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North East Region, Maine Wing, 2004 Winter Survival School
by Capt. Dick Jackson, CAP, CCCS, ME058 “NOW, LISTEN UP…COUNT OFF” and from among the trees came; “ONE” -----“TWO”------“THREE”------“FOUR------then silence followed by more embarrassing silence… and then… “WHERE ARE YOU, SMITHERS”…”HERE, SIR”…” NO, I MEAN, FIVE… and the count resumes all the way to “THIRTY SIX”. You see, “THIRTY SIX” is “TOP DOG”, our leader, Major Scott D. Higgins, and he is just making sure none of his 30 cadets and 6 Seniors for whom he is responsible, have become lost. (The name “Smithers” has been chosen to protect the guilty.) And, that’s how the MEWNG Winter Survival School began that cold Friday afternoon of February 20, 2004 at the Bangor, Maine, Air National Guard Base. Now, this description is coming to you from the point of view of a senior who has never done any winter camping. Because I pilot my own single-engine experimental aircraft, I felt it would be good life insurance to know how to survive in the field were my aircraft ever to fall out of the sky with me in it. I know how long it might take for one of our CAP “night-supersonic” C172s to find me and I wanted to be alive when they arrived, so I dutifully filled out CAP FORM 31 requesting the “2004 Winter Survival School” and was accepted. After a prior evening check-in at the BOQ at MANG, muster was in the chow hall Friday at 0700 with the proper menu of complex carbohydrates, proteins and fats, (Yes, Cadet Virginia, fats ARE good for you.) In all fairness, we were not required to cook our own meals. The 101st Services Flight of the 101st Aerial Refueling Wing provided three excellent meals Friday, and one enthusiastically received breakfast on Saturday after all night out in the field. After Friday breakfast we broke into three groups: First Year students, the “newbies”, that’s me; Second Year students, the “we’ve-done-it-oncebefore” group; and the Third Year Students, the “what’s he going-to-throw-at-usnow” group. We, “newbies”, had to learn something sensible before we could risk our fragile bodies out in the cold for an overnight. For the next six hours we heard several PowerPoint presentations and lectures enriched by the personal, colorful experiences of our instructor, Major Higgins. Topics included: an understanding of the balance of body energy (BTUs) to prevent frostbite or hypothermia; the kinds of food to maintain the internal furnace; how much water to drink (lots); what to do when your body becomes critical (you’re going to die), at either too hot at 105oF or too cold at 92oF; how to warmly dress (three layers); and what kind of sleeping bag (polyester) in which to sleep. After all this instruction, we “newbies” were taken to the field and challenged to find a smooth, comfortable place between two or more trees to create a cozy shelter to keep out wind, rain, and, hopefully, to allow some sleep! Upon return to camp after dinner on Friday with our shelters already built, along comes “Quiz Time”. The fire was restoked to blazing. Instructor Higgins called out question after question on a myriad of topics. Any question properly answered was promptly rewarded with a mystery
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MEMORANDUM FOR All Cadets, Maine Wing FROM: Deputy Commander, Maine Wing Encampment SUBJECT: Encampment Cadet Staff Selection and Training Weekend 1.. Cadets applying for staff positions at the 2004 Maine Wing Encampment are expected to attend two pre-encampment staff training weekends. This memorandum contains information on the first preencampment training weekend. This activity will also accept applicants from cadets not planning on serving on encampment staff (see item 3b). 2.. Location and Dates: The staff selection and training weekend will be held at the Bangor Air National Guard Base on 19-21 March 2004. Sign in will be between 1900 and 1930 hours on Friday. Dismissal will be at 1200 hours on Sunday. 3.. Who may attend: 1.. Cadets applying for staff positions at the 2004 Maine Wing Encampment are expected to attend. If you can not attend, but still wish to be considered for a cadet staff position, you must contact Colonel Treadwell. You will be expected to complete the staff application process as detailed

