do you do?
Stop reading the texts, They can't important because the teacher r checks.
reading because u are responsible for your learning and education.
Only read the easy texts r easy parts of the text,

lmagine r lecturer is professor, Professor th uls. What do call him?

l John 5 r Paulson
2 late 6 Dr Paulson
5 Sir 7 Mr John
4 Prof 8 Teacher

compare your answers with classmate from another country. What did you learn ut another

ffi Unii 5 Buildings and cities


Match the words with the definitions lw.
l postgraduate interactive class for smaller group of students.
2 seminar lecturer presenting information to students.
5 lecture hr are hr or thr of these every r.
4 semester d short course of study that is part of subject.
5 mdul The next degree you take after your first degree.

Read the statements. Choose (tr) or F (false) for your rrt experience of education.
Make the false statements true for you.
l Lectures often have between 50 and 300 |. /F
2 ln seminars, students l listen to the teacher, /F
5 Y ask lots of questions i lecture. / F
4 mrk over 60/ is good. / F
5 Most students do not Iive with their family. / F
6 You must 8 to lectures, / t
7 Most postgraduate courses usually have three semesters. / F
8 Students do presentations for m modules. / F

Think about your experience of school and university. What differences didlwill
experience? Complete the table below.

At school At universi
t,hr s\ 4 h_k io\., rlt vlork. ! ,d \ iake resposibiiity {r owh !rig.
! li\d tc \h thr i lil*;\ -k. l yle.e,l \ syea{ "r,ti, clive .. oyinion in 5rir5.

IJntt 5 Buitdings d cities W

VLJ t,&Ry LrsTg ! lN
W ! Listen to two friends talking. What is the
conversation t?
! Choose the correct to complete the
1 hir favourite food,
Being student.
1 lwork aso job/avolunteer,
5 module they want to do.
2 l need to wrk fulltime / w skills to make
4 friend they both know.
enough m,
5 l want to | for job / ri l saw in
the newspaper. ? } Listen again and choose the correct answers.
4 l want to get volunteer / experlence in the I Where did Leandro go this morning?
summr holidays, went to lectures / tolk.
5 l am full time / well-poid at the moment so l
2 Did Geraldine j the module?
buy everything l want.
Yes, she did. / No, she didn't,
6 lwant to develop w skills / well,poid to
improve my CV, 5 What did Geraldine do?
She sold doughnuts / ice rm.
2 Complete the text using nouns from activi l, 4 Who told Leandro it was fun module?

l want to apply for I _ l saw the rldi / thr student told him it was
f module.
internet, but l also want to work as
_for chari. The volunteer job will
help me develop _ 3 and l get 3 Listen again and choose (true) or F (false).
better job after university. ln the volunteer position l Ceraldine sold doughnufs because they r
l will have to work so there won't hr favourite food. / F
any time to do any other work - but l need m. 2 Yu can ru the business as part of ur degree. / F
l think l want 5 _ job. So do l get 5 You have to take test about ur business. / F
6 _ r make money? 4 Karen doesn't want to do the module, / F


W Unt Work
G Complete the questions with the words in the ,

s slMpLE quEsTloNs What Where Wh Wh How

l Choose the correct question. I _ is his interview? Is it this afternoon?

t What did you did? Z _ long did he work there?
What did u do? 5 _ did you like about the job?

2 Wh did it start?
4 _was the m?

wh did it started?
5 _ didn't she take the job?

5 What time did u get up today?

Write questions with did using the prompts,
What time did you got up today?
4 Where did you work i the summer?
I whr / your dad / work?
: where did vr dad wrk?
Where did you worked in the summer? : lVly dd ikd fJr mobile h m.
5 What did u bought? 2 how long / work there?
What did you buy? Q:
: worked there for I5 years,
Write short answer and description. 5 like / his job?
l Did she buy suit? () / skirt and top (/) Q:
No, sh did'*. 5h lh]t ski d top :\Yes, rll liked his job,

2 Did he get the job? yes (/) / take it ()

why / he like it?
: Because he liked the company and he liked the
5 Did they volunteer? () / get job (/) people in his team,

Q:vwhere / work?
4 Did he apply for the job? yes (/) / gt interview () : l, worked in an office in fthstr,

Why / he leave?

5 Did he visit his parents? () / they come to visit him (.Z) Q:

: left when he was 65, because he wanted to
/F stop working.



Uit Work !
sandwiches r _
ulr food in many
cultures rud the wrld.
The word'sandwich'comes frm the
r| of Sandwrch. liked eating cold mt
tw two slices of rd, because he could continue
working whiIe he ate, ut wht is sandwich degree?

l ]99, in England, government rrt stated th

students benefited from mr work ri.
Companies also felt that students with ri wr
fr ttr. universities srarted offering degree
with two years of study, one r in m
work ri, and one final r studying. The wrk
ri was h meat and the degree was the rd.

s degrees became ulr. Education changed lot

in the UK frm th 199Os. l ]950, only 20000 people
went to university. ln 1993, the umrs irsd to
ut 1OO0, and 20'] vr 300000 people left
with degree, So work ri made you different.

companies think that work ri is

important, lt makes sudents communicate ttr and
work well in teams, Many students get jobs with the same
company they did their work ri i.
mg rd*

- Read the text i three mits and choose the

best title.
sandwiches and work
school and education
work experience

Read the text again and match the paragraphs with

the headings below.
l sandwich degree
2 why these degrees m popular
5 the history of the sandwich
4 why experience is important

Read the text again and choose (true) or F (false).

l The sandwich is British food. T/F
2 Sandwich degrees last three years. /F
5 Fwr people 8 to university i the UK
today, /F
4 Companies think team wrk is important. /F
5 l the UK, fewer than 300000 people left
universiwith degree in 20l0. /F
mis often give jobs to students
who did work ri with them. /F

& Match the words from the text to their definitions.

& I
" benefit (verb)
2 degree (u)
3 popular (adj)
4 government (u)
8cnp 5 increase (verb)

liked and enjoyed m people

the group of people who control country
qualification student gets after studying
course at university
d to make something larger in size r amount
to helped something

Complete the sentences using the words in

activi 4.

IVlany people study to their salary

after university.
People vote for the _ every four years.
lot of people do Business Studies; it
r people get today than in
the past.
Students today _ from the internet
because it easier to find information.

tJit Work
! Write the past simple form of the verbs. Complete the sentences with the words i the .
1do 7 Ir
2 feel 8 make nervous confident happy

5 find 9 meet
I l m realty_ in my w job. It the
4 get I0 spend best job of my life!
5 give II write 2 l didn't feel before my presentation,
6 have but l got lots of positive comments.
5 l'm quiet wh l first meet people, l don't know
2 Rewrite the sentences i the negative form.
what to say and I feel _,
I l went to work this mrig. -
2 l met m parents at the weekend,
5 l bought w suit for the job. gru U rty,r
4 I learned lot of interesting things.
5 l got the job,
6 l found the office easily. D Listen to the pronunciation of the words. Circle
7 l had lunch with my mgr, the correct pronunciation of the sound in bold.
8 l wrote lot of emails.
t :/
9 l gave 2O-minute presentation,
confident // //
I0 l felt tired at the end of the day. 2 well-paid /il/ // //
5 meet /il/ // //
4 read /i:/ // //
5 we|come /il/ // //
6 answer /i:/ // //


uir work
Wm Wf }& tL
l Match the two halves of the sentence. Read the text again d complete the sentences to
expIain the reasons,
l I speak three ur languages, so
2 l worked in the smmr holidays so I lworked so
5 l lived i Spain for my g year, so
4 l can't drive, so 2 l also worked so
5 l bought w r so

that l had some m for this r. 5 l\ friends wt to another country so _

they didn't ffr me the job,
they asked me to work in the ur
headquarters. Complete the text adding so in five places.
d that l drive to work.
l learnt lot more Spanish,
rth studies Business ot University i
London, lt very expensive to live in London, he
2 Complete the text with the words i the . r.lorks os litr in on Itolion restouront ot the
r_ueekends. eots fr fr ot ihe restouront, he
r m develop language skills doesn't need to buy lot of food.
get work experience
9ft his d9r he r_uonts to r.lork [r on
itrtil bonk, he is olso lrig Sponish ond
G. porents r-ut him to 9et s r-uk
1hr r lot | r 5o+,t5 * Wrk W r
ri in k, they r not hoppy obout
studqt. t wrd to l
his job in the resLouront. my porents
uy rs |ees were r 5\v. ls d\d t+ + r right obout this, h is u.l lookin9 fr neuu
VcOahSo \s job i bonk
wanlt oand\date; w\t ?r\lo d dt\,
w\ of fr\ds 51+ r \ thr *t",
wi is qd +
d\g '|r ly^s w Vs th
0D r wrk |or \str ht,

;:]]jii:.{jliiii..]i;,:.i:i i] .
':;:1]:::.iiL; I]ii;j.,l:i
*ri1.]:i:.:] :]
university students are not I studyint w lss, they are studying i differe.nt educational
setting. li useful to lr hw to it the differences between school and universi.

I 8S Listen to r, student in Australia, talking t

studying at universi. Circle the three points he finds difficult. \_";6
( _*r
I managing time and meeting deadlines
2 choosing where to study
5 having choice of subjects
4 knowing the difference between free-time and independent study
5 taking responsibility for learning goals

2 Read the statements and choose the best answel for : Y (yes), N () or (m).

l l often _dq_,r_thlgs_rc.99__y ti) rhrtha.ns!dy. _Y /_;1

2 _1_lsqwJrru!qss,qs (,g, chalnB s!!- __Y /_/l

1__Lfqqt !
ja tny t !9v _ _ _Y 1J
5 l m late for classes. _Y 1_l4
_ l for8et r miss s!q. YJJ lvl

7 l miss ddlis.
S lkrrq\/e time ll!]ryhtd !est:___ Y_ LN_l( l

.. ]
,:':]i.'..,:,l.t;;tjjiii,,,ljj, -*
Read the text, Which tips do use w? Which wId you like to try?

There are lots of different ways improve r time management

r.*g d manage your independent study. Here are m top five tips:

l Find out whr u r *wasting time - do you spend too mh time surfing the net,
reading emails r watching TV?
2 *set priorities - write list of everythin8 you have to do and then put them in order of
5 Start routine _ make daily r weekly rti to organise ur day or week.
4 Write schedule for the week including all important events, e,g. seminars and deadlines,
5 Think about wh you work best - is it easy to work in the morning r the evening? Do the
difficult studying at ur best time of the day.



*waste time to use time badly

*to set priorities
= to decide the order you do will things

uft work
] -
a:]:]r:.,,]. ]:,:,:]]],:].l]]]::]:]]:::]:::]]::]'::a|i:ii]|
] ] ]
$]]:]]:]|.:::l]:] ::]l:::l:]]]:]l]]::::]]]]:]]]]::]:.,.::::l:.i}!1i
!,r:]]]]a]]]]:]a] ] i]:i]]]:] ]]i]]]] ]]]]] ]i]:]:]]]:::]:::::::]:]:]]:]
] ] l .,

Read the chart and the information. ls it similar to your day? h complete the chart below for r
typical study day.

midnight midnight
-l I
\ ...,,,,,:::::::l::.,,:.,,.,. /
\ :l:::::;li3;1;;lllll:i:11]:;..l;':,-|,|.,;..:,,.:,,,. /

I2 .m"

t l p,m.-8 a.m. sleep 2 .m,-4 p,m. lessons

8 .m.-9 a.m. eak{ast 4 .m.-5 .m, independent study
9 a.m.-I0 .m. 8 to college 5 p.m.-6 .m.8m
I0 a,m.-12 .m. lessons 6 .m.-7 p.m. dir
I2 ,m.-1 .m. independent study 7 p.m.-9 .m. Facebook and emails
I p.m,-2 p.m, Iunch 9 p.m,-1l .m. watch TV r movie

Read your chart again and think t hw you want to mg your time. Complete the
table below.

w l mg m time w How l want to mg m time

l'd f;Ka to yra*\ise lreali^q lf;h rr. }oin conyerlation l,s * hur d.

I don',L r*t to ?t\l. tir c.ftatting onIine, Clrat onfrne evey\f twa Jays not every d.

t_Jnit Work
*m rg
Read the text and choose the correct answers. 2 Complete the sentences with words from the text.
1 Tennis is popular in the UK.,. l lf you two or mr things you put
in the spring them together.
in autumn 2 is to put ur hand r body on
all r round something.

2 ln 'King of the Court'the ball bounce ...

l _ means on the other side from
someone or something.
three times
4 _
- like. activity is something m

5 is wh company pays to
5 play the game you have to know how to play .., advertise their product at event.
football and tennis
football and volleyball
tennis and volleyball
4 The game is played with i each team.
two players
four players
six players

l the gm, players take opposite sides

tennis urt. They have to volley football from
side to side within the urt. Players can't use
their hands.They have to us their head, bodies
and feet to rtur the ba|l. touch the
ball three times before they have to hit it back.
lt can u . Players try to land the ball
sr}ryhr 5 that their t can't return
it. The serve is very important, so players h' ,

to serve well.
play the game, but really good
players usually know how to play cennis and
volleyball, Each team has two players. The
$F*,ryrr.lrr*l;*i]{iir]1] ji_:]:i],:]i;|J:i:i

* ;iiii. iii: :,iillili|iliiiii winning team has to get 15 points and it has to
two points in front of the other team. The
ln England football is usually played i the service has to change every five points.
utm and tennis is'usually played in the spring.
ln the USA, th hr, is creating sport h game is very popular in the USA. There
tht m'is the two. King of the urt (or, ] is trmt series that is sponsored
'Soccel: tennii') is s,g; t cotbines-football,,,' companies. T*re question w is, when we
tennis and vo_1leyba1l,into:on'Pbl:{ '', . , , ,,

Gr CompIete the sentences using have to d d't
hove to-
v FR oBLlGATloN: N / ' r. l You d'\ hava la () l8 to drive in England -
PERMlssloN drive at I7, but you have * (/) drive
the left.
I Complete the rls for soccer tennis with hv to, 2 You (/) use ur feet to play
don't have to, ot 't. football, but you (/) use ur hands
l you have football and tennis for throw in.
court to play. 3 You () u8 to play sports, but
You _ professional, but it _
you (/) fit,
help to know how to play volleyball 4 You () fly from London to Paris, but
and tennis. _
u (/) have passport to travel,
5 You _ use r hands,
4 You _ use ur feet, body and head.
5 Each team I touch the ball three
times before they _ hit it back,
6 The ball l .
7 The winning team _ get to I5 points
Listen to the sentences. Circle the correct answers.
and _ ho points in front of the I I have to go wI strong / weak
other team.
2 l don't have to, but l want to read this
You _ change service ftr five points, essay tonight, strong / weok
5 Yes, you have to do ur homework. strong / weak
4 l coIlected the books so you don't have to, strong / weok
2 Look at the pictures and compIete the sentences
with or 't.

I You 2 You 5 Yu
fish hr. drive faster than 50 miles per rk hr,
hr here,


4 You _ You 6 You

swim here. see this film if you r l5 or over, smoke hr,

tJnit 7 Urban sports

1i **,&, i-l &.ti Y
SpoKTs AND spoRTs sKlLts
! Complete the sentences with the words in the .

l bounce climb hit jump kick

ln basl<etball,players the ball

using their hands.
2 is very important in gymnastics,
5 The bal| 8 forward in rugby wh u

& *
There r two events that test the ability to F,*d
: the high jump and the Ig jump.

You use racket in tennis to _,_ the

ball back,
Yu need safety equipment to _

.:l Match the photos with the sports i activity I.

Complete the crossword about sports.



5 way of fighting where you hit people
with your hands, feet, arms and legs.
5 You need muti or rocks for this sport. **ii.

Two teams get points throwing ball

through net.

Down jii complete the notes below.

I You use ur hands and rms to hit the Sports l watch:
ball vr high net.
Sports l play:
You play singles r dus. You have
to hit ball over net with racket. Sports l think r boring:
4 Activities that test ur strength and sl<ill, Sports l don't like:
6 yu use club to hit small ball into Sports l think r dangerous:
very small hole.

ffi Unlr 7 |Jrban sports

l Match the pictures to the sports below.
I Volleyball 4 FootbaII
2 Judo 5 Climbing
5 Tennis 6 Ping Pong

Match the descriptions to the sports in activi I. put the lines of this conversation in the correct
You don't need ball or bat, Y just need an
opponent. Yu need to wear good quality sports
You need net but you don't need racket, shoes d you need shorts and T-shirt,
yu need rackets, balls and court. Well, first you need to buy tennis racket
d You d22 players, ball d pitch, and some tennis balls, h you need
some c|othes to wr,
You need balls and bat but you don't need court,
what kind of clothes do l need?
You do need table though,
f You just need yourself and muti, d Yes. You need hat if you play in su
.=1 wthr.

Complete the sentences with d d't d. l want to start tennis lessons, what do l
need to buy? l
;|: l you racket, ball and court to f Anything else? Do l need hat?
play tennis.
2 You to fit to play some sports,
correct the mistakes in the sentences.
like pool r darts.
5 You to practise lot at sport to t You don't need tall to do the |ong jump,
become good, 2 Do you needs to very fit to play ping pong?
4 You to ug to good at sports, 5 You needing I I people to make football team.
but it helps. 4 You not need racket to do judo.
5 You lots of sports equipment to 5 Need you w tennis racket?
keep fit,
6 You bike to take part in triathlon.

IJnit Urban sports


LlsThl ! 2 }7 Listen again. Choose Y (yes) or N (),

l you do exercise classes in them? Y/ N
l Ti Listen to m and Alice talking about 2 Do you have to use these shoes for running? Y / N
kig fit. Choose the correct answers.
5 Does Tom like running? Y/ N
I Alice ... what kangoo jumps r, 4 dangerous?
Does m think they are Y/ N
knows doesn't know
2 They are ... for your bones.
good bad
These shoes make exercise mr Il EMpHAsl5 (1)
dangerous fun
Complete the sts with the words in the .
Alice ,,. jogging.
loves hates really so sh absolutely
They help you get ,.. faster
fitter stronger
I There r _ lot of different sports
to try!
Alice .,. to try them. 2 lt_ fantastic!
doesn't want wants 5 Y _ play it r computer.
4 Y can watch it in many places,

5 lt difficult,

' w mh do kw t sports? Circle the
correct answer.
l How m players are vo|Ieyballteam?
bll 5
Where is the Nad Al-Sheba racecourse?
Abu-Dhabi Jeddah Dubai
Which of these sports is not popular world-wide? .:i
football baseball tennis
rll popular?

|nwhich country is ice-hockey

Canada lndia South Africa

". ]

At the 2008 Olympics, which try w all

the medals in table tennis?
Thailand Japan
ln tennis, what does d m?
wh player serves the ball
score of l 5/I 5
G score of 4/4

What does LBW m in cricket?

leg before wicket
long ballwide
late ballwin
Which team does not play i the Rubgy Six
Nations tournament?
ltaly Grm Scotland

uft 7 | sports
Wtzug W,lG K!-l"
Dlscusslluc HART Llll wlTH us
! Read the pie chart and answet the questions. } Read the pie chart. Complete the sentences with

;i getting too old don't h time

& have injury g& don't enjoy it mr

l What does the pie chart show? 1 45/ of people stop doing sport because ...

