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Department of Health

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley responds to the NICE guidance on drinking


Regional News

Schools warned over how they handle mental health problems

SCHOOLS in the county have been warned over the way they handle pupils with mental health
problems after a court found that Suffolk County Council discriminated against a boy with a
‘school phobia’

Wells Community Hospital plans go on show

The expansion, which is expected to be approved by NHS Norfolk next month, would see 24
beds built, 12 of which will be specifically for people with dementia


National News

Alcohol-use disorders - preventing harmful drinking

NICE guidance

Government urged to support people with autism

The coalition Government needs to do more to support the 500,000 people with autism in the
UK, according to a campaign launched this week

Cumbria shootings: Mental health services offer support

Specialist services have been put in place in West Cumbria to provide support to people
affected by the massacre of 12 people by Derrick Bird on Wednesday afternoon

Mental health jobs bias falls on back of stigma campaign

Employment discrimination against people with mental health problems in England has
fallen significantly since the launch of a national campaign to combat the stigma of mental ill-

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.255/14.6.10/ephru 2
One in five liver transplants go to recovering alcoholics
New figures show that one in five liver transplants goes to a person with alcoholic liver disease

Woman jailed for giving baby methadone-soaked dummy

An Edinburgh woman who put methadone on a baby's dummy to stop him crying has been
jailed for three years

NHS 'failing to support' children with autism

The NHS is failing youngsters with autism, a charity warned today

GPS Ankle Devices Track Dangerous Psychiatric Patients

A leading UK NHS Trust has become the first to fit potentially dangerous psychiatric patients,
including some convicted of murder, rape and paedophile offences, with GPS ankle devices that
allows the authorities to track their position anywhere on the globe to within a few metres

Dementia care providers to face fixed-fee tariff

Government efforts to reduce the numbers of dementia patients entering hospital will include
the introduction of a fixed-fee tariff for providers of community care

Adult social care grants safe from axe, Burstow confirms

No Department of Health grants for adult social care are going to be cut this year, care services
minister Paul Burstow has revealed

Portsmouth’s battle against alcohol abuse

Alcohol consumption has been rising for decades – and so has the health and social cost of
dealing with the consequences

Update on products free of colours associated with hyperactivity

The Agency has updated its list of product ranges that do not contain the six food colours
associated with possible hyperactivity in young children

Social workers say regulation has boosted status

Three-quarters of social workers believe the regulation of the profession has increased its
status, putting social work on a par with medicine and nursing

SeeAbility launches New Eyecare Factsheets for People with Learning Disabilities
Following Learning Disability Week, SeeAbility has launched a new series of easy read
factsheets on eye care and vision for people with learning disabilities

Smarter Spending Would Help To Contain Cost 'Timebomb' - Alzheimer's Society

Alzheimer's Society is supporting a call by national charity Counsel and Care to spend smarter
to help the financial crisis

New research suggests that abnormalities in the process of blood clot formation may
contribute to the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease
Services for people with learning disabilities, stroke and HIV/Aids and social care IT schemes
are at risk this year after the government announced today that ring-fencing would be removed
from the grants funding them

Munro Review to look at children’s social work and frontline child protection practice
The Secretary of State for Education has written to Professor Eileen Munro to invite her to
conduct an independent review of children’s social work and frontline child protection practice

Autistic young people let down

The mental health system is failing more than two-thirds of children with autism, according to
latest research

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.255/14.6.10/ephru 3
Mental Health Media Awards open for entries
Broadcasters and journalists contribute to the way we understand mental distress and have the
power to change hearts and minds.

Advanced notice of Learning Disabilities Evidence Update

Health Needs Annual

Evidence Update 2010 Poster.pdf


International News

Brain Imaging Technique Can Track Build-Up Of Plaques Associated With Early Stages
Of Alzheimer's Disease
Research revealed at SNM's 57th Annual Meeting is furthering efforts to use molecular imaging
as a means of early detection of Alzheimer's disease

New Psychological Intervention Program Developed At The University Of Georgia Shows

Promise In Helping Those With Bowel Diseases
Teenagers with IBD, including Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, often have serious trouble
coping with the disorders

CDC Warns of Ecstasy Overdose 'Clusters' at Rave Events

In Los Angeles, 1 death, 18 hospitalizations after one such party


Local Additions
Items added by your local library

Journal article available from EPHRU Library

The association between percieved interpersonal social support and physical and mental
health: results from the national epidemiological survey on alcohol and related conditions
Moak ZB & Agrawal A
Journal of Public Health. 2010; 32(2):191-201

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EoEHLG/MHCA/No.255/14.6.10/ephru 4

E-mental Health Can Improve Delivery Of Mental Health Services, Australia

Innovative web services can overcome the barriers that block access to mental health care

Secondhand Smoke a Mental Health Hazard?