Maine Wing Over
Wing Commander Col Mitch Sammons Vice Commander Lt Col Larry Woods Wing Public Affairs Maj Chris Hayden Newsletter Editor Capt Dennis Murray Headquarters Maine Wing, Civil Air Patrol PO Box 5006 Augusta Maine, 04332-5006 Editorial Office: 207/767-1874 Headquarters: 207/626-7830 The Maine Wing Over is an unofficial newsletter published quarterly in the interest of members of the Maine Wing of the Civil Air Patrol. Any opinions either expressed or inferred by the writers herein are their own and are not to be considered official expression by the Civil Air Patrol or the Department of the Air Force.

in my 25 February 2004 memorandum. 2.. Any cadet holding the grade of Cadet Staff Sergeant or higher may attend the weekend, even if you do not plan on applying for an encampment staff position. Attendance at the activity is limited to 40 cadets; priority for attendance will be given to encampment applicants. Nonencampment applicants will be taken on a first come, first accepted basis. Please indicate on your application that you are a non-encampment applicant. Applications and Deadline: You must complete each of the following steps to attend the staff selection and training weekend: 1.. You must notify 1Lt Wayne McKinney, CAP, at Maine Wing Headquarters that you plan to attend by phone or e-mail by 1200 hours on Friday 6 March 2004. Lt McKinney can be reached via e-mail at or by phone at 207-626-7830. b.. You must complete a CAPF form 31 and mail the form, along with a check for $10 payable to Maine Wing Cadet Programs to Maine Wing Headquarters. The letter must be postmarked no later than 12 March 2004. The address for Maine Wing Headquarters is P.O. Box 5006, Augusta, ME 04332-5006 1.. Medical information: It is very important that you properly complete the medical information questionnaire on CAPF 31. Please advise Colonel Treadwell if you have any medical conditions or limitations. 2.. Uniforms: Uniforms for the weekend will be both Class "B" blues (short sleeve shirt, no tie) and BDU's. You must also bring PT clothing. 3.. Meals: You will be provided four (4) meals during the weekend: Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner and Sunday breakfast. If you have food allergies or other medical and / or religious restrictions on what food you may eat, you must communicate that to Colonel Treadwell with your application package. 4.. You will be billeted at the Horizon

Inn at the Bangor Air National Guard Base. In addition to your clothing, you must bring your own toiletries, soap, towel and washcloth. It is recommended that you also bring notebooks and other writing materials and your leadership laboratory books. 5.. Open Cadet Staff Positions: All cadet staff positions, with the exception of cadet commander, cadet deputy commander, cadet executive officer and cadet training officer are open. The following list illustrates the open positions: 1.. Flight staff (flight commanders and flight sergeants) 2.. Squadron Staff (Squadron Commanders and first sergeants) 3.. Training NCO 4.. PAO Staff (PAO Officer, PAAO NCO, Photographer) 5.. Emergency Services Staff (flight commander, flight sergeant, squadron commander, first sergeant, and instructors) 6.. Operations (operations officer and NCO - new staff position this year working in and with the cooks) 7.. Other executive staff positions (logistics, admin, etc.). 10. The encampment commander, along with the deputy commander, commandant of cadets, and the emergency services program director will have the final decision on staff selections. No staff selections will be made until the end of the staff selection weekend. 1.. Questions on the application process can be addressed to the undersigned via e-mail at or by phone at 518-493-5961. If you are unable to reach Lt. Col. Webster, you may contact Col. Treadwell directly at MARK T. WEBSTER, Lieutenant Colonel, CAP Deputy Commander


