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A Cinderella Story is a 2004 American teen romantic comedy film.

The film stars Hilary Duff, Jennifer

Coolidge, Chad Michael Murray and Regina King and was directed by Mark Rosman. The film's plot
revolves around two Internet pen pals (Duff and Murray) who meet at a school dance and fall in love but
two different worlds keep them apart. It received negative reviews from critics, but was a commercial
success and has since gained a cult following.

The film starts with a ten-year old girl named Samantha Montgomery (Hilary Duff) living in the San
Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, with her widowed father Hal (Whip Hubley), who runs a popular
sports-themed diner. Hal soon marries a vain, self-absorbed woman named Fiona (Jennifer Coolidge).
During the 1994 Northridge earthquake, Hal is killed when he runs to save Fiona. Supposedly he has left
no will, so Fiona receives all of his belongings, including the house, the diner, and to her dismay, Sam.

Eight years later, eighteen-year old tomboy Sam is employed as a worker at the diner to save money to
attend Princeton, where she is tormented by Fiona and her dim-witted non-identical twin daughters,
Brianna (Madeline Zima) and Gabriella (Andrea Avery). Fiona emotionally abuses Sam and uses
unnecessary amounts of water during a drought. A running gag throughout the film demonstrates Sam's
stepsisters participating insynchronized swimming, for which they are found to have absolutely no talent.
Sam struggles to cope socially at North Valley High School, where Queen Bee cheerleader, Shelby
Cummings (Julie Gonzalo), also torments her and calls her "Diner Girl".

Sam confides in her online pen pal "Nomad" about her dream to attend Princeton University, a dream
which he also shares. However, "Nomad"'s true identity is Austin Ames (Chad Michael Murray), the
popular, yet unhappy, quarterback of the school's football team, and Shelby's boyfriend (although Austin
broke up with her, she chooses to ignore it). "Nomad" proposes that they meet in person at the
school's Halloween dance. Initially reluctant, Sam is convinced by her best friend, Carter Ferrell (Dan
Byrd), to go to the dance and meet her mysterious online friend. On the night of the dance, Fiona orders
Sam to work the night shift at the diner, then leaves to drive Brianna and Gabriella to the dance.

Carter, Rhonda (Regina King), Sam's other best friend, and the rest of the diner's staff convince her to
disobey Fiona and go to the dance anyway. Carter and Rhonda take Sam to find a costume for the dance.
Sam, wearing a mask and a beautiful white dress, meets "Nomad" at the dance, and is surprised and
shocked to learn that he is Austin. The two decide to leave the party to walk alone and get to know each
other. After sharing a romantic dance together, Sam and Austin begin to fall in love. But just as Austin is
about to unmask her, Sam's cell phone alarm goes off, warning her to return to the diner before Fiona
comes back at midnight. She leaves without revealing her identity to Austin, and drops her phone on her
way out.
Austin picks up her phone and begins a desperate search to figure out who his "Cinderella" really is, the
result being that every girl at the dance claims to be the mysterious owner of the phone. Sam is reluctant
to reveal her identity to Austin, feeling that he won't accept her due to her being an outsider. Carter,
dressed as Zorro, rescues Shelby from the unwanted amorous advances of Austin's distant friend, David
(Brad Bufanda). Shelby falls for "Zorro" not knowing who he is and Carter resolves to tell her who he
really is the next day, only to end up being shunned when he does. When Austin comes into the diner one
day, Sam is forced to help him and, after a talk, she attempts to reveal her identity to him, but is cut off by
Fiona. Sam's stepsisters convince Shelby that Sam tried to steal Austin from her, and, during a prep rally,
Sam's identity is revealed to Austin. Hurt by Sam's secrecy, Austin does nothing to come to her defense
as she is humiliated in front of half the school, causing Sam to believe he betrayed her.

Like Austin, Sam had been accepted to Princeton, only to be duped by Fiona believing she was rejected.
Sam then decides to give up her dreams and resigns herself to working at the Diner. Rhonda gives Sam a
pep talk. When her stepsisters come in, they cause a guitar to fall off the wall, taking the wallpaper it is
attached to with it. Sam then sees her father's words, "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from
playing the game," and regains her confidence. A fed up Sam then confronts Fiona about the
mistreatment she's given her, she quits her job at the diner and moves out to live with Rhonda.
Simultaneously, Rhonda and the entire diner's staff quit along with Sam, having put up with Fiona's abuse
for Sam's sake all those years after Hal died. The customers, who watched the whole scene, leave the
diner as well.

