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Members of Democrats Abroad Portugal (DAP), duly registered on the Democrats Abroad website and American citizens currently residing full time in Portugal, are eligible to vote.
Please fill in the in the row across from the candidate(s) for whom you are voting. Ballots must be signed by the voter. Submit your ballot (DUE 31 MARCH 16.00hrs) by ONE
of the methods listed below. Please consider delivery time and the 31 March deadline when submitting your ballot. Ballots received after the deadline will not be counted toward
election results.
VOTE BY POST Print, vote, sign, add your email or mobile phone number, and MAIL your ballot to BY POST to: Susan Stults Korthase
Avenida da Venezuela, 583 Bloco 1a.2, Apt -2A
1. SCAN AND EMAIL Print, vote, sign, add your email or phone number, then SCAN your ballot and add it as an attachment to an EMAIL sent from the email account youve
registered with Democrats Abroad Portugal, to: / Subject line: VOTE
2. SIGN WITHIN EMAIL DOWNLOAD the ballot, vote, type your signature and your email or phone number, and SAVE your voted ballot to your computer. Using the email
account youve registered with Democrats Abroad Portugal, ATTACH your voted ballot to an EMAIL and send to / Subject line: VOTE

KNOW YOUR CANDIDATES: Candidate Statements are posted at our website under the News tab on our Portugal Country Committee page:


Chair Ensures overall DAP strategy is identified and operational, and that by-laws are
followed. S/he presides over ExCom meetings, participates in other meetings and manages the Deb (Deborah) Simpson
liaison with the global Democrats Abroad organization. All DAP ExCom positions report to the

Vice-Chair Is responsible for all matters in the absence of the Chair. The Vice-Chair monitors
Nando (Fernando Aidos da Cruz) Cruz
and supports DAPs approved causes and projects and refers additional actions to the full
Andrew Hafenbrack
Tristan Averett
Secretary Documents all meetings and key decisions, calling for and including regular
reports from other Board position and project/activity leader meetings. The Secretary
maintains or oversees DAP membership database and social media management and Andrew Hafenbrack
maintenance by an ExCom approved role.

Treasurer Manages financial records and banking relationships. S/he helps to establish and
monitors approved project and activity budgets with regular reports to the ExCom. The
Amy Kraushaar
Treasurer oversees fund-raising activities.
Counsel Consults with the ExCom or individual Officers on legal and procedural questions
relating to DAP and its activities. The Counsel will also act as Parliamentarian, assisting the Marsella Gilbert
Chair to conduct orderly meetings.
Signature: Date: Email or Phone Number:
Absentee Ballots must be received no later than 4pm on 31 March 2017. Members may also hand in paper ballots prior to the Annual General Meeting / Election Meeting, where election results will be announced.
This meeting occurs on Saturday, 1 April 2017 at 4pm at Cowork Central, Praa Duque de Terceira, 24, 3, Lisbon. Ballots are due at the start of the meeting. A member can also give his/her proxy to another member to
vote in person at this meeting. No member can have more than two such proxies. A proxy must indicate the name(s) of the candidate(s) or give the bearer full rights to vote for any candidate at the meeting, be signed,
dated and include the email or phone number of the respective member.