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Historical Society Incorporated

March—April 2017
Prepared by Lisa Truttman, President and Editor
No. 86

The April Movie & Lunch
is almost here again!

10 am, 11 April 2017
at J C Ryder’s Cinema,
177 Riversdale Road, Avondale
What is the movie this year? Come along and see — this year will be an
enticing surprise. Cost $26 per person, includes roast lunch, movie admission
and ice cream.
Contact Alison Turner, 825-0300 for booking.

Guest Speakers, and Future Society Meetings for 2017
Contact Alison Turner, 825-0300, if you have any August 5
suggestions for our Guest Speakers schedule for next Brief meeting, then a visit to Te Toi Uku ceramics
year. museum in New Lynn.
Upcoming speakers: October 7
No usual meeting—replaced by a Speakers’
April 1 Afternoon:
Heraldry, and what it all means. Lorraine Wilson on Food in World War II, and
David Wong on Chinese in Auckland (this will be a
June 3 Heritage Festival Event)
William Mutch—railways
Don Gwilliam (1937-2017) A difference
to the meetings this year
I was very sad to hear of Don’s death , 17 January this
year. I met him back in 2007, at the Avondale Primary As you can see from the front page, we will be varying
School reunion, and for the next nine years he sent in our meetings. In August, normally our AGM, we are
wonderfully written articles for the A vondale Historical looking at a short meeting before taking a trip out to
Journal and remained a member of the Society. I will New Lynn to see the Te Toi Uku ceramics museum in
miss opening up the letterbox to a see another white Ambrico Place. This is yet to be confirmed (we are
envelope, back-stamped with his Kamo address. waiting to hear from the museum if they mind being
open then, or have changed their hours) but they are
His family lived on upper Rosebank Road for a number keen on the visit.
of years, just around the corner from the RSA.
Then in October, no meeting on the 7th, replaced by the
Speakers’ Afternoon for Heritage Festival, at St
Ninians. Start time will be 1.30pm, with Lorraine as
Whau Local Board opening speaker, followed just after 2.30 pm by David
Wong, with refreshments afterwards. More details later
as they come to hand.
I gave a presentation in the “Deputations” part of the
Board’s monthly public meeting in February, introduc- It looks like we will also be involved, in partnership
ing us to them in our 15th year, and making the follow- with the Avondale Business Association and the
ing points: Avondale Library (and possibly Whau Local Board,
subject to confirmation) in a mini-festival for Avondale
* Recognition at Olympic Park of the Te Kotuitanga Heritage from 29 September through to 1 October, in-
tradition, and re-naming of the park to “Te Kotuitanga/ volving a photo exhibition at St Ninians, and activities
Olympic Park.” at the library and on Memorial Park at the roundabout.
More details to come.
* Some sort of recognition on the landscape for James
Palmer, donor of the land on which was built the Whau If any readers have family photos of old Avondale they
Public Hall in 1867 (now site of both the hall and the would like to contribute for the exhibition, let me know.
Hollywood Cinema) and the land (1870s) on which St
Jude’s Anglican Church stands. Speaking of Heritage Festival — I’ve accepted invita-
tions to speak at Blockhouse Bay Library on the Kosy
* Some sort of recognition on the landscape for the Cinema (4 October, 10.30 am) and at the Central
Chinese market gardeners and land owners who have Library on Te Waihorotiu / Ligar Canal down Queen
been part of our district’s history from the early 1900s, Street on 11 October at 12 midday.
especially Ah Chee on Rosebank.

* More interpretive panels providing brief information
and insight into the story of our local public places.

* A reconsideration on the part of Auckland Council to
assess the heritage merits for potential scheduling of
the list of sites, both in Avondale and New Lynn,
which were researched as part of a commission organ-
ised by the Whau Local Board in the past.

These points seemed to be welcomed and considered
on the night. It will all depend on budget availability,
where heritage must these days stand in line with other
needs and considerations, but — I did come away feel-
ing very positive. At this stage, I think the Board will
do what they can. However, of course, I think dealing
with sudden holes in central New Lynn will be occupy-
ing them for a while!
Next meeting of the
Avondale-Waterview Historical Society:
at St Ninians, St Georges Road, Avondale
SATURDAY, 1 April 2017, 2.00 pm

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