2 What rss do people give? 2 25/ stop doing sport because ,.,
3 what is the most mm rs? 5 2/ of people stop because ,,,
4 what is the least mm rs? 4 in ten people stop because ,,.

Complete the description using the words d Write paragraph describing the pie chart i
phrases in the , activity 5. Use the model in activity 2 to help .

in five smallest fifty per cent

shows key twenty-five
h pie hr\ shws

"1 pic rt\ w pcople

doq't do 5r+,tt
tle Vollo ol t hrt, \ 01 rtq |
pcoplc antd rs,
f pcoplc doq't do srt Vezasa
,th d't hv t\m.
r t, r Qlr+r
| people, davt't lo 5r+ VO t fil it Vr\,1,
pcoplc l't do syort
O(^ se t\ r'| qood a+\t,tiallv, fivc per 0t,
|h v
rD,lorl't do
sport Vs | d\l d\t\,

tLnit 7 Ur sports F

IlrG youR uLy 2

Good language learners try different techniques to hl them learn
words and improve their vocabulary. There are many different
techniques and you shld choose the ones that work best for . *]1,:'],:,

? Look at the statements lw Tick the techniques that are

down, l can't rmmr [ listening and repeating l like to lr words
I word from just hearing it. t them. l translatlng


W of different sentences [ f groups. Fr

ml, [ the room while I lr
it. t function. t words,

I to rmmr topic or
i6] Listen to dr and Grl describing how they learn lry. Tick the methods they use.

I putting words into groups

2 making link to picture
saying words aloud
4 using words in sentences

Nw you're going to try two of these techniques.

putting words into groups help remember more words. How m g]s u make from
the words in the lw? you add other words to the groups?

Biology climb flat awful Sociology amazing hit house

bedsit jump boring Law kick Engineering student halI

Making link to picture help some learners. Look back at the sports vocabulary pages
54-55 and try this technique.
t Think of picture for each word or try to rmmr where you were wh you first learned the word.
2 Write the word piece of rd d put the cards in bag,
5 pull out card and try to think of the picture r the place. you rmmr the meaning?

ry technique from activi 2 this week. Tell classmate the technique you're going to use.
At the end of the week:
t Tell your classmate what you liked and didn't like about the technique.
2 Ask ur classmate to test you the w words.
5 Continue with this technique or try another - find technique that works for you,

u;r 7 l sports
slr 2
l Part 2 of the Speaking test, the mlr gis topic to speak t, You have mit to
Dfrrr rhl
p]epare 'r gig
wht vorr'te talk about the topic for to two mits.
going to say and to make notes. h mit

Read the Part 2 task card d anwe] the questions.

l Wht the main topic?
2 w m mi points r there?
5 Wht the final point?
Describe importont historicgl
building you like, You should say:
- where it is
- what it looks like
- wh it is important
And wh llke the building, i:;:'

Match the notcs lw with the points the task rd.

i it" ; *,,,,* *i th* ***r * {.*,s*i,d' *!,;*,, i;;'* , *iq *r*,,; ildirrq ,e;ilh t* .trt*i. tL,ta

i|' r,r,*.r!y'b** **r *i}, ;lr,* it i *r*. **i;iu., i tiu iut i * iii b,"at'i : rq * . ! r *
s' i ,

**fhg" {* y\*.,aT:l\! **i} r*ir,"s rr*4 **r ?**'-ir*,&*.

? *a:lki"r,qh*"rr, ?ai*t* tg i,, L-*l,r".. 1 | *r.l** *ir *t ,; t**,r *h*,rq..

!i2Z Listen to two studets srrig Part 2. * '*" the task card i activi l gi
Tick the mistakes they make. and mk notes th point i mit,

,r" your $r.r. Speak ld for

to tw minutes. Use r ts from activi
4 to help you organi:e r wf.

Complete the tips below using words

from the .

organise prepare notes

t use the one minute to

2 Make _ all the points
the task rd,
5 Use the task card and ur notes to
your answer.

IJit 7 Ur ports W
W L&y
! Complete the sentences with the words in the . Complete the text with the words in the .

cliffs coast rainforest beach scenery destination landscape

river waves waterfall spectacular unique

t The Amazon is the biggest in the

world and the second longest _ in the
world goes through the midd|e.
2 For-eight countries in the world do not have
. These include Afghanistan, Austria,
IVlali, Nepal and Paraguay.
5 gldsh Bazar is the wrld longest
sandy _ at l50km,
4 The in England are white,
5 Pacific
The is the deepest in the
6 The Hawaiian islands have some of the biggest
in the world,
7 Venezuela has the highest _ in the

lndoncsia is ]_ placc becausc lt

has thc world's largcst population of l
living group of islands. lt has somc of thc
bcst natural
2 world. Java is thc most
in thc
populated island i thc world, but it has
with volcanoes d rainforests
There r 50 national parks in lndonesia. hr
arc six 4_ parks which arc World
Hcritagc listcd. This bcautiful country is thc
of rl sv million tourists

Ulr The natral world
LrsT &N!N
Listen to two friends talking t CoMMBlvTllc
California. Choose Y (yes) or N ().
t Has he made holiday plans? Y/ N
l Listen and complete the rsti,
2 Has he to mri before? Y/ N : l'm going to Hawaii next week.
5 Has he read much about California? Y/ N : Hawaii!?r l

4 Has he driving holiday before? Y/ N That sounds 2

5 Has he booked the hotels? Y/ N : Yeah!And l'm going surfing,
6 he tried skiing before? Y/ : 3 ! That sounds
Has N

q;] Listen again. When did Halide do each of

: Yeah, l can't wait!

these things? Complete the sentences.

l she went to New york Z '{2 Complete the conversation, Then listen
and check,
: l'm going to Jeddah next week.
2 she went to california
: Jeddah!? 1

That sounds 2

5 She went driving holiday : Yeah! And l'm going scuba diving,
: 3-!
4 She went skiing That sounds

: Yh, l can't wait!

V t", LARy
AolBcTlvB AND NoUN coLLocATloN5
! Look at the photos and complete the collocations.
l sandy _
2 deep r,

5 spectacular v
4 Snowy m-
5 thick rainf,
6 extlnct

Complete the text using the collocations from

activity I.

When l think of California they

imagine lots of 1 _ on the
coast and lots f sunny Weather.
But California has lot more. The
are excellent fr l
who want to ski. They also offer
across the sierra Nevada
and other mountain features such as
numerous but some
might activel San Francisco is fmus
r the Golden Gate Bridge which stands
over the 5 the north
coast there are the 6 that
cover over 540km2.

lJntt The natural world

5 slMPtE
Complete the sentences with the correct form of Complete the questions with the correct form of
the verbs. the verbs.
I l_ (go) to China, but people say it
is amazing. 2 play 2 meet 2
2 l_ (travel) to Dubai manytimes.
lt great for winter s. l _ you _ John before?
5 You (finish) ur hmwr( so 2_ you _ your parents
you can't go out. last week?
4 We (fly). We always drive or take 5 _you _ to Australia?
the ferry. 4 _you at the festival? I was there
5 _ (visit) the Himalayas few on Sunday.
yearS 8.
5_ you _ football yesterday?
6_ you _ golf before?
? Correct the mistakes in three of the questions,
l Did u ever go to Vietnam?
2 Did she enjoy hr holiday?
5 Have she ever surfing?
4 Have you r played golf?
5 Has she ever been to New York?
6 Did she r eat sushi?



R* * ,

? Read the text and match the headings

with the paragraphs.

I The people of Madagascar
2 What makes Madagascar special?
5 Environmental damage in Madagascar
4 Where is Madagascar?

2 Read the text again. Choose (true) or F (false).
l Madagascar.
Lots of people go holiday to /r
2 Madagascar is rih country. /F
5 Madagascar.
Many plants and animals r unique to /F
4 dgsr popu|ation is causing problems for the island. /F
5 The forest damage is wrst on the coast. /F
6 Some species of lmur are in danger. /F

Tho h9i9
i i:!

];] I,i]l/il *:

1 j'
'i. |i'
]: a]
,(: l]

ii it.: -] ".
!j .1,.,.,,.,...
r:: ,_,_
/ r .,,." ,,,,,:


Modogosccr is the fourth lorgest However, since then rs ond

islond in the is locoted Eost Africons, ond loter Molays,
in the lndion oceon off the Jovonese, lndions, Chinese
southeostern coost of Africo,The ond Europeons hove ll lived i
country is quite r ond most Modogoscor, The populotion hos
people r less thon $2 doy, risen to over 20 million people
However, there is grwig interest ond this hos ccused m
in the utr fr tourism, but ot environmentol problems.
the moment very few tourists visit.
Neorly fifty rt of
Modogoscor hos something Modogoscor's forests hcve
speciol which mokes it very disoppeored i the lost fifty
interesting for scientists ond yeors, lt is even higher the
tourists olike. lt hos m species coost. scientists have estimoted
of plonts ond onimols thot do not thot rl 50 r cent of
exist in other countries. tw Modogoscor's onimol ond
80 ond 90 rt of its onimols lt species r deod or will
ond plonts hove only ever die, N/odgoscor's most fomous
found i Modogoscor, onimol is the lemur. Unfortunotely,
ot leost l7 species of lemur hove
People hove lived in Modogoscor
become extinct since l
for r lg time. Most
orrived, Mony plonts ond onimols
rsrhrs believe thot the
we know little obout will deod
people come to the islond
before we hove h to
over 2000 yeors ogo from
know mr obout them.
Borneo i the south chino seo,

Uit The trI world W

t Match the sentences with the grammar
explanations below.
1 l have lived hr for three years.
2 How /g have you lived hr?
5 l have in England s August,

The start of the action.

talk about the time period of the action.
ask about the period of time r start of the

Complete the sentences with for, si or how

l l haven't to ltaly long time,
2_ have you worked hr?
5 We haven't eaten here your birthday.
4_ have you known hr?

5 l have kw about the- essay _ the ,..

start of term.
6 I've had an iPhone _ ages.

correct the mistakes i three of the sentences,

l We've in Japan since month,
2 l've lived hr since l was five.
5 Sh loved surfing since m years,
4 l have skied every winter fr the last five years.
5 They've worked hr for 20I0.

gr* &l,&N
! ry Listen to the sentences and drii the
stressed (strong) sounds.
l Have you ever to Madagascar?
2 Yes, l have,
5 Has he ever seen lemur?
4 No, he hasn't,

2 @ Listen again and repeat the sentences,

Unlr The natural world

\rV r*lc
Many students in the UK take
gap year after school and before
going to university. In fact about
250000 do every year. Most of l Read the text and answer the questions.

them want to combine trl What is gap year?

What r the advantages of gap r?
with making m or doing
What are the disadvantages of gap r?
'lvoluntary work. But whatever
their reasons, students need 2 Read the text again and match the functions 1-4
to think carefully about what with the paragraphs A-D.
they do, There r number of l giving the writr opinion
advantages to taking gap year. 2 listing the bad things about 8 year
5 introducing the topic

First of all, it gives l time

4 listing the good things about g year

to decide what degree they

want to do and what job they WKlTlru K.t
want to have in the future. It
also allows them to lr mr
about the world, for example, Read the text again and answer the questions,
learning different languages,
experiencing different cultures
ln my opinion wr Fr example First of all

and seeing landscapes they have l Which word introduces the opposite idea?

* never seen before. Which phrase shows what the writer thinks?
, 5 Which phrase helps lists of m points?
w m people argue Which phrase introduces explanation?
that travelling for year is just
long holiday. It is also expensive
4 Complete the paragraph below with words and
phrases from activity 3.
and it might better to spend
the money on education. Some -Ihr r 5 Vovle|ts to sd\q
students also forget how to lr,vll\1, \
, D 0| visrf
study during their gap year and ls th \yl l r tw wl\d.
find it hard to study again when , )Dt qd t\ \ tltle
,tl sw
they return hm. r\t|rst, l\V ]l\alayas
qd l t|^le sd slrl\t Vhs t t
D In conclusion, there are lot of we?,k.? veople wh hv st
advantages and disadvantages lq t\ lrll\q lal Vrd.l d't l
vll\ 1 V pl , V at, 1r\ d V s r.
in taking gap year. In m
pcople wh 0^l +rvl |r r
opinion, gap r is valuable
r rllVt zd to l r|ll,
experience, but one whole year
is too long.
Read the essay title and write paragraph t it.
Use the model i activity 4 to help you, Use First of all,
For m!, wvr ind l m ii.
*Vltry work is work that you do because you want
to, not because you have to do it. Volunteers work to ,,,, GO rS are important experience. Do you
make things better and are not paid for what they do. l:l ?8t r disagree?

l.Jnit The trl world

llG youR woRK
All students make mistakes wh learning w language. lt is
rml part of learning. lt is important to read or listen to teacher
comments and check your work for mm mistakes you make.

Match the teacher comments with the sentences below

I 'Check your grmmr, ls the tense rrt?'
2 'Check ur spelling carefully,'
5 'Check the r form matches the subject.'
4 'This is formal essay and ur vocabulary is too informa|.'
5 'Check your word formation, You need r not u,'
6 'Check you use the correct plural form of the noun,'

_* i g to tbe shiq *j. wrz lr

_|1 t
\rr', nir !\-.tl1l1 t\\\(, \ll\trt-ll^
\ 1

r yugt*oaoy,' W iat r ,Dltli
r l 1 ,l r'il \-
glrlt \ rr \ltc \ ''l,,

rt is li#i l+ + lq\/rt\ _ Yov ,J to re{ler

_- alry kj& f";t ir {l becar.lqe

rq thr, |r4. to the h, ^ f Y +t4 ts

lF !r4.

Correct the sentences in activity l.

Read the paragraph d correct the underlined mistakes. Use the teacher comments i activity l
to help you.

[| student in the UK *k qa7 year |ir school. h w!,s lo see thr \tl{r
to ul,uurtrr Thev saw th hbrla ona ey,peyior,oira iew u!ir, Foy fi,any it rs h bes\ or
their li{e|.l{lr'houu + " lq hltd|:;?!
l l I l wrk. hr is lhe ="----iqt *at ieorle
l l

l l --------------r

.Y_,$m Listen to Luca talking to his teacher. Circle the three things he needs to improve.
l organisation 2 grammar 5 vocabulary 4 spelling

Read teacher comments have and complete the table below.

The most Gmm mistakes l make How l I to improve

R-,,vrit r\\{ rtqylrk d k,

Y or araqra7h strr,rctre
\uhr to look t i\ q,.

tr u;r The natural world

LlslllG FR spEclFlc lNFRIN
l the Listenig test d to listen for specific information i conversation. For ml. m,
mrs or places,

:*cxjl Listen and circle the mr hear,

1 15 5 5 35 55
2 ll 160 6 777289 7722.89
5 3:2 2:4 7 58 kilos 85 kilos
47lh 7 8 07789 471147 07889 471147

Read the text belouv d predict which s] Id include mrs, h predict hih Im
ld contain swts fllwig !f d Whero questions,

Programme of activities for first day

Time Place Event

9.00 Register

9. i hall 2

Library 4

Listen and complete the t, hs (true} r F (false}.

l The mi hall is t to the t, /F
Labelling diagrams is thr of task that 2 G past classroom to get to the
asks to listen for specific ifrmti, Read staff rm. TlF
the diagram belor. m rooms do 5 h ti is opposite the t. /F
have to label?
4 The main hall is at the d of the
corridor, T/F
Library (L) Staff Room (SR) Toilet ()
Main Hall () Classroom (CR)
t}i Listen gi d complete the diagram.

Complete the tips using the words i the .

read predict revise

t Read the instructions and try to

the information you will hear,
2 the sounds of numbers.
3 the text or the diagrams carefully.

lJnit The natral world

L&y 2 Read the text and match the headings with the
W*g&- paragraphs.
y ll I The unlucky child,
2 The importance of birth order,
Complete these sentences with word or phrase
5 Why does this h?
from the below.
4 future fi|m star?

the middle chiId ig the oldest child

5 The best position.

m from the youngest child l child

l l come from
family. l have four rthrs and three sisters.
2 l smallfamily, l only have
5 l'm . l don't have
any brothers r sisters.
4 l'm- and it difficult!
IVly brothers and sisters r listen to m!
5 l'm klara is older
than m and R ichard is ugr than m.
6 I'm 20 and l'm
'l8 and Ahmed is l6,
Tala is

Look at the photo. Decide if these statements are
(true) or F (false).
I The child the left is | child, /F Do you have rthrs r sisters r r you
2 The children r brothers and sisters. /F only child? r you the oldest, the youngest r
5 The oldest child is in the middle, T/F somewhere in the middle? These r important
4 h youngest child is the right, /F
questions because the position influences ur
5 The middle child is the left. /F
personality and ur fluture success.

