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Curriculum Vitae of Mr. O. A.

Olukayode Adebola Soremekun
Associate Director, Enterprise for Development International (EfDI) 40 Oladipo Bateye Street, GRA, Ikeja. P. O. Box 4254, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria Tel: 01-4938145, -7405175,-8792131, 08079139448 Email:;;

Date & Place of Birth: Nationality/State of Origin: Sex: Marital Status: 04 Sep 1954; Lagos, Nigeria. Nigerian/ Ogun State Male Married

Summary: Olukayode Soremekun has a rich portfolio of competences and exposure in external relations, sustainable development and social performance program development and management. He possesses solid grounding in stakeholder engagement, reputation management and community development including local community content development. He has extensive skills and experience in community relations, management of corporate social responsibility, community development programmes and in initiating, negotiating and managing partnerships for social development. These are supported by additional deepened skills in understanding stakeholder perceptions and in negotiating and maintaining good relationships with local community stakeholders and partners. He has been involved in negotiating partnerships of $20million and more between corporate entities and development donors/multilaterals such as between SPDC and Africare; USAID; and UNDP. Olukayode’s experience spans issues identification and management, communicating and reporting corporate stewardship, managing government relationships for enhanced stakeholder engagements. He has working knowledge of media relations.
Olukayode has broad experience in Environmental Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA), a key component of sustainable development. He was a member of the Shell Petroleum Development Company’s “Improved ESHIA Process” project team, which developed the IFC-supported ESHIA process currently in use in the company. Olukayode was managed the social dimensions to impact assessment and provided management oversight to implementation of mitigation actions/ activities evolving from the social and health components of the ESHMP. Olukayode is achievement motivated and possesses excellent conceptual and presentation skills.

He has had over 16 years experience in areas of external relations, stakeholder engagement and social and community development in the Niger Delta. He has deployed his skills internationally and in Nigeria. He developed the communication programme for the Bill Gates supported Africare HIV/AIDS initiative in the southern African countries of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and South Africa in 1999. He designed and managed the strategy to attract African businesses to the African - African American Summits, which he co-organised while working with the International Foundation for Education and Selfhelp from 1998 - 2002. A keynote achievement while working with IFESH was the design of the

Introducing Enterprise for Development International

Western Niger Delta Development Programme (2000), developed for Chevron in its operations in the western Niger Delta. As Associate Director in Enterprise for Development International (EfDI), he has immediate responsibilities for program development and project implementation for corporate entities working in the Niger Delta. He has numerous specific experiences in bringing together corporate and community interests to assure long term mutually beneficial business environment.
Olukayode is an accredited partnership broker, one of the few in Nigeria, having received his accreditation from the Overseas Development Institute and the Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum both of the UK. He also possesses a Post Graduate Certificate in Cross Sector Partnerships from the Cambridge University.

Work Experience:
Jun 2008 – Date Enterprise for Development International

Associate Director

Member of the management team responsible for design, development and implementation of social and community development programs and projects on behalf of corporate entities working in the Niger Delta. Key Accountabilities: Design appropriate social performance programs on behalf of oil and gas companies. Provide management oversight on Community Relations and Community Development activities in the Niger Delta. Participate in the design and development of all social performance programs and projects. Explore program development and implementation opportunities for corporate and bilateral donors.
Jan 2007 – May 2008 The Shell Petroleum Development Company

Community Content Implementation Manager - West

Member of team charged with increasing involvement of local communities and community contractors in the Shell Companies in Nigeria (SCiN). Co-designed and developed a policy framework and implementation strategy for increased community content in the value chain. Community Content Team will ensure robustness of new strategy by piloting new ideas before replicating across SCiN. Key Accountabilities: Grow community contractors to provide services and materials to the oil and gas industry. Build and sustain the HSE Management, QA/QC and other capacities and capability of Niger Delta community contractors. Encourage existing major contractors working for Shell to hire and develop Niger Delta contractors as subcontractors. Train and develop artisans to provide basic services to the industry as well as equip them with business management skills. Ensure standards, uniformity and consistency in dealing with communities and their representatives in the Niger Delta in delivering and implementing the SCIN community content programme.

EfDI Profile


Introducing Enterprise for Development International

July 2005 – Jan 2007

The Shell Petroleum Development Company

Team Leader, Corporate Community Relations

As team leader, managed all stakeholder engagement and owned the relationship process for interaction with communities. Continually sought for ways to enhance company’s line staff relationship with stakeholders in the areas of operations. Brought knowledge of company operations to community stakeholders and ensured company projects incorporate stakeholder engagement and relationship management strategies early on in the project phase. Facilitated the process of peacebuilding in the company’s areas of operations. Led the negotiation team for SPDC’s re-entry into its western operations area. Key Accountabilities: Manage the corporate community relations team to create and sustain conducive environment for SPDC’s business activities. Manage the development and implementation of the yearly and long term Community Relations plans for SPDC. Manage the design and negotiation of Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) and Global MoUs with relevant SPDC stakeholders. Manage the Peace and Security Strategy of SPDC. Engage relevant government ministries in resolving conflicts with communities.