Wing Cadets Cadets! Stobie Seaplane Base on Moosehead Lake, Maine move a Cessna 182 seaplane from the water ramp to land parking. Maine Wing has portant position will be managed agAttention to all and Seniors at Airman supported the International Pilots association Fly-in for the past seven years. Photo Courtesy of Mike Lange, Moosehead Messenger. gressively by 1Lt. Goss to all of our Academy is coming up! Mark your benefit. I am looking forwardby CAP calendar for April 19th-22nd at the International Parade Lead to working with him in thisGuard Bangor Air National Guard Base. Color and Honor endeavor as he develops a 9, 2003, the Maine Wing This training activity is designed for On August program that will make Maine Wingfromoutstanding example basic cadets, Airman, Airman 1st Squadrons an St Croix Composite, for CAP. Valley and Downeast once Class, and Senior Airman that would Machias Our congratulations to them like further training on follower ship are in participated in the International again order as well as our thanks for skills and leadership skills. This activtaking on those responsibilities. This Parade from Calais, Maine to St ity is designed to assist you in is a strong team that will continue the Stephens, New Brunswick. In addiachieving your next grade and to prefine the Honor the Maine Wing Cadet tion,tradition of Guard from many difpare you for Encampment. If you are & Safety Programs. There are some ferent squadrons participated. This planning on a successful career as a great ideas and events planned CAP cation for a long time. Colonel Melyear was special to Maine Wing,for cadet, plan on attending this activity. this year, so don't miss out on the oprose is currently the Communications because we lead the parade, which You must send your CAPF 31 to portunities and experiences. Check Licensing and Records Officer for has not been done for many years. It Maine Wing HQ, P.O. Box 5006, Authe Maine organizers of the event Maine Wing. Colonel Melrose is also seems theWing Web Page for the can gusta, ME 04332-5006 by April 1st, dates of CAP activities to watch for count onthese personnelandbe on time along with your $30.00 registration future be very professional. Less and to announcements. fee. Arrival time will be 1330 on MonMy thanksfor them and believe me problems to these members for their day the 19th. Lunch will not be dedication many problems toto the they have and commitment deal served so be sure to have eaten besuccess of Maine Wing. after the with, before, during and fore hand. Graduation will be at 1400 Mitch Thank you toCol. CAP particievent. Sammons all of the on Thursday 22nd at the Air National Commander - Maine Wing Guard Base, so any parents who want to attend plan on being there for that time. Cadets can be picked up after graduation. Special note to any Honor Guard Academy cadets interested in applying for staff: To all Cadets planning on attending In order to qualify for staff you must a former Maine Wing Commander. have attended either an Airman Both Colonel Melrose and Major Mel- the Honor Guard Academy, This years Honor guard academy will Academy or an Encampment previrose are the Directors of both the run from April 18 - 24 (please note ously and be a C/SSgt. or above. Maine Wing HF Nets and the Norththat this is longer than the airman Please note on your application east Region Nets. They have both academy). The academy will end at which position you are applying for been nominated by the Northeast 1500 on Saturday the 24 of April, so and send a short resume. If you Region Commander for the National please make sure you have proper would like a staff position send your Meritorious Service Award. Their application in as soon as possible, dedication and service to the Civil Air arrangements to be picked up. The cost for the Academy this year will be because staffing decisions will be Patrol and our country should serve $100 per cadet. If funds are a problem made soon. as an inspiration to all members. please let us know and we will work 1Lt. Lori Renzullo Maj Mike Pellerin, DOC something out. Do not forget to have a form 31 completely filled out including the medical section. Please send all forms to Lt. Roberts at: 744 Gray Colonel Mitchell Sammons, Maine I am pleased and proud to announce Rd. Windham Me. 04026 If you have Wing Commander and Major Mike any problems call Lt. Roberts at 892that Captain Ted Kryzak has asPellerin, Maine Wing Director of 0386. Your money and a photocopy of sumed the helm as the Director of Communications, recently visited the form 31 should be sent to Maine the Maine Wing Cadet Program asColonel Joseph Melrose and Major Wing Headquarters. For the academy sisted by 1 Lt. Lori Renzullo as the Ann Melrose at their home in Bath. Deputy Director and Major Scott Hig- cadets should expect for rigorous PT, While their, Colonel Melrose was gins as the Cadet Activities Officer. I and constant work from the time you presented his 50 year service award get up to the time you go to bed. Conam especially pleased to announce and both of the Melrose's received tact me for a list of what to bring. that 1Lt. Peter Goss has agreed to Commanders Commendation C/MSgt. Ribeiro step in to take the reins of our Wing Awards. They have both served the Honor Guard Deputy Commander Safety Program. This extremely imCivil Air Patrol with tremendous dedi-

