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Ricardo Jorge Madeira Cardoso n22 11D

Alda Ferreira, Ingls

Sincerely my dream job isnt humanly possible, my dream job is being a
Professor of Transfiguration art at Hogwarts, and since this dream will never

m Job
come true I have to choose another dream job.

My other dream job is being an actor, just like Darren Criss and Demi Lovato,
they are my inspiration, my idol and they inspire me acting, I already played
the main character in some plays at school. I love acting and singing but my
voice isnt perfect to sing in musicals, my dream is act in Tim Burton Movie,
and be a Glee star.

Maybe if I was a little older and if I

leaved in

Darren Criss at How to Succed Demi Lovato

in Business Without Really

Replacing Daniel Radcliffe