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Al Dar Headquarters, Abu Dhabi, UAE: Spreading the Eternity

Unconventional and unique designs are not only built to just grab the eyeballs but it also
comes with great deep understanding of its own. Later on, when the design takes the
form of structure, the beauty and depth are visible in front of eyes. Similar with the case
of Al Dar Headquarters situated in Al Raha, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Its first of its kind in whole
Middle East. So much so that it was chosen as Best Futuristic Design in the Building
Exchange (BEX) Conference held in Spain. Not surprising as it stands out among the
any posh commercial building. It was developed by ALDAR Laing ORourke and
architectural design has given by MZ Architects. The project was completed in 2010.

Al Dar Headquarters is a commercial building of 23 floors which is designed in a

circular convex shape covers up the area of 123,000 sqm. Those two convex circular
shapes are joined by smooth zigzag narrow band. The circular structure is covered from
a triangular grid of steel. Due to the grid it got the good efficiency and eliminated the
need of internal columns. One of the most challenging task was to create a curved glass
structure. In order to create the glass skin triangular pieces of flat glass was combined
into a diamond shape and set them in a convex structure with steel grid. Unique feature
of these glasses are in spite clear visibility through them one can also see the reflection.
The headquarter contains various types of elevators which are- 1 circular hydraulic lift,
12 passenger elevators, 3 mono space elevators, 2 service elevators and 2
dumbwaiters. The circular shape is not only to attract the viewers but it also stands for
infinity, stability and harmony. Holding the concept of eternity with the great dexterity of
complex design its quite a astonishing fact that it turned out so perfectly.

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