50 Years of Service

Staff Changes


Cumberland County Composite Squadron

1Lt Paul Connors, Capt Ted Kryzak, & Maj Chris Hayden Man the booth at the Boy Scouts Expo Maine Wing's Cumberland County Composite Squadron set up and manned an effective informational and recruiting booth at the Annual Boy Scouts of America Exposition on Sunday, February 1st, 2004. The event took place at the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland. The MEWG Honor Guard led the scouts during their impressive parade of flags and performed some drill routines several times throughout the six-hour event, to the delight of the Expo's attendees. Local ABC-TV Channel 8 briefly featured the Honor Guard on its evening newscast. Throughout the day, the full scale recruiting booth drew a good-sized crowd. Based upon the level of interest, the CCCS anticipates a new flood of cadets as a result. One Squadron cadet who is both a CAP Cadet and a Boy Scout changed uniforms half way through the day in order to support both interests equally! Maine Wing Senior Members who contributed to the success of this high-visibility CAP display included MEWG Honor Guard coaches 1Lt Roberts and 1Lt Young, as well as CCCS Members Capt Marc Brunelle, 1Lt Paul Connors, 1Lt Andrea Hayden, Maj Chris Hayden, Capt Ted Kryzak, Capt Beau Provost, 1Lt Har-

old Ribeiro, Capt Don Saucier, Lt Col Ed Vadja, and Capt Jeff Weinstein. Cadets Burns, Washek, Earle, McGovern and St John all enthusiastically helped man the booth and answer questions about the CAP cadet program from inquiring youngsters. Submitted by Capt Jeff Weinstein, CAP Maine Wing Deputy Public Affairs Officer (Maj Chris Hayden, Maine Wing Public Affairs Officer & CCCS Squadron Commander, also contributed to this report.) Photos by Capt Jeff Weinstein.

Cadet Joseph Martorano promoted to C/A1C Martorano received his welldeserved promotion at the regular meeting on January 22, 2004. C/A1C Martorano pictured here, received his promotion orders from Commander Lt Col James Greenlaw. Congratulations to Joseph Martorano on you well deserved promotion. (Photos by 2Lt Jerry Palmer)

Cadet Todd Clark to C/SrA Clark received his welldeserved promotion at the regular meeting on January 22, 2004. C/ SrA Clark, pictured St Croix here, received his proComposite Squadron motion orders from Commander Lt Col The St Croix Composite Squadron, James Greenlaw. Conis pleased to announce the promogratulations to Senior Airman Todd tions of four cadets in the squadron. Clark on you well deserved promoShown, left to right, are the following tion. cadets. Cadet John Chambers, Bai- (Photos by 2Lt Jerry Palmer)

leyville & Grand Lake Stream was promoted to Cadet Technical Sergeant, Cadet Robbie Wilson, Calais, was promoted to Cadet Airman, Cadet Steven Martorano, Calais, was promoted to Cadet Senior Airman and Cadet Stephen Lincoln, Jr., Baileyville & Baring, was promoted to Senior Master Sergeant. LTC James Greenlaw, awarded the promotions to each cadet during the regular meeting on Thursday night. Capt Dennis Murray, DCC

Cadet Derek Farquharson promoted to C/SSgt. The St Croix Composite Squadron, CAP, is pleased to announce the promotion of Cadet Derek Farquharson. Farquharson received his well deserved promotion at the regular meeting on January 22, 2004. Congratulations to Staff Sergeant Derek Farquharson on you well deserved promotion. (Photos by 2Lt Jerry Palmer) Stories by: Capt Dennis Murray, DCC When good people in any country cease their vigilance and struggle, then evil men prevail. —Pearl S. Buck


