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Narrative Rubric (9-10)

5 Advanced 4 Skilled 3 Proficient

Criterion 2 - Developing 1 - Inadequate
(above grade level) (at grade level) (meets grade level minimum)

Insightfully addresses all aspects of the

prompt Competently addresses all aspects of the Superficially addresses all aspects of the Partially addresses aspects of the Minimally addresses some aspects of
Creatively engages the prompt prompt prompt the prompt
reader by setting out a well-developed
conflict, situation, or observation
EXPOSITION Engages and orients the reader by Orients the reader by setting out a Provides a setting with a vague Provides a setting that is unclear with a
Establishes one or multiple points of
setting out a conflict, situation, or conflict, situation, or observation conflict, situation, or observation vague conflict, situation, or
view observation observation
The text sets up a Introduces a narrator and/or complex
story by introducing characters. Establishes one point of view Has an unclear point of view
the event/conflict, Establishes one or multiple points of Has an unclear point of view
characters, and view Introduces a narrator and/or developed Introduces a narrator and/or
setting. Has an underdeveloped narrator and/or
characters. underdeveloped characters.
Introduces a narrator and/or well- characters.
developed characters.

Creative and interesting dialogue Engaging dialogue reveals character Appropriate dialogue supports character Dialogue is not always relevant to Dialogue may be included, but it is
reveals character personality, sounds personality, sounds natural, and personality, sounds somewhat natural, the story and/or the character and irrelevant and/or does not enhance the
natural, and smoothly forwards the purposefully forwards the story and forwards the story doesnt enhance the story story. Dialogue may be missing.
TECHNIQUES & Pacing of the storys action is engaging, Pacing of the storys action is Pacing of the storys action is Pacing of the storys action is too slow
DEVELOPMENT Pacing of the storys action is interests the reader, supports the appropriate, holds the readers attention, choppy (lulls/too fast), distracts the or too fast and fails to hold reader
absorbing, engrosses the reader, atmosphere and tone maintains the atmosphere and tone reader from the intended atmosphere interest or help tell the story
advances the atmosphere and tone and tone
The story is developed
using dialogue, pacing, Clear descriptions of character, setting Deliberate descriptions of character, Some descriptions of character, setting
description, and Vivid descriptions of character, setting and events setting and events Minimal descriptions of character, and events
multiple plot lines. and events setting and events
Distinct but relevant multiple plot lines Relevant multiple plot lines Irrelevant or missing multiple plot
Thorough and unique but relevant Attempt at multiple plot lines may lines
multiple plot lines not be relevant
Expertly creates a smooth progression Creates a smooth progression of Experiences and events are somewhat Progression of experiences or events Event sequence unfolds illogically or
ORGANIZATION AND of experiences or events experiences or events connected may be confusing or disjointed lacks a sequence or progression of
COHESION Uses multiple techniquessuch as Uses a variety of techniquessuch as Uses some techniques - such as The text creates a sequence or experiences or events
chronology, flashback, foreshadowing, chronology, flashback, foreshadowing, chronology, flashback, foreshadowing, progression of experiences or The text may provide a conclusion to
The text follows a suspense, sequence events so suspense, sequence events so suspense, sequence events so events. the events of the narrative.
logical sequence of that they build on one another that they build on one another that they build on one another to create The text provides a conclusion
The text moves to a conclusion that The text builds to a conclusion that a coherent whole. that follows from what is
events. The conclusion The text provides a conclusion that
artfully follows from and thoughtfully logically follows from and reflects on experienced, observed, or resolved
follows from the course of reflects on what is experienced, what is experienced, observed, or follows from and reflects on what is
the narrative and provides observed, or resolved. resolved experienced, observed, or resolved
a reflection on or
resolution of the events.

Sophisticated use of precise words and Uses precise words and phrases, Uses some descriptive details, and Uses concrete words or phrases with Does not use sensory language or
STYLE AND LANGUAGE phrases, telling details, and sensory relevant descriptive details, and sensory sensory language to convey experiences limited use of descriptive details and descriptive details
language to convey a vivid picture of language and events sensory language
the experiences, events, setting, and/or to capture the action and convey
The text uses sensory characters experiences and events
language and details to
create a vivid picture of
the events, setting, and
Uses purposeful and varied sentence Uses correct and varied sentence Uses mostly correct and some varied Uses limited and/or repetitive Lacks sentence mastery (has
GRAMMAR AND USAGE structure structure sentence structure sentence structure fragments/ run-ons)
Contains minimal to no errors in Contains few, minor errors in grammar, Contains some errors in grammar, Contains numerous errors in Contains serious and pervasive errors
grammar, punctuation, spelling, punctuation, spelling, capitalization punctuation, spelling, capitalization grammar, punctuation, spelling, in grammar, punctuation, spelling,
The text uses correct capitalization Utilizes strong and grade-level which may cause confusion capitalization which cause capitalization
English grammar, Utilizes precise and sophisticated Usually utilizes grade-level appropriate confusion Utilizes incorrect and/or simplistic
appropriate word choice
capitalization, Utilizes vague or basic word choice
word choice word choice word choice.
punctuation, and