Middle hlldr r ft good at making vr

hu. Unfortunate[y th r not usual[y rich.
Oflten they r not wel[-educated and dont have
good job. h get less attention than older
chrldren, and less money and time r spent
them. Dont wrr about being middle child
though - famous and successflul middle children
include Bill Cates, JFK and Madonna.
Read the text again. Choose (true) or F (false). Read the mmts and match them with the
correct photograph, , r .
I Middle children are unlike|y to have lot of
m, / F
2 Middle chiIdren r not good with other people, / F ? l'm relaxed sort of person, l don't know
what I want to wh l'm older. l don't want
5 Middle hildr are r successful. / F
to banker or anything - |'m not interested
4 Older siblings play lot with the youngest child. / F in money. l like people; l like making them feel
5 The youngest children r often very creative. / F good, so I want to work in team.
6 Not m US presidents r oldest children. / F
7 Oldest children don't wt to successful. / F
8 and attention are important for hild What do l like? I like playing. l like making
future success, T/F things, Last week I made r out of old
9 Big families bad for hild boxes and r. I painted it yellow, red and
development in poor families, /r lu! Wh I'm oIder l want to painter,
What am l interested in? lot of things. I work hard d
I think |'m intelIigent too, l Iike taking r of m u8r
brothers d sisters - they're good kids! And when |'m
The youngest hildr r ft r creative.
older? I know what l want to . I want to doctorl
They r given lots of,attention frm thir i
ldr brothers and sisters. So therr _qames and FF*,- "

entertainment r oflten mr creative.

youngest hi[dr have successful careers i
journa[ism, sa[es and the arts. Lots f famous
actors and actresses r youngest chrldren.

The most successfulchildren r l hildr
and first r children. r than hlf f all
Nobel Prize winners and U.S. presidents r
first r chi[dren. Also mr l studyin_q
medicine, law and engineering r first r
than middle r youngest. While middle hildr
r easy-going, first rs r ambitrous and
aggressive. They r also oflten mr intelligent
and have higher than thir -siblings.

So how we explain these diffrs? Well,

first r and l children have mr attention.
With regards to only hildr * thr is mr
m in small family, so mr money is spent
them. The diet f children also different
because mr m is spent fd in smllr
families. Frrst rs and only children r spoken
to mr like adults and spend mr time with
adults. As result, if the fmil has thr child,
the oldest becomes like thr rt.

*Siblings is forma| word for thrs and sisters. l hv three siblings,

*lQ (lntelligence
Quotient) is umr based test that represents
person's intelligence. She's intelligent; she hos lQ of l 15.
lJit 9 Fmil
PnBsBluT 5lMptE pAsslvE
Write the present simpte forms of the verbs below. Complete the text with the correct form of the
1 celebrated
2 given
5 made Mother's Day and Fthr's Day r special
4 saved events in m countries and'_
5 spent (celerate)with luh r paffy. These
6 spoken
r traditional days when friends and

Complete the sentences with the correct form of

relatives' _ (invite). Now
the verbs. countries have introduced other'special'
I Middle children (give) less attention, days. In mri, the first Sunday
2 Oldest children (speak) to mr afteT Labour Day'_ (call)
their parents.
children Grandparents Day. h 20'h f Nmr
5 The ih of all (celebrate)
but often the first child is the most celebrated. '_(know) as Children's Day.
4 Youngest children (make) to fee| Both these days' (lt)
important older others and sisters.
muh as Mother's and Father's Day now
5 Less m (spend) younger as
hiIdr education. andpTesents6_(give).
6 lVlore m (save) for the oldest
hild future.

Match the two halves of the sentences.

I Oldest children are encouraged to more
2 Youngest children r given mr attention
5 lt is not all bad for middle children, success is
4 The differences r made smaller

some people.
their parents,
their brothers and sisters,
d having lots of m,

| .t:r:i{:;

u;r 9 Family
Wt* L fudfuy
Fll RELATloNsHlps
Label the people in l family tree with
the words in the . ,':. '9. i.e
- le)
father grandmother brothepin-law
mother sister-in-law grandfather ;l

Porents Alfredo



,i| ],



Cloudio Cynthia

," "i *,/

' - jlb':,.,'
\ . " .,t


Complete the sentences with the words in the .

aunt uncle son daughter

niece hw cousin

I Salvatore is ti
2 Paola hasn't got or
r parents r both l children,
5 Salvatore is the of Claudio and Cynthia.
4 Antonia is the of Luca and Donatella.
5 Antonia is I
6 salvatore is l
fi LlsTB N ! NG
SSl AND ACTIVE VERBS I }l Listen to lecture twins. t the topics
i order.
! Rewrite the sentences using the active form.
uusl ldi village.
I Different food is eaten in kodinhi. Why is this happening?
They Twins are not very mm.
Different drinks r drunk in kodinhi, d Who normally has twins?
They How m twins are there?

lt is not believed to genetic.

r rsrh needs to done.

Complete the text using the passive or active form

of the verbs.

Blue Z

,fi fi*

'Blue Zone' is place th whr 2 }@ Listen again. Choose (true) or F (faIse).

m people ] (hcxve) healthy
tifestyle cxnd often live to ]00. The Fl Blue l we all know lots of twins. /F
Zones 2 (toccxte) in - the |talicn illl 2 hr are 20 sets of twins in Kodinhi. / F
islcnd of Scrdinic; Okinowa,Jcxpcn; Lomq 5 We don't know hw m flruins there are. / F
Ricq's isolcted
- Costqlkoricx,
Lindq, Ccxlifomicx;
4 Dr Sribiju thinks the food m cause lots of
Nicoya Peninsulo, ond cn isolcted
his, / F
5 Lots of hins are born Asia.

- These places .-
in / F
Greek islqnd.
(sprecd) ccross the whole world, so whct do

i 6 More twins are r to smaller wm. / F
they hcve i mm? ln cxll these places
healthy diet 4 (eot). People Put the words i order to make questions.
who live in these ploces 5 -- (ecxt)
I located / it / is / Where ?
only smqll cxmount of sugor, meot and 2 it / special / is / Why ?
fct. ris _(toke) everydcy, 3 rmll / How m / r / r / trruins / in Asia?
but not in gym.- People _ i (use)
4 has / rmII / Who / twins ?
their bodies just to do their jobs. Also people
in the Blue Zones 8 (live) less
Answer the questions in activity 5 for you.
stressful life cnd hcxve q close family.

- ll EMpHAsls (2)

choose the correct answers.

l Opinions about birth order is far / reolly lrm
accurate but it is interesting.
2 l do / far believe birth rdr influences ur success.
3 l reolly / far feel m parents bought mr things
for m brother.
4 l do / for think the idea of birth order is stupid,
5 What I like most / Truly is spending time with m
6 Parents truly / do treat younger hildr differently.
Wrg The c*st *f risilg child
Expenditure 2009 costs 25 costs
childcare 54 696 2853
l Read the t and answer the questions.
Education 52 88,1 259
what does the table show?
El4 9l 8
17 49
What years does it mr?
ls the cost increasing or decreasing? Clothing El 4 05 fI I 360
d What r the three most expensive things? Holidays l27 1 l 458
Babysitting El l 00 760
Hobbies & Toys EI 0 780 8861

Leisure 7 772 66
Pocket m 438 86
Furniture 277 274
rsl El 107 925

Other 1 1 71 8 845

Total E20l 809 El 40 398

copyright @ LV = Life and Pensions

Complete the description of the table with the words i
the .

childcare total vr clothing food

This t shows how mh m parents spend their

children. The l cost of raising child in the
UK is w over 2O0. The most m is spent
2 _, lt costs 3 This is
rl three times the cost of Holidays and
5 cost almost the same,
Read the t d write-50000.
sentences using the prompts
and the words in the .
l -
almost the same mr the most

1 the cost the least



l personal expenses
{., 2 holidays / babysitting
5 childcare
hobbies and toys / babysitting
5 clothing / leisure and rrti

Write paragraph describing the table. Use the modeI

i activi 2 d the sentences wrote in activity 5
to help .

lJit g Fmil W
Uslrrlc DlcTloNARy
Good language learners always s dictionary and some learnefs use more th dictionary
lrr dictionary is for international stdents d it very usefuI reference for studying.

Tick the dictionaries you own and s. Which one is r favourite? Why?
monolingual Irr mobile
English-English biIingual online
Read the dictionary entry and Iabelthe parts in the below.

sound file *phonetic script most mm use definition part of speech example sentence

* :::_:} :---*:}
l i],'IJ l noin . U] celeation l**,
".l"irii" __* _ __
_- } I-UN'L the act f cloing sorrretliing rrj becartse it is sfcral day to
6-: :5:; ;.i."..,."iiirrir,itl | tttliwell-firsl'birthtltly begitts ot ,,, ,,ii'u"i[iii,irr, { :: --: ",
2 N-UNCOUI'JTABLE sit lr,herr smthig good happeTis. Cettig good sr 1

ur IELTS is us |br celeatiotl.

*phonetic script: symbols which show the pronunciation of words

All dictionaries are different. Put tick i the table for the dictionary entry i activity 2 d r
favourite dictionary. Does your favourite dictionary have all the features?

features dictionary entry in activity 2 r favourite dictionary

most mm s
example sentence
sound file
phonetic script
part of speech

Go to your favourite li dictionary. (lf you dont have , try searching for in r web
browsbr.) What features does it h? ry ping in w vocabulary from Unit 9 d learning t
the different features.

Think about hw use dictionary at the moment and how learn more with your
dictionary in the future. Complete the t with your goals.

Nw l s dictionary too,.. ln the future l'm going to s dictionary too.,,

k u \h ,q { \ wri Lr oolloca.\ior,s i irr,**r,\ {is

Uit g FmiI
Rll s 2
l the Reading tes1 swt di{ferent types of questions. lt important to udrstd what the different
pes of questlons are d trhat d to do fr each ,

Match the question types to the instructions lw.

l yes l / not given questions 3
matching headings and paragraphs
2 short answef questions 4
multiple choice questions

Who is mr creative? why birth rd is lmportant Paragraph

.i;t_J ffi
... children are mr successful
".ffi im d is imtt i success. Y / N / NG
() Oldcr () ugr

*i* Listen to students disssig the different question Epes, Nmr the question pes i
the order they are mentioned.
t yes/no/not given questions 3 matching headings and paragraphs
2 short swr question 4 multiple choice questions

:r"x Listen again d complete the sts.

t Read the of each paragraph rfll because it has the mi idea,
2 yu should look for the answers in the same th text,
3 hort swr questions usually test so make sr u kw what
'r looking for.
4 Wh you 't fid swr it rl means it is

& Read the text d sw] the questions l. Choose reading text i the tdt's Book
Use the advice i activity 3 to help . d try using the advice in activity 5 again.

The population of the planet is 7 billion and it is

forecast to rh 9 billion 2050. N people
believe there are too m of us the lt and
there r not enough resources (e,g, rg, food,
Complete the tips using the words i
water, etc.),
the ,

l different countries around the world, people

use resources at different rates, The rg
spend text understand multiple
American d ur rs uses mr r8,
food and water than people in other parts of the l Always answer question with
world. Scientists say we need the resources of options.
four planets for everyone in the world to live like 2 Wh you can't find the swr for
people in America and r, Y/N/NG,chooseNC.
h rm is that w m developing 5 Don't too muh time
countries want to have Iifestyles like Americans question because you won't
d Europeans. Countries like China and lndia have time to finish the test.
have population of vr 1 billion people each. 4 you do not need to
These countries have strong economies and they everything about the topic,
r using mr and mr resources.

,'. ,l,:;.il]ii!ijtii{t -.
l The size of the population is not rhlm. Y l N / NG
z [\ countries do t have enough electricity. Y / N / NG
3 lndia d China could cause problems i
thefuture. Y/NING

|,Jtt 9 Family W
Read the text t the Aral Sea. What is the significance
of these mrs?
l z billion
2 400
5 1960
4 'I965 and I998

2 Which paragraph is mostly about...

I the rl Sea?
2 the amount of water we use?
5 the rms caused?
4 Lake Chad?

Read the text again. Choose (true) or F (fa!se).

l The r8 person uses 400 ga|lons of water per day. / F
2 r than 240 biIlion bottles of wtr r sold every year. / F
5 The Aral Sea is inRussia. / F
4 The Aral Sea got smaller because of farming. / F
5 Lots of people lost their jobs as the rI Sea got smaller. / F
6 Lake Chad is 95/ smaller than it was in 1963. / F

Find the words in the text and choose the correct definition.
l demands
the amount of something people want
to say very strongly that you want something

2 border
the location of rir
the line that divides country from another

3 lm
the umr r amount of something
the sound level
4 species
animals and plants that live in river
group of animals or plants that are very similar

uir / Conservation
The rl Sea
With 7 billion [ using the world's rsurs, thr is
lot f pressure on fd and water supplies. We use water fr
frmig, manufacturing, drinking d creating energy. h
average family in the USA uses 400 gallons wtr r
day. People 240 billion litres f bottled water r .
This is putting pressure th world's largest lakes, rivers
and seas.

h Aral sea sits the border between kazakhstan and

Uzbekistan. It was once th largest lakes in the world.
It started to get smaller frm 1960. The Soviet Union started
to use the water that went into the Aral Sea fr f,arming,
Now there r m smaller lakes that r not connected to
the rl Sea. There is high unemployment in the r which
once had m fishrm.

thr great lake that is now much smaller is Lake Chad in

fri. According to the United Nations, the lake lost rl
95 per cent f its volume between 1963 and 1998. Currently
it averages just less than two metres in depth. The rm
is partly caused climate change, but has also been caused
*rgrzlg, *deforestation and increased demand fr
water localpeople.

D Many lakes and rirs throughout the wrld r i dgr

f drying up because f the demands people. As rivers
and lakes dry, people have less water. It also means that
m species f plant and animal life r dying out. [
are causing the rm, but people are also suffering frm
the rm.

= too many farm animals eating the plants frm the land
*deforestation = the cutting dw of forests

tJnit lO Conservation

L AND uNUNl lls /

} Read the dictionary definitions. h sort the Complete the sentences with sorrre, , ot .
words in the into countable ot uutl.
I Have you got m?
2 We haven't got _ water.
5 There r _ rivers and lakes that r
in danger,
Ij: i";,::, 4 The rl Sea is _ lake that is in danger.
5 hr are _ animals that are in danger.
Countable [] /'kut()l/ adj.
countable noun is noun that has plural correct the mistakes i the sentences.
frm and can used after ''when it is l People are causing damage to m rivers.
singular. The opposite is 'uncountable'. 2 The weather isn't causing some of the changes,
Car, holiday d bottle are all countable 5 | lost their jobs,
uS. 4 lt was some good suggestions.

Uncountable [U] i'kut()/ adr.

An uncountable noun is noun that has
no plural form and cannot counted
in separate units. The opposite is
'countable' . Trasport, time d water
r all uncountable nouns.

city advice coffee lecture food professor

job m fIat music test friend traffic
rt information

t s UtI s
ci\y di

Read the sentences. Choose (countable) or

U (t) for the s.
I There is lot of pressure food and
watersupplies. C/U
2 We use water for farming, manufacturing,
drinking and creating rg, / U
The average family in the US uses 400
gallons of wtr every day. / U
Now there r many smaller lakes that
r not connected, / U
The rm is partly caused climate
change d less rain. / U
plants and animaIs r dying out. / U

Utr / Conservation
Lsrud& &
Label the photos with the ms of the animals in HOW MUCH / HOW NY
activi 2.
Read the answers. choose the correct
question .
_ Listen to the lecture and match the animal
with the mr. I l do three hrs hmwrk day.
How m? / How mh?
I Bald eagle l500
2 has lot of work at the moment.
2 Ciant panda l0000 How m? / How much?
5 Humpback whale 5000 5 hr were lot of people in the shop.
4 Gr wolf (in USA) d I500 How m? / How mh?
4 The meal was very expensive,
,{lZ Listen and complete the sentences with How m? / How mh?
mr. 5 l live with two other people,
How m? / How mh?
There wr dig pairs of the
bald eagle i the wild.
2 The population of China is r Complete the short quiz with How mh or
5 There were lessthan humpback How m.
whales at one point.
hr wr no grey woIves in the
whales are there in the world?
in America.
about 5000
& -}Z Listen again. Choose (true) or F (false). about 40000
I America,
You cannot hunt the bald eagle in /F food does
2 areas.
Giant pandas live in protected /F giant panda eat every day?
5 You hut humpback whales againtoday. / r about 2-24 kilos of m shoots
4 Gr wolves were taken from Canada to the USA. / F about 6-8 kilos
about 9-I4 kilos
babies do grey wolves have?
usual|y 2-3
usually 5-6
usually 7-I0
does bald eagle weigh?
2-5 kilos
4-6 kilos
7-I0 kilos

Now answer the questions. Write , or G.

t 5_
2 4_

correct the mistakes i three of the sentences.

I How mh wtr does average family use?
2 How muh bottles of water do you u every
5 How m species are endangered in the
4 How m time does it take?

5 How muh countries have dried out Iake
r river?
6 How many people r on r course?

tJnit lo conservation w
WOKO FORMATION l yr3l Listen to the word stress the words i
thJ. Put the words i the table.
tr Complete the t with these s d verbs.
destroy destruction pollute polIution
destroy pollute extinction destruction sr conservation extinct extinction
sr pollution conservation extinct


2 ry* Listen again and repeat the words.

Complete the sentences with the verb l
forms from activi L
l The of natural habitats has caused
m species to die out,
2 Farms and industries _ m rivers Syll yoU'RE NoT sURE
with chemicals.
i Gomplete the dialogue with the sentences
5 countries try to_ the areas below.
where endangered animals live,
Lucia: So, what animals are endangered in ur
4 The of different animals has
happened for thousands of years,
: t

Li: There are lots of endangered animals,

: which is the most famous?
Lucia: 2

: Wh do you think it the w bear?


l guess it probably the rw r.

l think the rhi rl is. There aren't
m left. What about in ur country?
l'm not sure. lt rl because there
r't m of them and they r rll big
and dangerous.

@ Listen and check.

Listen and answer the questions,

W uit / Conservation
:l lii:i'i"!i;l.: lili; :,i i']:']; i:; i], }i.ii.:,,

lHM-soLUTIoN 55y lslNG ARAGRAH (2)

I Read the question and underline the key words. ]: put the functions i the correct order,

l is destroying Earth. Describe three ways w

l wh the rlm exists

stop this.
2 conclusion
5 three ways to solve the rlm
4 the rm
.j,l Read the paragraph. Choose which ways m is
destroying the Earth. t the sentences i the correct order.
Eating too much meat, I Firstly, we need to produce less rt and mr
Having too m holidays. crops, Secondly, we need to eat mr local and
seasonal food. Finally, better farming methods
Using too much r8,
are needed,
d Driving too much,
2 iVlore and mr land is mig r quality
Working too muh. and in danger of mig desert,
5 Making these hgs wili help people to protect
-d, pe*plc r. dtrr\1th {r,-h ,-itt the land.
Y,{,5{},{, l qhiclly i lt"\ p*lli,t*i.,1& 4 This is happening because hums r farming
the Iand too muh" solve this problem w
:l,j-,l ris * t|{ irkl,r, ,}, "l 1:, },
need to take three steps.
lkr, lkl;; } sip ti *ltl. ?ir*,|, ,
nl*:i |, ,^rd 1 r.{rl,,,? { iig* pco:plc t.
Write paragraph, l,Jse the model i activities 2
*r,oo",,,3, ,rllo,z to rr{ J3 ,q,{rl"l,i { ** d 4 to help u.
Brrlplc *r,-{:-r|iri, \ilt ,,t * 1tk l:, rld
ri! l*t:. ]_. ti"li' \j*, w l, hcli, io i,lafg9..
" ,,. .-l !