ments for outstanding dedication to CAP. During the annual awards banquet held in February cadets, seniors and family members shared in a special supper while awards were anThe Machias Valley Composite nounced. Lt Col. Pearl Bender was Squadron had the following promonamed senior member of the year for tions the last quarter: our squadron. C/Amn Doug Glidden Cadet Commander took home the honor of cadet of the David Roth received year. C/MSgt Miles Noonan was anhis Earhart award and nounced as the cadet NCO of the was promoted to Cap- year. C/Capt Erik Bellandi shined as tain. Cadet Christothe cadet officer of the year. In other pher McCarthy was newsworthy notes several senior members have been nominated for Wing Conference awards: Lt Col. promoted to Pearl Bender was nominated for the Cadet / Chief Senior of the year award, Maj Art Master SerPhilbrick was nominated for the geant. Cadet Brewer award, 1Lt Doug Grosso was nominated for Communicator of the John Rotheryear award, and 2Lt Charlie Brown mel was prowas nominated for the Maurice Cantor moted to Cadet / award. Senior Master 2Lt Lauren N. Grosso, PAO Sergeant. Cadet

Machias Valley Composite Squadron

Richard Simmon was promoted to Cadet / Master Sergeant. Senior Patricia Rothermel, our new chaplain, was promoted to 1st Lieutenant. (No picture available) Senior Tim Moorhouse, our newest pilot, was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. Congratulations to these fine members of Civil Air Patrol. Your dedication and accomplishments make us all very proud. Karen Varian, PAO Machias Valley Composite Sq.

Augusta-Gardiner Composite Sq
At the Squadron in the last eight month's we have had 5 of our wonderful cadets pass the Mitchell. That is great for this squadron. We've come a long way in 3 1/2 years !! We are understaffed, but we have 4 very devoted seniors that always get the job done. I just thought Wing should know this. A devoted Member.
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Waterville Composite Squadron
In news from the Waterville Composite Squadron, cadets and seniors have recently been recognized for achieve-

more said than done." We don't want to fall into that trap. These activities and increased input from the cadets through their CAC should promote more interest and involvement, thus success, in Maine Wing. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you. Mitch Sammons Col. CAP Commander - Maine Wing

An important component of the Wing Conference is the presentation of awards to acknowledge and thank those members who have performed their CAP duties in an exemplary manner and/or helped others learn and grow by their example in the calendar year 2003. The categories of awards are: Eagle Award ( for the member demonstrating Exceptional Service) Guy Gannett Public Affairs Award, Maj Maddox Communicator of the Year, Maurice Cantor Service Award (for the jack of all trades member who gets whatever needs doing done), Professional Development Officer of the Year, Richard MacDonald Emergency Services Award Safety Officer of the Year, Senior Member of the Year, Squadron Commander of the Year, Sustained Excellence Award (for that member with most remarkable persistence and perseverance), Wing Staff Member of the Year, Commander's Commendation and Certificates of Appreciation. All seniors and cadets may submit as many nominations as they wish (however cadets may not be nominated). Please send in your nominations to MEWG CAP HQ (P.O. Box 5006, Augusta ME 04332-5006) identifying the award category, the nominee's name, your name and the reasons you feel your nominee should receive the award. If for some reason you do not want your endorsement made public on the website please indicate in your submission. Alternatively, you can enter your nominations on-line by going to the Wing website and clicking on the "Nominations" link. To see who has been nominated so far, click on "Nominees". The closing date for receipt of all nominations will be March 15, 2004 as the award committee will meet to review and select the award winners at the Wing work session 3/16/04. 1LT Wayne McKinney MEWG Administrative Assistant The following squadrons had no reports: County Senior, Bangor– Brewer, Pinetree, Sundown and Downeast.


