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Instructional Plan in Technology and Livelihood Education Grade 8

Electrical Installation and Maintenance

Quarter : Second
Date : September 15, 2016 (Thursday)
Time :
6:00 6:50 G8 I (Amethyst) 10:40 11:30 G8 B
8:30 9:20 G8 F (Pearl) 11:30 12:20 G8 H
9:50 10:40 G8 A (Diamond)

I. Learning Objectives:
At the end of the period, the students should be able to:
A. define plain tap joint
B. discuss the steps in splicing of wire (plain tap)
C. splice wire following the correct steps and using the proper electrical tools

II. Subject Matter:

Content Area: Electricity
Topic : Splicing of Wires (Plain Tap)
Source : Learning Module of Electrical Installation and Maintenance (T.L.E.)
Materials : video presentation of the steps in splicing of plain tap joint

III. Learning Tasks

A. Activity
- Daily Routine
- Set Induction

The teacher will show picture.

B. Analysis
- Ask the students to describe the given picture.

- Can you identify the used of the given joint through its structure?

- Lead the learners to start with prior knowledge: How are you going to
describe plain tap joint? When are we going to use rat tail joint?

C. Abstraction
In this lesson you will be able to learn how to splice wire following the correct
First let us unlock our difficulties with the words to be encountered in this lesson.
INSULATOR device used for separating or supporting conductors (cover)
CONDUCTOR material that permits the flow of electric current
STRIP to remove covering
BEND to force from straight to curved, angular or any other proper condition

C.1. Describe plain tap joint

This kind of joint is commonly used when the tap wire is under
considerable tensile stress circuit.

C.2. View the video presentation of plain tap joint.

Explain the steps in splicing of wire.

Steps in Splicing a Plain Tap Joint

1. Strip the tap wire end about 4 inches and the main wire end about 3.5 inches
2. Place the wires in crossed position intersecting about a half inch from the
insulation of the tap wire and the main wire.
3. Turn the tap wire around the main wire making spirals (until the end tip of the

Learners will answer the question Why do we need to follow the correct steps in
splicing a wire in electricity?

D. Application

-Present the activity; learners will splice their plain tap following the steps
demonstrated by the teacher.

CRITERIA 1 2 3 4
Handling of

1 - Poor 2- Fair 3- Good 4- Excellent

IV. Assignment
On one whole sheet of paper, answer the following:
1. How are you going to describe western union short tie?
2. When do we use this kind of joint?
3. Bring the following
index card
Materials: solid wire gauge #14
Tools: side cutting plier, combination plier, long nose plier

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