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Mentall Heallth & Sociiall Care Current Awareness Bulllletiin Menta Hea th & Soc a Care Current Awareness Bu et n

No 259 No 259

h Jully 12ttth 2010 Ju y 12 h 2010

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Department of Health

Dementia Awareness Week


National News

Brain patterns may be signs of mental illness risk British scientists believe they have found specific patterns of brain activity in children and young people which could be signs or "markers" of those who will later go on to develop mental illnesses such as schizophrenia Call for dementia services to raise profile Dementia services need a higher profile so that people know where to find support after a diagnosis, the Alzheimer's Society said Controversial YJB restraint manual to be made public The Youth Justice Board has agreed to disclose a manual containing details of controversial techniques used to restrain children in secure training centres Third of children 'scared of adults drinking' Almost a third of children feel scared when they see adults drinking, a new survey suggests More than 600 children protected from abuse The number of children protected from abuse by a UK national centre has doubled in the past year, according to figures published today NRG-1 legal high advice set to be published Guidance on drug NRG-1 is set to be published by the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) Self-harmers 'not receiving help needed', says report People who self-harm are not getting the help they need because of a 'patchy' provision of services, a new report says Prawns on Prozac PRAWNS and shrimps around Britain are getting high on anti-depressants, say experts Mental health trust slammed on patient safety makes progress
EoEHLG/MHCA/No.259/12.7.10 2

A mental health trust slammed 12 months ago for its poor patient safety systems has made significant progress since but must go further, the Care Quality Commission said today Gabby Logan named as disability trust vice-patron BBC sports commentator Gabby Logan has become vice-partron of a charity for people with learning and physical disabilities, autism and brain injuries Council chiefs believe social care will escape worst cuts Social care is one of the least likely council services to suffer cuts according to local authority chiefs, research by the New Local Government Network has revealed More people signing up for dementia research There has been a dramatic increase in the number of patients agreeing to take part in dementia research Care-leaver plans must be reviewed by social workers, judge rules Plans for children leaving care must be reviewed by a social worker rather than a personal adviser, a High Court judge has ruled Sainsbury Centre welcomes new report on impact of Imprisonment for Public Protection The Prison Reform Trust has today given us a timely reminder of the impact of Imprisonment for Public Protection on prisoners, their families and the justice system,"


International News

U.S. Army: Dogs Help Battle PTSD The Army is using dogs "much more" to help soldiers recovering from PTSD according to the Army Surgeon General's special assistant for mental health, who spoke at the annual convention of the NAMI


A Decline Seen In The Rates Of Homicide And Suicide Among Mentally Ill People with mental health problems are committing fewer homicides while the number of suicides by mental health patients has also fallen, latest figures reveal; a previous rise in homicides by mentally ill people may have been the result of drug misuse, says the report Study Finds That One In Five Preschool Children In The U.S. Demonstrates Mental Health Issues When Entering Kindergarten Social competence and behavior problems that are evident at kindergarten and first grade are known to be strong predictors of a child's academic and social functioning
EoEHLG/MHCA/No.259/12.7.10 3

Substance abuse, alcoholism, Previously Unknown Natural Mechanism Controls Cocaine Use Scientists have found that a particular type of genetic material plays a key role in determining vulnerability to cocaine addiction and may offer an entirely new direction for the development of anti-addiction therapies Screening and Brief Intervention for Risky Alcohol Consumption in the Workplace: Results of a 1-Year Randomized Controlled Study The results suggested that alcohol screening and brief intervention performed in connection with routine health and lifestyle examinations in the workplace may be effective in reducing alcohol consumption DocGuide TopAbstracts in Addictions Heroin substitute methadone 'works and saves lives' The long-term survival of drug users is improved by the use of the controversial heroin substitute methadone, academics have claimed

Anxiety Disorders

Heart disease patients with anxiety 'at greater risk' Heart disease patients may be at higher risk of heart attacks, strokes, heart failure and death if they suffer from anxiety too DocGuide TopAbstracts in Anxiety Cost-effectiveness analysis of an occupational therapy-led lifestyle approach and routine general practitioner’s care for panic disorder This study assessess the cost-effectiveness of an occupational therapy-led lifestyle approach to treating panic disorder in primary care compared with routine general practitioner's care


Depression may double dementia risk, say researchers Having depression may nearly double the risk of developing dementia later in life, new research suggests Discovery paves way for blood test to predict Alzheimer's disease
EoEHLG/MHCA/No.259/12.7.10 4

A simple blood test to predict Alzheimer's disease up to 10 years before symptoms appear could be developed after researchers found high levels of a protein can be an early sign of the condition Alzheimer's Society Comment On Study Claiming Vitamin E Could Reduce Risk Of Developing Dementia The research published in the Journal of Alzheimer's disease claims people with high levels of several Vitamin E compounds have a 45-54 per cent lower risk of developing dementia Emotional Flatness Can Be Mistaken For Depression In Alzheimer's Patients Watching a loved one struggle with Alzheimer's disease can be a painful process, but for the patient, the experience may be a muted one DocGuide TopAbstracts in Alzheimer’s Study raises hopes for Alzheimer's treatment Early research in the journal Cell suggests that it may one day be possible to take a pill that reverses the effects of Alzheimer's disease