]ji:i]..]]]il]l;: : ]

]":i]:]]]] ]]:

Preparing well for test is important. Remember P|lParation isnt iust revising - it ut reducing
stress and helping concentrate and study more effectively, ., .,&,*
Choose Y (yes) or N ().

.i I the final week before test,l .,,

l do exercise every day. Y/N
2 drink lots of wtr. Y/N

4 eat d, rice, pasta r cereal. Y/ N j.
]fi , - __,...,"".*-,,",,fr,i

Match the points in activi l to the explanations below. There is mr th explanation for some points.
This helps you to concentrate. This will make you feel less stressed.
These give you r8 slowly. d The more you do something, the better your resu|t.

fir Read d complete the text with the words in the lw. h listen and check,

eat healthy food sleep for 8 hours take breaks try to rl

reward yourself organised and set priorities exercise

Firstly, you need to l Think about what you need to study and wh you_ need to
study ii. what is the most important thing for you to study? what is not ry important? k
study diary and write what you wil| study and wh.
The next important tip is to get good ight sleep _ you need to ' , , h you wake
up ready foi day studying,-This ds me to my third tip. lt's true you need. to study most of the
dby, yes, but -. . No can study without break for hours and hours. Wh u take
break, you can follow some other tips - 4 ,5 r
Lt look at those three tips. They're really important. Exercise keeps your body fit and hea.Ithy,
which will help you study, You should try to relax, so could h youT family and friends r
chat online r" have little sleepI Next , eat healthy food. Wh w'r busy, it easy to eat
junk food because it very quick. But maybe you eat some fruit or make yourself quick meal,
iike sandwich or some paita. This will give ur body mr-,r8 to keep studying. Don't forget
to _,
7 Fr example, if you studied evehing i r study diary for that day, then take
the evening off, Y meet friends, go to the cinema, go shopping - do something you enjoy doing.

. Which points in activity 5 do do at the mmt? Which wld you like to use?

Ghs two points to s before test and two points to s to reduce stres_s. mr them with your
classmate afier test. Did the points help ? lf yes, continue using them. lf , choose w ones.

Before test Reduce stress

l I

2 2

Ulr / Conservation
I Section 2 of the Writing test, have to write at least 250 words about topic. You m have to give
you_rii r suggest solution to rIm. lt important to read the question carefully d to l
and organise your answer.

Read the question and the ideas below. Tick the ideas you wld include and explain wh.
We should t look for different surs of rg, We should
change ur behaviour to use less rg.
what extent do u agree with this statement?


, organise your ideas into fr paragraphs. complete the paragraph notes
with r answers from activi 1.
t introduction
2 agree
3 disagree
4 lusi

} Read the sentences d swr the questions lw.

. isn't good at languages. However, he enjoys studying them.
, father and mother have r. l have too.
. Although trI is expensive, ry drives to work.

1 which three words connect ideas?

2 Which words have similar meaning to d'?
5 Which words have similar mig to buf?

& Read the question in activi l again. l yout swr with the stages lw
l Think ut the question and make notes about your ideas.
2 Organise your ideas into four paragraphs.
5 lnclude words to t ideas i the paragraphs.

Complete the tips using the words i the .

brainstorm Iink carefully organise

I Read the question

2 _,_ _,__,_",_ ur ideas first.
5 Divide and your ideas into paragraphs.
4 Use suitable connecting words to _ . ideas.

lJnit l0 Gsrti ,,
choose the correct answers,
l Don't watch that film in the cinema - it was rll
boring / exciting,
2 The food was nice, but it was too siv / cheop,
You eat better for less m.
\fm* "y 5 avery dgrus / sofe driver, drives
carefully and very slowly,
AolBcTlvBs DEscRlBE oBJEcTs
4 These bags r really heavy / light, you help m?
Complete the crossword with adiectives using 5 r is really fast, but it's very inefficient / efficient,
the clues. l spend lot of m of petrol.
6 l don't like old-fashioned / mdr buildings.
l prefer wr buildings like those in Dubai.
7 l haven't finished the essay. l'm s fost / s/ow doing

6 weighs lot
7 costs lot of m
9 moves quickly

l not interesting
2 does not cost lot
5 won't cause damage,
harm or injury
works well d uses the available time,
m, supplies, etc.
5 the opposite of old-fashioned
8 hrm r kill sm, r damage or
destroy somethin8

Urrll Design
Look at the photos. What do you know about these Complete the sentences with the words in the
buildings and structures? .

- higher mr expensive longer smaller

Read the text i three minutes, Match the
paragraphs with the photos in activity 1.
I The lnternational Space Station is _
than the Alraj Al Bait Tower.
Read the text again. Choose (true) ot F (false), 2 The Burj AI Khalifa elevators are _
l The lnternational Space station wasn't expensive. / F than the Bailong elevator.
Z The Bailong elevator is the highest in the world. / F 3 The Alraj Al Bait wr is _ than
5 The Bailong elevator holds world record, / F the BurjAI Khalifa.
4 The Alraj Al Bait Towers hold two world records, / F 4 The Danyang-Kunshan Grd Bridge is
5 There is taller building in the world than the than the Jioazhou bridge.
Alraj Al bait / F
6 The Jiazhou Bridge is longer than marathon. / F Write sentences comparing famous buildings
7 h Jiazhou Bridge is the longest idge i and structures in your try with the ones
theworld. /F in the text.

girig projects take s, decades, r v centuries

to complete. So what r some of the rd hldrs frm
rud the wrld? And how long will they rrd holders fr
in this wrld of iggr, better, faster, lgr?

l"i:e i ltci i;ii***"i ;i* l;itir:r:

The lnternational Space Station is the largest srft r
built, Launched in ]998, it took ten rs to build. The estimated
cost to build the space station is $]00 billion dllrs. This makes
it the most expensive single object i the wrld.
i,. ,J

': _ i.,;, , -]:,],-,"],,.,l'

Back Earth, there r lots of rds fr being the tallest r
the highest object. 0ne rd holder is the Bailong ltr i
Zhangjiajie, China. |t is the world's highest and heaviest outdoor
ltr, travelling to Om, w, it isn't as high as the
highest elevator in the wrld, The highest ltr is in the urj
Al Khalifa, in Dubai, at r 500 metres.
1-l"t* ll,ii*] 1l.i *ait
Staying in the Middle East, the lrj Al Bait twrs in Saudi
ri hold m rrds, including the wr]d's tallest hotel,
the tallest clock twr and the largest clock face. lt is also the
second tallest building i the wrld, after the urj l Khalifa.

Ih* jia*;h;:i; L$;ty ii*

The world's longest bridge r the sea is the Jiaozhou ridg
in China, lt is 26.4 miles long. That's mr than the length of
mrth| The ridg is ] 74 times lgr than London Bridge.
w it is much shrtr than the wrld's longest ridg. The
Danyang-Kunshan Grd ridg, in China, is mr than
miles long and goes r land, rirs and lakes.

IJntt l / Design
Complete the table with the comparative forms of Read the information t two cars. write
the adiectives below. sentences using the comparative forms of the
adjectives i the .
big small expensive happy Iong good efficient fast heavy light slow
hot bad heavy comfortable light fast
beautiful boring safe

add -r

add -r

double the final

consonant and
add -r

take off the - distance litre of fuel:

and add -ler

top speed (kilometres per hur):

add mr


Complete the sentences with the correct form of

the adjectives.
I r rich | (h) than r m &j &y*
2 l need to take _- (long) holiday _r ENDINGS
next r.
-1 Listen to the pronunciation of -er i
5 The buildings hr are (small) than comparative adjectives.
i m country.
4 lt _ (expensive) in the ci than the
Circle the // sound i the comparative adjectives,
5 lVlodern buildings r _(mfrt) t lt bigger than this ,
than old buildings, 2 lt heavier than the others,
6 Old materials are often (heavy) 5 lt mh stronger than fr,
than w materiaIs. 4 lt older than the others.
7 This summer is _ (hot) than last r,
8 l'd prefer _ (big) bedroom. *r_ Listen again and repeat.

Unftll Design
l Write the superlative form of the adjectives.
l great th rtq|
2 beautiful
5 heavy
4 tall
5 expensive
6 large
7 long
8 strong
9 ugly
IO bad

Complete the sentences using r answers from

activity l.
l It _ building in town. lt looks horrible.
Nobody likes it.
2 The Shard is building i London.
lt 80 metres taller than ry Wharf.
5 The $85 billion ltaipu Dam in Brazil is
structure Earth.
4 Some people think modern buildings are the best,
but l don't agree. h'r _,
5 Triangles r _ shape and help
support buiIding.
6 l think some of buildings in the
world are in Paris. They look great!

correct the mistake i each sentence.

l That is the longer bridge in Mexico.
2 Mount Everest is highest mountain in the world.
5 The London Underground is the old in the world.
4 The Sahara is the bigger desert in the wrld.
5 Russia is biggest country in the world.
6 Kilimanjaro is the higher mountain in Africa.
7 The Shard is the taller building in London.
8 Luanda is the expensive city in the wrld.

tJit l / Design
L* s

l Look at the photos and match each to lll ABouT WHAT you LlKE
decade in the .
Listen d complete the dialogue.
95Os l 960s l 970s l 980s I 99Os 2000s
Look at my w laptop!What do u
think of it?
Juhaina: l like it l _.
Lujain: Really? Are you sure?
4 Listen to interview t the different
Jhi: Yes, l 2_Iike it.
technological inventions in activity l. Check
your answe]s, Lujain: And what about m w red
headphones for the laptop?

choose the correct answers.

.lhi: l love them _
Lii: Good, because I _
l The remote control ... like them,
was the most important invention of
the 1950s.
Match the sentences with the functions tw.
was td to important invention
in the l950s. I other phone didn't work.

2 The inventor of the mouse made ...

2 What do you think of m w smartphone?

lots of m. 5 h internet access is good - l Iove it.

very little m.
4 l got it in the mall,

5 The first mobile h was ... than most introducing something and asking for
l hand, opinion it
smaller whr he/she bought it
bigger why helshe bought it
4 ... made Bill Gates one of the richest m
d why he/she likes it
in the world.

5 The first website was built in ...

the I 950s,
the 1990s.

6 Apple was ...

clever but not rih.
clever and rih,

uirll Design
lsN E55Ay
Read the table t w office buildings, What four
points are being compared?

8uildig,l luilding:2,, ' ildig 3

cost $300 million $200 milIion $200 million
time to build eight years two rS three years

distance from 25 kilometres l0 kilometres

2 kilometres
the ci centre
people in the 250 people
500 people 300 people

Read the essay. Which building does the student


1 taVle 5w9 thr, {r v V\ld\q.lh

le$ l 5\)5 the s!, h to Vu\|d, d\9+ |rq
t \* oevl,lre l wVqr of people :h V\ll\q
\ll\ \ hs t|l9. lst lVr of psqpte.
Ilwgur, i*is * st \l h\ d\;t also
taLor'fule l99. t fic_ to v\ld,\ld\,t L !d
tld\ q ? st t 5 , ]l w { r, 9 \,| d.\ \s

;Vllr, *z9 !q^ to Vt\|d d hs |lr peoplc.

t\lkillirl \ \s + 6f hq\,t\s slovlgr to
V\ld *1 +te thr d r gstu, Vt\t ts *|le
0lo5o5t to th otly 9,lr ql oayl ld r yeoyl<.

WvN& fu"

Read the essay again. Whih paragraphs:
l state the best choice?
2 describe the table?
5 mr the different choices?

& Find the sentences in the essay that are for and the
sentences that are against, Add them to the table.

foi_ against,'

|Jnit l / Design W
i*j:. ,,., , ,



Read the points lw and circle the mr which best describes .
0 - I'm very bad at this } = l'm good at this
| = l'm not good at this J = I'm very good at this
I give full and developed swrs. 0 2
l don't mmris things to say. 0 I 2
l don't give simple s/ answers. 0 I 2

l always try to give my opinion. 0 I 2

l make notes in the one-minute preparation stage in Part 2, 0 l 2 3

l use range of grmmr and vocabulary.

0 2

l speak with correct intonation and try to sound interested. l 2

l ask for clarification when l don't understand. 0 l 2

Listen to two candidates answering Part l questions from the Speaking test, Tick (/) the points
i activity I that they are good at. t cross () t to the points they need to improve.

Read the Part I questions from the Speaking test and then give ] answers. Practise speaking aloud.
l Whr are you from?
2 Have you visited any English speaking countries?
5 Why are u learning English?

Now read the Part 2 task card from the Speaking test, Make notes before you practise speaking aloud.

Describe ajob you would like to have. You should say:

. what, this job is
. whyyouwould like thlsjob
. what sIls and qualities you need foT thls job
And whyyou wou_ld like this job.

ltit Listen to an answer to the part 2 task card. which points in activity l does the candidate
need to improve?

Use your notes from activi 4 to give r answer. Remember have to two minutes for this
in the exam. Practise speaking aloud.

Uftll Design
r llsTNING 5
Read the points below and circle the mr which best describes .
Q = l'm very bad at this 2 - |'m good at this
l - l'm not good at this 5 - |'m very good at this
* l read through the questions carefully. 0 l 2 3
:,, ,l
l check the umr of words l use, 0 2
,l' l

0 2 3
l try to predict the topic.

l try to predict the of information in questions and gaps, 0 l 2

l understand different numbers. 0 2 3

l spell words accurately. 2

l always write answer. 0 ] 2

l move on to the next question when l can't give swr. 0 I 2

Read the instructions and the stdt answers lw which

points i activi l does the candidate need to improve?

Complete the notes below. Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD

AND/OR NUMBER for each answer,
Srm: Johnson
First ms: Louise rli
ddrss: Flat 4, 96 l r{ild Avenue.
Postcode: ' q5 }QR_
Telephone: l24471147
Mobile: ']f91]5
Date of 4 .}u
birth: 25fr 199
St date: s tr4/enty-one

4il Listen and correct the answers,

, Read the tips for the speaking d listening again, Set yourself goals before the IELTS test,

goals How will l achieve this?

Yroltisc kil ith !k or tirr *nd

Qtve {ull ard develo7el swr, try to r& rhr tnsy\lers fgr.

|Jntt t l Design
ry} Listen to Raouf, Sergy and talking about g ]. Match each person with the
ictivities in the photos.

]1];ia],];]i:,:1::].]];:::]]]]::]]: a;]]j.j:]i:i];] j;:

]]:.l:]l:]:ii.iri.::ii:]a]]:l 3:l:]a::1:|1:::|ai]]];]

.]li;i].i]:::.|i i]:i:i..i..i]:l] ji
.l|j::a::l::_:].i..ll:i::i"i,-, :,.::::]]:i]:|,]]]]-i:. l
]i]:']]]a |,],]:i]iii]]l;]]a,]i:]]:1:a]]]l:l,."""

al lic'ar Listen again. Choose Y (yes), N () ot Match the people with the opinions.
NG (t given). Sergy Rf
IRaouf is going to rycle from i Ci I lt going to hard,
to the south of chile. Y/N/Nc 2 lt going to useful in the future.
2 Raouf is going to cycle every day. Y/N/Nc 5 l'm going to have experience and
5 Sergy is going to work in bank, Y/N/Nc quaIifications.
4 Sergy isn't going to university. Y/N/Nc 4 lt going to rII exciting.
5 Ana is going to spend year climbing 5 lt going to amazing.
Kilimanjaro. Y/N/Nc
6 is going to travel ferry r boat. Y/N/Nc tlrlm Listen again and check.

uft /2 Plans d predictions

l vERB + NouN coLLocATloNs
I Some verbs d s go together d we use Complete the sentences with the words in the .
them lot in everyday English. Look at the lists
below. There is mistake i every group. Find mk/r m make plans
do an internship have f have plans
the wrong and cross it out.

