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Curriculum Vitae

01. Personal Information

01. Name, Designation and J. Madegowda,

Address: Professor,
DoS in Commerce,
Kuvempu University,
Jnana Sahyadri,
Shankaraghatta 577 451
(Shimoga District, Karnataka State, India)

02. Contact Number and E-mail: 08282-256301
03 Date of Birth: 5th February, 1956
04 Gender and Marital Status: Male
05 Nationality: Indian

02. Educational Qualification

Month and
Sl. Name of the University
Year of Degree Remarks
No Degree /Institution
01 Ph. D University of March 1989 Topic: A Study of
Mysore Investment Pattern and
Profitability of KSRTC

02 Post Graduate University of May 1980 Specialization:

Degree Mysore Advanced
Cost Accounting
03 Under Graduate University of May 1978
Degree Mysore Specialization:
Cost Accounting

04. A. Teaching Experience

Designation University/Institution Period
01 Professor Department of Commerce, Since 30-08-
Kuvempu University 1995

02 Reader Department of Commerce, 2605- 1994 to
Kuvempu University 29-08-1995
03 Lecturer (Regular Department of Commerce, P. G. 05-01-1985 to
Basis) Centre, University of Mysore, 25-05-1994
04 Lecturer (Local Department of Commerce, P. G. 28-091980 to
Candidate) Centre, University of Mysore, 0401-1985
05 Lecturer Vidyavardhaka College for 09-07-1980 to
(Consolidated Business Management, Mysore 27-09-1980
Salary Basis)

B. Academic Programs Taught

01. M.Com
02. MBA
03. MAF (Master of Accounting and Finance)
04. P. G. Diploma in Financial Services
05. Master of Tourism Administration
06. MBFI (Master of Banking, Finance and Insurance)
07. B.Com
08. BBM
09. PUC

C. Courses Taught (Provide a List)

01. Cost Accounting

02. Financial Management
03. Management Accounting
04. Higher Accountancy
05. Business Environment and Policy
06. Business Mathematics and Statistics
07. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
08. International Business
09. Management of Financial Institutions
10. Accounting Theory

05. Publications
05.1: Books

01. J. Madegowda., (2009), Accounting for Managers, Himalaya

Publishing House, Mumbai (PAA-146).

02. J. Madegowda., (2007), Cost Accounting [Elements of Cost
and Methods of Costing], Himalaya Publishing House,
Mumbai (ISBN-81-8318-588-6; PAA 123).

03. J. Madegowda., (2007), Management Accounting, Himalaya

Publishing House, Mumbai (PAA 138).

04. J. Madegowda., Performance Evaluation of SRTCs in India,

Mangal Deep Publications, Jaipur, (ISBN-81-7594-051-4).

05. J. Madegowda., (2005), Commercial Viability, Himalaya

Publishing House, Mumbai (ISBN-81-8318-217-8; HCG 098)
[Report of the Major Research Project sanctioned by the
University Grants Commission, New Delhi].

06. J. Madegowda., (2001), Advanced Cost Accounting, Himalaya

Publishing House, Mumbai (PAA 051).

07. J. Madegowda., (2001), Management Accounting, Himalaya

Publishing House, Mumbai, 2nd Edition (PAA 007).

08. J. Madegowda (ed)., (2001), Commercial Viability of Public

Sector Undertakings, Prasaranga, Kuvempu University, 2001.

09. J. Madegowda (ed)., (2000), Business Environment and

Policy., Deep & Deep Publications Pvt Ltd., New Delhi (ISBN

10. J. Madegowda., (1996), Marginal Costing, IMP Publications.

11. J. Madegowda., (1994), Financial and Managerial Accounting,

IMP Publication.

05.2: Articles/Papers Published in Edited Books

01. J. Madegowda., 1997, Road Net Work A Critical Look. In:

Infrastructure Development for Economic Growth, [Eds: M.
V. Srinivasa Gowda and Susheela Subrahmanya], pp. 278-86.

02. J. Madegowda., 1996, Managerial Costing as an Aid to

Managerial Decisions. In: Current Issues in Management
Accounting, [eds: P. Mohan Rao and Alok Kumar Pramanik],

03. J. Madegowda., 1996, Industrial Sickness A Case Study of
SRTCs. In: Identification and Rehabilitation of Industrial
Sickness, [eds: Ramakant and Sugan C Jain], Poineer
Publisher, pp. 181-8.

