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22 July 2016



Dear MR. BOAC,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been ADMITTED to the M MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS (MMC) Program
for Term 1 of Academic Year 2016-2017.

To confirm your admission, please submit the requirements and follow the procedures enumerated in this

The confirmation period is on 06 August 2016. We advise you to follow your confirmation schedule as this will be the
basis for service priority.

Important Notes:

1. Applicants who wish to defer/postpone enrolment within the first two weeks of classes are required to fill out this
2. Applicants who will withdraw from the program within the first two weeks from the start of classes will be asked
to claim back the academic transcript, original copy of birth certificate, and transfer credentials within 90 days. De La
Salle University will no longer be liable for what happens to the requirements after the 90-day grace period.
3. Applicants who will withdraw their application are required to fill out this form

You may submit either of the forms at the Office of Admissions and Scholarships during office hours.

Thank you and welcome to De La Salle University!

In St. La Salle,

2401 Taft Avenue, 1004 Manila, Philippines I Tel: (632) 523-4230 | Trunk Line: (632) 524-4611 loc. 166 I

Schedules and Procedures

5/F Multipurpose Hall

Room 501 Henry Sy, Sr. Hall
Enter DLSU through Gate 2 (North)

1. To ensure a smooth processing of confirmation, qualified applicants should observe strictly the Schedule (see
Section A) and General Procedures (see Section B) below.

2. The confirmation is intended to be done by the qualified applicant.

2.1 Areas accessible by companions may be limited.

2.2 A representative may be allowed to transact on behalf of the qualified applicant. An authorization
letter will be asked from the representative.

3. Qualified applicants with incomplete documents (including, but not limited to, original copies of the Transfer
Credential, Transcript of Records, and Birth Certificate) will not be allowed to confirm enrollment.

4. Qualified applicants who fail to confirm and enroll on the designated dates will be asked to postpone enrollment to
the next academic term OR to the next academic year for programs offered only once every academic year.

5. If a qualified applicant decides to defer enrollment before confirmation, he or she is requested NOT to participate in
any confirmation and/or enrollment activity. He or she will be asked to fill out the Graduate Admissions
Deferment/Reprocessing Form (link:
and submit to the Office of Admissions and Scholarships.

6. Qualified applicants who hold an international citizenship or dual citizenship are advised to go over the entries For
Filipinos Born Abroad and Holders of International and Dual Citizenship (see Section C).

7. All qualified applicants will be asked to undergo a Physical Examination (see Section D), details of which can be
found on the 5 page of this document.

A. Schedule

8:00am - 10:00am 10:00am - 12:00nn 12:00nn - 2:00pm 2:00pm - 4:00pm

30 July Last Name Last Name Last Name Last Name

(Saturday) A to G H to N O to T U to Z

2401 Taft Avenue, 1004 Manila, Philippines I Tel: (632) 523-4230 | Trunk Line: (632) 524-4611 loc. 166 I
Please see next page for preliminary

International Students
Students with Dual Citizenship
Filipinos Born Abroad

B. General Procedures

Step Activity Notes
To Be Submitted To Be Received

The Letter of Acceptance may be

accessed on this link:

Please ensure that the name reflected on

your acceptance letter is the same with
your birth certificate/passport.

Qualified applicants are advised to check

if their:

Verification of Letter of Stamped Letter of a. complete name is correctly spelled as

1 Admission Acceptance to Acceptance with this will be printed on the student ID
DLSU confirmation fee card.
Lacking b. birth date, as it appears on the upper
Requirements, if right hand corner of the front page, is
any (e.g., correctly printed.
Credential) Students should already be in proper
attire as early as the first step in time
for the ID Picture Taking.

International applicants will be directed to

the International Center Representative to
obtain a Clearance before proceeding to
Step 1.

P5,000.00 Confirmation Fee for College

of Law students

P1,000.00 Confirmation Fee for students

Payment of Stamped Letter of in other graduate programs
2 Non-Refundable DLSU Official
Acceptance with
Receipt (for
Confirmation Fee confirmation fee
indicated No Confirmation Fee - for students on full

Checks will not be accepted.

Confirmation Kit
Claiming of DLSU Official Reprinting of ID due to name correction
Confirmation Kit Receipt (for will be charged to the students account.
Confirmation Slip

2401 Taft Avenue, 1004 Manila, Philippines I Tel: (632) 523-4230 | Trunk Line: (632) 524-4611 loc. 166 I
Step Activity Notes
To Be Submitted To Be Received

The required attire for male is business

attire (long or short-sleeved shirt with tie)
while the required attire for female is any
blouse or dress with collar and sleeves.

