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Appendix - G Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors Flow Chart For Anatomical Systems

SPECIAL NOTE: In this Appendix, the colored Anatomical Flow Chart SPECIAL NOTE: System described here represents the graphic procedural In this Appendix, the strategic & educational Flow processes involved in the colored Anatomical Chart System described here represents the development of acquired systems, and due to the Supreme graphic procedural processes involved in the Court's findings in the areas of copyrighted or patented strategic & educational developmentor graphics software graphics, no computerized drawings of acquired systems, andin thisto the Supreme (flow charts) will be shown due draft contract document. Court's findings in the areas of copyrighted or Additionally, since each system will have its own patented software graphics, no computerized confidential procedures & graphical representation, NAME drawings or graphics remain charts) will be such will maintain its ability to (flow in compliance with shown in this Regulations. Laws or Federal contract document. Additionally, since each system will have its own confidential procedures & graphical representation, NAME will maintain its ability to remain in compliance with such Laws or Federal Regulations.

The Directions of the Brainiac And Diagnostic Charts and Models
As you read the following, cross-reference the descriptions with the example of the models on the following pages in order to effectively understand the graphical composition of NAME’s strategic development processes; The Brainiac or the Diagnostic Diagram that you see in Figure #II is designed after a model of the human brain and its multi-faceted functions, which are explained in Figure #I. Once the autonomous agents of NAME’s integral programs have sectioned & consecutively implemented the brain's reactionary network (personality), NAME will then according to Figure #II, categorize what part of a brain's reactionary system does what for any and all of the different types of functions and purposes involved in strategic and educational development. The next step is to develop an individual analytic pie structure with the flow charts in Figures #III and IV, that will be directly implemented into a twelve-section personal, social and developmental analytic pie structure, which consists of methodologies such as law, accounting, textile, communication, education, agriculture, health, housing, human and material resources, and of course, music & transportation. This pie structure also comes with an analytic & forecasting flow chart system, Figures #IV and V. For the aspects of idea or product development, Figures #VI, VII and VIII, will be used if applicable. There is also a conceptual map and performance pie structure, that will be used with the flow charts that represents growth and development, as well as being used as procedural measuring instruments (models #IX and X). If you will now look at example model #XI, you should gain a full conception of the modeling phases involved in the Diagnostic and Analysis phase of this network, which will also include example model #X as an educational or procedural scale in the areas of strategic and educational development. The twelfth (#XII) model is an example of the strategical surroundings inputted into this network as representing a system's environment, while model #XI will be used additionally with model #XII in order to encircle the information needed by this network's operatives. The models that you have just seen and read, will be recycled over & over again once the Review and Appraisement phase has been completed, so as to recognize and record any movement in the percentages


of improvements or disimprovements. Additionally, the colors that are contained within these flow chart structures shall represent the twelve different program-sections that are used to generalize a system’s environment, so that the subcontractor and/or client will be able to follow the flow of the information housed within these charts as the information, description or its status changes. We would like to further state that there will be other diagrammed models implemented during the course of the consultation or networking services of NAME, that are not mentioned or shown in this appendix.