May 2003 – July 2005

The Shell Petroleum Development Company

Team Leader, Development and Interface

As Team Leader for Development and Interface, I managed the design and implementation of community development projects. Was responsible for the implementation of the social component of the ESH Management Plan. Ensured that SPDC’s community development programmes delivered a welcome environment for the Business in host communities. Championed and actively sought for collaboration with other implementation agencies, donor agencies, CBOs and other key institutions in the implementation of sustainable community development programmes and projects. Enhanced the participation of government (state and local) in community development. Sustained partnership between company business and operation managers and the External Relations function to ensure balance between economic activity and environmental and social impact considerations for long term sustainability. Overall, managed an annual budget of about $30million. Key Accountabilties: Manage the implementation of the company’s sustainable community development projects and programmes to achieve community ownership and sustainability. Manage the complex integrated programme in economic empowerment, human capital development, healthy living and basic services. Manage, monitor and enhance the skills and professionalism of sustainable community development staff. Develop and manage implementation strategies for attracting complimentary technical and other inputs from donors, government agencies and other non-governmental organisations. Manage “Requests for Proposals” and other partnership engagement processes to deliver best in class SCD projects through implementing partners such as NGOs and CBOs. Champion and facilitate the development and sustenance of partnerships to implement SCD programmes.
EfDI Profile


Introducing Enterprise for Development International

January 2002 – May 2003

The Shell Petroleum Development Company

Corporate Community Program Development Adviser

As the Corporate Community Programme Development Adviser, I co-ordinated the establishment,
planning and development of CD programmes. Also managed the monitoring, evaluation, and dissemination of information on SPDC community development programmes and activities. Was responsible for identifying appropriate capacity building programmes for CD staff as well as for community organisations.

Key Accountabilities: Co-ordinate the planning, research and development of the SPDC community development program and activities. Manage the Monitoring and Evaluation and Assurance process of the community development programme and maintain an appropriate M&E database. Advise senior management on co-ordination of CD program with government, donor, and community inputs. Develop, manage, and monitor new initiatives, pilot projects and strategies. Maintain on-going liaison with government, partner groups and organisations
June 1998 – December 2001 International Foundation for Education and Self Help

Program Officer (secondment from SPDC to International Foundation for Education and Self Help - IFESH) Having been seconded to IFESH for broadening purposes and to provide business perspectives to the IFESH organisation, as programme officer I designed and developed social and development programmes on behalf of IFESH clients. Also developed strategies to attract businesses to the Sullivan Summits. Key Accountabilities: Design and implement appropriate strategy to attract African businesses to the African African American Summits. Co-organised two African –African American Summit. Designed concepts and proposed sustainable development programs for funding by donors particularly oil and energy companies. Led the pre-implementation assessment team to conduct the needs assessment of communities for the Chevron sponsored Western Niger Delta Development Program. Developed a public relations/ communications implementation document for Africare’s HIV/AIDS initiative in the southern African countries of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and South Africa. Provided support for the Teachers for Africa Program and Fellows Program.
January 1998 – May 1998 The Shell Petroleum Development Company

Head, Income Generation and Business Development

As the head of the income generation and business development unit of the newly established Community Development Unit, I was charged with managing an area of intervention that most directly engenders the LTO needed for business continuity in the areas of agriculture extension, microcredit and microfinance, business development and job creation. The position worked through appropriate development partners. Key Accountabilities: Managed the design, planning and implementation of income generation and business development programs for communities in the Shell operational areas. Managed a 40-man team of highly qualified professionals and support staff.
EfDI Profile


Introducing Enterprise for Development International

Developed short, medium and long term plans for the implementation of programs in the Niger Delta. Key Activity: Set up a totally new unit within the Community Development organisation.
November 1995 – December 1998 Head, Issues Management The Shell Petroleum Development Company

As head Issues Management, I was charged with the early identification, analysis and coordination of issues in the business environment that may negatively impact company operations or reputation. Key Accountabilities: Identify, analyse and report issues that affect the company’s operations. Establish and manage the External Relations management information system. Engage external stakeholders including media and government representatives in managing key issues affecting the company’s business. Manage the review of community affairs change strategy and provide advice to management. Act as Project Manager for Public Affairs Business Area Analysis (BAA) – managed a team of five cross-functional staff over four months in a detailed analysis of the Public Affairs business. Project resulted in a minor re-organisation of the Public Affairs department. Key Activity: Developed the Public Affairs Management Information Systems (PAMIS). Three modules of the PAMIS system, which became key to the management of government, media and public relations data were developed viz: Relations and Issues Management System (RIMS) Scholarship Administration System (SAS) Agricultural Extension System (AGES)
June 1993 – October 1995 The Shell Petroleum Development Company

Assistant to General Manager Business Development

Key Accountabilities: Identified and analysed issues impacting the company’s business. Articulated all matters relating to the Ogoni issue and other evolving issues to senior management. Provided support to the General Manager in areas of planning, strategy development and database creation/ management.
March 1990 – June 1993 The Shell Petroleum Development Company

