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Cylinder head, removing 211 Service Information 2/2/2017 1
Engine, D16F (15050684) [GB]

Cylinder head, removing

Op nbr 211-079

Total procedure time (hr): 3.50

9996239 Lifting chain
88800352 Lifting tool
9998264 Lifting tool
9998251 Sealing plug
9998251 Sealing plug
9998251 Sealing plug
9998251 Sealing plug
9998251 Sealing plug
9998251 Sealing plug
9990006 Puller
9990262 Adapter
9996400 Impact puller
88880003 Bracket

This operation also includes required tools and times for applicable parts of the following operations:

 Rocker arm mechanism, checking and repairing

1.  Remove the VCB-valve with seals.

Figure 1

 Remove the spring plates.

Figure 2

1. VCB valve
2. Spring plate

2. Check the rocker arm bushings: Rocker arm mechanism, checking and repairing.

3. Fixate the pistons in the exhaust rocker arms with rubber bands or similar so that the pistons do not fall out when
the rocker arm shaft is removed.

Figure 3

4. Loosen the bolts equally in stages, so that the rocker arm shaft is not bent. Install 88800352 Lifting tool and
88880003 Bracket. Remove the rocker arm shaft.
Weight (approx.): 36 kg (79 lb)

Figure 4

1. 88800352 Lifting tool

2. 88880003 Bracket

5. Mark up and remove the valve yokes.

Handle the vibration damper with care. Damage to the vibration damper could lead to vibrations and engine damage.

6. Remove the vibration damper and the camshaft gear.

Figure 5

7. Loosen the bolts for the camshaft's caps. The caps are marked with numbers 17. Remove the camshaft with
9998264 Lifting tool. Weight, approx.: 40 kg (90 lbs).

Figure 6
8. Remove the bearing brackets.

Figure 7
Bearing brackets

9. Remove the upper bolts from the timing gear plate. Remove the three upper bolts from the transfer gear.
Rotate the engine to access the two bolts behind the transfer gear.

Figure 8

10. Remove the pipes from the thermostat housing and the bolts for the coolant pipe.

Figure 9

11. Remove the bolt for the attaching yoke. Remove the injector together with the attaching yoke. Mark up to which
cylinder the injectors belong and place them in clean plastic bags.
Figure 10

1. 9996400 Impact puller

2. 9990262 Adapter
3. 9990006 Puller

12. Install 9998251 Sealing plug to protect the injector sleeve's contact face.

13. Loosen all bolts for the cylinder head.

14. Remove the bolts and secure the cylinder head with rated lifting tools. Use 9996239 Lifting chain.

Figure 11

9996239 Lifting chain

15. Lift away the cylinder head.

Weight, approx. 210 kg (460 lbs)