All students are required to wear clothing

that will contrast against a beige
4 ID Picture Taking DLSU Official background.
Receipt (for
The ID In-charge will refuse to take the
picture of students who will not comply
with the required attire.

The IDs will be distributed on enrollment


C. For Filipinos Born Abroad and Holders of International and Dual Citizenship

1. A representative from the International Center will be stationed at the venue during Confirmation.

2. The Clearance for Confirmation will be issued only to qualified applicants with complete submitted/presented

3. For Filipinos born abroad or holders of international and dual citizenship who will use *other visa types (not SSP nor
Student Visa), submit the following documents to get the Clearance for Confirmation:

1. Accomplished Personal Data Sheet for International Students

2. Photocopy of the following (bring original for verification purposes):
a. Latest Visa / Visa stamp on passport;
b. Passport Bio-page and stamps of latest departure and arrival in the Philippines;
c. ACR I-Card (front and back) / SRRV Card / SIRV Card (whichever is applicable);
d. Receipt of Annual Report for the current year
e. 1 pc. 2x2 colored picture

2401 Taft Avenue, 1004 Manila, Philippines I Tel: (632) 523-4230 | Trunk Line: (632) 524-4611 loc. 166 I
Additional Procedures and Requirements

Document(s) To Be Submitted
Activity Students with
International Students
Dual Citizenship and Filipinos Born Abroad
Original copy Original copy

1. International Student Personal Data Sheet 1. Personal Data Sheet (use link below)
(use link below)
2. Photo (colored, 1x1)
Photocopy (original to be presented)
Photocopy (original to be presented)
2. Passport page with photo/details and stamp
of latest arrival in the Philippines 3. Any of the following:

Submission of the 3. Visa (first issuance and extension) Philippine Passport

required documents Certificate of Recognition as a Filipino
4. Annual Report Receipt for 2016 Naturalization Certificate as Filipino

5. Any of the following (whichever is

4. Foreign Passport (if applicable)
Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)
I-Card (front and back page)

Electronic Forms

International Student Personal Data Sheet

Personal Data Sheet

For international students with visa still under process at the Bureau of Immigration, they need to submit a Certificate
of Pending Application from the Bureau of Immigration. The following procedures will apply: (Please check this

*Please refer to this link for the List of Visa Accepted for Study at DLSU:

Visa type not on the list will be evaluated by the International Center.


1. Qualified International Applicants Who will Apply for Student Visa and Special Study Permit

DLSU, through the International Center, will process this at the Bureau of Immigration

2401 Taft Avenue, 1004 Manila, Philippines I Tel: (632) 523-4230 | Trunk Line: (632) 524-4611 loc. 166 I
Reference: Brochure Visa Conversion Process

The following documents must be submitted:

o Application forms for visa conversion or SSP (available at the International Center)

o DLSU Official Receipt of Payment for visa processing

PhP 14,700 for student visa conversion

PhP 9,000 for Special Study Permit

2. Qualified applicants with Dual Citizenship but without substantial proof of Filipino citizenship must apply
for Student Visa or Special Study Permit. Any of the following showing substantial proof of Filipino
Citizenship may be submitted: (a) Philippine Passport, (b) Certificate of Recognition as a Filipino, or (c)
Naturalization Certificate as Filipino.

3. Qualified International Applicants with valid visas and not falling under 1 and 2 must consult the
International Center during the Confirmation for the documents to be submitted.

4. For inquiries, please contact (+63.2) 525-6727 or (+63.2) 524-4611 (local 289), or email at
or visit the International Center, which is located at the St. Joseph Hall, Room 207.

D. Physical Examination

1. New Graduate students need to undergo the Entrance Physical Examination (EPE) as a requirement for official

2. Medical, dental and chest x-ray examination results within the last 6 months, in relation to employment, if available
may serve as the EPE. A photocopy of results with affixed 2 x 2 picture may be submitted to the Health Services
Office after confirmation. In the absence of this, refer to item 3.

3. EPE may be done in any of the accredited clinics of De La Salle University at the expense of the student.

4. The following procedure in connection with the EPE must be observed:

2401 Taft Avenue, 1004 Manila, Philippines I Tel: (632) 523-4230 | Trunk Line: (632) 524-4611 loc. 166 I
Steps Remarks

[A] Fill out the Medical Examination Form The MEF and DEF are attached to these
(MEF) and Dental Examination Form Guidelines for Graduate Students Enrollment.
(DEF) Attach a 2x2 color photo on the MEF

[B] Present the forms to any accredited The list of accredited clinics is attached to these
clinic Guidelines for Graduate Students Enrollment.
The examination fee varies from clinic to clinic.
Physical and dental examination findings are
documented on the MEF and DEF respectively.
Except for additional chest x-ray procedure (if
needed), further procedures like oral
prophylaxis are not mandatory.

