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Puppet in the Bucket (GOD PAUL

Numbers have meaning 36 equals to 9 36 equals to 18 36 can be 93 36 can be 63 666 Number of Devil 999 Number of GOD 36 Number of GOD Paul The Myth, a false story, a story told by some local men, an uncertified truth, a story of that people believe, Black moon Black cat, Witches, shadows, Dracula’s, there are millions of Myths in this world. What is the origin of the MYTH.? Its can be understand from the context of the Greek Methodology. Greeks believe that there are two kinds of Myths "True stories", or myths, and “false stories, which is developed in a culture of a specific area. Even in the present era, if you visit some of the old place or the place you have never been before, like in INDIA or Greece. Srilanka, .Mexico and many other places. You will see that there are thousands of Stories which are alive still now, even after the 5 or 6 thousands years has been passed away. But some of the intelligent people who don’t believe on the things that are scientifically unproven, have something common, like this is really an interesting fact that all the things or the science was the myth but after advancement in the technology and computer science some of the major myths proved right and become the part of the science now. For hundred of years human believed that the moon had its own light, but as the advancement in the grounds of physics, now we know that Moon does not has its own light but it Glitters when the sun raises touches its surface. For many centuries we believe that the Plant earth had a flat surface, but know we all know that its not like it, earth is not flat but it in an oval shape (like a shape of an egg).

Greeks believe that there was a God for everything like GOD for Wind God for Rain God for food etc. But know we believe that all the winds in the world are the results of ecological characteristics of this atmosphere of this plant earth. After the 19th century we have a firm believe that what so ever technology is justifying is the certification that things are right which can be scientifically proven and we can believe on it. But there are millions of things that still unproven even we claims that we are most advanced generations of all times. What about the Bermuda Triangle? Do aliens exist? Are mermaids really exists? Questions and Unproven Myths But still there myths living in our society and still we believe on that. Now the latest myth Bestowed on us is the “Master Mind and Super Natural thing, which we called PAUL the Intelligent Octopus Paul The GOD Paul you are great thank you Paul If you were a guy I would like to die in your arms Paul I can’t live without you Paul please choose Spain this time Paul please Holland this time Paul you will be killed by me Paul Taliban’s are searching you etc. Some one said “Human are the most dumb of all the creatures, because they have emotions. There are thousands of questions appears in the minds of the people, that how an octopus predicts about the future so accurately. From where he got the Revelations that who will win this time, Is Paul is a GOD? Etc If you see all the predictions done by THE GOD PAUL, before the start of the match, then you will see one thing in common that all the time GOD PAUL sits or choose the Right side block (Audience side) and Left from (Its own side).

If you go through the biological aspects of an OCTUPUS then you will come to know that the nervous system is connected with its hands, and it has no skeleton in its body and its really intelligent and a good learner. They have the best memory system. They have a strong memory system, both types of memories like short term memory and long-term memory. If one can train it in such away that where to sit or where not to sit, they can easily learn it and do it in the same way. Some experts say that the Octopus are the most intelligent creatures among all other sea animals. There were 36 teams has been selected for the FIFA world 2010, and there was no prediction of The GOD PAUL reveals in that particular session that which country will qualify for the FIFAWORLD CUP 2010 . As the 36 teams had been selected for the world cup and teams were winning and losing, GOD PAUL’S revelations are at the top, without any proof 7 billion people vowing that how this creature is doing so accurate predictions. On the other hand Billions of Dollars were en-cashed by the punters on the internet and off the internet Pre-decided matches with pre-decided predictions. GOD PAUL COMES UP WITH number 36.