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Mentall Heallth & Sociiall Care Current Awareness Bulllletiin Menta Hea th & Soc a Care Current Awareness Bu et n

No 258 No 258

h Jully 5ttth 2010 Ju y 5 h 2010

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Department of Health

LAC (DH)(2010)3: The Mental Capacity Act Guidance on the completion of the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards data collation sheet (version 1.5)

National News

Children care intervention call Taking vulnerable children into care earlier could save millions of pounds for taxpayers as well as being much better for the child Football project for dementia suffers may be extended A project which uses football to stimulate the minds of dementia sufferers could be extended abroad after producing "startling" results at home, a British university said today Government scraps social care recruitment subsidies The government has slashed a £75m programme to help 50,000 young unemployed people enter the adult social care workforce, in a move condemned by a leading care provider Munro: Thresholds are wrong for children's services Thresholds should not be applied to children's services, according to Professor Eileen Munro, who has been put in charge of the government's review of children's social care Social workers 'must make end-of-life care their business Social workers do not see end-of-life care as relevant to them, according to experts at the government's National End of Life Care Programme Doctors call for an end to loyalty points for alcohol Tougher measures are needed to tackle alcohol abuse - including a clampdown on supermarkets offering loyalty points for purchases, doctors say Government scraps leading carers' support scheme The government has today scrapped a multi-million pound support package for carers Sainsbury Centre to become Centre for Mental Health From this month, Sainsbury Centre will be changing its name to Centre for Mental Health, it was announced
EoEHLG/MHCA/No.258/5.7.10 2

NICE Launches New Quality Standards On Stroke, Dementia, And Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Prevention NICE has presented the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley with advice on new, national, evidence-based quality standards on the care and treatment of, dementia and venous thromboembolism patients in the NHS in England


International News

Alzheimer's scourge hangs over ill-prepared Asia Asia's fast-aging population will make up more than half of the world's dementia patients in 40 years, with China shouldering the biggest chunk Simple test could detect Down's A blood test during pregnancy could one day replace more invasive tests for Down's syndrome, say researchers Teen Girls Becoming More Open to Drugs, Alcohol U.S. survey finds change in attitudes from only a year earlier Expert sees big mental health effects from BP spill LA (Reuters) - The mental health impacts of the BP oil spill will dwarf those encountered after the last major oil spill off U.S. shores, a sociologist who studied the Exxon Valdez spill told Florida volunteers on Tuesday FDA Approves First Generic Effexor Extended Release Capsules To Treat Major Depressive Disorder On June 28, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first generic version of Effexor XR capsules (venlafaxine hydrochloride) to treat major depressive disorder



Increased Risk Of Birth Defects From Psychotropic Medications A new study shows that use of psychotropic medications during pregnancy increase the probability of birth defects Prevention of mental ill-health and suicide: Public health perspectives According to the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates for the year 2020, approximately 1.5 million people will commit suicide, and at least 10 times that many will make an attempt



Improving mental state in early imprisonment Pre-trial prisoners have high rates of mental disorder, but to date, little is known about mental state change or stability among them Researchers Examine Premature Mortality Among People With Serious Mental Illness People with serious mental illness lose significantly more years of potential life than the general population

Substance abuse, alcoholism, Decrease In Alcohol Consumption Related To Large Decline In Impulsivity In Early Adulthood Previous studies have found that the personality trait impulsivity, or a lack of planning and forethought regarding behaviors, is associated with alcohol use and alcohol-use disorders No Link Found Between Internet Dependence And Gambling Addiction A study of university students found no overlap between those reporting excessive Internet use and those with problem gambling Genetic and Environmental Influences on Disordered Gambling in Men and Women Women now represent nearly half of all individuals in treatment for pathological gambling, but relatively little is known about the causes of PG among women or potential sex differences in the causes

Anxiety Disorders

The Metacognitive Model of Generalized Anxiety Disorder in Children and Adolescents Worry is a common phenomenon in children and adolescents, with some experiencing excessive worries that cause significant distress and interference Shame- and guilt-proneness: Relationships with anxiety disorder symptoms in a clinical sample Researchers postulate that both shame and guilt are emotions important to anxiety disorders The spectrum of anxiety disorders in the medically ill The purpose of this cross-sectional study was to assess the prevalence and characteristics of anxiety disorders in the medically ill


Alzheimer's Imaging Study Identifies Changes in Brain's White Matter Scientists have identified changes in the brains of normal individuals at high risk for Alzheimer's
EoEHLG/MHCA/No.258/5.7.10 4

disease that could prove important for early detection of the disease New Study Identifies Best Tests For Predicting Alzheimer's Disease New research has identified the memory and brain scan tests that appear to predict best whether a person with cognitive problems might develop Alzheimer's disease

