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A Semi Detailed Lesson Plan

in Kindergarten
I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson the students are expected to:
A Identify the the bigger family with relatives.
B Values their family through sharing.
C Know the different family members.

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Members of the family
Reference:.National Curriculum Guide 2011
Instructional Materials: charts, visual aids, pictures, and music video
about a family.
III. Procedure
A. Daily Routine
1. Prayer The teacher starts with a prayer before starting the class.
2. Greetings The teacher greets the students and students will also
greets their classmates.
3.Attendance the teacher will check the students who
attended/absent in the class in her paper or by asking the students
whos absent.
B. Motivation
1. The teacher will present a music video A Family Member song by
Sesame Street.
2. Ask the students what did they notice from the video.

C. Produre/Discussion
1 Ask the students: Who are the other members of the family?
2 Introduce the members of a bigger family.
3 Explain the bigger family has a relatives including grandfather,
grandmother, uncle, auntie and cousins.
4 Ask the students:
if they have a family relatives who lives with them.
What is a bigger family.

D. Evaluation
Give the students a house and family worksheet. Draw their family in the
widows of the house with their relatives who lives with them.