Study finds association with psychiatric woes, but experts say cause-and-effect isn't proven

Substance abuse, alcoholism

Genes Influence Development Of Gambling Disorders In Men And Women Suggests New
From studying Australian twins, new research says that genetic factors appear to influence the
development of gambling disorders in both men and women

DocGuide TopAbstracts in Addictions

Topiramate in the Treatment of Substance-Related Disorders: A Critical Review of the

Topiramate is efficacious for the treatment of alcohol dependence, but side effects may limit
widespread use

Anxiety Disorders

DocGuide TopAbstracts in Anxiety

Wounds of the stressed take longer to heal

Stress and anxiety can make it harder for wounds to heal, scientists have shown

The prevalence of comorbid anxiety disorders in outpatients with schizophrenia

The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of lifetime anxiety disorders in
patients with schizophrenia in Sanliurfa, Turkey, and to assess the association between
comorbidity and several demographic and clinical variables

Health-related Quality of Life across the anxiety disorders: Findings from a sample of
primary care patients
Previous studies have not compared Health-related Quality of Life (HR-QoL) across all DSM-IV
anxiety disorders and comorbid conditions

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.255/14.6.10/ephru 5

New Molecular Imaging Agent May Help Visualize Early Stages of Alzheimer's Disease
A multinational clinical trial presents a novel imaging agent that could be the next major
breakthrough for the early detection of Alzheimer's disease

Healthy Diet Could Slow Or Reverse Early Effects Of Alzheimer's Disease

Patients in the early to moderate stages of Alzheimer's Disease could have their cognitive
impairment slowed or even reversed by switching to a healthier diet

Mechanism Links Abnormal Blood Clots With Alzheimer's Disease

New research suggests that abnormalities in the process of blood clot formation may contribute
to the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease

DocGuide TopAbstracts in Alzheimer’s

Faulty gene leads to protein buildup in Alzheimer's

brain mechanism that acts like a recycling plant for toxic proteins goes haywire in people with a
gene mutation linked with Alzheimer's disease, U.S. researchers said on Thursday, unveiling a
discovery offering a new lead for drug companies

People with dementia living alone: what are their needs and what kind of support are
they receiving?
In the U.K. about 141,460 people with dementia (PWD) live alone

Bipolar disorders

Female Caregivers Face a Heavier Toll: Study

More prone to depression than men when watching over ailing, elderly parents, review finds

Depressed Mood Increases The Perception Of Pain

When it comes to pain, the two competing schools of thought are that it's either "all in your
head" or "all in your body"

Biological differences found between bipolar I and II disorder

Euthymic patients with bipolar I disorder show significantly reduced serotonin transporter
(SERT) binding in the midbrain compared with euthymic bipolar II disorder patients and mentally
healthy controls

First Study To Show That Highly Variable Sleep Schedules Predict Elevated Suicide Risk
Highly variable sleep schedules predict an elevated risk for suicide independent of depression
in actively suicidal young adults

Functional recovery in bipolar disorder linked to marriage, education

Less than half of patients with bipolar disorder achieve functional recovery, report researchers
who note that married patients, those with greater education, and those with fewer years of
illness are more likely to recover

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.255/14.6.10/ephru 6
DocGuide TopAbstracts in Depression

Manic and hypomanic episodes linked to increased CVD risk

People with a history of manic or hypomanic episodes (MHE) have an increased risk for incident
cardiovascular disease (CVD), study findings suggest

Seasonality of mania exists in tropics

The effect of seasons and climate on the course of bipolar disorder extends to tropical and
subtropical regions, research suggests

Dual Diagnosis

A Multi-Method Evaluation of a Substance Misuse Program in a Medium Secure Forensic

Mental Health Unit
Evidence suggests a complex relationship between substance misuse, mental health, and
violence in forensic populations, however, the majority of existing research and interventions
focus on these factors individually

Randomized, Controlled Trial of Atomoxetine for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

in Adolescents With Substance Use Disorder
There was no significant difference between the atomoxetine + MI/CBT and placebo + MI/CBT
groups in ADHD or substance use change.

Eating Disorders

Potential Genetic Factor In Eating Disorders Discovered By MSU Researchers

For the first time, scientists have discovered a possible biological culprit in the development of
eating disorders during puberty

Experiences of Guilt as a Mother in the Context of Eating Difficulties

The aim of this study was to explore motherhood in the context of eating difficulties. The
research question was: What are mothers' daily life experiences when suffering from ED?

Eating disorders in the elderly

Eating disorders in the elderly are often overlooked.