Take: m 8 year photo l l'm going to at m this

break coffee summer. l won't get paid, but l'm going to get
Do: degree rsrh mistake ri.
homework internship 2 We aren't going to wrk and we r't going to
Make: business m presentation study. lt going to like r holiday! We're
friends I going to
Have: rm fun decision |'m going to work for r. I'm going to
rt lunch to for university.
Do you for the summer?
l haven't got any.
Complete the sentences with collocation from
exercise l. There are two sentences for every verb. We need to _ for ur trip to lndia.
W'r going to fly next week!
I l'm going to ata
m this summer, l don't get paid but the
experience is important. Choose the correct prepositions.
2 l'm going to work for r, so l l l'm going to study ot / uf university in
to for university. lvlanchester,
5 lt one o'clock and l'm really hungry. l'm going to |'m going to work for / rud m in
in the t. Dubaithis summer.
4 We're going to 5 |'m going to stay ot / for home for the holidays.
t conservation to ur classmates tomorrow 4 We're going to Ir about / ot management
5 l need to study biology tonight because l'm going next semester.
to on Friday. They're going to travel oround / for Europe fr
6 Sh interested in chemistry so sh going the summer.
to- in chemicaI
engineering t year.
Complete the sentences with the correct form of
7 The maths exam is going to really easy, You're the words i the .
not going to
8 Wh l go to Dubai l'm going to
far off w'r off get off
of the Burj Khalifa
Tower with my h and send it to you.
I l'm hr. This is
my stop.
Choose the correct prepositions to complete the
to work at eight
l sistr going to do rsrh it / for Learning 5 We're not lt only
and f\mry at rd Universi. few more minutes.
2 We are going to do lot more business with /
China next year,
5 class r doing presentations into / student
life next week,
4 l'm going to study ot / obouf universi in lr.
5 l'm going to work rud / for m in Tokyo
this summer.
6 lot of my friends are going to do degree i / of

|Jnit 12 Plans and predictions EEl

G* tj lll
GotMc GotMc
1 Complete the questions with the correct form of t9* Listen to six sentences. Tick the
going to. pionunciation in each sentence.
I What do this gUIt gU
2 Where she work? I

5 Why (not) he m 2
to the Iesson?
4 How we _- get there?

5 Why (not) they _ 4

- 8
- 5

Match the answers to the questions in activity l.
She is going to work in hr dd m.
We're going to go train.
2 -()4 Listen again d repeat.

l'm going to New York for month,

d going to at his grandparents' house,
They're going to working,

Correct the mistakes with the present simple in

three of the sentences.
l Maria going to go r to the coast.
2 Ahmed is going to Jordan for the smmr,
5 parents is going to wrk this weekend.
4 Susie and l r going to have great time!
5 lt are going to difficult week.
6 The test is going to easy,

Rearrange the lines to make conversation,

Miguel: Alex, r you going to do
anythin8 this weekend? l
Alex: Adele! l'd love to see her! Sh
great singer,
Miguel: l have extra ticket, Do you
want to go?
Alex: No, plans? Why? Do you
have ideas?
Miguel: Well, yes. l'm going to see Adele
in concert.
Miguel: Sunday evening.
Alex: SurelWhen is it?
Alex: Oh, , I can't! l'm going to have
dinner with my classmates,

U,r /2 Plans and predictions

} Read the text and choose the best title. Match the words with the meanings below.
l How we lr t lT. I connect
2 Whr will we study? 2 virtual
3 lT wiII do everything, 5 mrk
4 WilIwe travel again? 4 trip
5 tour
} Read the text gi and match the sentences with to join two things together
the paragraphs,
journey to place and back again
I Parents won't go to see their hildr journey to see m places or things
thr. d to give score for some work
2 People learning Arabic wil| take tours not real
using their computer.
5 Students will take tests computers.
4 Technology is already used m
students in the c|assroom,
5 Korean books will all electronic in 20l5.
6 we won't have teacher in the classroom.

Computers and smart boards lrd

found in m classrooms. Dictionaries
r often on student's mobile phone.
Many people lrd take notes tablet
r laptop. In the language classroom,
people no lgr listen to cassettes. When
r people going to stop using CDs in

Students learning ri will have

teacher based in the Middle East, They
won't in the ]ssrm together - they
will connect on the internet. schools won't
have to go on expensive trips to thr countries,
They will take virtual turs of some of the most famous
ri sites, h they will have conversation with
Arabic students - in Arabic,

Students won't take tests with pen and r. All tests will done on computer, They
won't marked thr. The mutr will mrk the test. Parents will able to
download electronic copies of everything their child does.
In South r, the government has said all text books will available electronically 2015.
Some parts of the world won't take long to catch up. So how long until we will r rd
r book again?

l,Jnit l2 Plans and predictions

Wttt ()
Read the text 8 95 again and underline rryil/ r the questions in activity 5 into opinions,
d w't. l Do you think the world will ru out of oil?
l -ihiprk th, ,"srli wzli ,r* r}\ri | ol!.
Complete the sentences with will or w't and the
1 Computers 5
(r Iace) teachers. They aren't personal enough. 4
2We (use)
computers to read in the future not books.
5 Children born in 2050 probably
(read) books
because everything will electronic,
(travel) to other countries mr. We
(visit) them ,.tTgO Listen and complete the conversation.
Nicola: What do you think the classroom will
There () Iike i the future?
shops, We (u)
.|: lt ]
to Say,
everything onIine, but there rl won't classroom
6 hr () r in the future.
m. lt ()
Nicola: Really? Why do you think that? We will
always need teacher, won't we?
J; , Iet me 2
Read the ways of answering question, h give WelI, perhaps they won't in the
r answers to questions I -5. classroom.
Do you think the world wilI ru out of oil?
Yes, I do.
No, l don't. , . *- :.r.1 "__.,

l'm t sure. ' :-.]


Do u think,,.
the world will ru out of oil? 1

D technologies will used all mobiles, TVs

and the internet?

people will for everything with their mobile

:, ;r
4 most people will live to I00 r older? i:

5 people w't go to cinemas?

Ulr /2 Plans and predictions

fuffw** W& -L
? Tick (/) the statements gr with and put Complete the phrases,
cross () for the ones don't agree with.
I I m _,
2 lt_.
5 l don't _.
4 l don't _.
5 ld
Read l essay again and check your answers,

Rewrite these ideas about the future to give the

opposite mig.

:,oi5l Listen to David and J talking about the

t In my opinion, most people willwork at home in
the future.
statements. Complete the table in activi I.
ir; ikg- {tsi,r
Read the question. Who do you think would agree
- David or J? l m ii, public liaries won't disappear in
the future,

Ithe future, teachers will replaced computers,

Do you agree r disagreewith this statement? l think checkout assistants i supermarkets will
replaced machines.

Read J essay, Does she agree or disagree with 4 I don't think bicycles will replace cars in the future,
the question?
l gr that most people will smoke cigarettes ln
the future.
r ii, *hrs \ tloe {*r, wl|l il
| rld V ,vltrs. r t},ri w wilt stil{
h ttrs {r {w ls*, Vtlt wst Read the three ways of giving r opinion
lessos wrll ii. idea. h read the ideas below and write r
i witl r le;sa; $^ thr,s opinions.
*lrl * \*rt, V* dovl't )rL Mat l think the wor|d will ru out of oiI.

teaoerb.rrurll ra7laoed l+l. r ti l d't agree (with that),

l ogree (with thot),
rt thrs loill t | a\l rd th
l'm t sure (about thot).
wrld t* 9h,t d'tVl\r,,{ -tis will
htl t wr we lr r r ttd. lthink:
*deytts vur|l lrs .d oaw;tao* wi* q
l ui liaries will disappear,
th:, Vt V\ t r trad\t\ovlat
lss,,tr t|t\ rs, d\;qr wr* *
2 most people won't work at home.

5 people w't smoke cigarettes mr.

4 | will stop eating fish.

Write short essay t the question i activity 5.

Use the model in activity 4 to help you.

Unit t 2 Plans d predictions W

wlTlNG 5
Read the points below and circle the mr which best describes .
Q = l'm very bad at this | = l'm good at this
t = l'm not good at this ! = I'm very good at this
l manage my time well. 0 l 2

l read the question carefuIly and understand what I have to do. 0 l 2 3


l brainstorm m ideas first. 2 3

l write the topic of the question. 0 2

ii" l present m opinion clearly. 0 2


l organise my ideas into paragraphs. 0 l 2

l can explain where the information is graph and what it shows. 0 1 2

l check m spelling and grmmr after writing. l 2

Read the first part of essay question and underline the key words.

Do the advantages of studying abroad *outweigh the disadvantages? What advice would you
offe, to someone planning studv l:'
*outweigh: to mr important than

Add the words in the to the mid maps !w Add r w ideas,

w cultures lr language miss home problems communicating

good for future job expensive good universities harder work

Which part of the question in activi 2 does the mind m t include?

Read the stG from introductory paragraph. t the other paragraphs i the correct order.
Studying obrood is difficult ot first, but the long-term odvantages ore very important.
Paragraph Advice studying abroad.
Paragraph The difficulties of studying d.
Paragraph The benefits of studying abroad.

Write short word introduction to the essay question in activity 2,

unft /2 plans d predictions

Read the points below d circle the mr whih best describes .
0 - |'m very bad at this 2 - |'m good at this
t - l'm t good at this 5 - |'m very good at this
l know the different question types in the m. 0 I 2

l manage my time weIL 0 I 2

l try to predict the content from titles and opening sentences. 0 l 2

l don't waste time words l don't know. 0 I 2

I look in the text for synonyms r ideas which appear in the questions, 0 l 2

Wh I can't answer question, l move to the next one. lf I have time,

0 l 2
I go back to the unanswered question.

l m confident reading different types and sles of reading text. 0 l 2 3

l don't worry if the text is topic l don't know anything about. 0 l 2

Read the title and predict the content of the text,

whot will w da without oil?

Read the questions d drli the key words.

l People will not take holidays in other countries so much. Y/ N/ NC
2 People do not take holidays in their w country today, Y/ N/ NC
5 Overseas g years wil| tiu. Y/ N/ NG
4 People will travel less fr everything. Y/ N/ NG

& Read the text and answer the questions in activity 5, Do the questions test facts or opinions?

Today, m people want mr than one holiday r, often overseas. Cheap international travel is
w very poputar and very easy. However, with decreasing oil supplies and the price of fuel increasing,
we continue to go to the same holiday destinations?
lt is possible that new technology will allow us to travel using less oil. But until then, we need to think
carefully about hoIiday destinations and lr ur w utris. rs to foreign countries may
not continue as flights increase in price, so u8 people m take 8 years in their w utry.
thr things will also change as fuel supplies decrease. Modern communications m that people
don't need to travel to an office for work. Children might have lessons at hm, so that they don't
, need to travel to school. AlI of this could m there will big change in how people travel and
,..,"i maybe people won't leave their w country - r their w town - in the future.

Read the tips for the writing and reading again. Set yourself goals before the IELTS test.

goals w will l achieve this?

wri\e ikr rti .i"|i averv d."/

Uit l2 Plans d predictions

m: Do you eat dinner in ur room?
UhI"I Vera: um! Food, food, food. hr is table in the living
rm. l eat there.
Track l m: l just worry about you eatingl
l: Hello, Anton!
t: Hi, l! How r you? Track 7
Elena: I'm fine, thanks. And you?
Anton: l'm very well, thanks. Lucio
Elena: t, this is Luc, from Fr. Examiner: What do like doing in r free time?
L: Hello, t. Nice to meet you. Li: l like going shopping with my friends. l spend lots
t: Nice to meet you, too! l'm from Russia. of time Fk,
L: Are you w student? Examiner: Why do you like doing these things?
t: Yes, l m. Lucia: hr are great shops in hri. We have some
L: l'm w student, too! really good shopping malls. There is everything you want
to buy. l love Facebook, l chat there and l r text w.
Track 2 Examiner: How much time do you spend these
: Rochila, this is Suleiman, Suleiman, this is Rochila. hobbies?
Rhil science student, too. Lucia: l go shopping every Saturday and often two or
: Hi, Suleiman, Nice to meet you. three nighs k. Fk, l use aIlthe time. I look
: Hello, Rochila, Nice to meet , too, at it h, computer, laptop, l 't stop using it!
Examiner: What would you do if you had mr free
Track 5 time?
what m l Lucia: lwant to go shopping mr ft, but I don't have
enough m. l do have some homework to do, too.
Track 4 Kholid
what stop not hot Examiner: What do you like doing in ur free time?
m late hate eight KhaIid: l play football three times week, l am in the
l fly m universityfootball team. l like to meet m friends in the
shopping mall at the weekends. We ft go out for
Track 5 luh and sometimes go to the im.
l Lt go and say hello to Tom. Examiner: Why do you like doing these things?
2 l meet people from m course every Friday in the f, Khalid: l love football, it fun to play, and it with all m
friends, lt also helps me keep fit but it doesn't feel like
5 The easiest way to start conversation in England is
exercise, l also love playing in the university team, we are
to talk about the weather.
the best in the country!The malIs r great here. l don't
4 l go out with friends after lessons. u many things but l like spending time with m friends.
5 l like to chat to someone w every day, Examiner: How much time do you spend these
Track 6 Khalid: Football is three times week. The games are
Vera: Hi Mum, it me, Vr. obviously 90 minutes, but training is two hours. l spend
m: l know it you - else calls me'Mum'I most of the weekend in the mall.
How are you? Examiner: What wou|d you do if you had mr free
Vera: I'm fine. time?
m: r you eating ? Khalid: Iwould like to go horse. l go horse.
Vera: Yes, MumI
m: Wht your accommodation like? ru 2
Vera: It great. l like living in the house with Lisa, Temi
and Lujain, Track 8
m: Tell me about r rm. ls it big? Mohammed: h Scottish really enjoy New Yr, don't
Vera: |t quite small, There isn't armchair r sofa they?
in my rm. Li: Yeah. The parties r fun and the snow is beautifuI.
m: Whr do you sit? Mohammed: What do you do in China for New Year?
Vera: There is sofa in the living rm, hr is chair Li: lt lot mr colourful, you see it i few weeks.
next to my desk, but it isn't very mfrt, Mohammed: But it New Year now.
m: Do you have space for all your books? Li: l China, we celebrate it at the start of spring so it
Vera: There aren't bookshelves, but there is desk not as cold as hr, lt changes every r because w
for m laptop. have different calendar, but it in January or Frury,

Vffi Audioscrfs
Mohammed: How long does it last? Receptionist: Iti Bury St Edmunds.
Li: People do lots of things to rr, but the main first Caller: And wh does it start?
day is New Yr Eve and it lasts for l days. Receptionist: Yu start on the 29th r the 2d June.
Mohammed: I days! Caller: Grt. Could you send m some mr information?
Li: Yes, but we don't really do anything interesting r Receptionist: Sure, Wht ur m?
exciting every day, New Yr Eve and New Yr Day Caller: lt Nrk . ht M-A-R-K ----,
r the most important and fun days.
Receptionist: And where do u live?
hmmd: What do you do New Yr Eve?
Caller: 20, High Street, Newmarket.
Li: ht the day of the main meal, IVlost people eat fish
and delicious dumplings. Some people eat cake, Receptionist: Wht ur email address?
Mohammed: What do you do on New Yr Day? CaIler: lt m,a.peace@gmail,com,
Li: People usually spend New Yr Day with their family Receptionist: Grt, thank you. l'lI send it through.
and it is fantastic for children, h get money in red
envelopes from their parents,
Mohammed: Excellentl How does it finish?
Li: Two weeks later, we have lantern festival, but Track l l
there are also lots of other traditions, hr amazing : Hi guys, how are you?
dancing, Iike at carnival, and there r lots of traditional
Theo: Fine.
decorations and food.
Zara: Fine.
Track 9 : l hate presentations! Do you, Zara?
l amazing 4 boring Zara: l don't mind them. What about you, Theo?
2 awful 5 fantastic Theo: This is my first in English, so l'm bit worried.
5 colourfuI 6 exciting Zara: Wht the topic?
Theo: lt about problems facing international students.
Track l0 : Well, l help with the content. l've got lots of
Receptionist: Cood ftr, lnternational Business
College. How l hl? Zara: l'm confident at ta|king, so l give most of the
Caller: Hi, do you have classes starting next week?
Theo: Really?
Receptionist: We do. We have course called
'lntroduction to International Business'from 7 till 9 .m. Zara: Sur. We give lots of presentations in m, so l
give the presentation.
caller: How much does that course cost?
Theo: Excellent. Well, l'm good at lT skills. l can do the
Receptionist: That urs is free, lt just an introduction powerpoint slides.
course and h to find out mr about ur other
coUrSeS. : When is the presentation?
Caller: What do we do in the class? Zara: On the 20th April.
Receptionist: You look at some basic differences : I'm happy to do most of the research. l work
hru international work and local work. You study well I.
basic cultural differences and mm rms of Theo: , t we need to do it quite soon. I need to write
international work. the slides.
Caller: Where does the course take place? Zara: And l need to learn what l am saying. Lt rrg
Receptionist: lt in midg and the next is the some dates to meet.
29th , Theo: Shall we meet every d at 2 .m,?
Caller: What other courses do you have? : ht good for me,
Receptionist: We have course called 'Working with Zara: And me.
ur'. h: Great! See you all next week then,
Caller: How long is that course?
Receptionist: lt four-week course, Track l2
Caller: How mh does it cost? Georgios: l speak English, Grk and Frh. l want
Receptionist: lt El 0 r week or 350 for the month. to lr Spanish, but l can't speak it yet, How about you,
Caller: What will we study? mr?
Receptionist: ln the first week, you study the European Omar: Well, l speak English well and, of course, Arabic,
I can speak Spanish, t not very well. What about
Union. l the second week, you look at logistics, in other
words, transport. ln weeks three and four, you study computers?
marketing and language. Georgios: Of course l use computer! What t
Caller: Whr does the course take place? you, mr?

Omar: Sure, ry use mtr, What about .|: i wasn't too informal, but my vocabuIary
driving? wasn't very good.
Georgios: l'm not good at it, but l drive. Malek: Why?
Omar: l love driving, l drive r and ride Joanna: The teacher said l shouldn't memorise lots of
motorbike, words without knowing how to use them.
Georgios: hr thr thing l 't do - l can't work Marek: Yes, tht good advice.
undei pressure. lt makes exams rll hard for m. .|: She said it was better to s vocabulary
Omar: Really? l love pressure. lt makes me work better, correctly.
l can't work wh there isn't pressure,
Georgios: And thr thing - l work in team, Marek: How about the speaking section? l didn't say
but l prefer to work alone.
enough. l just gave - r two-word answers.
Omar: I like exams and essays, but l hate presentations, .l: Y should always try to give full answers.
because we always have to work with thr people, l
't do it very well. Marek: Yes, tht what the teacher said.
Joanna: l spoke about the topic, but I forgot the points
Track I5 the task card.
l l speak English. 5 Yes, l . Marek: oh dear, l think l did that, too,
2 Yes, l drive r. 4 l work i team. .l: The teacher said we should make notes and
then use the notes to help organise the talk. Then you
include all the points.
Track 14
Marek: So how did you do in the listening test? N,.,rIT 4
J: Ok, but t made simple mistake,
Track t 5
Marek: Really? What did you do?
.l: l copied the answers from the question sheet
l Some of you know me - l was student here Iast
year. N m Ali and now l'm studying psychology
to the swr sheet during the test d not at the end. at the Universi of Reading, r Ld in the UK,
Marek: ls that wrg? |'m studying really hard but l am also having lot
Joanna: Well, l made some simple spelling mistakes, of fun. ltis d-ifficult studying degree i English and
And then l didn't rd the next questions, so l wasn't having lessons with people from all around the world,
rrd for the next section. but l 5m learning so'much. l'm making lot of friends
Marek: So we should read the questions during the test playing in the university football team,
and we should transfer the answers after the test? 2 Hi. l'm mr, as m of you know. l'm
J: Yes, Did you make simple mistakes? undergraduate student studying sociology at the
Uirit of Melbourne in Australia. l love living there
Marek: Yes, really silly! l circled l answer and and l'm kig lots of friends. We study together and
the question needed two. meet i fs. Australia is great for sports s it
t: We should read the instructions carefully, sunny but not too hot, l'm working weekends at the
Marek: YesI mmt to help improve m English.