Bipolar disorders Residual symptoms and functionality predict relapse in bipolar disorder Subsyndromal symptoms and poor function in euthymic bipolar disorder patients predict elevated relapse risk, shorter time to relapse, more changes on medication and hospitalizations, and worse employment status Depressed Mice Could Aid Research on Drug-Resistant Depression in Humans New research shows that a unique strain of laboratory mice has behavioral, hormonal, and neurochemical characteristics that are similar to those of human patients with drug-resistant forms of depression Neuregulin 1 gene region linked to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder A variant haplotype of the Neuregulin 1 (NRG1) gene is associated with risk for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder Psychomotor Slowing in Mild Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer's Disease and Lewy Body Dementia: Mechanisms and Diagnostic Value Although psychomotor slowing is frequent in Alzheimer’s disease and Lewy body dementia, its mechanism and diagnostic value have not been examined DocGuide TopAbstracts in Depression Mouse Model Could Aid Research On Drug-Resistant Depression In Humans New research shows that a unique strain of laboratory mice characterized at Penn State University has behavioral, hormonal, and neurochemical characteristics that are similar to those of human patients with drug-resistant forms of depression Migraine prevalent and problematic in bipolar disorder A quarter of patients with bipolar disorder experience migraines, and those who do have an increased rate of suicidal behavior, anxiety disorders, and obsessive compulsive disorder Metabolic and endocrine comorbidity impacts bipolar disorder outcome Bipolar disorder patients with comorbid illness of the endocrine or metabolic system have poorer recovery from depression than other patients

Dual Diagnosis

Psychotic patients have enhanced sensitivity to cannabis Patients with psychosis are more susceptible to the effects of cannabis than mentally healthy controls, showing pronounced mood enhancement and hallucinatory experiences after use



Social anxiety disorder and alcohol use disorder co-morbidity in the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions Co-morbid lifetime alcohol use disorder and social anxiety disorder is a prevalent dual diagnosis, associated with substantial rates of additional co-morbidity, but remaining largely untreated

Eating Disorders

DocGuide TopAbstracts in Eating Disorders Cognitive Behavioral Guided Self-Help for the Treatment of Recurrent Binge Eating Despite proven efficacy of cognitive behavioral therapy for treating eating disorders with binge eating as the core symptom, few patients receive CBT in clinical practice Eating Disorders, Addictions Tough to Treat in Teens What works in adult patients may not help younger people, experts say

Learning Disabilities

The importance of friendship for youth with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder It is well-established that youth with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder are often peerrejected and rated by parents, teachers, and observers to have poor social skills, when compared to typically developing peers Personality disorders in offenders with intellectual disability: a comparison of clinical, forensic and outcome variables and implications for service provision Although about half of patients detained in secure units for offenders with ID have a personality disorder, there were more similarities than differences between this group and the rest Attachment behaviour towards support staff in young people with intellectual disabilities: associations with challenging behaviour Attachment research has shown the importance of attachment behaviour for the prevention of dysregulated behaviour due to emotional distress

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
Psychosocial outcome and psychiatric comorbidity in older adolescents with Tourette syndrome: controlled study Children with Tourette syndrome generally experience improvement of tics by age Obsessive-compulsive disorder and cyclothymic temperament: An exploration of clinical features Bipolar disorder comorbidity in obsessive-compulsive disorder has relevant implications on the symptomatological expression, complications and pharmacologic treatment of the disorder



Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Risk of Dementia Among US Veterans Posttraumatic stress disorder is highly prevalent among US veterans because of combat and may impair cognition Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Beyond DSM-IV (editorial) DSM-IV is only a starting point for the diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder Emotion Modulation in PTSD: Clinical and Neurobiological Evidence for a Dissociative Subtype In this article, the authors present evidence regarding a dissociative subtype of PTSD, with clinical and neurobiological features that can be distinguished from nondissociative PTSD


Study Identifies Couples’ Underlying Concerns During a Fight A new Baylor University study has found that there are two fundamental underlying concerns when partners in a committed relationship fight Getting Better With Age: Friendships, Family Relationships Part of what makes those relationships so golden during the golden years is that people of all ages are more likely to forgive and respect one's elders


Quality of life an issue in remitted psychosis patients The quality of life (QoL) of patients who have remitted after a first episode of psychosis (FEP) is influenced by comorbid disorders and carer-related factors such as emotional over-involvement Unique pattern of brain folds in schizophrenia Patients with schizophrenia and high-risk individuals who go on to develop the disorder show a different sulcogyral pattern in the orbitofrontal cortex than mentally healthy individuals Neuregulin 1 gene region linked to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder A variant haplotype of the Neuregulin 1 (NRG1) gene is associated with risk for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder Cognitive rehabilitation improves symptoms, function in schizophrenia Integrated psychological therapy (IPT) achieves significant improvements compared with usual care in schizophrenia patients in terms of symptom scores, neuropsychologic tests, and functional outcome



Social Work

Equality-of-oppressions and anti-discriminatory models in social work: reflections from the USA and UK Although the equality-of-oppressions paradigm in the USA and the anti-discriminatory framework in the UK are progressive steps in affirming the lives of many groups, they are limited in their ability to highlight the continued significance of racism in contemporary social work education Health-Risk Behaviors in Young Adolescents in the Child Welfare System Given the heightened vulnerability of this population, early screening for health-risk behaviors must be prioritized

Books, Conferences, Websites & Journal Tocs

Books and reports hot of the press Click the title to connect to the website entry Supporting Post Adoption Contact in Complex Cases: Briefing paper Young People's Alcohol Consumption and its Relationship to Other Outcomes and Behaviour DfE Message in a bottle: a joint inspection of youth alcohol misuse and offending IYO & CJII report Maximising resources in adult mental health Audit Commission

Critical Thinking in Counselling and Psychotherapy Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: A Modern Kleinian Approach Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychopathy The Cambridge Handbook of Forensic Psychology Gambling: Behavior Theory, Research, and Application Immigration & Mental Health: Stress, Psychiatric Disorders & Suicidal Behavior Among
EoEHLG/MHCA/No.258/5.7.10 8

Immigrants & Refugees Cognitive Deficit in Mental and Neurological Disorders Cognitive Disability and Its Challenge to Moral Philosophy


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