Bipolar disorders Childhood Adversities Are 'Powerful Predictors' Of Suicide Children who experience physical or sexual abuse, or other adversities such as the death of a parent or family violence, are at greater risk of suicide in later life People With Depression Eat More Chocolate, a Mood Food Researchers have found that women and men eat more chocolate as depressive symptoms increase, suggesting an association between mood and chocolate Atypical bipolar disorder features predict reduced treatment response Bipolar disorder patients with atypical features of illness, such as psychotic symptoms and rapid cycling, are more likely than other patients to relapse while on long-term treatment with mood stabilizers The Importance Of Therapist Competence In Depression Treatment While studies have shown that cognitive therapy is an effective treatment for depression, it has still not been clear the role therapists' training and expertise plays in making treatment successful Schizophrenia and frontotemporal dementia show familial segregation Schizophrenia and frontotemporal dementia show co-segregation in certain families, report researchers who found that some affected relatives shared mutations in key susceptibility genes Enlarged pituitary volume found in bipolar disorder Patients with bipolar disorder show enlarged pituitary gland volume relative to mentally healthy controls, results from a magnetic resonance imaging study (MRI) show DocGuide TopAbstracts in Depression Abnormal emotional cue responses inherent in bipolar disorder Exaggerated response to emotional signals in cortico-limbic brain regions may represent heritable functional abnormalities underlying the development of bipolar disorder
EoEHLG/MHCA/No.259/12.7.10 5

Bipolar I and II patients show abnormal white matter differences Patients with bipolar I and bipolar II disorder have distinct neuropathological substrates

Dual Diagnosis

Early pot smoking, depression may be linked Children and teenagers who smoke marijuana may have a somewhat heightened risk of developing depression, though whether the drug itself is to blame is not clear Access to Treatment for Adolescents With Substance Use and Co-Occurring Disorders: Challenges and Opportunities The study reviews the research on economic and systemic barriers faced by adolescents needing treatment for alcohol and drug problems, particularly those with co-occurring conditions Age at psychosis onset not influenced by cannabis use disorders Cannabis use disorders do not appear to influence age at onset of psychosis, although they do often precede the onset of illness

Eating Disorders

Identification and Treatment of Eating Disorders in the Primary Care Setting Eating disorders, which are associated with a host of adverse medical morbidities, negative psychological sequelae, and considerable reductions in quality of life, should be diagnosed and treated promptly Eating disorder symptom severity scale: a new clinician rated measure This study describes the development and validation of the clinician-rated Eating Disorder Symptom Severity Scale, created to address a gap in measurement options for youth with eating disorders

Learning Disabilities

Psychosocial factors associated with parent and teacher reports of aggression in children and adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder The prognosis for individuals diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and comorbid aggression is substantially worse than for those with ADHD alone Over-imitation in children with autism and Down syndrome Typically developing children have been shown to imitate the specific means used by an adult
EoEHLG/MHCA/No.259/12.7.10 6

to achieve an object-directed outcome, even if a more efficient method is available

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
Relationship between religion and obsessive phenomena The study examined the relationship between religion and symptoms of psychopathology, particularly obsessive-compulsive and scrupulosity symptoms Attachment states of mind in adolescents with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and/or depressive disorders: a controlled study Little is known about the contribution of attachment insecurity to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, though speculations have been extensive

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Demographic, Maltreatment, and Neurobiological Correlates of PTSD Symptoms in Children and Adolescents These results support models of developmental traumatology and suggest that treatments which enhance visual memory may decrease symptoms of PTSD Reduced Hippocampal Activity in Youth with Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms: An fMRI Study Youth who experience interpersonal trauma and have posttraumatic stress symptoms (PTSS) develop cognitive deficits that impact their development


Brain Biology Linked To Severe Teenage Antisocial Behaviour Brain abnormalities rather than peer pressure could be the key underlying factor behind severe antisocial and aggressive behaviour in teenagers Study Compares 'Competing To Win' And Competing To Excel' In Adolescents Is being competitive a good or a bad thing when you're a teenager




Modest cognitive benefit with antipsychotics in schizophrenia Schizophrenia patients treated with antipsychotics over a 2-year period show modest improvement in cognitive test performance, study results show Schizophrenia and frontotemporal dementia show familial segregation Schizophrenia and frontotemporal dementia show co-segregation in certain families, report researchers who found that some affected relatives shared mutations in key susceptibility genes Patients With Schizophrenia Benefit From New Training Program On Self-Efficacy Which Reduces Stress And Enhances Well-Being Researchers at the University of Granada have designed a new training program on specific self-efficacy for reducing stress in psychotic patients Specialized early intervention programs for psychosis show long-term benefits Specialized early intervention programs for patients with a first episode of psychosis appear to have a long-term beneficial effect in terms of symptomatic remission and social/vocational outcomes DocGuide TopAbstracts in Schizophrenia

Social Work

Living in the Shadows: A Canadian Experience of Mental Health Social Work The article reports the findings of a recent survey of 339 social workers whose area of practice is mental health in the Canadian province of Ontario Negative Caregiving Experience: A Predictor of High Expressed Emotion Among Caregivers of Relatives With Schizophrenia With the advent of deinstitutionalization, caregivers have increasingly assumed greater responsibility for the care of their mentally ill relatives, with the consequent negative caregiving experience a likely cause of stress manifested in heightened expressed emotion Views of Specially-trained Child Welfare Social Workers: A Qualitative Study of their Motivations, Perceptions, and Retention This study explores the similarities and differences between those who choose to remain in public child welfare (stayers) and those who leave


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Health and Social Care Helping Children and Young People Who Self-harm: An Introduction to Self-harming and Suicidal Behaviours for Health Professionals Experimentation and Innovation in Psychotherapy Psychopharmacology for Pediatric Primary Care Eating Disorders The Oxford Handbook of Eating Disorders Health Matters for People With Developmental Disabilities: Creating a Sustainable Health Promotion Program Psychiatry: 2nd Revised edition How Does Foster Care Work?: International Evidence on Outcomes Contemporary Topics in Women's Mental Health: Global Perspectives in a Changing Society


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