[C] Submit the medical and dental The following must be submitted:
examination results to the Health (a) Accomplished MEF and DEF
Services Office (Room 103, ground (b) Chest X-ray official result
floor, Br. Connon Hall-SPS Building),
ground floor, Br. Connon Hall-SPS
Building, from 18 July 2016 to 03 The requirements may be submitted, following
September 2016. the schedule below:

* A reminder will be flashed upon entry at Mondays to Saturdays : 08:00 to 11:00

the school gates if MDE form and other 13:00 to 16:00
medical documents are not submitted by
03 September 2016. Non-submission
of forms by 17 September 2016 will
suspend your clearance to enter the
campus until submission of medical
requirements is done.

NOTE: Periodic Health Examination is done every year and is one of the requirements for re-enrollment in the
next academic year. You are advised to regularly check your MyLasalle account for announcements.

2401 Taft Avenue, 1004 Manila, Philippines I Tel: (632) 523-4230 | Trunk Line: (632) 524-4611 loc. 166 I
Health Services Office

DATE: _________________
SCHOOL YEAR: __________
ID NUMBER: _____________________ COLLEGE: _____________
LAST NAME: _____________________ FIRST NAME: ______________________ M.I._______
CONTACT#: ________________
CONTACT PERSON IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: ________________________ RELATIONSHIP: ______________
CONTACT#: _________________


I, __________________________, ____years old accept and understand that I am required to undergo a physical examination and
chest x-ray to determine my fitness and well-being as a student. I fully understand that the results will be held as confidential medical
records and will be used by the University for my care and treatment. My health information cannot be released to third persons except
with my consent or unless the disclosure of the information is required by law. I also accept and understand that the procedures are
requirements for the next academic year enrolment. I acknowledge that my medical records will be retained by the University for a
period of 5 years from examination or health visit.
Signature of Student

PHEX Consultation Details

Physical Abnormal Findings
Physical Exam (to be filled-out by a nurse/doctor) Findings

Medical History (updated) EENT

Blood Type_______________ 1.__________________ _ _Normal
Blood Pressure____________ 2._______________________
Resp. Rate_______________ 3._______________________ Head and
Temperature______________ 4._______________________
Pulse Rate________________
Height (in inches) __________ Medications_______________ ___Normal
Weight (in pounds) ________ __________________________ __
BMI (to be computed by the system) _____ _____________________ Breast
BMI Category-system-generated_______ ___Normal
LMP (Female) ________ Social History
Right Vision__________ ___ Smoking
Left Vision ___________ ___ Drinking Lungs
___ Exercising ___Normal
Corrective Lens
Findings Heart
MROTC_____________ ___ Left Handed
MPE________________ ___ Right Handed
Diagnosis ___Normal
____________________ Chest
____________________ X-ray
_____________________ ___Normal
Assigned Nurse Remarks/Recommendations
Physically Fit Abdomen
__________________ For Clearance
Examining Physician _________________________
_________________________ Skin

2401 Taft Avenue, 1004 Manila, Philippines Tel: (632) 536-0252 | Trunk Line: (632) 524-4611 loc. 221
Health Services Office


Dental Information

Assigned Dentist
Date ______________________
Academic Year ________________


Good oral hygiene

Presence of calcular



Denture wearer up

Denture wearer down

With ortho braces up

With ortho braces down

Wearing Hawleys retainers



2401 Taft Avenue, 1004 Manila, Philippines Tel: (632) 536-0252 | Trunk Line: (632) 524-4611 loc. 221
Health Services Office

Accredited Clinics


Tel 8403043 / 8400588 (connect to Sales and Marketing)
Coordinator: Joseph Calo or Danica Sigua

2nd Floor Sycamore Arcs 1 Bldg. Buencamino St Ground Floor, Units 16 & 18-20, AIC Grande
Alabang-Zapote Rd. Alabang, Muntinlupa. Tower
Tel (02) 556 3598; (02) 556 3596 Sapphire Road corner Garnet Street
Telefax (02) 556 3592 Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Mon Sat 8 am to 4 pm Tel (02) 584 1013; (02) 570 9967
Fax (02) 584 2430
Mon Sat 8 am to 4 pm


