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Defender of the Faith

King Henry VIII By Elton Camp When Henry’s brother was too young to care He was made to wed a princess from over there But you must do just what we say little fella, Cause she’s child of Ferdinand and Isabella Catherine of Aragon left her home in Spain In the house of the Tudors she must remain Out of sense of duty she went The alliance to firmly cement She had not been there too long When things went badly wrong To save him, doctors tried But her young prince died With Spain, England had a pact The agreement must stay intact Henry was then a child of eleven Hardly a betrothal made in heaven Henry married at age eighteen And Catherine became the queen. Though it is quite sad to have to tell The queen’s babies didn’t fare well To bring her husband true joy She must give birth to a boy She bore him just a single son Who died before a year had run Though married for twenty-four years, Henry gave voice to his greatest fears “I have married the wife of my brother When I should have waited for another.” But he said this with a sly grin While he kissed Anne Boyeln She refused to go to his bed Until the two were set to wed

Anne produced a baby right away But ‘twas a girl to Henry’s dismay. He thought she had done a crime When both babies died next time “I’ve been down this road before. It’s clear you are just a whore.” No more shall you see my bed. Rather you will lose your head. Jane Seymour was next on the list So that Anne was scarcely missed From Jane, virtuous and fair, There came at last a male heir Infection was the reason why The queen proceeded to die Henry at her death was distraught But the new child filled his thought Anne of Cleves was next to arrive Had a problem, managed to survive. Henry found he didn’t like her well “This German woman is ugly as hell.” Annulment freed him from that wife He provided her a life free of strife. “I’ll give you castles and money Because you’ve been such a honey.” The next queen to unfurl Was just a teenage girl Catherine Howard was her name But she was not free from blame Culpepper was her boyfriend She had confessed at the end Unlike the wives before She truly was a whore Catherine Parr became wife six She did not try to use any tricks To her, duty came above Even the man she did love

King Henry she did obey Until he passed away Then married a man her own age Without stirring up anyone’s rage Of this background cannot be any doubt How the Church of England came about. Who could expect to be a winner In a religion formed by a sinner?

Henry VIII & His Wives