04. J. Madegowda., 1996, Management Audit Some Issues. In:

Current Issues in Management Accounting [Eds: P. Mohan
Rao and Alok Kumar Pramanik], pp. 16-24.

05. J. Madegowda., 1995, A Few Aspects of Management of

Nationalized Passenger Road Transport in Karnataka. In:
Essential Services for Global Development, [Eds: M. N.
Mishra and J. S. Mathur], Chugh Publishers, pp. 995-107.

06. J. Madegowda., 1994, Ethical Approach to Corporate

Reporting. In: Current Issues in Accounting, [Eds: P. Mohan
Rao and Alok Kumar Paramanik], Kanishka Publishers, Delhi,
pp 207-17.

07. C. M. Muniramappa and J. Madegowda., 1988, Problems of

Rural Transportation An analysis of the Role of KSRTC. In:
Dimensions of Rural Transportation, [Ed: Panduranga Rao],
pp. 99-110.

08. J. Madegowda., Privatization of Public Enterprises in India

Not a Rational Move. In: Privatization of Public Sector, [Ed:
B. L. Mathur], SA Publishers, pp 171-81.

09. C. M. Muniramappa and J. Madegowda., Privatization of

Public Sector An Unsolicited and an Unnecessary Move. In:
Public Enterprises in India Principles and Performance,
[Ed: V. K. L. Srivastava], Chugh Publishers, pp. 262-74.

10. J. Madegowda., Human Resource Accounting A Case for

Assetization of Human Resource Costs. In: Modern Trends in
Accounting Research, [Ed: G. S. Batra], Deep and Deep
Publications Pvt Ltd, pp. 213-23.

11. J. Madegowda., Productivity of State Road Transport

Corporations. In: Infrastructure Development for Economic
Growth, [Eds: M. V. Srinivasa Gowda and Susheela
Subrahmanya], pp. 287-91.

12. J. Madegowda., Marketing of Transport Services. In:
Marketing in 21 Century, [Ed: ], Mangal Deep Publications,
Jaipur, pp. 73-84.

13. J. Madegowda and Dr. M. G. Krishnamurthy., Problems and

Prospects of Small Paper Mills. In: Challenges - Small Scale
Industries, [Eds: S. G. Hundekar, V. B. Mohan Das and G. D.
Banerjee], pp. 105-12.

05.3: Study Material

01. J. Madegowda., Corporate Finance, Directorate of Distance

Education, Kuvempu University, 2005 (for LL. M).
02. J. Madegowda., Management Accounting, Directorate of
Distance Education, Kuvempu University, 2005 (for B.Com).
03. J. Madegowda., Cost Accounting, Directorate of Distance
Education, Kuvempu University, 2005 (for B.Com).
04. J. Madegowda., Accounting Theory, Directorate of Distance
Education, Kuvempu University, 2005 (for M.Com).
05. J. Madegowda., Financial and Managerial Accounting,
Institute of Correspondence and Continuing Education,
University of Mysore, 1989 (for M.Com).
06. J. Madegowda., Financial Management, Institute of
Correspondence and Continuing Education, University of
Mysore, 1990 (only 4 units of this course for M.Com).
05.4: Research Papers

01. J. Madegowda., Accounting for Intangible Assets An

Evaluation, Chartered Secretary, June 2011
02. Bheemanagouda and J. Madegowda., Performance of Credit
Rating Agencies in India, The Indian Journal of Commerce.,
July-September, 2010, 63(3), (ISSN: 0019-512X)

03. J. Madegowda., Borrow to beat Resource Handicap, Deccan

Herald, (DH Education) April/May 2010, p. 2

04. J. Madegowda., Why Clearance of UGC-NET is Important,

Deccan Herald, (DH Education) 22nd April 2010, p. 2.

05. Bheemanagouda and J. Madegowda., Working of Credit

Rating Agencies in India: An Analysis., Behavioral Finance,
March and June 2010, VII (1 and 2), pp. 92-109 (ISSN: 0972-

06. Bheemanagouda and J. Madegowda., Union Budget, 2009-10:
Balanced and Growth-Oriented., Public Finance, February and
May 2010, VIII (1 and 2), pp. 48-62 (ISSN 0972-9356)

07. J. Madegowda., NAACs New Methodology for Assessment

and Accreditation of Higher Educational Institutions.,
University 2ews, August 27 September 02, 2007, 45 (35),
pp. 1-6 (ISSN-0566-2257).