Learning Disabilities

Kids With Down Syndrome Might Get Help Learning

Tests with mice suggest potential avenue for improving mental functioning, researchers say

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.255/14.6.10/ephru 7
Babies born a week early at greater risk of autism
Babies born just one week early are at a greater risk of developing health problems such as
autism and deafness, a study has shown

Study identifies 'many more' autism genes

The largest ever genetic study into autism has identified many more new genes involved in the

Health checks in primary care for adults with intellectual disabilities: how extensive
should they be?
Routine health checks have gained prominence as a way of detecting unmet need in primary
care for adults with intellectual disabilities and general practitioners are being incentivised in the
UK to carry out health checks for many conditions through an incentivisation scheme known as
the Quality and Outcomes Framework

Placement, relocation and end of life issues in aging adults with and without Down's
syndrome: a retrospective study
Aging adults with Down's syndrome experience more relocations and other life events than
adults with intellectual disabilities aged 50 and older without

Obsessive Compulsive

A qualitative study of the acceptability of an intensive format for the delivery of

cognitive-behavioural therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder
An intensive format may be both useful and effective for the delivery of cognitive-behavioural
therapy (CBT) for obsessive-compulsive disorder

A Randomized Clinical Trial to Examine Enhancing Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy

for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder with Motivational Interviewing and Thought Mappin
Obsessive-compulsive disorder is characterized by repeated and persistent attempts to control
thoughts and actions with rituals

Post Traumatic
Stress Disorder

Sleep Disturbances In Soldiers With Combat PTSD Improved By Bright Light Therapy
Bright light therapy has significant effects on sleep disturbances associated with combat-related
post-traumatic stress disorder, according to a research abstract

Depression Or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Affecting About 10% Of Soldiers Returning

From Iraq
A growing body of literature has demonstrated the association of combat in Iraq and
Afghanistan with post-deployment mental health problems, particularly posttraumatic stress
disorder and depression

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.255/14.6.10/ephru 8

The Effect Of Violent Video Games On Teens

Playing violent video games can make some adolescents more hostile, particularly those who
are less agreeable, less conscientious and easily angered

Psychological Intervention Provides Enduring Health Benefits For Women With Breast
Stress-reducing psychological intervention helps to increase survival and quality of life among
women with recurrent breast cancer over the long-term

Do Toddlers Pick Up Gender Roles During Play?

The differences in mothers' and fathers' interactions with their children, particularly in play
situations, may influence toddlers' associations of specific behaviors with male and female


Cognitive rehabilitation has ‘lasting impact’ on schizophrenia

Cognitive enhancement therapy (CET) achieves improvements in functional outcomes in
patients with schizophrenia that are maintained up to 1 year after completing treatment

Molecular Link Between Diabetes and Schizophrenia Connects Food and Mood
Defects in insulin function -- which occur in diabetes and obesity -- could directly contribute to
psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia

Stress-reactivity is intermediary phenotype for psychosis

The siblings of patients with psychosis and severe positive symptoms tend to show increased
reactivity to stress compared with the siblings of psychosis patients with mild positive symptoms

Early and late stages of information processing linked in schizophrenia patients

Researchers report inter-relationships between the ability to inhibit incoming redundant sensory
input and the ability to respond when stimulus changes in schizophrenia patients

DocGuide TopAbstracts in Schizophrenia

Improvements in insight predict favorable schizophrenia outcomes

Schizophrenia patients whose insight into their illness improves in the early stages of the
disease are likely to have good outcomes, research from India shows

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.255/14.6.10/ephru 9
Social Work

Walks, Home Visits and Atmospheres: Risk and the Everyday Practices and Mobilities of
Social Work and Child Protection
Research into social work practice and inquiries into cases in which practitioners are deemed to
have failed to protect children and vulnerable adults are predominantly focused on examining
and changing organisational systems and inter-professional communication

Risk, Instrumentalism and the Humane Project in Social Work: Identifying the Informal
Logics of Risk Management in Children's Statutory Services
This paper addresses growing professional discontents with the increasing formalisation of
social work practice exerted through systems of risk management and audit


Books, Conferences,
Websites & Journal Tocs

Books and reports hot of the press
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Common mental health problems at work: What we now know about successful
interventions. A progress review
SCMH report

An Integrative Approach to psychotherapy and Supervision: Theory and Practice

Assessment and Treatment of Sex Offenders: A Handbook

Addressing Mental Health Concerns in Primary Care: A Clinicians' Toolkit (CDROM)

The Autism Matrix

The World of Psychology: 7th Revised edition

Cognitive-behavioral Strategies in Crisis Intervention: 3rd Revised edition

Drug Use and Abuse: A Comprehensive Introduction: International ed of 7th revised ed


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