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An open letter to Minneapolis renters

The Minneapolis City Council is proposing a new ordinance that would impact
apartments in the city.

Specifically, they are mandating that apartments in the city be eligible for federal
affordable housing vouchers, that would require HUD to be a party to the lease.

These federal voucher programs are voluntary for property owners, however
this mandate would impose more bureaucracy, more inspections and a federal
government program to Minneapolis rental properties and renters.

More bureaucracy and mandates = coastal rents.

We know from the most highly regulated apartment markets in the country – New
York and San Francisco – that more mandates mean higher rents and longer wait
times to find an apartment.

In Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority needs reform. A recent
report outlined significant and numerous changes that MPHA needs to undertake –
however the City Council wants to add additional burdens and bureaucracy to an
agency that is already challenged and overwhelmed.

Meanwhile, Met Council and other local affordable housing agencies administer the
same federal vouchers as the City of Minneapolis with less bureaucracy and without
the mandates Minneapolis is proposing.

One recent study indicates that 84 percent of Minneapolis apartments are within
$50 per month of being priced outside of participating in the program. More
bureaucracy and mandates = coastal rents.

Call and email your councilperson - tell them to reject this ordinance.
Ward 1 - Kevin Reich (612) 673-2201
Ward 2 - Cam Gordon (612) 673-2202
Ward 3 - Jacob Frey (612) 673-2203
Ward 4 - Barbara Johnson (612) 673-2204
Ward 5 - Blong Yang (612) 673-2205
Ward 6 - Abdi Warsame (612) 673-2206
Ward 7 - Lisa Goodman (612) 673-2207
Ward 8 - Elizabeth Glidden (612) 673-2208
Ward 9 - Alondra Cano (612) 673-2209
Ward 10 - Lisa Bender (612) 673-2210
Ward 11 - John Quincy (612) 673-2211
Ward 12 - Andrew Johnson (612) 673-2212
Ward 13 - Linea Palmisano (612) 673-2213

To find your councilmember, visit
Prepared and Paid for by:
Minnesotans for a Sensible Housing Policy, 1600 W 82nd St., Ste. 110, Minneapolis, MN 55431