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How To Update / Downgrade/ Unbrick

Firmware Any Huawei Android Devices
Posted by BoyCracked March 14, 2016 8 Comments
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How to Unbrick Huawei android devices, How to Update Rom Firmware Huawei android
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Notes :

Software version requirements to ensure that the phone used before the upgrade to the
original version of Huawei, no other online upgrade unofficial version, otherwise
upgraded unsuccessful risk and may introduce unknown problems.

Do not attempt to customized versions of other countries, otherwise there is the risk of
an unsuccessful upgrade and may introduce unknown problems.

Hardware Version of the software is only available for device models hardware, if you
use other device models of software upgrades consequences may not boot.

For mobile phone users due to violations of the fault caused by the above considerations, not
Huawei internal security service. upgrade process may erase user data, if there is an important
part of a good backup is recommended before upgrading personal data. To ensure that the
battery is fully charged the upgrade process, it is recommended to connect via USB cable
during the upgrade process.

Preparation :
Download Huawei stock rom ( Firmware) Files > Here
1. Prepare a microSD card.
2. Download the software upgrade package.
3. Create a directory at the root of the microSD card] [dload folder.
4. The software upgrade package UPDATE.APP copy to microSD card at dload folder.
5. Insert the microSD card into the phone.

Software Upgrade
Before upgrading the software, check the battery, make sure the battery is more than

To avoid losing data, it is recommended to back up data before upgrading to a

microSD card. By setting menu upgrade.

1. On the Home screen, click [Settings]> [phone upgrade]> [System Software Update].
2. Click the [local] Upgrade > [OK] > [upgrade].
3. Click the [Backup data], back up data to microSD card. If you do not back up your data,
ignore this step, click on [OK].
4. Click [upgrade]. The phone will restart, and then enter the upgrade interface, start the
upgrade software. The upgrade process takes about 3 minutes. The upgrade process, do not
remove the battery, do not remove the microSD card. We recommend that you do not do
anything, just wait.

Mandatory upgrade
1. Disconnect your phone with a computer or other device (such as a charger) connection and
2. Press and hold the volume up and down keys, then press the power button.
3. The boot screen came out, release the power button and continue holding the volume down
key until you enter the following interface will then release the upgrade volume up and down
keys. The upgrade process takes about 3 minutes. During the upgrade process, do not remove
the battery, we recommend that you do not do anything, just wait.

Rollback instructions shipped version (the need to restore

the factory settings) :
1. Download the current version of the Internet in the corresponding subcontract pollen
forum. Note that the subcontract shipments can fall back version.
2. SD card with an ordinary brush pack the same brush subcontract.
3. The ability to revert back from subcontracting shipping versions to choose their own
desired shipping version that can be downloaded from the official website of Huawei and
pollen forum.
4. The release version will be shipped brush to the phone, you must pay attention to restore
the factory settings to use, pay attention to the backup data.

Hard method, Flashing with fastboot

Download Tools and driver : > Download Here
ADB-Fastboot-Driver > Download Here
Huawei Rom Extractor.rar > Download Here
1. Downloader rom (UPDATE.APP) put in Huawei Rom Extractor folder.
2. After you puted UPDATE.APP in folder you first run split_updata and it will create
output folder with extracted files(It script will not work without ActivePerl installed on
your computer.)
3. After split_updata finished you need to run HuaweiFinder script and it will compile
system.img and boot.img, you need cut or copy boot.img(18mgb) and
system.img(1gb img file) in fastboot folder.
4. Reboot your device into bootloader(holding Vol- and power button)
5. Open fastboot and device will automatically connect on pc.
6. Now you need type in fastboot without quotes:fastboot erase system system.img and
fastboot erase boot boot.img
7. Now in fastboot you type without quotesfastboot flash system system.img and fastboot
flash boot boot.img
8. And now you are downgraded your have rom.
Read more methods by Chipset :
Unbrick / Installing firmware any Huawei devices Base on Mediatek chipset using SP-
Read at
Unbrick / Installing firmware Huawei devices Base on Qualcomm chipset using Qfill, Mi-
Flash or QPSTool
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Easy Guide To Unbrick / Update Firmware

Any Android Devices Via Fastboot Mode
Posted by BoyCracked February 12, 2016 27 Comments
Filed Under ADB Fastboot, Android, Command from fastboot android, flashing via fast
boot, Flashing Xiaomi, How to use fastboot, Huawei Fastboot flashing, Unbricked android,
Updates firmware Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

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What it Fastboot? find at google for more details.

Not all android devices implanted fastboot mode by the manufacturer, some users prefer to
installation the firmware via fastboot mode, even to unlock the bootloader, write, modify or
delete partitions android, like this moment, I unbrick device from qualcomm chip via fastboot
mode. precisely on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. This I did because flashing tools MiFlashtool or
Qfill not working ( Always say ERROR ). My computer can not recognize my device. and
then for other devices I tried to apply on HTC E9 + with MT6795 chips, octa-core 64 bit
cpu. and everything works.

How do I do?

Here is a my step for un-brick my android using Full Dump Frimware via Fasboot :

1. Install ADB driver Download Universal ADB/Fastboot Driver

2. Decompress at dekstop directories folder C:\Dekstop\.

here Download

3. Extracts your firmware (Stock rom) using 7zip is Best of File Extractor and
compression Download Here

4. Copy all firmware files into ADB_Fasboot Tool folder

5. at phone, go into fastboot mode press simultaneously Volume Down and Power
button , then plug USB Cable
6. in ADB_Fasboot Tool folder You will find Open CMD.exe, double click or run
Open CMD.exe , write one by one Command type of CMD and then press ENTER..

fastboot getvar product

fastboot getvar product

fastboot flash partition gpt_both0.bin

fastboot flash tz tz.mbn
fastboot flash sbl1 sbl1.mbn
fastboot flash rpm rpm.mbn
fastboot flash aboot emmc_appsboot.mbn
fastboot flash hyp hyp.mbn

fastboot flash tzbak tz.mbn

fastboot flash sbl1bak sbl1.mbn
fastboot flash rpmbak rpm.mbn
fastboot flash abootbak emmc_appsboot.mbn
fastboot flash hypbak hyp.mbn

fastboot erase boot

fastboot flash modem NON-HLOS.bin
fastboot flash system system.img
fastboot flash cache cache.img
fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash persist persist.img

fastboot flash sec sec.dat

fastboot flash splash splash.img

fastboot reboot

Device will reboot automaticaly, and my android is come back

Note :

this command for installation OTA firmware \fastboot update

Command type to installation is type FLASHfastboot flash recovery recovery.img

> to install recovery.img from PC to your android

command type to show your phone product :Fastboot getvar product > it will show
your product device
Command to wipe or delete Partition :Fastboot erase .. partition you wont
example if i wont wipe system, my command is fastboot erase system
if you wont erase data, command type is fastboot erase userdata
this is a symple metode guysfastboot erase boot -> to erase kernel or boot.img
fastboot erase recovery -> to remove recovery.img
fastboot erase system -> to removed all system folder
fastboot erase userdata -> to remove all data/.

Hopefully helpful