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Wake up, America: Democrats aren’t Democrats Anymore, They’re Communists By Fred Dardick Wednesday, May 5, 2010 And the so-called “moderate Democrats” are merely socialists. It wasn’t so long ago that much loved Democrat President John F. Kennedy told the nation in his inaugural address, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”, implying a sense of self sacrifice was needed by all Americans to keep the torch of freedom burning bright in a world filled with tyranny. An idea most could relate to regardless of political affiliation. But times have changed and modern liberal philosophy has become almost unrecognizable to previous generations. It can be more accurately described as: “Forget personal sacrifice, keep sitting on your behind, and let the government rob your neighbor for you.” Democrat political aims no longer share the fundamental ideals that have served this nation so well for so long. Rather than put their trust in the righteousness of the American individual, their intention is to transfer as much power as possible to the collective, as represented by the federal government. President Barack Obama outlined his openly communist thinking at a University of Michigan commencement address this past weekend when he said “When our government is spoken of as some menacing, threatening foreign entity, it ignores the fact that in our democracy, government is us.” What is he talking about? First off, you have to be out of your mind to not be at least a little skeptical of an entity that can force you from your home, take away your money, incarcerate you, and ship you off to war … all for sometimes less than perfect reasons. That’s an awful lot of power just begging to be misused by unscrupulous politicians, and a community organizer should know it. I seem to recall Obama having a real big problem with government not so long ago when we invaded Iraq. Our founding fathers were right to be fearful of centralized government. They knew from their experiences with the kings of Europe that a small number of people with unchecked power could not be trusted. It wasn’t necessarily unheard of for the ruling class to turn on the common folk and start nailing people to trees. Obama’s statement “government is us” is likewise absurd.

Government isn’t we the people … I know it sure isn’t me. There’s a whole lot of what the government is up to that doesn’t exactly meet with my approval and I highly doubt Democrats will be contacting me anytime soon for my input. Obama’s much beloved “government is us” is a collection of few elected officials and a whole lot of overly paid unionized bureaucrats, most of whom willing to do almost anything to keep their jobs. It’s a representative government and it tends to work best when people of character inhabit the halls of power. Unfortunately it also leaves a lot of room for unethical politicians to stick it to the nation. Take the healthcare bill for instance. Never has been a more egregious example of political corruption than that obscenity: abuse of power, against the people’s wishes, dire economic consequences for the country … ObamaCare has it all. Karl Marx himself would be proud. In the old way of doing things, the House and Senate would pass their bills. Both versions would go to committee where differences were hashed out. Then back to the House and Senate for a final vote. Pretty standard stuff that has served the nation well for the past couple hundred years … then something happened in January 2010. Scott Brown, a Republican, was elected to Edward Kennedy’s old Senate seat, and just like that the Democrats no longer had the votes needed to pass their freedom-killing legislation. That should have been the end of the story, but Democrat politicians, like the communists of old, aren’t so concerned about the rules. As long as the state grows stronger and the individual grows weaker, they don’t much care how it gets done. So they dug up a procedure called reconciliation and used it in a way that had never been intended, producing a bill that no one understood, or studied, or even had time to read before voting on it. Obama signed the bill into law and so long democracy … ObamaCare is passed. Only one month later and the Johnny Come Lately media is filled with reports about Medicare provisions that are “unsustainable” and economic provisions that are “unsustainable”. Pretty much everything about the bill, including the medical profession as a whole, is “unsustainable”, and yet that piece of liberal fantasy is now law of the land. White House Budget Director Peter Orszag explained the true purpose of ObamaCare when he said the “Independent Payment Advisory Board has the power and the responsibility to put forward proposals to hit a pretty aggressive set of targets over the long term, and furthermore, the proposals take effect automatically.”

First of all, government proposals that take effect automatically aren’t proposals, they’re laws. And secondly, what Orszag really means is that a group of unelected bureaucrats in Washington will be given total control of our multi-trillion dollar healthcare system. You can forget about decisions being just between you and you doctor … whatever these people decide will be the last word in American healthcare. Period. Obama somehow neglected to mention this particular aspect of the legislation during his 100 or so healthcare related speeches and press conferences. But then again, diehard communists never tell you the full story, they only tell you what you want to hear. And if you’re not buying their nonsense, then you can stuff it because you’re a racist. Lacking the votes to get any additional power grabs past the Senate, Democrat politicians are now pursuing even worse unconstitutional methods to force their statefirst agenda upon the nation. Rather than pursue Cap and Trade legislation, EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson has declared that CO2 is a greenhouse gas and will start unilaterally imposing limits on static source emitters (power plants, factories, homes, etc…) starting in Jan 2010. Obama appointee Craig Becker, also known as the Walking Card Check, was named to the National Labor Relations Board and given free reign to steal influence away from employers and hand it over to the unions. The FCC is pursuing a takeover of the internet with their net neutrality regulations. All without a single vote in Congress. Each and every Democrat political priority can be broken down to a simple concept: they are all designed to take money and power away from individuals, families, communities, businesses, charities, and states and transfer it directly to the federal government. Centralized government control of vital national resources, which pretty much means everything when you break it all down, is practically the definition of communism. For those who would parse words and say that Obama and his Democrat cohorts are socialist, let me remind you, the Soviet Union was a constitutionally socialist nation, and look what happened to them. The only difference between socialism and communism … is time. Fred Dardick is the owner and operator of a medical staffing company based in Chicago. Prior to the business world, he worked as a biological researcher at various highly regarded universities in the United States. Fred can be reached at: