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Carter-Hargrove, Inc.

NEW Patient

Encouraged to call? not mean you've been an inadequate parent - it

means you're looking for some extra help to deal ef-
If you are reading this, then you may have been en-
fectively with a difficult situation or issue.
couraged to make an appointment with a psychologist
or marriage & family therapist (in common parlance, a
"shrink"). You may be feeling a mixture of different Making an appointment
things right now, ranging from confusion and thinking You need to call to make an appointment. You can do
that nothing like this would ever happen to you to an- this by calling either Dr. James Carter-Hargrove at
noyance or embarrassment. Whatever you are feeling, 771.1010 or Dr. Anne Carter-Hargrove at 742.1235
this is an information sheet developed to help you and leaving a brief message including telephone num-
make informed decisions about making an appoint- bers where you can be reached. Your call will typically
ment and getting the most out of any consultation with be returned the same day. People who are in consid-
a mental health professional. erable distress often feel a sense of relief and in-
creased hope that things are going to get better after
Adults, Couples & Families they make an appointment.
Our feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and bodily function-
ing all affect one another in positive and negative
ways. If any one of them gets out of whack because of First appointment
the stresses and strains of life there is a "domino ef- Actually coming to the first appointment often feels
fect" that alters them all. For example, if someone is awkward and uncomfortable at first until things get un-
tinder a lot of stress at work he or she may experience der way. This is because most folks have never done
more conflict in their marriage and be much more anything like this before and aren't sure what to ex-
emotional. This in turn can also affect their health, pect. The first visit is spent talking about the problems
what they think about themselves, and how they act. and concerns that prompted you to call for the ap-
pointment or prompted your doctor to recommend a
When these four areas are balanced and functioning consultation. Questions about you (e.g. what brought
well, we are at our best When they get out of balance you in, your health, growing up, relationships, occupa-
because of unexpected changes or nagging long term tion, and so on) will be asked. Historical information
problems we can't be at our best, even when we want about the family you grew up in and your present fami-
to be. Your doctor is carefully working with you to ly will also be talked about. Depending upon the cir-
identify any problems with your bodily functioning. He cumstances, you may be asked to take a test or two
or she may believe we can be of additional help in that will allow you to describe yourself even more fully.
dealing with the other parts of your life that may be out If you have received previous mental health treatment
of balance. We work closely with physicians coordinat- or have significant medical problems information about
ing our efforts with theirs. this will be sought via releases of information from the
professionals who treated you.

Kids too?
In some cases your doctor may recommend a consul- Take the first step
tation for your child or teenager. For instance, if your In an old Tarzan movie, a riddle was posed to
son or daughter is experiencing difficulty at school, Tarzan.."How do you begin the longest journey?" The
has eating or bed-wetting problems, shows signs of answer was, "With the first step " Calling for an ap-
depression, anxiety or hyperactivity, or is not getting pointment is one of those things easily put off by tell-
along well with friends or family, a mental health refer- ing yourself things like, "I don't really need this." or "I
ral may be suggested. It may also be beneficial to get can't afford it." or "I'll do it later" Take the first step on
outside help if you have concerns about substance your journey to getting back to your best. Don't put it
abuse or any other parenting problems. Taking your off. Your doctor felt it important enough to make the
child or adolescent to a therapist does referral. Please give us a call right now.

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