(Continued from page 1) Winter Survival 2004

airborne missile. Topics ranged widely on Aerospace, CAP Regulations, Navigation, and, of course, a review of what we had learned about survival that morning. Sleeping was a challenge. Our campsite was located about 1000 or 1500 yards abeam and west of runway 16-34 of the ANG Base. About 3AM somebody out over the Atlantic needed some gas as they were departing from or returning to the US. Consequently, starting about 3 AM and continuing for about 4 sorties, KC135 tankers departed to meet the refueling requirements. Now, sleeping through that takeoff noise resembled a level 5 tornado passing through your shelter. You get a lot of practice falling asleep over and over. Finally, dawn arrived along with light snow. After packing gear and policing the area several times to make sure the campsite was left as pristine as we found it, we headed back to the Mess Hall to share what we had learned. After appropriate answers, Major Higgins handed out the Certificates of Completion. Major Higgins had some very capable assistants to help keep the 30 cadets following proper routine. They were 2ndLt. Jeff Furlong (CCCS), Capt. Jeff Fellows (Aug) and 1st Lt. Peter Kleskovik (Aug). A survival school such as this needs lots of help and these three were excellent as they assisted Major Higgins in maintaining proper dignity and protocol with all hands. As a newcomer to the CAP, I have found the cadet program to be outstanding for what it teaches cadets in discipline, teamwork and consideration for others. This quasi-military approach results in certain additional lifelessons rarely found in other high

school programs. For me, the 2004 Winter Survival School was invaluable. I learned what minimal equipment of least weight I need to carry in my aircraft to survive a cold night in the Maine Woods, and while such an overnight is not a pleasant prospect, having the proper knowledge now makes such an event seem survivable. Every pilot, CAP or otherwise, should take this course. It’s the cheapest insurance policy a pilot could buy.

have agreed to undertake. You will be hearing more of these developments to strengthen safe operations in the future. In the meantime...please think before acting and then please act in a safe manner. Thank you. Mitch Sammons Col. CAP This is a note mostly for the Composite Squadrons – Important The "official" announcements for the Maine Wing Conference will soon be out. (1.) Please let me know if your squadron will be submitting any displays for the conference and, perhaps, for the Northeast Region Conference. A notice had been sent to all that was initiated from NER which described what sorts of displays they were looking for this Fall. The essence of the notice was that they would like to have displays which would bolster the aspect of safety or safe operations with the theme "Safety in all that we do". The next competition that will happen is the Aerospace Display Competition with the theme of "The Most Innovative and Inspirational"...a hands-on educational activity display. The format appears to be an activity/interactive game or puzzle type of display. (I would think that with all the computer guru's that are in the cadet ranks, they should be able to come up with some clever video game or interactive visual game or puzzle.) If you did not keep a copy of the NER guidelines, let me know and I will send them to you. (2.) There will be a Speech Competition for Cadets at our conference this year, as well. Please submit the names of those who would like to compete in this event to me by 31, March. There will be three topics for the speeches. These topics will be determined at the next Maine Wing Staff Meeting (3 March) and will be sent to the squadrons for their planning. (3.) Maine Wing has encouraged and provided increased support for the
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Recently there was a Wing Commanders' teleconference call with Major General Bowling and others on his staff. As you know, there have already been some serious accidents including two fatalities involving CAP members and aircraft. There is great concern at National over what we all have to do to make the cultural change that is apparently necessary in order to have each member always think of the aspect of SAFETY when in service for CAP as well as in personal activities. Some suggestions that were made include the potential for instituting the following requirements that we may hear more of from CAPNHQ - Mandatory attendance for pilots at monthly Squadron Safety meetings. No fly. Mandatory involvement in the FAA Wings Program for Pilots. Online safety quiz at Wing level - all members. It is up to all of us in Maine Wing to always defer to safety considerations and to have it become an instinctive reaction to think of safe operations when we are involved in the potentially hazardous activities of this second vocation we


Maine Wing Annual Conference 2004 April 23rd-25th Chalet Motel Lewiston, Maine Be There! You might win.

sister squadron to Machias, and received the same resounding "yes" from their squadron commander Lt Col James Greenlaw. Joined by Capt Dennis Murray of St Croix, Lt Col Greenlaw and Capt Merritt and ten cadets drove for a solid twelve hours and rendezvoused with the Worchester Wreath company truck in Arlington. To-

