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--- Alpha (private) ---

build 0.0.1
build 0.0.2
build 0.0.3
build 0.0.4
build 0.0.5
build 0.0.6
build 0.0.7
build 0.0.8
build 0.0.9
build 0.0.10
build 0.0.11
build 0.0.12
build 0.0.13
build 0.0.14
build 0.0.15
build 0.0.16
build 0.0.17
build 0.0.18
--- Beta (private) ---
build 1.0.19
--- Release (public) ---
build 1.0.20
build 1.0.21
Fixed: game profile name with "-" and spaces characters wrongly splited as run p
build 1.0.22
- Added: Addon Groups - it is now possible to add a new group folder inside his
parent folder.
- Added: Launcher Options panel - no logs option added.
- Fixed: Check for Addons - an error may happen when repository has a folder tha
t does not contain addons (example: userconfig folder).
- Improved: tree checkBox selection.
build 1.1.23
- Added: Repository management commands lines. User can now manage repositories
on a remote Windows or Linux machine through a terminal.
build 1.1.24
- Added: support for running external applications through scripts (Windows batc
h and Linux bash).
- Added: exThreads parameter has been added to Performance panel.
- Added: supplementary console command "List" which displays the list of reposit
ories parameters.
- Fixed: RPT Viewer: select file command sometimes failed to open the RPT folder
build 1.1.25
- Added: an update now button has been added on the notification panel that popu
p on a repository change.
- Fixed: addons from folders outside of the ArmA 3 installation directory may no
t launch with the game.
- Fixed: events where deleted from repository after this has been re build.
build 1.1.26
- Added: AiA Tweaker: run parameter @A2OAPondFix was missing since last update o
f @AllInArmA.
- Fixed: AiA Tweaker: TOH path wrongly initialized.
build 1.1.27
- Added: Task Force Arrohead Radio installer wizard.
build 1.1.28
- Fixed: adding a new new group into addon panel may not work with Java Update 4
build 1.1.29 (private)
build 1.1.30
- Fixed: adding a new new group into Addons panel may not work with some updated
versions of Java 7.
build 1.2.31 (private)
build 1.2.32 (private)
build 1.2.33 (private)
build 1.2.34 (private)
build 1.2.35
- Added: It is now possible to build custom addon repository on a Web server.
- Added: Differential update algorithm ZSYNC is used to mimimize amount of data
transfered when updating files (Web based repository only).
- Added: Autoconfig can now be imported from a web url.
- Added: User can now choise to exclude extra local files in a folder when synch
ronising with a repository
- Added: Auto-discover of addons into all destination folders can now be disable
- Added: Userconfig folder content can now been shared within an event.
- Added: Launcher options are now fully saved into profile.
- Added: nOFilePatching has been added as an option into Launcher Options Panel.
- Improved: Check for Addons take significally less time to achieve.
build 1.2.36
- Fixed: Spaces in file names within repositories are no more replaced by _ char
- Fixed: Unable to synchronize addons with FTP servers that does not support the
"abor" ftp command.
build 1.2.37
- Added: User can now join ArmA 3 dedicated servers from favorite servers list.
- Added: Login, password and port number can now been specified when creating a
new addons repository from a terminal.
- Fixed: Switching profiles does not reload available addons.
build 1.2.38
- Added: User can set ArmA3Sync to close at game start.
- Added: Repository can now been build and check directly from command line: Arm
A3Sync.jar [command] [parameters], see the wiki.
- Fixed: No splash screen option not saved when switching profile
- Fixed: Update repository panel does not show since 1.2 Update 2.
build 1.2.39
- Fixed: settings not saved when ArmA3Sync is set to close at game start in pref
- Fixed: failed to sync on a http addons repository protected by login and passw
- Fixed: duplicating a profile live available addons list empty.
build 1.2.40
- Removed: blocking message if ArmA3Sync is run without Administrator priviledge
- Fixed: fail to login to FTP repository with url equals to root server ip addre
ss since 1.2.39
build 1.2.41 (private)
build 1.2.42
- Added: User can now generate addon group from repository content (modset) whic
h is maintained updated with the synchronisation of the repository.
- Fixed: various errors that may occured with http hosted repository.
build 1.2.43 (private)
build 1.2.44 (private)
build 1.2.45
- Added: user can now set a default repository modset to a favorite server.
- Fixed: Web hosted repository: 400 http error with IIS server and anonymous con
build 1.2.46
- Added: user can now set a default event modset to a favorite server.
- Added: Web hosted repository: support for repository with hidden indexes.
- Added: Additional run paratemers: -malloc automatically set at first place of
ArmA 3 startup parameters.
build 1.2.47
- Added: Build repository options:
Set favorite server infos to autoconfig.
Set repository files to exclude from build (ex: empty index.hml (Apache), config
.wml (IIS)).
set folders to exclude extra local content when synchronising (ex userconfig fol
build 1.2.48
- Fixed: download speed is now displayed with first decimal value for rate > 1 M
- Fixed: some extra local files where no more deleted since 1.2 update 9 build 1
- Fixed: FTP erreur addon not found on repository when deleting an extra local f
ile inside a non existing remote folder.