Before a school football game, Sam confronts Austin about his cowardice and lies. Before the final play of
the game, he sees Sam making her way out of the stands, and finally faces up to his father that he wants
to attend Princeton rather than simply play football all his life. He hands his helmet to his good friend,
Ryan Henson (J.D. Pardo), then chases after Sam and apologizes. She accepts his apology and they
share their first kiss as rain falls over the drought-plagued valley. Soon after, Sam finds Hal's will hidden in
her childhood fairytale book, stating that all of his belongings belong to her. Sam sells her step-family's
fancy cars so that she can pay for college, and Fiona, who signed the will as a witness but claims she
never saw that will, is arrested after being chased through the front yard of what is now Sam's house by
the LAPD.

Fiona, Brianna and Gabriella are made to work off the money they stole from Sam at the diner, which is
restored to its former glory before Hal's death by its new owners, Sam and Rhonda. Sam finds that she
was in fact accepted by Princeton; the acceptance letter was found in the garbage by her stepsisters.
Also, Austin's father comes to accept his son's desire to attend Princeton. Things even work out in the
end for Carter as he makes a commercial for acne medication. After being dumped by Austin, Shelby then
makes a play for Carter, only to be spurned in favor of the school's DJ, Astrid (Aimee-Lynn Chadwick).
The movie ends with Sam and Austin happily driving off to Princeton, now officially a couple.
Secara harfiah, review bermakna "tinjauan, ringkasan, tinjauan ulang." Jika
ada frasa book review berarti bermakna tinjauan buku. Karenanya, review
text bisa diartikan secara harfiah sebagai teks yang difungsikan untuk
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Ternyata review text bisa berfungsi sebagai to criticise an art work, event for
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Generic Structure dari Review Text terdiri dari :

Orientation : places the work in its general and particular context,

often by comparing it with others of its kind or through an analog with
a nonart object or event. (menempatkan karya yang ditinjau pada
konteks umum ataupun khusus, biasanya dengan membandingkan
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(meringkas alur cerita "jika mereview buku" bagaimana cara
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A Cinderella Story Review

A Cinderella Story tells a tale told too many times before. With a few modern
twists, Cinderella delivers a forgettable yet marginally likeable adaptation of the
fairy tale classic.

Sam Montgomery (Duff) is a high school senior who after losing her father, must
wait hand and foot on her Botox-enhanced stepmother, Fiona (Coolidge) and her
ditzy stepsisters. Sam works seven days a week at the family diner while
maintaining her "A" average at high school so that she will be accepted at
Princeton. Besides her good looks and sweet personality, Sam feels ostracized from
the rest of the school with the exception of her friend Carter (Byrd). Her only other
companion is a cyber boyfriend. Communicating by text messaging and email, the
two schoolmates fall in love without even knowing each others name. When they
meet for the first time at the Halloween Dance, she is surprised when her Prince
Charming turns out to be Mr. Popularity Austin Ames (Murray). Although shes only
wearing an eye mask, Amess inferior perception skills fail him as he doesnt realize
who she is. (Ames would be perfect for the Jimmy Olson role inSuperman. He would
never realize Clark Kents secret identity.) Sadly, Sam must return to her job before
midnight, and as she flees the ball, she loses her cell phone.

I honestly did not realize a movie could squeeze this many Hollywood clichs into
86 minutes. Beside the Cinderella characters, we also have the Mean Girls, the
sci-fi geek, the evil rich kids, the geeky yet innocent male friend, the overbearing
dad etc. Did anybody in Hollywood go to a real high school? I think Director Mark
Rosman watched Heathers and 90210 one too many times.

The primary problem with this movie isnt the re-imagining of Cinderella its the
ludicrous background characters and unrealistic school settings. Im not sure about
anyone else, but I sure wasnt allowed to send instant messages during school nor
did school seemingly start at 11am. A great deal of the film is set at school, but not
a second took place in a classroom. The directors limitations are all too clear
whenever he inserts modern aspects around the Cinderella story. Rosman cannot
take complete blame since Hilarys mom, Susan Duff, receives a producer credit.
Hey mom, dont quit your day job.
Even with all these problems, I cant really hate A Cinderella Story. Duff has a
sweetness that endears her to the audience, while both Duff and Murray are
believable enough when spouting dialogue aimed at 13 year olds. If Duff ever takes
control of her career from mom, maybe shell blossom as an actress.

Will I remember this movie in a month? No, but I still rememberGarfield , and thats
not a good thing. Only, I find it hard to rip this movie because it isnt aimed at me.
Its aimed at a pre-teen and teenage crowd. Usually those types of movies are
nauseating and tedious. Those of you who watched Scooby Doo 2 know what Im
talking about. Thankfully, Cinderella Story doesnt grate the viewer in such a
manner. For a parent who ends up being forced to see it, that alone is a redeeming

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