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List of Journals

Name of Journal Publisher Issn No.

1. Journal of Social and Serials Publications,New Delhi. 0973-3426
Economic Policy
2. Asian-African Journal -do- 0972-3986
Of Economic & Econometrics
3. International Journal of Business -do- 0975-296X
Management, Economics &
Information Technology.
4. The IUP Journal of Compu- IUP Publications, Hyderabad 0974-6544
Tational Mathematics.
5. The IUP Journal of Applied Eco- -do- 0972-6861
6. The IUP Journal of Environmen- -do- 0972-9912
Tal Sciences.
7. International Journal of Cabells Directories of Publis- 2231-4245
Research in Commerce, hing Opportunities USA Double
Economics & Management Blind Peer Reviewed Refereed
Open Access International e-
8. International Journal of -do- 2231-5756
Research in Commerce,
IT & Management.
9. International Journal of -do- 2231-1009
Research in Computer
Application & Management.
10. International Journal of -do- 0976-2183
Research in Commerce &
11. Journal of Indian Society of Indian Society of Agricultural 0019-6363
Agricultural Statistics. Statistics, New Delhi, 110012.
12. METRON-International University deglistudi di Roma 0026-1424
Journal of Statistics.
13. Australian and New Zealand Blackwell Scientific (Oxford),
Journal of Statistics. Statistical Society of Australia.
14. Brazillian Journal of Probability Brazillian Statistical Society,
and Probability Sao-Paulo
15. Calcutta Statistical Associa- Department of Statistics,
Tion Bulletin. Calcutta University, West Bengal
16. Computational Statistics and Elsevier, North-Holland, Amerstdam
Data Analysis.
17. IEEE Transactions on Real- Institute of Electrical and Electronics
Iability. Engineers, New York.
18. InterStat Virginia Technical University, USA
19. Journal of Data Science Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan.
20. Journal of Quality Tech- American Journal of Quality Control
- 2 -

21. Journal of Statistics and Mana- Taru Publication

Gement Science.
22. Journal of Korean Statistical Korean Statistical Society, Seoul.
23. Technometrics. American Statistical Association,
Alexandria, USA.
24. Pakistan Journal of Statistics. Islamic Society of Statistical Sciences,
25. Statistics in Medicine. John Wiley & Sons.
26. Scandinavian Journal of John Wiley & Sons.
27. Statistics Neerlandica. John Wiley & Sons.
28. Assam Statistical Review Dibrugarh University
29. Journal of Statistics Plan- Elsevin
ning and inference.
30. Statistics Sinica Institute of Statistical Science,
31. Europeon Journal of Population Springer
32. Genus, Journal of Population University of Rome LA SAPIENZA
33. Contributions to Applied Gauhati University
Mathematics and Statistics.
34. Health and Population, NationalInstituteofHealthand Family
Perspective and Issues. Welfare, New Delhi.
35. Survey Methodology.
36. Journal of Official Statistics.
37. Aligarh Journal Statistics.
38. Gujarat Statistical Review.
39. Communication in Statistics, Taylor & Francis ISSN-0361-0926
40. Current Science, India 0-011-3891
41. Proc. Of National Sceince `
42. Journal of Bamboo & Rattan INBAR ISSN 1569-1586
43. International Journal of New Delhi, ` ISSN 0377-015
Ecology & Environmental