- Fixed: Hide/Show extra local command files may freeze the application.
build 1.3.49
- Added: Repository upload throught configurable dedicated FTP connection. Only
new and changed files are transfered during upload.
- Added: Events upload throught configurable dedicated FTP connection.
- Added: Favorite servers list attached to a repository is now automatically upd
ated at ArmA3Sync start and repository connection.
- Added: TFAR and ACRE installer automatically prompt to update installation on
repository synchronisation.
- Added: Console mode: user can now set files to exclude from build and folder c
ontent to exclud extra local content when sync.
- Added: Donation by Papal.
- Changed: Addon synchronisation: folder color is back!
- Fixed: Swicthing between defauly destination folders does not automatically ch
eck for addons.
build 1.3.50
- Added: Exact match option into repository synchronisation panel: use this opti
on if you want to compare strictly the repository content and local content into
a given destination folder.
- Added: -enableHT and -checkSignatures as launch options.
- Added: Launch game/server with auto-restart (see launch options panel).
- Fixed: Repsoitory FTP upload failded with corrupted files tree structure if re
pository folder does not already exists on the remote FTP server.
build 1.3.51 (private)
build 1.4.52 (public beta 1)
build 1.4.53 (public)
- Added: Parallel file downloading for both FTP and HTTP based server repository
- Added: Repository synchronization from command lines.
- Added: ACRE 2 installer wizard.
- Added: Selectable Look and Feel.
- Added: Malloc as Launch options parameters.
- Changed: Files synchronization will now keep going and skip to next one if an
error happens during download.
- Fixed: Download keep waiting for a file even if server do not transfer data. T
ime out is set to 30s after which ArmA3Sync will skip to next file.
- Fixed: Game profile with dots.
- Fixed: Favorite Server with "-" character in the name.
- Fixed: Additional Parameters for <path> option
- Fixed: Repository status is set as UPDATED in the Repositories panel even if
no file have been changed since last build.
build 1.4.54 (public)
- Fixed: ArmA3Sync may freezes after ArmA 3 had just started since 1.4.53
build 1.4.55 (public beta 1)
build 1.4.56 (private beta 2)
build 1.4.57 (private beta 3)
build 1.4.58 (public)
Added: Export profile as Desktop shortcut.
Added: Repository: connection timeout and read timeout can now be set manually.
Added: Space bar can now be use to check/uncheck mod selection.
Added: ArmA3Sync Console: -SYNC command can now use with/without exact file matc
hing (see howto in the wiki).
Added: Download: Errors messages can now be exported to desktop as a log file.
Fixed: Download/Upload freezes if transfer file has a zero byte size (regression
from version 1.4)
Fixed: ArmA3Sync Console: main folder path sets to null when creating a new repo
sitory from command line (regression from version 1.4)
build 1.4.59 (public beta 1)
build 1.4.60 (private beta 2)
build 1.4.61 (public)
Fixed: Linux: Check repository command may return a wrong message.
Fixed: ACRE wizard may pop up along with ACRE2 wizard after files synchronisatio
n finished.
Improved: Build repository progress speed.
Changed: Starting the game with Joint Server enabled modset option is now restri
ve to the list of addons of this modset.
Changed: Launcher optionns: -enableHT is now disabled if cpucount is specified.
build 1.4.62 (private)
build 1.4.63 (public)
Added: New commande line Java -jar ArmA3Sync -UPDATE: check for ArmASync updates
Added: Automatic update of clients Favorite servers info associated to a reposit
Modified: Connection time out and read time out sets to 60000 ms by default.
Fixed: Repository upload: full re-upload is performed if FTP upload protocol is
different from repository protocol (regression from 1.4 update 3).
Fixed: Importing autoconfig failed if server is case sensitive for url (regressi
on from 1.4 update 3).
Fixed: Changelogs info is not updated from the ArmA3Sync GUI server side after a
build repository (regression from 1.4 update 3).
Fixed: -EnableHT is removed from Run parameters after a restart of ArmA3Sync (re
gression from 1.4 update 3).
build 1.5.64 (private v1.5 beta 1)
build 1.5.65 (public v1.5)
- Added: Compressing of pbo files into zip format for transfering new files. Rep
ository manager can now choose to compress bpo files from Build options.
- Added: Support for HTTPS transfer protocol for hosting addons repository.
- Added: ArmA3Sync now check for the HTTP server to support range requests. In c
ase the server doesn't, ArmAS3ync will automatically disengage partial file tran
sfer functionnally (ZSYNC) to allow the synchronisation to work at basic level.
- Added: Repository manager can now disable partial file transfer (ZSYNC) from
Build options panel.
- Added: User can now set the maximum of active connections and download speed f
rom Advanced options panel.
- Added: Check repository: the command can now be performed remotely. However it
will still progress faster when performed on the host machine.
- Added: Upload repository: repository manager can now choose to upload pbo file
s in compressed format.
- Added: A new download report function provides advanced informations on files
- Added: Addon search directories can now be ordered by priority.