08. J. Madegowda., Financing of Higher Education in India A

Case for Continuation of Government Funding, University
2ews, December 27, 2004 - January 2005, 42 (52), pp. 56-9,
09. H. R. Subramanya and J. Madegowda., Benchmarking and
Knowledge Management, Southern Economist, April 1 15,
2004, 42 (23&24), pp. 5-7.
10. H. R. Subramanya and J. Madegowda., Role of Management
Accountant in the Knowledge Economy, The Management
Accountant, January 2003, 38 (1), pp. 9-13.

11. H. R. Subramanya and J. Madegowda., University-Industry

Interface, University 2ews, July 29 August 4, 2002, 40 (30),
pp. 1-5, (ISSN-0566-2257).

12. J. Madegowda., Emergence of Service Sector and Challenges

before Business Education, University 2ews, March 25-31,
2002, 40 (12), (ISSN-0566-2257).

13. J. Madegowda., The RTCs Act, 1950 and Management

Boards of SRTCs - An Empirical Study, Indian Journal of
Transport Management, February 2001, 25 (2), pp. 93-101
(ISBN 0970-4736).
14. J. Madegowda., Urban Transport and STUs Quagmire, Indian
Journal of Transport Management, September 2000, 24 (9),
pp. 581-9 (ISBN 0970-4736).
15. J. Madegowda., Implications of Concessional Travel Facility
on the Commercial Viability of SRTs in India., Indian Journal
of Transport Management, March 1999, 23 (3), pp. 149-57
(ISBN 0970-4736).

16. J. Madegowda., Human Resource Accounting A

Comprehensive Model, Abhigyan, October-December 1998,
XVI (4) pp. 9-16.

17. J. Madegowda., Rural Transportation in India A Profile,
Kurukshetra, August 1998, 46 (11), pp. 31-3.

18. J. Madegowda and S. R. Srinath., Information Technology for

Better Business and Management, Management Researcher,
January-June 1998, 4 (3&4), pp. 24-9.

19. J. Madegowda., MoUs - A Key to Successful Improvement of

Performance by STUs, Indian Journal of Transport
Management, May 1998, 22 (5), pp. 341-8, (ISBN 0970-

20. J. Madegowda., Commercial Viability of SRTCs Can be

Achieved, Southern Economist, May 1, 1998, 37 (1), pp. 33-4.

21. M. M. Pattanshetti and J. Madegowda., Induction Training

Programme for Newly Appointed College and University
Lecturers An Experiment at Kuvempu University, University
2ews, February 23, 1998, 36 (8) pp. 8-12 (ISSN-0566-2257).

22. J. Madegowda., Relevance of Variable Costing for External

Reporting of Variable Costing for External Reporting., The
Management Accountant, November 1997, 32 (11), pp. 865-7.

23. J. Madegowda., Commercial Viability of SRTCs, Journal of

Accounting and Finance, September 1997, 11 (2), pp. 51-62.

24. J. Madegowda and M. G. Krishnamurthy., Indian Paper

Industry - A SWOT Analysis, Indian Management, April
1997, 36 (4), pp.77-9.

25. J. Madegowda., Product Diversification - A Necessity for

Survival and Growth, The Indian Journal of Commerce,
September 1996, XLIX (188), pp. 67-71.

26. J. Madegowda., Doctorial Research Works in Commerce and

Management with Special Reference to Accounting Research
An Analysis, Journal of Accounting and Finance, September
1996, X (2), pp. 342-50.

27. J. Madegowda., Productivity and State Road Transport

Corporations - An Appraisal, Southern Economist, June 1996,
35 (3), pp. 11-3.

28. J. Madegowda., Man-power Productivity in State Transport
Undertaking - An Appraisal, The Indian Journal of Transport
Management, June 1996, 20 (6), pp. 397-400, (ISBN 0970-

29. J. Madegowda and M. G. Krishnamurthy., Environmental

Issues and the Paper Industry., Management Researcher,
January-June 1996, 2 (3&4), pp. 29-33.

30. J. Madegowda and M. G. Krishnamurthy., Paper Industry and

the Raw-materials Ruckus, Southern Economist, March 1,
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31. J. Madegowda., A Critical Evaluation of Long-run Cost-

output Model, Management Researcher, July-December 1995,
2 (1&2), pp. 11-5.

32. J. Madegowda., Transparency in Accounting A Critical

Evaluation, The Indian Journal of Commerce, September
1995, XLVIII (184), pp. 104-11.

