Appendix - C Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors Format of Autonomous Agent Technical Transformation

I. Description of the Developed Software. A. The performance capabilities, performance characteristics, specifications, functions, hardware requirements and recording characteristics or timing sequences (on specified computer equipment) of the Developed Software are as follows: (1.) The Format for Autonomous Technical Transformation

B. The following manuals, selling materials and other documentation needed by subcontractors to describe the Software and its performance characteristics and capabilities are listed, and said list attached as Exhibit (I.) to this Appendix and the information contained in these items (manuals) are fully incorporated into the Agreement.


1. __________________________________________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________________________________________ 3. __________________________________________________________________________ 4. __________________________________________________________________________ 5. __________________________________________________________________________ 6. __________________________________________________________________________ 7. __________________________________________________________________________ 8. __________________________________________________________________________ 9. __________________________________________________________________________ 10. __________________________________________________________________________ For further information regarding this section, please see Appendix(ices) _D_.


II. Description of the Services (Supplemental). The following installation support and other services shall be provided by some Subcontractors to NAME (Customer) (such services shall be in addition to the installation and support services necessary for the delivery and installation of the Developed Software and to enable NAME to conduct the acceptance tests, to which services shall be furnished free of charge as far as being a charge for services rendered in addition to the set price for such services):

Preliminary Scheduling
THE METHOD STRUCTURE Preliminary 1. Develop preliminary project plan and schedule for Phase 1 2. Management review and approval 3. Assign staff, review plan and schedule

A. Problem Analysis and Definition 1. Schedule and perform initial data gathering -interviews -observation of operations -documentation collection -questionnaires -research Perform initial data analysis -identify and verify problems -determine organization's information and data needs -determine scope or requirements, limitations and constraints Prepare Design Requirements Statement (DRS) Presentation of (DRS) to management Management review and direction/approval Identify alternative approaches and complete feasibility analysis for each Prepare Design Proposal Presentation to management


3. 4. 5. 6.


9. Management review and decision 10. Prepare expanded Project Plan and Schedule (PPS) for the alternative approach authorized by management B. Data Gathering 1. Schedule and perform expanded data gathering in areas identified by initial data gathering


2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. C.

Organized data and identify to facilitate analysis Complete Data Element Description Sheet for each data element identified Collect information on requirements for decision-making, operational directives, and reports (both formal and informal) Prepare Inventory of Existing Data Elements Prepare Inventory of Existing Reporting Requirements Perform supplemental data gathering as needed Present inventories to management for review Management review and direction/approval

Data Analysis 1. Working with the inventories of elements and reports and using classification analysis work sheets, classify each individual data element by -type: controlling, reporting, and supporting -use: generic grouping, i.e., descriptive, computational, and quantitative -reports: managerial, operational, and recordkeeping -timeliness: operational, transitory, archival, and historical -system requirements: size, data retention, updating, maintenance, response requirements, and security -logical/functional relationships with other data -current format and media -name, synonym, and definitions 2. Prepare Master Classification Lists of data elements 3. Prepare Performance Requirements and Characteristics Lists


Review findings with management 5. Management direction/approval D. Development and Implementation of Standards 1. 2. Identify and organize the contents of the standards manual Define and incorporate the Administrative and Environmental Standards

3. Develop and incorporate the method standard, for the Data Definition Control System (DDCS) 4. 5. Assemble current data element definitions in a Corporate Glossary Review Glossary and DDCS with management


6. 7. 8. 9. E.

Management direction/approval Train all users in Standards, DDCS, and Corporate Glossary Implement DDCS, Corporate Glossary, and CDB Standards Continue to improve and complete Corporate Glossary

Development and Implementation of the Data Integrity and Quality Assurance Program 1. Determine organizational or functional component responsible for the integrity and contents of every data element 2.

Establish program, plan and schedule for cleaning up all currently existing files Develop Methods for Auditing Data Element Content and Quality Functional management establishes reliability parameters for each data element Establish data audit management report requirements Present program to all affected managers and top management Management review and direction/approval Institute program and commence cleanups and audits

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. F.

Preliminary Design 1. Develop logical design alternatives based upon data classifications 2. 3. Develop logical design alternatives based upon system and functional requirements Develop physical design alternatives based upon -file structures -access methods -available hardware -available software Perform trade-off analysis between various design alternatives Prepare Trade-off Analysis Report Management review, decision and direction Prepare Detailed Design Project Plan and Schedule Management review and direction/approval






Detailed Design and Testing

Prepare the detailed Design Specifications for the optimum design approved by management in the previous Phase Management review and direction/approval of the detailed design Prepare Test Plan and necessary Test Data to test specifications and processes Management review and direction/approval of test plan Perform test and evaluate results Management review and direction/approval of test results Modification and retest as necessary


4. 5. 6. 7. H.

Data Conversion and Implementation

Develop Conversion Plan and Schedule Management review and direction/approval Conduct training as necessary Convert data and establish new database Maintain converted data When data conversion is complete, implement operations Management review, direction/approval of conversion and implementation

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. I.

Post-implementation Evaluation 1. Plan and staff for the Post-implementation Evaluation study 2. Conduct the study

3. Prepare the Study Report and present Study Report to management 4. Management review and direction

5. Development phase terminates. 6. Routine maintenance and support begins


IV. Software Site(s). The Software has been licensed for use by NAME and the Subcontractor(s) at the following site(s): 1. _________________________________________________________________________ 2. _________________________________________________________________________ 3. _________________________________________________________________________ 4. _________________________________________________________________________ 5. _________________________________________________________________________ 6. _________________________________________________________________________ 7. _________________________________________________________________________ 8. _________________________________________________________________________ 9. _________________________________________________________________________ 10. ________________________________________________________________________ 11. ________________________________________________________________________ V. Documentation The following documentation shall be provided by Subcontractor(s): A. Title _______________________________________________________ B. Publication Date ______________________________________________ C. Publication Number ____________________________________________ D. Revision Date ________________________________________________

VI. Price of the Software The Software shall be provided to NAME by Subcontractor at the following prices and upon these payment terms or schedule: (The Price of the Developed Software will or shall vary depending upon the purchase price of those commercial software packages purchased by or through contracting systems, so the purchase price or this section in general will consist of payment terms or schedules individually based.)



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