- Fixed: Error HTTP 403 is returned by the server when blank User-Agent is not a
llowed from server configuration.
- Fixed: ArmA3Sync GUI doesn't start with last JRE 1.8.0_60 published on 18 Augu
st 2015.
- Removed: ACRE installer wizard.
build 1.5.66 (public v1.5 Update 1)
- Fixed: Event synchronization: the is no more addons pre-selection since v1.5.
- Fixed: Build repository/Addons Synchronization: Incorrect error message "Missi
ng write permissions" is shown when targeted path is on a local network shared b
etween Windows and Linux.
build 1.5.67 (private v1.5 Update 2 Beta 1)
build 1.5.68 (public v1.5 Update 2)
- Changed: Launcher Options: -filePathing instead of -noFilePathing (change from
ArmA 3 v1.50).
- Fixed: Wrong detection of partial file transfer support on Microsoft IIS 7 ser
build 1.5.69 (public v1.5 Update 3)
- Added: Detection of incorrect file size transfer.
- Fixed: FTP transfer may hang at the end of a download with some servers.
- Fixed: Uncompressing may not operate with the last downloaded file for reposit
ory built with pbo compressing option and multiple connections enabled.
- Fixed: ArmA3Sync GUI may not display with last JRE 1.8.0_60.
build 1.5.70 (private v1.5 Update 4 Beta 1)
build 1.5.71 (public v1.5 Update 4)
- Added: Bikey extractor tool: Extract bikey files from source directory to targ
et directory. Availble from GUI, console, and script command line.
- Added: Files synchronization: ArmA3Sync will try to resume automatically a fil
e download if received file size doesn't match remote file size (server connecti
on drop).
- Added: Battleye: ArmA3Sync will automatically add "2 1" parameter if arma3Batt
leye.exe is set as executable location.
- Added: New command Duplicate group.
- Added: Malloc System from Launcher options panel.
- Improved: Upload repository will now procceed faster during the checking of re
mote files.
- Fixed: Cannot close a repository tabulation if not at front view.
build 1.5.72 (public v1.5 Update 5)
- Added: user can now set addon groups as modset to join with a favourite server
- Fixed: failed to download file with size superior to 2 GB.
- Fixed: FTP files download: an error occures since v1.5 Update 4 if the server
does not support the MLST command. ArmA3Sync will now use in this case the less
efficient LST command instead.
build 1.5.73 (public v1.5 Update 5)
- Fixed: failed to edit repository (regression from version 1.5.72)
build 1.5.74 (private v1.5 Update 6 Beta 1)
build 1.5.75 (private v1.5 Update 6 Beta 2)
build 1.5.76 (private v1.5 Update 6 Beta 3)
build 1.5.77 (private v1.5 Update 6 Beta 4)
build 1.5.78 (public v1.5 Update 6)
- Added: Addon Priorities: user can now move an addon to the top of the list in
one click.
- Added: Addon Priorities: user can now reset the list to default alphabetic ord
- Added: Repositories management: new "Administrate Repository" button from Repo
sitories panel.
- Changed: Files synchronization: Advanced configuration button changed to Setti
ngs buttons. User can now change Read and connection timeouts within the downloa
d settings.
- Fixed: Profiles are no more erased from the disk if a I/O exception occurs on
saving (thanks to Protozorq contribution).
- Fixed: Repositories are no more erased from the disk if a I/O exception occurs
on saving.
- Fixed: Build repository: wrong error message about free disk space requirement
with compression of pbo files.
- Fixed: HTTP based repository: error message "java.lang.IllegalArgumentExceptio
n: Illegal character in authority at index 7" is returned on Check for Addons if
the repository URL contains blank spaces.
- Fixed: HTTP based repository: error message "java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsE
xception" is returned on Check for Addons if zsync file content is empty or corr
upted server side.
build 1.5.79 (public v1.5 Update 6)
- Fixed: Selected addon does not appear within the run parameters list depending
of the case of the addon name (regression from v1.5.78).
build 1.5.80 (public v1.5 Update 6)
Fixed: Upload repository: Events file is not uploaded (regression from v1.5.78)
build 1.5.81 (private v1.5 Update 7 Beta 1)
build 1.5.82 (private v1.5 Update 7 Beta 2)
build 1.5.83 (public v1.5 Update 7)
- Added: Files synchronization: automatically apply userconfig changes into ArmA
3 installation directory.
- Added: Proxy server configuration is now available from Help menu.
- Added: Enable Battleye option into the launcher options panel.
- Added: Warning message if user try to join a game server with a modset and cor
responding repository is updated.
- Added: Addon groups section now show a warning notification when duplicates ad
don name are available.
- Improved: GUI ergonomics and readability on 4K screens.
- Fixed: Launcher options panel is not updated when switching profile since v1.5
Update 6.
- Fixed: Addon priorities order when an addon to the top level.
build 1.5.84 (public v1.5 Update 7)
- Fixed: Upload Repository: repository is completly re-uploaded when upload prot
ocol is different from repository protocol (regression from 1.5.83).