33. J. Madegowda and H. V. S. Raghavan., Emerging Trends in

TV Commercial in India, Management Researcher, January-
March 1995, 1 (3), pp. 15-8.

34. J. Madegowda., A Few Aspects of Management Audit, The

Indian Journal of Commerce, December 1994, XLVII (181),
pp. 35-9.

06. Research Guidance

06.1: Ph.D (Completed)

01. A Study of Employee Retention Management in Selected Software

and Services Companies in Karnataka, Smt. C. Aparna, 2011.
02. A Study of Working of KMF with special reference to the Role
of Efficient Management of Strategic Assets in Creating
Superior Values, Sri. M. S. Ramachandra, 2009.
03. A Study of Legal and Economic Status of Beedi Workers in
Karnataka with special reference to Davangere District, Sri. B.
S. Reddy, 2009.
04. A Study of Human Resource Management Practices in State
Road Transport Corporations in Karnataka, G. H. Eswarappa,

05. Working of Credit Rating Agencies in India A Study, Sri.
Bheemanagouda, 2009.
05. A Study of Value Adding Role of Management Accountants in the
Knowledge Economy, Sri. H. R. Subramanya, 2004.
06. A Study of the Problems and Prospects of Commerce Education in
Karnataka, Smt. K. S. Sarala, 2003,
07. A Study of Auditing in Computerized Accounting Environment, Sri.
S. R. Srinath, 2003.
08. Working of District Industries Centres in Karnataka with special
reference to Chitradurga and Davangere Districts, Sri. R. Hiremani
Naik, 2003.
09. Impact of Cost and Pricing Policy on Profitability of Paper
Industry in Karnataka, Sri. M. G. Krishnamurthy, 1999.
10. A Study of Distribution Network in Marketing of Computers
with reference to Bangalore and Mysore Industrial Belts, Sri.
K. R. Anantharaman, 1996.
06.2: Ph. D (Ongoing)

01. A Study of Options and Futures Mix Strategies for Optimizing

Portfolio Returns, Sri. K. R. Manjunatha, 2007.
02. A Study of Inter-relationship between Business Ethics and
Consumer Protection, Smt. Vijayalakshmi, 2009.
03. A Study of Working of State Road Transport Corporations in India
with special reference to the Impact of Motor Vehicle Taxation
Policy on their Financial Performance, Sri. Mahalingu, 2009.
04. A Study of Financial Performance of selected Co-operative Banks in
Karnataka, Sri. Nagaraja, R. C, 2010
06.3: M.Phil (Completed)

01. A Study of Fringe Benefits in MMPM, Sri. C. S. Ravi, 2010.

02. A Study of Foreign Direct Investment Flow into Indian
Banking Sector, Smt. V, Vimala, 2009.
03. A Study of Stress and its Management in Educational
Institutions (A Case Study of Kuvempu University), Ms. B. S.
Rashmi, 2009.
04. A Study of Sickness in Textile Units in Davangere City, Sri. H.
D. Annappa Swamy, 2003.
05. Working of Urban Transport System in Davangere City with
Special Reference to Autorikshawa, Sri. B. Hiriyappa, 2003.
06. Working Conditions and Wage Payments of Child Labour in
Davangere City, Ms. N. Shobha, 2002.
06.5: Student Project Guidance (provide the total number) 150 (guiding
10 to 12 students of P. G. Programmes offered by the Department
every year in their Project Report)

07. Research Projects

Sl. Title of the Funding Amount Power Duration and
No Project Agency (`) appointed Status
01 J. Madegowda A Study of University 2,15,000 One RA Completed,
Commercia Grants Published
l Viability Commi- the Report
of SRTCs ssion
in India
08. Conferences, Seminars, Training Programmes, Refresher courses, etc., Organized

