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Vyatta Network Virtualization Software

Product Highlights
» Integrated XenServer tools » Xen para-virtualization » Integrated open-vm-tools » vRouterTM - BGP, RIP, OSPF » vFirewallTM » IPSec & SSL-based OpenVPN » Intrusion Prevention » XenServer, VMware, KVM Ready Vyatta Network Virtualization Software Vyatta Subscription Edition network virtualization software tightly integrates enterprise-class routing, security and traffic management technologies into software appliances that are optimized for VMware, Xen and KVM virtual and cloud computing environments. Vyatta takes the concept of virtualization beyond just applications and operating systems and allows users who are employing virtualization technologies to also virtualize the network. Vyatta’s Subscription Edition network operating system is optimized to run in virtual environments to manage traffic and enforce policies in the same way that a physical router, firewall, VPN or intrusion prevention device does in a traditional infrastructure. Where popular hypervisors include only a simple layer 2 vSwitch, Vyatta completes the network virtualization picture with vFirewallTM and vRouterTM functionality in our Vyatta network virtualization solution.

Subscription Edition Software
Virtualization Readiness IPv4 / IPv6 Routing IP Address Management Encapsulations Firewall
» » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » Integrated XenServer Tools Integrated VM Tools Xen Para-virtualization BGPv4 OSPFv2, OSPFv3*** Static DHCP Server DHCP Client Ethernet 802.1Q VLANs PPP Stateful Inspection Firewall Zone-based Firewall P2P Filtering SSL-based OpenVPN Site to Site VPN (IPSec) Remote VPN (PPTP, L2TP, IPSec) Network Address Translation Intrusion Prevention VyattaGuard Web Filtering** » Optimized virtual machines - VMware, XenServer, Xen, KVM » RIPv2 » Static Routes » » » » » » » » » DHCP Relay Dynamic DNS DNS Forwarding PPPoE IP in IP Frame Relay IPv6 Firewalling Time-based Firewall Rules Rate Limiting » IPv6 Policy*** » IPv6 SLAAC

» » » »


VPN Additional Security

» OpenVPN Client Auto-Configuration*

» DES, 3DES, AES Encryption » MD5 and SHA-1 Authentication » RSA, Diffie Helman Key Mgmt » IEEE 802.11 wireless

» NAT Traversal » Role based access control

WAN / LAN Device Drivers

» WAN Device Drivers - ADSL, T1, T3* » Intel 10/100Mbps - 10Gbps » Drivers in 2.6.31 Linux Kernel » WAN Link Load Balancing » Ethernet Link Bonding » Web Caching » » » » » » » » » » » » Priority Queuing Network Emulator Round Robin VRRP IPSec VPN Clustering Protocol Fault Isolation Integrated CLI Web GUI Vyatta Remote Access API* tcpdump Wireshark Packet Capture BGP MD5 Support

Performance Optimization

» MLPPP » ECMP » Bandwidth Management » » » » » » » » » » » Random / Weighted Random Classful Queuing Ethernet Header Matching HA Clustering RAID 1 » VLAN Tag » IPv6 Address

QoS Policies High Availability Administration & Authentication Diagnostics & Logging

Telnet » RADIUS SSHv2 / SSH Public Key » TACACS+* Binary Image Install » Single Configuration File Serial Loopback Commands » Syslog Netflow » SNMPv2c sFlow * Available to Subscription Edition Customers Only ** Available as a Vyatta PLUS add-on Service *** Experimental Feature

Vyatta Subscription Edition Packages
Subscription Packages PROFESSIONAL:
» Vyatta Software » Citrix XenServer, KVM and VMware support » Web-based Ticketing » Case SLA Next Business Day » Customer Hot Fixes » Online Manuals » Knowledge Base Access Vyatta Subscription Edition for Network Virtualization Available as pre-packaged virtual machines optimized for VMware, Xen, XenServer and KVM, Vyatta’s enterprise and cloud ready Subscription Edition software is available with your choice of service level and response time to meet your budget goals and business needs. Vyatta Subscription Edition builds on the functionality of the open source Vyatta Core with additional enterprise-ready product extensions. Subscription customers are entitled to access to the Vyatta technical support team (up to 24x7), receive proactive notifications of security alerts and software releases and priority access to patches & bug fixes. An introductory set of online training courses and access to the Vyatta Knowledge base containing hundreds of technical articles are also included.

Professional Features Plus » 5 X 12 Phone Support » Case SLA - Severity Based » Vyatta University Training

Subscription Plan Details
Service Description Professional Subscription Enterprise Subsciption Premium Subscription DOCUMENTATION AND TRAINING Expert Documentation Extensive Knowledebase Vyatta University Training Included Included N/A Included Included Included (4 Courses) Included Included Included (4 Courses)

Enterprise Features Plus » 7 X 24 Emergency Phone » Case SLA - Priority Response

SOfTwARE UpDATES & MAINTENANCE Open Source Codes Compiled Binaries for - Bug Fixes - Patches - Enhancements - Security Alerts Upgrade & Patch Releases VyATTA TAC SUppORT Normal Phone Hours Authorized Callers Web-based Ticketing Case SLA Always All Code Releases Yes Yes Yes Yes All NONE - Online Only N/A Included Next Business Day Always All Code Releases Yes Yes Yes Yes All 5x12, 6a-6p PST excluding Vyatta holidays 2 per site Included Severity-based Always All Code Releases Yes Yes Yes Yes All 5x12, 6a-6p PST 7x24 Emergency Unlimited Included Priority

About Vyatta Vyatta has reintroduced innovation to the networking industry by leveraging open source technologies and the performance increases of x86-based processors. This innovation has allowed Vyatta to create routing and security appliances that scale from the branch office to the service provider edge, use standard x86-based Intel/AMD hardware and components, run in VMWare, Xen and Hyper-V virtual environments and allow users to customize networks. Oh, and all of that can be done for a fraction of the cost of proprietary systems. For more info, visit

MONTHLY VOLUME PRICING - Vyatta Network Virtualization Software is also available in a convenient monthly volume pricing model for service providers. See Vyatta VSPL Program »

Additional Vyatta Services
Quick Start Configuration Simplify Initial Installation Manage Moves/Adds/ Changes Starting at $497 per unit Professional Consulting Complete Planning & Design Custom Training Starting at $220 per hr Upgrade Services Remotely Manage Upgrades Software Maintenance Starting at $297 per unit Self-Paced Online Training Basic & Advanced Topics Educate yourself & your team Starting at $49 per

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