Head, Stratigraphy and Sedimentology

Key Accountabilities: Supervised, and compiled the stratigraphic analysis of all exploration wells. Carried out sedimentological studies of samples from Niger Delta wells. Provided stratigraphic support to exploration teams in Shell operations in Nigeria – Played frontline role in the utilisation of sequence stratigraphic principles in Shell’s geological studies. Project Manager for “Development of Community Assistance program for the Trans Ramos Trunkline”. Project involved 15 communities.
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Introducing Enterprise for Development International

July 1985 – February 1990

The Shell Petroleum Development Company

Team Geologist/ Seismic Interpreter

Key Accountabilities: Exploration geologist activities Operations geologist activities 2D-seismic interpretation.
December 1984 – July 1985 Kaynik Industries Limited

Consultant on Oilfield Chemicals

Provided advice on drilling fluids Traded in oilfield consumables Traded in Numerous other non-oil products. November 1983 – November 1984
Production Plant Manager

Magcobar Manufacturing Company,

Managed the drilling fluid production plant in Warri Co-ordinated all clients’ drilling fluid needs and supplies. July 1980 – November 1983
Drilling Fluids Engineer

Dresser Nigeria Limited,

Prepared drilling fluids program for wells in the Niger Delta Trained clients’ staff in drilling fluids engineering. Drilling fluids engineer on land, swamp and offshore drilling locations. Selected Experiences/Assignments while working in SPDC:
April 2006 – Jan 2007

Led the team which engaged/negotiated with community stakeholders for the SPDC re-entry into its western operations after the militant actions of January and February 2006. Achieved progress.
September 2003 – March 2004

Co-negotiated three different partnerships with development entities including the $20m USAID – SPDC, $18m UNDP – SPDC and $4.4m Africare – SPDC partnerships for interventions in the areas of economic empowerment, agriculture, rollback malaria etc. Eventually managed the kick-off and implementation of the Cassava Programme and the Rollback Malaria Programme.
May 2003 – June 2004

Participated as team member for the “Design and Deployment of the New Sustainable Community Development” Project. Essentially re-designed the social performance and community stakeholder engagement units of SPDC. Brought all aspects of community management under one umbrella and provided strict guidelines and processes to guide practitioners in the external relations area EfDI Profile 6

Introducing Enterprise for Development International

January 2002 – June 2002

Participated in the design and development of the “New Improved ESHIA Process”. As a member of the project team was responsible for the social component of the ESHIA process. Process was supported by the World Bank through the participation of a representative from IFC.
March 2000 – September 2000

Led the team that conducted participatory rural appraisals and facilitated the development of Community Development Plans for communities in the Chevron operations area in the western Niger Delta. Subsequently designed and developed the Western Niger Delta Development Programme (WNDDP) for Chevron company.
January 1997 – September 1997

As Deputy Team Leader, Corporate External Relations Process Redesign Team was actively responsible for the change process and process re-design for the new External Relations directorate of Shell in Nigeria. Identified, analysed and developed all processes required in the External Relations business areas, which included Public Affairs, Safety, Health, Environment, Security and Community Development. I co-ordinated team efforts in the absence of Team Leader. All team tasks were completed on schedule.
September 1997 – December 1997

As Team Leader, Divisional External Relations Transition Implementation Team led the strategy development and management of the transition to the new Ext. Relations organisation in the areas of Business Controls, Budget Planning and production of procedure guides for the different departments in the function. Accomplished the transition on schedule.
January 1992 – June 1992

While working as a stratigrapher and geologist, was posted on a temporary basis to an Engineering Project team to developed the community assistance plan for communities along the to be constructed Trans Ramos Pipeline System. Visited and engaged more than 14 communities and evolved a shared and agreed community assistance programme. Education B.Sc (Geology) University of Ife, Ile Ife 1977 M.Sc (Pet. Geology) University of Ife, Ile-Ife 1979 Post Graduate Certificate in Cross-Sector Partnerships. University of Cambridge 2003 Certified Partnership Broker (PBAS). Overseas Development Institute (ODI) 2003

Some Relevant Training/Courses Problems and Decision Analysis Course Health, Safety and Environmental Course Supervisory and Leadership Skills Course Middle Management Course Data Management Course
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June 1986 1986 1987 Feb – Mar 1991 Nov 1991 Nov 1995

Warri Warri Warri Benin Lensbury, UK


Introducing Enterprise for Development International

Managing the Corporate Affairs Function Course Systems Dynamics USAID seminar on Managing for Results USAID PVO Partnership Workshop CARE Workweek Grantsmanship Course Cambridge Program for Industry (Partnerships) Partnership Brokers Accreditation Scheme The New Manager Course Conflict Mgt and Peace building course Field Leaders Supervisory Course
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Lagos Lagos Philadelphia, USA Washington DC, USA Atlanta, USA New Orleans, USA Cambridge, UK North Wales, UK London, UK Ottawa, Canada Warri, Nigeria

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