Sl. Name of the Conference/Symposia/ of
State/ Date(s)
No Seminar partici-
01 Emerging Issues in Financial Sector National 31-01-2010 350
02 Contemporary Issues in Banking, National March 29/30, 2008 350
Finance and Insurance
03 Eco-tourism Problems and National 01-12-2007 200
04 Global Convergence on Commerce National October 28-9, 2006 350
05 Commerce Education in the New National August 23-4, 2003 400
06 Intellectual Property Rights National March 14-5, 2004 400
07 Legal Environment of Business State 10-03-2002 100
08 Industrial Sickness State 12-11-2000 100
09 Commercial Viability of Public State 05-03-2000 100
Sector Undertakings in India
10 Dimensions of Rural Transportation State 16-03-1996 100
in India
11 Challenges before Business State 16-03-2003 100
12 Revision and Restructuring of University 29-11-2009 75
B.Com Curricula
13 Designing the curricula of a new University 30-12-2006 50
Post-Graduate Programme
14 University-Industry Interface State 11-03-2007 250
15 Orientation Programme University 09-09-2003 60
16 Induction-Training Programme University September 12-5, 50
17 UGC-sponsored Refresher Course State 24th February to 16th 45
in Commerce March 2003
18 UGC-sponsored Refresher Course State 29th May to 20th June 45
in Commerce 2000
19 Refresher Course in Commerce University October 6 29, 1995 45
20 Training for UGC-NET University a. October 26-9, 90
2007 100
b. Nov 22-5, 2008 each
c. June 7-10, 2009
d. 28th November to
1st December
e. May 1 4, 2010
21 Inter-collegiate Debate Competition University a. 19-09-2008 50 -
b. 26-09-2009 55
22 Teaching Methodology University 06-05-2007 50
23 Research Methodology University August 2 4, 2007 100
24 Preparation of Research Proposals University 18-08-2007 50
for submission to Funding Agencies
25 Research and Documentation University 22-05-2009 75
26 Karnataka Civil Service Rules University 28-02-2007 60
27 Governance and Leadership University 01-03-2008 120
28 Gender Sensitization and Women University 04-07-2008 75
29 NAACs New Methodology, and University 22-09-2007 100
UGC Schemes for Colleges
30 Academic and Administrative University 03-12-2007 100
Audit, and Internal Quality
Assurance Cell
31 Autonomous Colleges Eligibility, University 08-08-2008 50
Procedure and Benefits
32 Anti-ragging University 07-09-2009 50
33 Academic and Administrative University 10-03-2007 75
Audit, and Internal Quality
Assurance Cell
34 New Methodology for Assessment University 07-05-2007 100
and Accreditation of Higher
Educational Institutions and
Innovative Practices
35 Perspective Plans University 13-12-2008 100
36 Karnataka State Universities Act, University 20-02-2009 75

09. Conferences, Seminars, etc Attended and Papers Presented

Remarks (indicate
Sl. Title of the
Seminar/Conference Date(s) whether Key note
No Paper Presented
address/Invited talks)
01 Ethical Issues in 16th Chairman of
Accounting December Technical Session
02 Functionalizing IQAC April 11 Chairman of
Institutional Challenges 12, 2008 Technical Session
and Building Re-
accreditation Process
through IQAC
03 Computer Applications 19th Chairman of
and other IT-related February Technical Session
Issues 2007
04 Computerized 21st Chairman of
Accounting February Technical Session
05 Consumer Protection in January 6 Chairman of
India 7, 2006 Technical Session
06 WTO and Higher December Chairman of
Education in India 24 25, Technical Session
07 Impact of Global 3rd April Key-note address
Economic Recession on 2009
Indian Insurance Sector
08 Role of COPRA in 18th March Key-note address
Protecting the Interest 2009
of Student-community
09 Employability of 9th Key-note address
Commerce Graduates in September
the Current Scenario 2007
10 Challenges before 2nd March Key-note address
Business Education 2007
11 Development of March 3 Key-note address
Transport System A 4, 2006
Device for Correcting
Regional Imbalances
12 Current Trends in4th March Key-note address
Banking Sector 2006
13 Skill Development 1st October Key-note address
14 Restructuring of B.Com 24th Key-note address
Curricula February
15 Emergence of Service 2001-02 Key-note address
Sector and Challenges
before Business
16 May 19 Management of
20, 2009 Financial
Resources of
Non-profit and

and the Welfare
of People and
17 Need for, and 15th March Inaugural address
Importance of, Faculty 2008
18 Challenges 10th
before Inaugural address
Higher February
Education 2007
19 Changing Scenario in 5th Inaugural address
Banking September
Insurance Sectors 2004
20 Agricultural MarketingNovember Key-note address
Problems and Prospects19 20,
21 Revival Package for June 8 9, Key-note address
Ailing Commerce 2002
22 International Trade September Curriculum
Summit 14 15, Designing
2004 Key to
Marketing of
23 Consumer Protection in December Consumer
India 26 27, Protection Act,
2003 1956 and The
An Analysis of
few Relevant
24 2001-02 Knowledge
and Business
25 6th Biennial Conference March 19 Parameters to
of INQAAHE 22, 2001 Assess the
Standard of
Education with
reference to
Course at

