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Vyatta Network Virtualization Software

Product Highlights Vyatta Network Virtualization Software

» Integrated XenServer tools Vyatta Subscription Edition network virtualization software tightly integrates enterprise-class
» Xen para-virtualization routing, security and traffic management technologies into software appliances that are

» Integrated open-vm-tools optimized for VMware, Xen and KVM virtual and cloud computing environments. Vyatta
takes the concept of virtualization beyond just applications and operating systems and
» vRouterTM - BGP, RIP, OSPF
allows users who are employing virtualization technologies to also virtualize the network.
» vFirewallTM
» IPSec & SSL-based OpenVPN
Vyatta’s Subscription Edition network operating system is optimized to run in virtual
» Intrusion Prevention
environments to manage traffic and enforce policies in the same way that a physical
» XenServer, VMware, KVM Ready
router, firewall, VPN or intrusion prevention device does in a traditional infrastructure.
Where popular hypervisors include only a simple layer 2 vSwitch, Vyatta completes the
network virtualization picture with vFirewallTM and vRouterTM functionality in our Vyatta
network virtualization solution.

Subscription Edition Software

Virtualization Readiness » Integrated XenServer Tools » Optimized virtual machines
» Integrated VM Tools - VMware, XenServer, Xen, KVM
» Xen Para-virtualization
IPv4 / IPv6 Routing » BGPv4 » RIPv2 » IPv6 Policy***
» OSPFv2, OSPFv3*** » Static Routes » IPv6 SLAAC
IP Address Management » Static » DHCP Relay
» DHCP Server » Dynamic DNS
» DHCP Client » DNS Forwarding
Encapsulations » Ethernet » PPPoE » MLPPP
» 802.1Q VLANs » IP in IP » HDLC
» PPP » Frame Relay » GRE
Firewall » Stateful Inspection Firewall » IPv6 Firewalling » ICMP Type Filtering
» Zone-based Firewall » Time-based Firewall Rules
» P2P Filtering » Rate Limiting

VPN » SSL-based OpenVPN » OpenVPN Client Auto-Configuration*

» Site to Site VPN (IPSec)
» Remote VPN (PPTP, L2TP, IPSec)
Additional Security » Network Address Translation » DES, 3DES, AES Encryption » NAT Traversal
» Intrusion Prevention » MD5 and SHA-1 Authentication » Role based access control
» VyattaGuard Web Filtering** » RSA, Diffie Helman Key Mgmt

WAN / LAN Device Drivers » WAN Device Drivers - ADSL, T1, T3* » IEEE 802.11 wireless
» Intel 10/100Mbps - 10Gbps
» Drivers in 2.6.31 Linux Kernel
Performance Optimization » WAN Link Load Balancing » MLPPP
» Ethernet Link Bonding » ECMP
» Web Caching » Bandwidth Management
QoS Policies » Priority Queuing » Random / Weighted Random » VLAN Tag
» Network Emulator » Classful Queuing » IPv6 Address
» Round Robin » Ethernet Header Matching
High Availability » VRRP » HA Clustering
» IPSec VPN Clustering » RAID 1
» Protocol Fault Isolation
Administration & Authentication » Integrated CLI » Telnet » RADIUS
» Web GUI » SSHv2 / SSH Public Key » TACACS+*
» Vyatta Remote Access API* » Binary Image Install » Single Configuration File
Diagnostics & Logging » tcpdump » Serial Loopback Commands » Syslog
» Wireshark Packet Capture » Netflow » SNMPv2c
» BGP MD5 Support » sFlow
* Available to Subscription Edition Customers Only
** Available as a Vyatta PLUS add-on Service
*** Experimental Feature
Vyatta Subscription Edition Packages

Subscription Packages Vyatta Subscription Edition for Network Virtualization

Available as pre-packaged virtual machines optimized for VMware, Xen, XenServer and
PROFESSIONAL: KVM, Vyatta’s enterprise and cloud ready Subscription Edition software is available with
» Vyatta Software your choice of service level and response time to meet your budget goals and business
» Citrix XenServer, KVM and needs.
VMware support
» Web-based Ticketing Vyatta Subscription Edition builds on the functionality of the open source Vyatta Core with
» Case SLA - additional enterprise-ready product extensions. Subscription customers are entitled to
Next Business Day access to the Vyatta technical support team (up to 24x7), receive proactive notifications
» Customer Hot Fixes of security alerts and software releases and priority access to patches & bug fixes. An
introductory set of online training courses and access to the Vyatta Knowledge base
» Online Manuals
containing hundreds of technical articles are also included.
» Knowledge Base Access

ENTERPRISE: Subscription Plan Details

Service Description Professional Enterprise Premium
Professional Features Plus Subscription Subsciption Subscription
» Case SLA - Severity Based Expert Documentation Included Included Included
Extensive Knowledebase Included Included Included
» Vyatta University Training
Vyatta University Training N/A Included (4 Courses) Included (4 Courses)

Software Updates & MAINTENANCE

PREMIUM: Open Source Codes Always Always Always
Enterprise Features Plus Compiled Binaries for All Code Releases All Code Releases All Code Releases
- Bug Fixes Yes Yes Yes
» 7 X 24 Emergency Phone
- Patches Yes Yes Yes
» Case SLA - Priority Response - Enhancements Yes Yes Yes
- Security Alerts Yes Yes Yes
Upgrade & Patch Releases All All All
Vyatta TAC Support
Normal Phone Hours None - Online Only 5x12, 6a-6p PST 5x12, 6a-6p PST
excluding Vyatta holidays 7x24 Emergency
Authorized Callers N/A 2 per site Unlimited
Web-based Ticketing Included Included Included
About Vyatta Case SLA Next Business Day Severity-based Priority
Vyatta has reintroduced innovation to the
MONTHLY VOLUME PRICING - Vyatta Network Virtualization Software is also available in a convenient
networking industry by leveraging open source
technologies and the performance increases monthly volume pricing model for service providers. See Vyatta VSPL Program »
of x86-based processors. This innovation has
allowed Vyatta to create routing and security
appliances that scale from the branch office
to the service provider edge, use standard Additional Vyatta Services
x86-based Intel/AMD hardware and compo- Quick Start Professional Upgrade Services Self-Paced
nents, run in VMWare, Xen and Hyper-V virtual Configuration Consulting Online Training
environments and allow users to customize
networks. Oh, and all of that can be done for a Simplify Initial Installation Complete Planning & Remotely Manage Basic & Advanced
fraction of the cost of proprietary systems. For Design Upgrades Topics
more info, visit Manage Moves/Adds/ Custom Training Software Maintenance Educate yourself & your
Changes team
Starting at $497 per unit Starting at $220 per hr Starting at $297 per unit Starting at $49 per

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