5 Hi, my m Naif and l'm undergraduate student
three-year course studying Law. brother is
J: What about the reading section? studying one-year postgraduate course at the same
Marek: l didn't swr allthe questions, universi so we are living together, l'm hoping to
J: Oh lWh? stay and also study postgraduate course in Law. l
Marek: l spent too long question. go shopping most weekends and walking in the park,
because the weather is so good. Oh, l'm also studying
l: The teacher said wh we don't know the in Australia but l'm studying in Sydney,
swr we should leave it. But l made silly mistake
as well.
Marek: What was that?
Track I
geology literature languages sociology
J: l wrote four or five words in the gaps. l think
the instruction was no more than three words. psychology bioIogy
Marek: Yes, you shouldn't write more words than
are allowed. Track l7
1 1,4 4 1,2
Writing 27 563
J: How about the writing? 5 22000 6 1200
Marek: writing is too informal. The thr said
l shouldn't use too m personal pronouns. How Track t 8
about you? l .8 8 500 800 2,7 2 600 l 800
2. l50 15280
[1 Audioscrpfs
Karen: And this is module? l use it as part of m
Track l9 Leandro: Yes. Y have to write business l, organise
lbrahim: Thanks so much for inviting m to Beijing! ur team, m8 the business and write report
This has to of the best things about being about it,
international studentl Karen: lt sounds like good fu,
Ming: What? Leandro: lt is.
Ibrahim: Travelling all over the world to see your friends, Karen: Did Geraldine tellyou that?
yu should come to Dubai next. Leandro: No, l spoke to one of the people from last year.
Ming: That would great! They were at the talk.
lhim: Wow!What is that?! Karen: Did they give you ideas for the business?
Ming: ht what l wanted to show you. lt the national Leandro: No, you do anything. Do you want to do it
stadium, together?
lbrahim: Wh did they finish it? Karen: , great idea. What shallwe do?
Ming: They finished it fr the OIympics in 2008.
Ibrahim: The design is fantastic! lt so modern, How did Track 22
they decide the design? I confident 4 read
Ming: Architects designed models and this was the one 2 well-paid 5 welcome
the judges liked the best. 5 meet 6 answer
lahim: Did it take long to construct?
Ming: They started in 2003 and over l7000 builders Track 25
worked it.
Ahmed: lt must so easy for you going to university in
Ibrahim: lt looks expensive!
your w country.
Ming: lt was cheaper than they planned. They wanted
roof, but they decided not to build roof and they saved
r: lt rl is easier than being in different
$200million. country but some things r hard.
lbrahim: ht amazing! we 8 inside? Ahmed: What do you find difficult?
Ming: Sur. l booked tour. Bruce: WeII, at school l had deadlines; l was good at
organising time. WeII, my teachers and parents helped
m. But it harder at university because l have to m8
Track 20
my w time.
l arrived 5 watched
Ahmed: l see, ls it really difficult?
2 needed 6 used
3 stopped 7 worked r: Yes, really! Time management is important. hr
4 started r three things l try to do now. Firstly, I try to set lr
times between free-time and independent study.

UN! 6 Ahmed: But they're the same thing, r't they?

Bruce: No, they r't. I put independent study into my
Track 2l schedule. lt the same with deadlines.
r: What modules r u going to take next Ahmed: What do you mean?
semester? Bruce: Well, the teachers give us an essay title three of
Leandro: l'm t sure yet, but I went to talk this four weeks before the deadline. l try to m8 my time
morning really interesting module, and have goal for every week. Fr example, l finish
Karen: Really? What was it? background reading on the essay in the first week, Then l
Leandro: lt called'student enterprise'. GeraIdine did start draft in the second week.
it last r. Ahmed: So you're mr responsib|e w?
r: Did she enjoy it? r: Yes, exactly. l'm responsible for m learning goals.
Leandro: yes, she did. she said it was the best module It my degree and it m future,
she did,
Karen: What did she do the module?
Leandro: she started hr w business in team with
Ujl 7
other students. Track 24
Karen: Real|y? What did they sell? l l have to go w!
Leandro: They sold doughnuts! 2 l don't have to, but l want to read this essay tonight,
r: Why did they do that? 5 Yes, you have to do r hmwrk,
Leandro: They had to make profit selling something. 4 l collected the books, so u don't h to.
Students always buy junk food!
udioscripfs [
Track 25 Track 27
Alice: l need to get fit! l'm so unhealthy! I feel terrible h h
just walking u the stairsI l think the Forbidden City is one of the most important
m: You should get some g jumps, historical buildings in China, lt nearly 0 years old d
Alice: Some what? gr jumps? for 5 rs it was the home of different emperors in
China. The first mrrs from the Ming dynasty lived
m: No, these,
there in 142, d over 2 other emperors Iived there
Alice: What r they? after that. The |ast mrr was i I9l2 and he left the
m: They r Kangoo jumps. palace i 1924, Oh, it in Bejing. lt now important
AIice: They look dangerous, I want to get fit, not break and popular place fr tourists, Sorry do you kw where
m bones! Beijing is? No? lt in the North of China, lt the capital
m: They are actually good for your bones. Running city, l think it important building in China. l like it
bad for ur s hard path or rd, These lot because it shows the world our history. China is
help ur s. old country and the mrrs were part of this history.
Alice: Really? How do you use them? lt r my house. lt short drive,
Tom: Yu use them running, jogging, walking or .|
doing exercise class.
|'m from Peru, so the important place is definitely lVlachu
Alice: But l do those w. Why do I need these Picchu. lt really oId and the tourists love the city. People
forgot about it, but then American explorer visited and
m: You don't need them, but they make boring then everyone in the wr|d knew about it. The buildings
exercise mr fun. are in the hills in ru. people think they are
Alice: l do hate running and jogging. important. We have lots of tourists visiting,
m: too.
Alice: But r they better for you?
m: Well, some studies show that ur lungs get
strgr quicker with these than normal running, You Track 28
wiII get fit faster!
Halide: Have you booked holiday yet?
Alice: ReaIly?!
Nori: I have. I'm going to America!
m: They also help to prevent injuries.
Halide: Excellent, Have you been before?
Alice: I always get injured wh l start sports.
Nori: Yes, l went to New Yrk hru years 8.
m: ht because you r do ! These will help
you get fit and give you less h of injury. HaIide: l was in New York last r. Where r you going
this time?
Alice: l think l'll get some. You have to ru with m
though, l'|l look like an idiot! Nori: l've booked mth holiday in lifri.
m: You won't, lt fun! Halide: California! I love California. l went there wh l
was child. Whr are you going?
Track 26 Nori: l haven't decided exactly. l haven't read much yet.
Andre: There are so m words to rmmrl Halide: But you must know whr you r staying?
Carole: l know! It rll hard. What do you do to Nori: No, I've hired car, so l go whr lwant!
remember vocabulary? Halide: Oh wow! Such freedom, Have you
Andre: l like to put words into groups. driving holiday before?
rl: What do you m? Nori: No, l haven't,
Andre: Well, l write topic in the middIe of page. Fr Halide: You'll love it, l went driving holiday four years
ml, 'adjectives to describe places'. h every time ago wh l was student. l went with friends to Australia.
l hr w word for that topic l add it to the group. lt lt was wonderful, So have you booked any hotels?
helps me to rmmr more words. How about u? Nori: No, I haven't, l need to find one for LA wh l land.
Carole: l like to make link to picture. After that, l don't mind.
Andre: What do you m? Do you draw every word? Halide: What do you want to do there?
Carole: No, sometimes l draw something, but often ljust Nori: l haven't got m ls, but l want to spend few
rmmr picture of something connected to the word. days skiing.
Andre: That wouldn't help me. But it does help m wh Halide: Have you skied before?
l hear word, l often say words aloud to myself. Nori: No, l haven't, This will my first time. Have you
Carole: Yes, tht good idea. l think it important to skied before?
write sentences using the word, too. The meaning is l Halide: l have. l went skiing last winter fr the first time.
thing; we have to Iearn how to use the words i
Nori: You've done everything!
sentences as welI.

Track 29 Student: And then do classes start?
l : l'm going to Hawaii next week. Receptionist: No, there r't classes the first
day. At 9.30, we'Il go to the mi hall and you'Il meet the
: Hawaii!? Wow!That sounds great!
teachers and the director.
: Yeah!And l'm going surfing.
Student: What will we do for the rest of the day?
: Surfingl That sounds exciting!
Receptionist: After u have met the teachers and
: Yeah, I can't waitl directo1 there will test at l0.30.
2 : I'm going to Jeddah t week, Student: Where will the test ?
: Jeddah! Wow! That sounds exciting! Receptionist: l the library.
: Yeah! And l'm going scuba diving, Student: What will the test ?
: Scuba diving!That sounds great! Receptionist: lt an English test.
: Yeah, l can't wait! Student: , great, thank you. How I find the main
Track 50 Receptionist: G straight down the corridor past the
l Have you r been to Madagascar? staff rm the left, At the end of the corridor turn left.
2 Yes, I have. past the toilet and the t and at the end of the
5 Has he r seen lmur? corridor is the mi haIl.
4 No, he hasn't. Student: Do we get break after the talk?
Receptionist: You have short break. You go to
Track 5l the t or opposite the staff rm is classroom.
The classroom is next to the rti,
Teacher: This is good essay Luca. WelI done! There r
some mistakes, Student: How l find the library later?
Luca: Cou|d you show m, f\iss? Receptionist. lf you r in the classroom, go to the end
of the rridr and turn right. G past the self-access
Teacher: Sure. The first problem is that ur ideas r
centre and at the end of the corridor is the library,
good but not very well organised. ry to make every
paragraph about just one topic. Student: Great, thank you.
L: So here, for example, it should two paragraphs?
Teacher: Exactly, AIso, attention to ur 8rmmr. eJrY
You use the past simple lot, t you need the present
perfect in this sentence. Track 54
L: I find the present perfect really hard. Twins are not very mm throughout the world. Think
Teacher: lt is difficult, but practise with ur 8rmmr back to your school and childhood - how m hruins
exercise book. did you know? Most of us knew , m two, sets of
Luca: ls there anything else? twins when we wr 8.
Teacher: Well, your spelling needs to improve. So, an lndian viIlage where there r 220 sets of twins
i just 2 000 families is interesting for scientists. Experts
Luca: How l improve m spelling, Miss? visited the remote tropical village of Kodinhi, which is
Teacher: Reading is really important because it helps Iocated in Kerala. lt had almost six times as m twins
you see the patterns of words. And keep vocabulary as the average umr,
notebook to help you remember the spelling, too. r and mr twins are r i the village ry r.
L: , great, Thank you, Miss, l 2008, l5 pairs of hruins were r in the village out
of total of 300 babies. 220 sets of hruins are registered
Track 52 in the village. However, t all parents register their
I hr r 50 people in each class. children, so we don't know exactly how m hruins there
r. Some people think there might 350 sets of twins,
2 l live at mr I I6. ln village of 2 000, that means third are hruins.
5 The train leaves at twen to three.
Dr Sribiju, local doctor, thinks it started 60 to 70 years
4 The course starts the seventh. ago, At the moment knows why there are so
5 ticket costs 53, m twins, but Dr Sribiju thinks it is the food and drink
6 number is 777289, that the villagers have,
7 lweigh 58 kilos, Asian people often have the lowest mr of hruins
8 r mobile umr is 07889 47 11 47, in the wr|d. They usually have just four twins i 1 000
births, lt is usually older wm that have hruins, but
Track 55 the average age of mothers i Kodinhi is 18 to 20 years
old. Also, wm over 5ft 3in tall r mr likely to have
Student: Hi, l'm phoning to find out about the activities twins and the average height in Kodinhi is 5ft.
for the first day,
lt is hoped that more research can done to find out
Receptionist: Sur. Come to the school before 9 o'clock. why this is happening in such small town.
Come to reception and we'll register you on the course.
Track 55 habitat, and damage caused insecticide called DDT.
lnsecticides r used farmers to kill insects.
I : l didn't know anything about the topic and l got
The giant panda rll suffered as the population of
nervous, and then l found the rgrh matching
hi grew - there r w r I.3 billion people.
rll difficult,
People destroyed the r the panda lived in d the
: Yu don't need to know everything about the topic. food it ate. Foi these reasons, umrs fell to around
Don't worry, ry reading the first sentence of each 'l
500 in the wild.
paragraph because it has the main idea. lfll help you
The humpback whale was hunted like the bald eagle.
understand the paragraph and the text.
People wtd its meat, About 8 years 8 it was hunted
2 : How was the test? so mh that the population fell to less than 2000.
D: l didn't answer lot of the questions. The gr wolf was also udr threat. lt has very large
population in some parts of the world today. However, in

: The multiple choice ones?

D: Yes, ihe US, hunting destroyed the population completely in
the lower states, hr were none left in America the
: The questions r in the same order as the text.
l 930s.
D: So?
: Well, for example, the answer for umr three will Track 58
between the answers for hru and four in the text.
destroy Sr
You should make guess w - u could right!
destruction conservation
D: Yes, l suppose so,
poIIute extinct
5 : l read the text first.
polIution extinction
F: I read all the questions first.
: Really? Why do you do that?
F: Short-answer questions usually test details. So it
Track 59
good to know what u'r looking for, Lucia: So, what animaIs r dgrd in your country?
4 G: l'm really worried. l couldn't find the answer to : l think the rhi rl is. hr r't m left.
three of the questions, l spent long time trying to What about in ur country?
find the answers. Lucia: hr are lots of endangered animals,
: When you can't find answer, it rl means : Which is the most famous?
it is not given. Lucia: t guess it r the rw r.
G: What does that m? : Why do you think it the rw r.
: lt ms that the information isn't in the text. Li: l'm not sure, lt probably because there r't
m and they are really big and dangerous.

N, n0
Track 40
Track 56 I So, what animals are endangered i your country?
The bald eagle is not in danger today. l l940, the 2 which is the most famous?
American government banned the hunting of the bald
eagle and it has successfully grown in numbers, There 5 Why do you think that?
are w 'l0000 breeding pairs in the wiId.
The giant panda has not so successful. Although Track 4l
some numbers r as high as 3000, not ry Firstly, you need to organised and set priorities. Think
agrees. The umrs r w around l 500 in the wild. ui what u need to study and wh you need to
pandas have protected conserving and study it, What is the most important thing for y9u io
protecting the r they live in. study? What is not very important? Make study diary
l the I94Os, humpback whale umrs wr very Iw and write what you will study and when.
'l963, The next important tip is to get good ight sleep - you
But after people stopped hunting the anima|s in
the umrs grew to rud 4000. Although it is still need to s|eep for eight hours. h you wake up ready
d all the world, some countries have started for day studying. This leads me to m third tip. It true
to hunt again, you need to study most of the day, yes, but take eaks.
ln certain parts of America, there wr 8r wolves i No study without k for hours and hurs.
the rl part of the 2Oth century, However, in the l990s Wh you take break, you can follow some other tips -
wolves were flown i from canada d re-introduced. exercise, try to relax, r eat healthy food,
Now there r up to 5 000 in mri. Lt look at those thr tips. They're really important.
Exercise keeps your body fit and healthy, which will hl
Track 57 you study. You should try to rl, so you could h
At point, the bald eagle had population of only ur family and friends r chat online or have
little sleepI Next , eat healthy food. Wh we're
4l7 breeding pairs due to shooting, changes to its busy, it easy to eat junk food because it very quick.

{T isfs
But maybe you eat some fruit r make yourself Interviewee. This is where the mobile h comes
quick meal, like sandwich r some pasta. This wiII give back. Who would have thought that the Motorola mobile
your body mr r8 to keep studying. Don't forget to of the 'l970s would become the iPhone of 27? Apple
reward yourself. Fr example, if you studied everything in was one of the cleverest companies of the decade and
your study diary for that day, then take the evening off. became of the richest.
You can meet friends, go to the cinema, go shopping -
do something you enjoy doing. Track 44
lujain: Look at m new laptop!What do you think of it?
L,T 1? Jhi: l like it lot.
Lujain: Real|y? Are you sure?
Track 42
I lt bigger than this one.
Juhaina: Yes, l really like it.
2 lt heavier than the others.
Lujain: And what about m w red headphones for
the laptop?
5 lt mh stronger than before.
|hi: I love them so much.
4 lt older than the others.
Lujain: Good, because l really like them.
Track 45
lnterviewer: So what do u think was the most
Track 45
important technologicaI invention of the 195Os? Condidate
lnterviewee: WelI, the thing that really changed everyday l lnterviewer: Where are you from?
life in America was the TV, because ry started to Candidate : l'm from Berlin.
buy one, lt wasn't invented in the l950s, but TVs became 2 lnterviewer: Have you visited English-speaking
ulr then because they wr cheap, So, the invention countries?
|'ve chosen is connected to the v - it the remote
Candidate : l haven't been to English-speaking
control. lt not rll the greatest invention, but it linked
countries. l'd love to 8 to Australia, but m family
to important invention that changed daily life,
usually take holidays in countries in Asia, Iike Cambodia,
lnterviewer: Which invention do you think was ahead Thailand and lsi, lt means l have to us m
of its time in the l960s? Eng|ish lot though, as we 8 d every year.
lnterviewee: WeIl, this is interesting , lt the 5 lnterviewer: Why are you learning English?
mutr mouse, ln m countries you have to get
patent wh you invent something new. This means you
Candidate : Fr my studies.
make money every time someone sells your invention, condidote
Doug|as Engelbart invented the computer mouse way
back in 196. However, even in the mid-l98Os m
I lnterviewer: Whr r you from?
people did not use mouse. The mouse only really Candidate : l'm from Cologne. lt lrg ci i
became widely used i the l99Os. patent i mri the west of rm close to the Dutch and Belgian
l lasts 20 years, so Engelbart didn't make muh borders. It not the most famous city in rm, but
m from his invention. lots of people know it for its carnival and markets.
lnterviewer: So how about the I970s? 2 Interviewer: Have you visited any English-speaking
lnterviewee: lt has to cell phone r the mobile countries?
h. The first h was bigger than ur hand and Candidate : Yes, America.
nearly as big as ur head, Motorola changed the way we 5 lnterviewer: Why r learning English?
live and work with mobile technology, Candidate : l'm going to university i the UK next
lnterviewer: So did this technology continue in the l98Os? r, so l need to improve m English. I also think it
lnterviewee: lt did continue, but the main thing for me wiIl help me to get job in the future. And w it
i the l980s was licrosoft. lts success made Bill Cates helpful i life in general. So m people communicate
the richest man in the world for m rs. lt so in English.
many PCs that it has to of the greatest inventions.
lnterviewer: WelI, moving onto the l99Os - which Track 46
invention would you choose then? l want to doctor when l finish universi. I think it
lnterviewee: lt has to the internet, Like so many great is good to have job that helps people. l want to help
things, it is difficult to say that rs in one year people. You d to intelligent and caring to doctor.
invented it. The internet was around i the l95Os, ut l am intelligent and caring. Yes, l want to doctor,
the internet, as we know it w, m really ulr
in the 90s, Tim Berners-Lee, British physicist, built the Track 47
first website in l99O.
Receptionist: Hello, Gm, How can I help?
lnterviewer: So finalIy the 2OOOs? Louise: Hi, l'd like to join the gym, please.