Arlington, VA Ten cadets and three senior members from Maine Wing’s Machias and St Croix Squadrons headed south on December 16th to the Arlington National Cemetery to participate in the annual laying of Christmas Wreaths on the veterans’ graves the following day. “The cadets did an outstanding job and were a credit to the Civil Air Patrol” said Capt Wayne Merritt, the Machias Squadron Commander. “Seeing our CAP cadets drew comments of praise from the public and from the Air Force Reservists who were also there to help” added Lt Col. James Greenlaw the Croix Squadron Commander. The inspiration for this trip came from

gether all the volunteers laid 4,500 – 5,000 wreaths that day. The cadets and seniors also witnessed the wreath ceremony at the Capt Wayne Merritt’s boss Morrill Worchester of the Worchester Wreath Tomb of the Unknowns. Maj. Christopher Hayden MEWG/ Company in Machias, Maine. As a PA young man his father had taken him to Arlington and that visit had such a profound affect on him he decided he would find a way to repay the debt to those who gave their lives so we (Continued from page 6) CAC, Wing conf could enjoys ours. And so, every year Cadet Honor Guard program. So, for the past eleven years, Morrill Wor- too, do we want to see increased chester has placed his company’s activity in the Cadet Advisory wreaths on the graves of veterans at Council. There will be a meeting of Arlington. This year Morrill Worthe CAC at the Wing Conference. chester felt it would be appropriate to Please so notify the cadet who ask Capt Merritt if his squadron would represents your squadron in the CAC of this meeting. Please send the name, phone number and email address of your CAC representative to me as soon as possible. If you do not have an assigned CAC representative by now...assign one. The CAC needs to have more of an opportunity to express what they would like to see happen in the Maine Wing Cadet Program and to be able to see that their ideas are like to join him and participate in the made into reality. It is up to them, wreath laying. It didn’t take Capt Mer- with our support, to see that hapritt long to say "yes" and start contact- pen. There's an old saying: "When ing the cadets and seniors. He also all is said and done...there's a lot put in a call to St Croix Squadron, the (Continued on page 5)


Headquarters Civil Air Patrol, Maine Wing PO Box 5006 Augusta, ME 04332-5006


and I thank our Wing Director of Homeland Security, Col. Jim Linker, for his help in those meetings. Major Chris Because of storms, we have had to Hayden arranged for us to meet with cancel training sessions for January the Portland Transit Authority and the and February which hasn’t helped to Downeast Patrol Squadron has been keep our skills in tune or to allow instrumental in arranging for closer ties members to complete their training to with the Hancock County E.M.A. We achieve the ES ratings they have need to continue to make those kinds been working on for so long. But, of connections in order to ensure that hang in there…Spring will be on us Maine Wing will be able to bring its and those opportunities will be there skills to the table should an incident for you again. We may be seeing require our help. All of these agencies some interesting joint training sesare planning on training exercises this sions this year. I have had the Spring and Summer and we expect to chance to meet with the Department be invited to their parties. Please try to of Environmental Protection, the attend the 2004 Maine Wing ConferMaine State Strategic National Stock- ence on the weekend of 24 April at the pile Agency, Life Flight of Maine, as Chalet Motel (same location as last well as the Director of the Hancock year) in Lewiston. As you know, the County Emergency Management Cumberland County Composite Agency and the Portland Transit Au- Squadron is the host squadron, this thority to discuss the ways Maine year, and it should be one of the best Wing can help them in their security conferences to date. Details are forthefforts. The meetings with the Maine coming, watch for those announceState agencies of D.E.P. and the S. ments. This past month, Major Pellerin N.S. have already resulted in our be- and I had a chance to present the 50 ing written in to their response plans year membership award to Col. Joseph

Commanders Corner

Melrose. It was an honor to be able to do so, and we are very fortunate to have Col. Joseph Melrose and his wife Maj. Anne Melrose perform our radio NET requirements as well as to assist Major Pellerin in the difficult task of maintaining our radio systems and records. We sincerely thank them for their commitment to the success of Maine Wing. Like everything, it sometimes seems that we can get distracted by the smaller incidents that can cause frustration and the exasperated thought of “Who needs this?” But we need to remember that anything that has any worth to it is usually achieved by hard work and is not an easy accomplishment. We can all agree that the core values of the Civil Air Patrol mean to achieve strong character traits and provide good examples for our future generations. This is a good program to see in action and you members of Maine Wing make it happen. Col Mitchell Sammons Wing commander