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Appendix - I Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors Acceptance Test Procedures

Acceptance tests demonstrating compliance with the specifications described in Appendix(ices) C & J_, shall be run in the order as follows: (Documentation of each test shall be submitted by NAME and/or Subcontractor for firm approval.) A. Diagnostic Routines; 1. Explanations (Please refer to Procedural Process Exhibit(s) _A - J_ of this Agreement). 2. Routines (Please refer to Procedural Process Exhibit(s) _A - J_ of this Agreement). B. System Response Test; Measured to the nearest second. A completed test shall be deemed successful if it requires no more than 90% of the time it takes to complete the test on a standalone IBM Micro Computer with 8 megabytes of RAM and a 1.44 floppy disk drive. 1. Spell check test document (200 pages), while sorting test database (criteria measurements). (Please refer to procedural processing Model(s) _J_ in Appendix(s) _D_ of this Agreement). 2. Print test document, while printing a data base report. (Please refer to Appendix(s) _D_ for test document example).

C. Security Test 1. Log in using each user identification code and verify access to each private directory. Using one user identification code, attempt to retrieve files in each private directory of another use. 2. Transfer a word processing document from a private directory to the review directory. 3. Transfer a spreadsheet from a private directory to the review directory. 4. Retrieve a word processing document from the common directory and save in a private directory. 5. Log in as user, retrieve a document from a secretary's word processing directory, and save. the document to the appropriate user directory. 6. Locate a document in the common directory by keyword. D. Communications Test


1. Access network via remote communications using correct and incorrect passwords. Demonstrate access to all programs and appropriate data files. E. Printers 1. Print twenty five (25) envelopes. 2. Print test documents. 3. Load five (5) print jobs into the queue and move the fifth job to the top of the queue. 4. Print documents from each software package in succession on the same printer. 5. Print a document to all printers from one work station. F. Autonomous Programs 1. (If applicable. Execute each autonomous program to demonstrate adherence to source code and system specifications. G. Electronic Mail 1. Transfer an urgent and normal message from one workstation to another via electronic mail. H. System Backup Tests 1. After 4 hours of operation, shut down server, erase all data and restore backups. 2. Create and test archive disk. 3. Repeat tolerance tests (1) and (2) after 4 days of continuous operation.