udioscripfs ffi
Receptionist: Certainly. l'll take some details and then l'll lnterviewer: How?
send you the membership frm. Could you tell me ur Sergy: Well, so m people graduate with degrees.
family m? l hope it going to make m look different. l'm going
Louise: Sure, m family m is Johnson and m first to have qualifications and ri.
names r Louise caroline. lnterviewer: Nw back to the exotic! Kilimanjaro for
Receptionist: And ur address please? you, .
Louise: lt Flat 4, 96 Greenfield Avenue. : Yes. W'r going to climb KiIimanjaro for chari.
Receptionist: Sorry what was that? tnterviewer: How high r you going to climb?
Louis: Greenfield, G-R-E-E-N-F-l-E-L-D, : lt rl 6000 metres.
Receptionist: Great, thank you, And could you tell me Interviewer: ht not going to take year!
the postcode please? : No, l'm also going to work in tur reserve.
Lis: lt 54 2QR, lt going to amazing working with the animals.
Receptionist: Could l also take r h mr?
Louise: lt OI284 471147, and my mobile umr is Track 49
07889 64758, I W'r going to late.
Receptionist. Thank you. Just two mr things. Could l 2 W'r going to have great time.
ask for your date of birth? 5 They're going out tonight.
Louise: Yes, it the 25th of June I989. 4 Sh going away.
Receptionist: And wh would like to start ur 5 l'm going to leave w.
membership? 6 They're going on holiday.
Louise: Could l start this month?
Receptionist: Of course, What date would you like to start? Track 50
Louise: Could lstart the 2Ist? Nicola: What do u think the classroom wiII like i
Receptionist: Certainly, l'll get the frm in the post to you, the future?
J: lt hard to say, but there rl won't
classroom in the futur.
UNI 12 Nicola: Really?! Why do you think that? We'll always need
teacher, won't we?
Track 48
Joanna: N, Let m think, Well, perhaps they won't
lnterviewer: people think of 8 year as long in the classroom.
holiday, but lot of people on 8 years choose to make
m for chari r to work. l'm joined three people
who r going to have very busy gap years. So, Raouf,
Track 5I
what r you going to do for ur gap r? David: So, what do you think? Will teachers exist?
Raouf: l'm going to cycle from Mexico City to the south |: Of rs they will!
of Chi|e. David: l don't kw We already have lectures online
lnterviewer: Ww!ht going to tough. How long sometimes.
r you going for? Jane: Yes, teachers,
Raouf: W'r going to go for r. lt going to hard. David: But the lectures are recorded, teachers
W'r going to cycle 8 500km in total, aren't needed.
lnterviewer: How many kilometres are going to Jane: Who will mark the work?
cycle every day? David: computers will.
Raouf: We have to cycle 25 every day, but we r going Jane: l don't think computers wiII mark essays. They
to cycle mr some days. won't that intelligent.
lnterviewer: You're going to need kI David: Teachers use computers all the time w.
Raouf: ht true, but it going to really exciting, lt So, do you think they wiII teach from hm?
going to adventure of lifetimeI Jane: No, they won't. We'll still go to lessons. l know
lnterviewer: Nowhere quite so exotic for you, Sergy! you don't like lessons, but you wilI have to go!
Sergy: No, l'm going to work for year. David: You're rl right. Will they teach people
lnterviewer: What are you going to do? in other countries?
Sergy: l'm going to work in bank, l'm going to save Jane: Yes, l think they will sometimes,
m to for universi. David: too,
lnterviewer: What are you going to do in the bank?
Sergy: Nothing very interesting, l'm going to have
office job, l hope it going to useful in the future.

?l usrfs
LJNIT 1 Rll WKlTlluc
LlsTBllluc 1 l
l They live at home. I There are four courses at the
2 Because the windows r small. universi.
5 Elena: Hello, t! 3 2
lt very noisy. hr r 350 students in the
l0 t: Hi, Elena! How are you? 4 They could rt house r universi.
6 Elena: l'm fine, thanks, And you? private bedsit or flat. hr is liary.
9 Anton: l'm very well, thanks. 5 you meet some of the best 4 Yes, there is telephone in every
I Elena: Anton, this is Luc. friends you make in ur life. You drm.
from Fr. have fun meeting people from 5 yes, there r lots of restaurants.
Luc: Hello, Anton, Nice to meet around the world.
. 2 1 What
'I small is your m?
t: Nice to meet you too! l'm 4 umfrt 2 Where are you frm?
from Russia. 2 dark 5 noisy
3 What is ur hm near?/What is
4 L: Are you w student? hot
near ur home?
8 Anton: Yes, I am.
Luc: l'm w student too! vl 4 What is ur hm like?
5 How m people live in your town?
Llvlluc lELTS l flat
6 What do you do in the evenings?
2 hus
l 3 bedsit 5
l this is 4 student halI 3 bl d4 5 12
2 this is 5 comfortable
3 to meet you 6 cold SKllls
4 you too 7 untidy 5
LlsTBlu l l
l 4
l bed 5 sofa Question I Lucia
I we are students. 2 laptop 6 window Question 2 Lucia
2 | m from Grm, 5 lm 7 bookshe|ves Question 3 Khalid
They are from Gr, 4 desk 8 table Question Khalid
4 She is Frh.
5 London is in the UK.
I mthr 3 house
6 I am her brother. 2 food 4 I full 3 understand
2 clearly 4 sm
l is#t aren't l rmhir, sofa
2 sofa
2 r is
r isn't, r is 3 chair UrI 2
4 is am
4 bookshelves, desk Rl
5 rt isn't
5 table
6 isn't G 2
5 I l three weeks
'l 2 d 4 5 lIS5lS 2 d, theatre, music, exhibitions
2 are 4 r and events
llIN 2
2 l Are there
4 rfrm
//: stop, not, hot 2 r thr 5
/ei/:late, hate, eight 3 ls thr l show 4 famous
/ai/:fly, , my
4 r there 2 rgrmm 5 performs
5 ls there festivals
vly 3
I hr is shopping tr. G
l Say hr isn't restaurant. I
2 meet hr r two banks. l ms m
start There isn't f. 2 s go
4 8 out
There are two supermarkets. 4 liks like
hr isn't post office, 5 {ive lives
5 chat
hr is dtr. 7 vts visit

swr W
2 2 7 Wh .., ?
2 |ot of tourists go to Edinburgh Does he speak Spanish?
I 8 What ... ?
i August. Eoes Do they enjoy learning 9 What ,.. ? / Whr ... ?
Most | j music. English? I0 What ... ?
4 she eats meat. Eoes Do we have homework? 5
5 The show starts at l 5 I 7 / seven
6 Sally. Iistens to traditionaI Scottish 1 How long Whr 2 differences
muSIc. 2 When 4 What 3 Working with ur
7 l live r m family. 4 fur / 4 weeks
4 5 El 00 per week
8 We have holiday every r. Ib 2 3 4d 5 6 Ianguage
LlsTBl ll 7 2 / second of
WKlTllc 8 rk
l I 9 20, High Street
l Spring 'I the first of l
10 m.a.peace@gmail,com
2 1 days 2 traditional music and dancing
New Yr Eve and New 3 Labour Day 4
I accommodation
Yr Day 2 2 acceptabIe
2 l\ Day happens the first of argument
l different in England. It happens every year and 4 calendar
2 family it is traditionalIy celebrated at the 5 until
3 fish end of winter. hr is Queen 6 reIevant
4 red and traditional dig, l Oxford it is
traditional to meet at .m, outside 5
Llvllc IELTS if, amount

Magdalen College. At Durham

Universi students enjoy folk dancing 2 advertisement, separate
and traditionaI music. lt is called 3 irmt, teacher
PauI likes football. 4 believe, benefit
paul hates fish. Labour Day in many other countries,
such as Grm, Bahrain and Brazil. 5 lum, their
katrina doesn't like carnival, 6 scheduIe, pronunciation
tri loves footbaIL 5
katrina likes fish. 1 capital letter 3 months, places Tlp
2 full stop 'l instructions
vl W
4 2 number 4 spelling
happens lt
l awful , amazing rmmrs
2 delicious , interesting
lasts qJe
3 rig , beautiful
4 colourful , exciting
5y skllls vly
5 fantastic , freezing I
'l The student wrote mr than l friendly 4 sad
l boring three words. 2 intelligent 5 Wrm
2 amazing 2 h student wrt the swr
nervous 6 happy
3 awful not the letter. 2
4 colourful 3 The student chose two answers
quiet 4 taIkative
5 delicious not . 2 shy 5 confident
lazy 6 hardworking
lulllN 4 The student chose one answer
not two.
I LlsTBlu lluc
1 three 4 two SKllls
2 two 5 three

thr three
I m is booking urs.
Presentation topic: rlms facing
international students
5 2 mr th three Presentation date: 20th April
amazing boring 3 yes Date of meetings: Monday at 2 .m.
aruful fantastic
2 2
colourful exciting
l What ,,, ? Wh ,,. ? lb 2
2 What ,,, ?
G 3 What .,. ? G
l 4 How long .,. ?
ta 2 3 4 5 5 How muh ,,. ? I
l never 4 usualIy
6 What ... ? 2 sometimes 5 always
sr r
2 WKlTllc 6 Law
l we often have to work in teams
7 Engineering
at university.
I Yes, they do,
8 Medicine
2 l sometimes give presentations. 9 Languages
2 No, they don't. They Iisten to I0 Sociology
3 The lecturers usually give us employees. 'I 'I Psychology
test at the end of the r,
Good leaders need l2 Biology
We never have multiple choice communication, listening and
test - it is always essays. decision-making skiIls.
1 biology 7 languages
5 2 2 literature 8 geology
l often 4 usually l and 3 too 3 maths 9 computer science
2 always 5 vr 2 and, also 4 business 1 law
sometimes 5 Sociology l t engineering
5 6 psychology l2 medicine
Some people think leaders and
Rll mgrs are different, Managers 5
l make simple decisions but Ieaders l higher education
1 2 also motivate people to work hard. 2 degree
2 Leaders don't only make decisions - qualification
1 dominate 4 share | want to follow them too. 4 PaSs
2 develop 5 an agenda 4 LlsTlvl l
3 rl I and and l
2 also 4 too l Ali, mr and Naif
G 2 their school
sy skllls 3 their university studies
l 4 I 4 subject and country of study
2 can't 5 can't I fur
2 essay
Ali = Psychology, UK
3 fur
mr = Sociology, Australia
2 4 three
Naif _ Law, Australia
Ciara 5 two-way discussion
5 2
Ali =2
1 Ciara 4 ] read 6 pronouns
mr = 2
2 5 can't 2 transfer 7 s Naif = l and2
3 can 6 3 read 8 full
4 spend 9 points llllN
Rll 5 writ
l Ciuseppe
SKIlls a (a a

2 Anastasia I literature geoIogy sociology

Giuseppe lb 2 3 languages psychology
4 Giuseppe 2 biology
5 Anastasia lb 2
6 Ciuseppe
llllN 2
2 m doing 5 I m thinking
I Tlp m taking I am looking
Georgios mr I technique 3 text 4 am hoping
speak Spanish 2 questions 4 order
use comPuter l Who r u living with?
drive &j\Y& 2 Are you working hard?
wrk under vul-y 3 Do you like living in Australia?
4 What modules r you studying
,I ,l
work in team l Geology
for SocioIogy?
, 2 Literature 5 Why r you hoping to study
2 : 3 Naths postgraduate course?
l weak Stron8 4 Computer Science 6 r u enjoying living with
2 weak 4 weak 5 Business British students?

swr 3
4 2 3
2 4 dl 3 f5 l internet shoppers age group l h 2004 Athens Olympics
2 the different age of the shoppers weren't Success.
Rll left/verticaI/y 2 l wasn't at home yesterday.
l 4 4 (l 995, 2000, 2005, 20l0) We weren't holiday last week.
3 4 wasn't ill on Monday,
2 l,7 r cent l 2 5 The ci wasn't very modern.
3 Fr
4 6 The athletes weren't very happy,
4 study d r8rmm
I0000 Going : increasing, growing, rising
5 over 4
Going down: decreasing, falling
l WaS, Wasn't

l that they study in western-style

2 wasn't, was
Tlp weren't, were
l tyPe 4 Wasn't, WaS
2 Chinese
2 important 5
3 2 600 trends
4 Europe l was=2 3Were=l
2 was=4 4 wr=
5 &j&Y
l western LlsTBll l
2 global vty
4 camPUSeS
l tall, glass lT 2F 4F 5F
2 modern, ugly 2
l!lN wonderf ul, fa ntasticantastic, Ic 2 3d 4
la 2 3 4 5 4 ik G
5 unusual I

G 2 1 called 3 needed
glass, ugly, modern, taIl, huge, 2 looked 4 believed
4g unusual, fantastic, wonderful 2
l is studying
2 r studying 5 am living stone, glass, ugly, modern, rt, l hated 5 called
r taking 6 lr usul, fantastic, ik, wonderful 2 travelled 6 asked
old, stone, glass, ugly, tall, 3 needed 7 worked
2 unusual, fantastic, wonderful 4 believed
l is going down. glass, ugly, modern, concrete, 5
2 is staying the same. tal|, huge, unusual, fantastic, Ib 2 4 5
is going up. wonderful
old, stone, ugly, modern, concrete, llIN
WnlTlluc tall, huge, unusual, fantastic, brick, I
l wonderful
1 /d/ z /d/ /t/ /fl/
l bar chart
2 going down Rll 5 /t/ /d/ 6 7 /t/
less I
lT 2F F 4F 5 Llvlluc lELTS
l line graph 7 8 9 l0T 1 spectacular dramatic
2 On the left
2 amazing 4 definiteIy
3 is increasing 1 2 4 WKlTlluc
4 Iess
5 l Portugal 24
line graph 2 4 1998
2 fulltime first degrees
l 896 200
yearS 2 l 920 4 China 2
4 subject (r)
2 l capital city
5 lS IncreaSln8
I WaS 7 was 2 medium-sized
6 is becoming
2 Wr 8 was 3 population
9 wr 4 historical
SKllls 3 Wr
4 wasn't l0 were 5 tr
l 5 WaS lI was 6 |ively
Ic 2 d 4 6 weren't

5 l WKlTllc
Suggested 0nswer; I Wh 4 Where
1 capital 2 How 5 I

2 medium-sized What
Why 'l 2 3 4 5d
3 centre
4 2

4 2 How long did h work there? r m

3 Did he like his job? 2 get work experience
Cologne is modern and lively ci.
h ci is the River Rhine, in Why did he like it? develop language skills
the west of rm, |t is Iarge 5 Where did he work? 5
ci with population of more than 6 Why did he leave? I l could r m
million. h main industries 2 I could get experience
r insurance and media,ln 26, Rll they could develop language skills
Cologne was of the Grm lc 4
cities to host the World Cup.
2 thr studies Business at
STuoy sKltls lB 2 5 4D University in London. lt is very
expensive to Iive in London, 1 so
t 3
he works as waiter in ltalian
le 2 4 5d IF 2F F 4 5t restaurant at the weekends. eats
4 for free at the restaurant, 2 so he
ru 1 2 3 4 5d doesn't need to buy lot of food.
After his degree he wants to work
vt 5 fr international bank, so he is
l increase aIso studying Spanish and Grm,
l volunteer government
N parents want him to get some
2 fulltime popular
work experience in bank, so they
3 job d degree
r not happy about his job in the
4 ri benefit
restaurant. knows m parents
5 well-paid G are right about this, 5 so he is now
6 new skills looking for job in bank.
2 did 7 learned/learnt Sy 5KIlls
l job 2 felt 8 made
2 volunteer 3 found 9 met l
new skilIs 4 got l 0 spent
14 5
4 fulltime 5 gave I I wrote
5 well-paid 6 had ru 7
6 ri 2 Rll
LlsTBl ll 2 l didn't meet my parents at the I
weekend, 'l 2 3 4
3 3 l didn't buy w suit for the job.
4 l didn't learn lot of interesting 'l combine
I talk
things, 2 touch
2 Yes, she did,
5 l didn't get the job. 3 Opposite
6 l didn't find the office easily, 4 popular
3 doughnuts 5 sponsor
4 another student 7 l didn't h luh with my
m8r. G
3 8 l didn't write lot of emails,
It 2 F 4F 9 l didn't give 2O-minute
I have to
G presentation. 2 don't have to,
I0 l didn't feel tired at the end of 3 can't
lb 2 3 4 the day. 4 can
5 5 can, have to
2 Llvllvc IELTS 6
2 Yes, she did. She didn't take it. l happy 3 nervous 7 has to, has to
3 No, they didn't. They got job. 2 confident 8 have to
4 Yes, he did. didn't get 2
interview lllN can't 4 can't
5 No, they didn't, They m to // 2 // /i:/ 2 can't 5
1 4 /i:/ 3 6
5 // 6 //
visit him,

swr W
5 Llvlluc lELTS 2
2 have to, have to l why it is important
3 don't have to, have to
l such 4 so 2 whr it is
4 don't have to, have to
2 absolutely 5 really what it looks like
3 even 4 why you Iike the building
lllN 5
1 strong 3 Stron8 Wlll h .l
2 weak 4 weak I h
I why people don't do sport doesn't give long
vut 2 don't have time, find it boring, anSWer
l aren't good at it, have medical doesn't inc|ude alI
'l u 4 jump condition the ooints
2 Balance 5 hit don't have time doesn't follow the
kick 6 c|imb 4 have medical condition order of the points
2 2
basketball D long jump l shows 4 Twenty-five Tlp
gymnastics tennis 5 3
rugby F climbing
2 key in five 1 rr organise
Fif r cent 6 smalIest 2 notes
l voIIeyball 5 climbing
'l r getting too old
2 tennis 6 golf
us they
have injury
3 karate 7 basketball because they
4 gymnastics 5 because they don't have time vl
4 because they don't enjoy it I
G mr l rainforest, rir 5
l 4 2 coast waves
1 picture 4 picture F Somple swr 3 beach 7 waterfall
2 5 picture The pie chart shows the different
4 cIiffs
3 picture 6 picture D reasons people stop doing sport. 2
2 Firstly, forty-five r cent of people l unique 4 spectacular
2 3 41 5 d stop doing sport because they are 2 scenery 5 destination
getting too old. Secondly, twen-five 3 landscape
per cent stop doing sport because
l need 4 don't need they have injury. w per cent LlsT l
2 don't need 5 don't need
stop doing sport because they don't
l l