26 3rd International September Impact of
Conference on 11 13, Social
Management of Finance 1998 Obligations on
and International the Financial
Accounting Issues Performance of
SRTCs in India
27 20th All India February 2 Impact of Road
Accounting Conference 3, 1997 Transport
Taxation Policy
on Commercial
Viability of
28 50th All India December Decision-
Commerce Conference 27 29, oriented
1996 Information
System A Key
to Survival and
29 All India Commerce July 29 State and
Conference 31, 1994 Financial
Affairs of
Case Study
30 All India Commerce July 29 A Few Aspects
Conference 31, 1994 of Management
31 State Level Conference July 7 8, Competitive
of the Federation of 1994 Examinations
Teachers Councils of An Injustice to
Commerce and Commerce and
Management in Management
Karnataka Graduates (A
Case Study of
32 2nd International January 22 Analysis of
Accounting Conference 23, 1994 Doctoral
of the Indian Research Works
Accounting Association in Commerce
33 XLVII All India December A Few Aspects
Commerce Conference 29 31, of Management
1993 of Nationalized

Passenger Road
Transport in
34 XLIII All India October 21 A Case for
Commerce Conference 23, 1989 Capitalization
of Human
Resource Costs
35 XLIII All India October 21 Privatization of
Commerce Conference 23, 1989 Public Sector
An Unsolicited
and An
36 XLII All India December Road Transport
Commerce Conference 29 31, Corporations
1988 Act, 1950
37 Academic Staff Higher 3rd December 2008
College, Karnatak Educational
University Institutions and
and Duties
38 Academic Staff Responsibilities 3rd December 2008
College, Karnatak of Lecturers
39 Academic Staff Creative 27th January 2007
College, Bangalore Accounting
40 Academic Staff Accounting for 27th January 2007
College, Bangalore Intangible
University Assets
41 Academic Staff 2002-03 A
College, Karnataka Comprehensive
University Model for
42 Academic Staff 2002-03 Vocationalizati
College, Karnataka on of
University Commerce
43 Academic Staff September Globalization
College, University of 2001 and Public
Mysore Sector
44 Academic Staff September Memorandum
College, University of 2001 of
Mysore Understanding
45 Academic Staff 1998-99 Long-run Cost

College, Karnataka Output Model
46 Academic Staff 1998-99 Long-run Cost
College, Karnataka Output Model
47 Mangalore University 1998-99 Buy Back
48 Mangalore University 1998-99 Human
49 Academic Staff 1994-95 External
College, Karnataka Reporting and
University Marginal
50 Academic Staff 1994-95 A Critical
College, Karnataka Evaluation of
University Accounting

10. Administrative Experience

Sl. Responsi-
Position Organization Duration
No bilities
01 Finance Officer Kuvempu 17th June 2006 to
University 31st December 2006
02 Co-ordinator, Post- Kuvempu 2002-04 and 2005-
Graduate Centre, University 06
03 Director, Planning, Kuvempu 17-06-2006 to
Monitoring and Evaluation University March 2011
04 Co-ordinator, IQAC Kuvempu 2008 (6 months)
05 Chairman, Department of Kuvempu 1994-96, 1997-98,
Post-Graduate Studies and University 2000-01, 2001-02,
Research in Commerce 2002-03. 16th June
2006 to March
06 Chairman, Department of Kuvempu From June 2006
Post-Graduate Studies and University (for 2 years)
Research in Business
Administration and
Tourism Administration
07 Vice-chancellor Kuvempu 2010 (for 3 months)

11. Memberships of University Bodies/other organizations

Sl. University/ Nature of

No Organization/Institute Body Association
01 All India Commerce Association Life member
02 Research Development Association Life member

13. Honours, Awards and Recognition (provide a list)

01. Life Time Achievement Award 2004 by International

Association of Education for World Peace conferred at the
two-day International Trade Summit in New Delhi on
September 14 15, 2004.

02. Awarded Mysore University Golden Jubilee Award for the

first book, Financial and Managerial Accounting by the
University of Mysore.

03. Secured 1st Class and 1st Rank in M.Com Examination held
in May 1980 from the University of Mysore.

04. Awarded M.Com Students Association, 1970-71 Gold Medal

for securing highest marks in M.Com Degree Examination at
the first attempt.

05. Awarded Srimathi Bhagyalakshamma Ramappa Rattahalli

Gold Medal for securing highest marks in Cost Accounting at
the M.Com Degree Examination at first attempt.