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(NUST Islamabad Campus Only)

UG PG (Choose file)

NOTE: Please read the guidelines are given below for filling and submission of form.


Name: Muhammad Haseeb Nawaz Gender: Male

School: SMME Course: MS Electrical Enery Engineering
Semester: 1st Date of Birth: ___________________________

Cell Phone No: __________________________ District: ________________________________

E-mail: ____________________________ Residence No.___________________________

CNIC / B-Form No: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Permanent Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Postal Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________


Father / Guardian Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________

Occupation: __________________________ CNIC NO: _____________________________________
Cell Phone No: ________________________ Residence Phone No: _______________________ _____
E-mail: _______________________________ Office No._____________________________________

a. Are you having any medical problem? Yes/No
b. If yes, specify the disease you are suffering from __________________________________
c. Any medicine being used regularly. ____________________________________________
d. Are you a smoker? (Yes / No) _______________ Blood Group: ______________________

4. Relatives / Visitors(Female Students only)

NUST does not allow any visitor in the premises of the Hostels. For girl students, the parents may nominate three names below,
who after verification at the NUST Main Receptions may meet the student on campus outside the Hostel.

a. Name: ________________________________ Relation: _____________ NIC NO: __________________________

b. Name: ________________________________ Relation: _____________ NIC NO: __________________________

c. Name: ________________________________ Relation: _____________ NIC NO: __________________________

The above mentioned information is correct to the best of my knowledge and I shall be responsible and answerable for any wrong

Signature of Parents/Guardian _______________________ Signature of Student ________________________

Date: ________________________

1. Filling and Submitting the Hostel Admission Form

a. First of all download the form in word format and fill accordingly.
b. Check the box according to your program.
c. Affix scanned or soft copy of passport size photograph.
d. Fill the School and Course column in which you got admission at NUST Islamabad
e. Signature with name.
f. Scan the following Documents:
g. CNIC of student and father / guardian. (B-Form for students with no CNIC)
h. Send the duly completed Hostel Admission Form and the above mentioned scanned
documents to the email address:

i. Original filled Hostel Admission Form along with paid copies of

Hostel & Mess Challan, Copy of student CNIC/B-Form and NUST Hostel
Rules awareness certificate must be submitted to Manager (Hostel) on
joining the Hostel.

j. INCOMPLETE forms will not be entertained.

2. Procedure after Submission of Form

a. NUST Hostel Administration will send you a confirmation email after receiving your
complete scanned Documents.
b. Rooms will be allotted on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis (Receipt of application).
c. After Allocation of the rooms, students will receive a detailed e-mail about the
Room No, Hostel Block and reception arrangement in the first week of coming Sep. The
room allocation will be cancelled, if room is not occupied within one week.
d. Candidates who fail to obtain a room shall be notified about their position on the
waiting list.