3 need 6 need I

have time. Finally, ten per cent stop
doing sports because they don't
IY 2Y N 4N 5N N
ebcafd enjoy it mr. 2
l last r
sy skllls
] you don't need to tallto do 2 wh she was child
the long jump, 2
3 4 rs ago
Andre-Iand3 4 last winter (for the first time)
2 Do you needs to very fit to
play ping pong? carole -zd V
You needing l l people to make 5
4 you do not need racket to do
subjects: Biology, Sociology, Law, I beach 4 mountains
Engineering 2 river 5 rainforest
judo. verbs for sports: climb, hit, jump, 3 view volcano
S t+ Do need new kick
tennis racket? places to live: flat, house, bedsit, 2
student hall I sandy beaches
LlsTB l l l adjectives: awful, amazing, 2 snowy mountains
t interesting, boring 3 spectacular views
Ib 2 3 4 5 4 extinct volcanoes
SKllls 5 deep river
2 6 thick forests
IY 2N N 4N I
l important historical building Llvllc lELTS
2 three mi points (and one final
la 2 3 4 5 1

7 sb point) l Wow Surfing

3 say why you like the building 2 great 4 exciting

2 long holiday and students forget SKllls
l Wow 5 Scuba diving how to study
2 exciting 4 great
2 l50 5 53
D 2 4 2 1l 6 777289
G 3 2:4 758
I 4 lth 8 7889 471147
l 've vr gone
ln m ii
2 've travelled 2
3 haven't finished 3 First of all Numbers; 3 Whr? Place
4 don't fly / r fly 4 tr example What? Event
5 visited 4
First of all 3 wvr
I Reception
] #yotl-evefo Have you ever 2 Fr ml 4 l my opinion
2 meet the teachers and director
to vietnam? ,l0,30
3 Have Has she ever surfing? 5 3
6 Ekffi Has she r
Somple swr 4 English test
eaten sushi? students want to take gap
r, First of all, it gives students five
5 the h to ri different
I Have, met 4 Wr things. Fr example, students 5
2 Did, meet 5 Did, play get lu ri of work lT 2F F 4
3 Have, Have, played r trl to another country and
Ir about another culture. They 6
Rll can learn thr language too. l Main Hall ()
However, m people argue it is 2 Toilet ()
3 Staff Room (SR)
lc 2 D 4
long holiday and it isn't important in
deve.loping skills for.future life, l my 4 Classroom (CR)
2 opinion, 8 r is important 5 Library (L)
IF 2F 4 5 ri for student.
G sy skl.s I predict
2 Revise
Ic 2 3

lb 2 3 4f 5d
3 Read

2 2
l for 4 How long hr r m international &jY
2 How long 5 since students i the uk, vty
3 Slnce 6 for
l went to the shopping mall l big
5 yesterday, 2 m from
'l 3
We've in J for month, works for large lT m,
l child
3 Sh loved surfing for m years.
d lt is difficult to communicate in
the youngest child
5 They've worked hr since 20l 0. 5 the middle child
another language, 6 the oldest child
lllN you need to refer to the chart.

l f chi|dren fail in school Rll

l Have u been to Madagascar? because they r tested too muh. I
2 Yes, l have, 5
IF 2 F 4 5F
Has h s lemur? students in the UK take 2
4 No, he hasn't.
8 r after school. They want to lB 2 4 5D
see other countries before going to
WKlTllvc 5
university. They see the world
and ri w culture. Fr
1 2F F 4 5
gap r is year off frm
F 7F 8 9
m it is the best r of their life.
studying, lt happens ftr school lt doesn't have to long holiday 4
and before universi. Students - m people work. hr is the lB 2
often use the r to go travelling argument that people should work
abroad. to for university. G
time to decide what they want to I
study and what job they wt in 4 'l ceIebrate 4 save
the future, lr mr about the 2 give 5 spend
worId 8rammar
3 make 6 speak

2 5 2
l are 8l l where is it located? 421
2 are spoken 2 Why is it special? 5
3 is celebrated How m twins r rmll I first sentence
r made r i Asia? 2 rdr
4 is spent Wh rmIl has twins? details
5 is saved 4 not given
5 LlvIlc IELTS 4
lb 2 3 4d l far 4do ,l
4 2do 5 like most
'I are celeated 3 really d Tlp
2 r invited
I mUltipIe 3 spend
3 is called 2 text 4 understand
4 is kw l
5 r celebrated The cost of raising child in
6 are given the UK &jY *
2003,2006, and 2009
vly increasing
1 d childcare, education and food
l people using the wrld resources
Claudia = grandmother 2 2 gaIlons of water used an
lfrd = grandfather l totaI American family in day
Lucia = mother 2 childcare 3 The AraI lake started getting smaller,
Roberto = father 3 thousand 4 The lake lost rl 95/ of its size.
Claudio = brother-in-Iaw 4 food
Donatella = sister-in-law 5 clothing 2

2 5
'l 2 3d 4
l couSln l Personal expenses cost the least, 5
2 aunts, uncles 2 Holidays cost mr than ] F 2F F 4 5
Son babysitting. 4
4 daughter
5 l
chiIdcare costs the most, la 2 4
4 Hobbies and toys cost almost the
6 nephew sm as babysitting, G
Clothing is hruice the cost of
G leisure and recreation.

I countable uncountable
l They eat different food in Kodinhi, 4 s s
2 They drink different drinks in
5ml swr
The cost of raising child was nearly city advice
Kodinhi, professor coffee
60000 more in 2009 than 200,
3 Doctors don't believe it is genetic.
Childcare costs the most at nearly job food
4 scientists need to do mr 55 000. Holidays cost mr than fIat m
research. babysitting, but this is almost the test music
same as hobbies and toys. Clothing friend traffic
I have is rl hruice the cost of leisure and concert information
2 are located recreation. Personal expenses r
3 the least expensive thing at just over
r spread
is eaten El 000, ]U 2U 4 5U
5 eat 5
6 is taken 5y 5Kllls l 4
7 use 2 2 5 some
8 live l most mm use some
2 sound file
LlsTBlu ll 3 phonetic script 4
1 People.are causing damage to
I 4 part of speech
m rlrs.
d=2 d=5 5 definition
2 The weather isn't causing some
=4 = 6 example sentence
any of the changes.
= ]
3 Afiy i/Sm people lost their
SKllls jobs,
1F 2F F 4 5F F
I 4 lt was soffie good sggestions
] 2 4d suggestion.

W srr
LIsT l lluc 2
bald eagle grey wolf 5
giant panda D humpback whaIe 2 4 3 dl I
2 4 6 heavy
Ib 2 3d 4 b'l 4 d2 7 expensive
5 5
9 fast
1 417 3 2 000 Sample swr Dw
2 1.3 biIIion 4 I 930s The seas r becoming polluted l boring
around the world. This is happening 2 h
IT 2 F 4 because people are throwing too 3 safe
much rubbish into the sea, solve 4 efficient
G this rlm we need to take three 5 mdr
steps. Firstly, we need to produce 8 dangerous
l less rubbish. Secondly, we need
I How much? 4 How much? to find ways to deal with rubbish,
2 How muh? 5 How m?
Finally, we need solutions to l
l boring 5 inefficient

How m? 2 expenslve 6 old-fashioned

ur seas. ln this way, we help safe 7 slow
2 the seas around the world. 4 heavy
I How m w m
2 How much 4 How muh STuoy 5Kllls Rll
2 2
2 3 4 2,4 1, The lnternational Space Station
4 d5 The Alraj Al Bait Towers
The Jiaozhou Bridge
2 ffilh m D The Bailong elevator
4 many much l organised and set priorities
5 ffiffh many 2 sleep for eight hours 5
take eaks F 2F 5 4F

4 exercise 5 7F
vl 5 try to relax 4
I 6 eat healthy food l mr expensive 3 smaller
: conservation, destruction, 7 rwrd yourself 2 higher 4 longer
extinction, poIIution
verb: conserve, destroy, pollute SKllls G
2 I
'l destruction l24and5 I

2 poIlute 2
dd -r safer
3 conserve
intro: l what the different sources of
add -er smaller
4 extinction
r8 r.
agree: 2 examples of hw we
lllN change our behaviour,
I double the final bigger
disagree: 4 the cost of different
consonant and hotter
r8 Sources.
destroy, polIute, sr, extinct add -r
conclusion: 5 why it important to
take off the - happier
change ur behaviour.
destruction and add -ier heavier
extinction 5 add mr mr expenslve
poIlution I however, also, although mr comfortable
2 aIso mr beautiful
conservation however, although mr borins
irregular good = better
Llvlluc lELTS Tlp bad = worse
lB 2 I carefulIy
2 brainstorm 2
WKlTllvc 3 organise I happier 5 mr comfortable
t 4 link 2 longer 6 heavier
3 smaIler 7 hotter
is destroying Earth. Describe
4 mr expensive 8 bigger
three ways we stop this.

5 LlsTBl l luc Y N
Somple swrs I
LlsTBl ll
h ummr 2 is mr inefficient l 'l
95Os remote control
than the Kia Rio. 2 'I
960s computer mouse t
The Kia Rio is lighter th the D 'l970s mobile
h Raouf
ummr 2. 4 l980s irsft Sergy
The Hummer 2 is heavier than the 5F I990s internet Ana
Kia Rio. 6 2000s iPhone
The kia Rio is faster than the 5 lT 2 4F 5F N
Hummer 2. 1 2 3 4 5
The ummr 2 is slower than the
Kia Rio, Llvllvc IELTS l Raouf 4 Raou{
2 Sergy 5
lIlN I 3 Sergy
I alot 3 so muh
I 2 really 4 really
V y
lt bigger than this .
lt heavier than the others, 2 l
lt much stronger than before. lc 2 3d 4 Take coffee, We say to have or to
lt older than the others. mk coffee. /
WKlTllc Do mistake. We say to mk
G I mistake, /
l cost Make business . We say to do
2 the most beautiful time to build buslness (with someone). /
3 the heaviest distance from the city tr
Have decision We say to mk
4 the tallest people in the building
decision (about something r
5 the most expensive 2 someone). ./
6 the largest Building l
7 the longest
8 the strongest
5 I do internship
9 the ugliest
l paragraph 3 2 make money
l0 the worst
2 paragraph 1 3 have |uh
paragraph 2 4 make presentation
2 4
5 take an exam
I the ugliest Buildin8 I house the lar8est
6 do degree
2 the tallest umr of people. However, it is
7 have rm
3 the most expensive the most exoensive choice and it
8 take photo
4 the worst also takes the lonpest time to build. 5
5 the strongest Building 2 and Building 3 cost l into 5 lor
6 the most beautiful the same. However, Building 3 is 2 with i
smaller, takes lr to build and on
5 houses fewer people, 4 at
l That is the longest bridge in l think Building l is the best choice,
Mexico, It is slower to buiId than the others 4
2 lVlount Everest is the highest and mr expensive, but it is the l do internship
mountain in the world. closest to the citv centre and 2 have f
3 The London Underground is the hold mr people. 3 make/earn m
oldest in the world.
4 have plans
4 The Sahara is the biggest desert
5Kllls 5 make plans
in the world. Speaking 5
5 Russia is the biggest country in
2 lat
Candidate : improve points 2 for
the world, 1, , 4,6
6 Kilimanjaro is the highest
Candidate : good at 1, 4, 6,7 4 about
mountain in Africa.
Listening 5 around
7 The Shard is the tallest building
in London. 12 5 6 6
8 Luanda is the most expensive city 1 getting off
i the worId. 5 2 We're off
l creenfield 4 June 3 far off
2 54 2QR 521
7889 64758

G students won't take tests with 5 I think most people won't eat
pen and paper. All tests will meat i the future.
l r, going to 4 are, going to done mutr. They 6 l don't believe all cars will
won't marked teacher.
2 is, going to 5 aren't, going to The mutr will mrk the test.
electric i the future.
isn't, going to 9
Parents wiII able to download
Somple swr
2 electronic copies of everything ln my opinion, teachers in the
2 4 cl d 5 their child does. future will not replaced
D ln Korea the government has computers. l think teachers give
said all r text books wi|I
l Maria is going to go r to the
available electronical|y 20l5.
important help to students and
computers t always help
Some parts of the world won't students,
rts are going to work
take long to catch up. So how We will use computers mr
this weekend,
long until we will vr read in education, but l don't gr
5 It r is going to difficult week,
paper book again? that teachers will replaced
4 computers. l think students need to
2 talk to teachers and ask questions,
Miguel: Alex, r you going to do ] won't rl
anything this weekend? l
2 will use
Teachers can answer the questions
and check students understand.
Alex: No, plans? Why? Do you won't read They support students.
have any ideas? 2 4 won't traveI, will visit students aIso need teachers
Miguel: WeII, yes. l'm going to 5 won't , will buy to make learning interesting.
see Adele in rt. 3 6 won't , wilI computer cannot ur8
Alex: Adele! I'd Iove to see her! students. Fr this reason, l do not
Sh great singer. 4 Llvllc lELTS believe teachers wiII replaced
Miguel: l hv tr ticket, 'l hard 2 think
Do you want to go? 5
Alex: Sur!Wh is it? 6 SKllls
Miguel: Sunday evening. 7 Writing
2 2
Alex: Oh, , l 't! I'm going to
have dinner with my classmates. 8 David Jane Do the advantages of
studyin8 abroad outweigh the_
1 disadvantages? What advice wouId
lllN you offer to someone li8 to
I study d?

1 gt_lIt 4 gut
2 gutlt 5 gutt 4
advantages: w culture, learn
gut 6 gul
5 Ianguage, good for future job, good
David universities
Rll 4
disadvantages: miss hm,
l rms communicating,
She disagrees because she thinks expensive, harder work
2 the relationship between the student
1 2 4 5D and the teacher is really important
What advice would you offer to
and this will not change.
5 someone planning to study abroad?
la 2 d 4 5 5
l opinion 4 don't believe 5
G 2 think 5 disagree
don't agree Reading
Students learning Arabic will 7 'I People will not take holidays in
have teacher based in the l ln m opinion, public libraries will
other countries so much.
Middle East. They won't in the disappear in the future. 2 People do not take holidays in
classroom together - they will 2 l don't think checkout assistants their w country today.
t on the internet. schools in supermarkets will replaced
won't have to go expensive
3 G years wiII stilI ulr.
machines. 4 People will travel less for
trips to other countries. They will 3 l think bicycles will rl cars in everything.
take virtual tours of some of the the future.
most famous Arabian sites. h 4 l don't agree that most people
lY 2Nc N 4Y
they will have conversation with will smoke cigarettes in the future. facts
Arabic students in Arabic.

swr /( W
lrurl lTll,rr s sll s tlr ! l l frflpt gr
was/were been let let Iet

become m m lie (i bed) lay ll

begin 8 igrel begun /l'g/ lie (not tell the truth) lied lied
bet bet bet lose /1zl lost Iost

fil make made made

bite halt/ bit bitten
blow /lu/ blew lu:/ blown lul m meant meant
break broke k meet met met
Drlng brought /brc:t/ brought / paid /perd/ palo
proved proven/proved
build lldl built Iltl built r
r burnt rt Put t PUt
buy 8ht ltl bought read /i,i/ read /red/ read /red/
catch caught lkc:t/ caught ride rode ridden
choose chose ffuz/ chosen ring rg /r/ rung /rl/
come came come run /tt/ r /rl ru
coSt cost coSt say /sel/ said /sed/ said
cut cut cut see saw /sc:/ S
do did done sell sold sold
drawn /dr:/ send Sent sent
draw /drJ drew /dru:/
dream dreamt dreamt set Set set
drink drank /drrek/ drunk /dr{k/ shoot shot shot
drive drove driven show showed shown
eat ate /aTt/ eaten /'ifon/ shut shut shut
flall fell/fel/ fallen /'fll/ sing sang /s/ sung /s../
leel /fill/ felt /feltl felt sink sank /srek/ sunk /sk/
fight /fatt/ fought /f:t/ fought sit Sat sat
find found /faund/ fd sleep slept slept
fIee flew flown sIide s|id slid
lly /f|ail flew /flu:/ flown /flu/ SpeaK spoke spoken
forget forgot forgotten spell spelt spelt
Tor8lve forgave forgiven spend spent sPent
freeze froze frozen spoil spoilt spoiIt
get 8ot 8ot spread /spred/ spread spread
give 8ave given stand stood stood

8 Went /g stetjl stole stolen

grw /gr/ stick stuck /stk/ stuck
grow /grul grew /gtu:/
hang /hl hug lh,rl hug strike /stralk/ struck /strk/ struck
have had had SWear swore SWorn
hear rl heard :d/ heard :d/ swim swam /swrem/ swm /swm/
hide hid hidden /'hd/ take /teIk/ took /tuk/ taken /'tIk/
hit hit hit teach taught /t:t/ taught
hoId held held tell told told
hurt tl hurt hurt think thought /Oc:t/ thought
keep kept kept throw /Oru/ threw /Orul/ thrw /Oru/
know /u/ kw /njul/ known /u/ understand understood understood
lay /|el/ laid laid wake woke /wouk/ wk /'wuk/
Iead /lild/ led /|ed/ Ied wr /weo/ wr /wl/ wr /wc:n/
Iearn /1:/ learnt Iearnt win w /w/ W
leave left left write Wrote written /'rllen/
lend lent lent

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