6th Floor Filomena Bldg. 104, Amorsolo St. 2nd Floor, PCS Building
Legaspi Village, Makati City 992 EDSA
Tel (02) 869 3289; (02) 519 6787, North EDSA, Quezon City
(02) 715 3108 Tel (02) 352 4676; (02) 352 4677
Fax (02) 817 2715 Fax (02) 352 4675
Mon Sat 8 am to 4 pm Mon Sat 8 am to 4 pm

5th Floor, Times Plaza Building
Taft corner United Nations Avenue
Ermita, Manila
Tel (02) 353 6808; (02) 353 6807
Fax (02) 559-7453
Mon Sat 8 am to 4 pm

2401 Taft Avenue, 0922 Manila, Philippines I Tel: (632) 536-0252 | Trunk Line: (632) 524-4611 loc. 221 I
Health Services Office

Ground Floor, Unit C 2nd Floor, Unit 203, TGU Tower
Old National Highway Phase 1, Asiatown I.T. Park
Barangay Parian, Calamba, Laguna Apas, Cebu City
Tel (049) 545 0074; (049) 545 0076 Tel (032) 268 8902; (032) 268 8072
Mon Sat 8 am to 4 pm Fax (032) 268 9236
Mon Sat 8 am to 4 pm
Unit 201-203, SQA Corporate Center
National Highway Crossing, Calamba, Laguna
Tel (049) 306 0397, (049) 508 1806
Mon Sat 8 am to 4 pm

B. Health Protect Medical Diagnostic Center Makati

Coordinator: Mr. Jake F. Sanohan


Health Protect Medical Diagnostic Center Makati

Ground Floor, Fortune Care Building, Dela Rosa St. Corner Amorsolo St., Makati City
Tel 817-8678; 817-8364; 814-0167
Fax 893-1737
Contact Person: Dr. Josefina Adrianne Padua
Monday- Saturday 8 am 5 pm except holidays

2401 Taft Avenue, 0922 Manila, Philippines I Tel: (632) 536-0252 | Trunk Line: (632) 524-4611 loc. 221 I
Health Services Office
C. Healthway Medical
Telephone Number: 09953671018 / 7206141 to 44
Coordinator: Ms. Hanna Albaracin


1. Healthway ATC 4. Healthway Market! Market!

2F Alabang Town Center 4th Level, Market! Market!, Bonifacio
Alabang-Zapote Rd. Global City, Taguig
Tel. 720-6102 / 09178555965 Tel 720-6114 / 09178078386
Fax 8076235 Fax 8894424
Mon-Sun 7 am to 5 pm Mon-Sun 7 am to 5 pm

2. Healthway Festival Mall 5. Healthway SM The Block

2F Pixie Forest Entrance 5 Level, The Block
Filinvest City, Muntinlupa SM City North EDSA
Tel. 720-6104 / 09178558100 Tel 72026107 / 09178078380
Fax 8504031 Fax 4420360
Mon-Sun 7 am to 5 pm Mon Sun 7 am to 5 pm

3. Healthway Shangrila-La Mall

5L Wellness Zone
Shangri-La Plaza Mall, ortigas Center
Tel 720-6119 / 09178210832
Fax 9104930
Mon Sun 7am to 5 pm

2401 Taft Avenue, 0922 Manila, Philippines I Tel: (632) 536-0252 | Trunk Line: (632) 524-4611 loc. 221 I
Health Services Office
D. Hi-Precision Diagnostics

Tel 8639999 local 160, 139, 191

Mobile: 09328906691, Until 5 pm only, Monday to Saturday
Coordinator: Ms. Mary Jane Comia (email address:


1. Hi-Precision Diagnostics Kalaw Branch 3. Hi-Precision International Taft Avenue

G/F Room 102 San Luis Terraces 638 T.M. Kalaw Branch1852 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila
St. Ermita Manila Tel 405-0039 / 405-0135
Tel 404-1441 / 523-9084 / 526-2329 local 105 or Mobile Number: 0932-8908921
109 Mon- Sat 7 am to 4 pm
Mobile Number 09228906687 Contact Person: Ms. Charito Fabre
Fax 526 2329
Mon Sat 6:30 am - 6 pm
Contact Person: Ms. Chery Roque
2. Hi-Precision Diagnostics Retiro Branch
674 N. S. Amoranto Sr. Avenue Quezon City
Tel 415-2622 / 743-1730
Telefax 415-2622
Mobile Number 0922-8906663
Mon- Sat 6 am to 4 pm
Contact Person: Ms. Reyma Dadis

2401 Taft Avenue, 0922 Manila, Philippines I Tel: (632) 536-0252 | Trunk Line: (632) 524-4611 loc. 221 I