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Debate that

makes use of
language as seen in
Mass the real-world
Comm: Debate about media debate on the topic,
News consolidations effects or possibly debates
Trends on news in general (?)

Presentation on gender
roles with analysis of
several songs lyrics to
identify particular ways
the song did or did not
adhere to stereotypes
for both men and
woman (e.g., a song by
a male rapper might be
about women but
contain references that
are stereotypical of
male rappers). This
includes close reading
of selected lyrics. This
is augmented by
analysis of both
Presentation on changes in stereotypes
gender roles as and portrayals of
presented in modern gender in song lyrics
song lyrics. Students from various eras (e.g.,
showed clips of various The Sinatra vs. current
songs, as well as hip-hop). Presentation
transcribed lyrics, and could look not only at
talked about how each the language of lyrics,
song did or did not but also at the way the
Language express stereotypical message is delivered
and views of women and in visual language (for
Gender: men. Includes class songs with videos) and
Portrayals discussion to identify even analyze how
in the typical stereotypes in these work together or
Media song. [AS] against each other. [AS]

The student is Barack

Obamas speechwriter,
Jon Favreau, who tells
an interviewer (the
teacher) about how he
was inspired to write
Obamas famous 2008
victory speech by
MLKs I Have a
Dream speech.
Besides comparing and
contrasting both
speeches, the student
explains how he, as a
young white male,
writes his speeches for
a prominant African

A student describes
what she has learned
about Indian culture
through reading Indian
matrimonial ads. In a
presentation she
describes to her
classmates how certain
ads raised certain
questions. She
analyzes the language
of several ads in the
context of Indian
marriage customs,
which she has had to
research. [Any thoughts
on what the class topic
would be to which this
might link? How about
Language and Social
Relations, I suppose, in
Part I, or advertising in
Part II.]