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September 2004


Rocketry Aerospace Education

Aerospace Education at its finest. present watched as the First pleted, the
August 22, 2004 proved to be a Sergeant’s rocket went up and down cadets
beautiful day to work and play outside. so fast that we almost missed it. marched to
After a month of almost daily rain, LTC Folster was the Safety Officer the “chow
cadets and senior members met in and Launch Commander. Also help- hall” set up by
Bangor, Maine to compete in the Maine ing with the launches was Capt Fel- the Bangor/
Wing’s Model Rocketry Contest. As lows from Augusta who made sure, Brewer
always, the St Croix Composite everything went smoothly with the squadron. Before lunch was served,
Squadron had over 95% participation. launches. LTC Christie was present all observed a dedication to LTC
Picture 1 shows most of the cadets who as the Wing Aerospace Education Larry Woods. Ms
attended the event. This is only the Officer and he kept track of all of the MyKayla Shaw
second time inEducation
Aerospace memory that at two
its finest.
cadets contests to see who would win each sang the National
August 22,in2004
had to ride proved to be
the Commanders cara Anthem and lunch
because the dayvantowas
work and
full. Asplaywe add
outside. After Iahope
new members, month thisofproblem
almost daily
rain, cadets
continues. andtosenior
I like members
see as many cadetsmet
in Bangor,
take advantageMaine to compete
of these programsinasthe
Maine Wing’s
possible. Our FirstModel Rocketry
Sergeant John
Chambers,We like to
Picture see
2, is as many
shown before he
launchedtake advantage
his rocket. Afterof thethese
launch, I was served. My
asked him whatas possible. First Sergeant
he had learned about category. Other senior members count was 22
John Chambers,
rockets. He Said: “IStknow Croix, notistoshown
use present were LTC James Greenlaw cadets and 15
before he launched
three different types ofhisgluerocket.
on theAftersame who loaded engines into rockets senior members participated with six
He wentI on asked him“Don’t
to say: what waithe had with the cadet’s help. Capt Wayne guest to make this a very productive
learned about
until the last rockets.
second He your
to build Said: “I Merritt and Kay Greenlaw recorded event where all present had fun and
use have
different timetypes
to the “hang time” for each rocket and learned something. Many thanks to
of glue
make on the same
corrections fin.”
and fix anyHe went on S/M Jolene Clark used a “gun” to our cadets and
problems.” All present watched to say: “Don’t
as the determine how high the rockets senior mem-
First Sergeant’s rocket went wait up until
andthe went. While watching rockets bers who took
down so fast that we almost last missed launch, you had to keep your eyes the time on a
build your on them or Sunday to par-
rocket, you in an in- ticipate in this
don’t have stant, they fine program.
enough time to were gone. See you all
make After the next year. Start
corrections and first early building your
fix any launches rockets. Winners will
problems.” All were com- be announced soon.

Campaign originated from Agent Composite Sq (ME 038), Feb 9,
Drug Demand Camarena’s death. Today, the Red 2006 - Machias Composite Sq (ME
Reduction Ribbon stands as a symbol of Enri- 075), Mar 16, 2006 - St. Croix Com-
que’s belief that one person can make posite Sq (ME 076), Apr 20, 2006 -
Red Ribbon Campaign a difference and that together we can County Composite Sq (ME033).
give the greatest gift to our future:
October will be a special month as
drug-free youth. Red Ribbons have
the Civil Air Patrol commemorates
the 20th anniversary of the Red Rib-
been ordered and will be distributed
to all Wing squadrons in late Septem-
Dining Out Ball
bon Campaign, a national sub-
ber. Additional campaign information The Maine Wing Annual Dining-out/
stance abuse initiative supported by
will be forwarded to squadron com- Ball is Saturday, October 30th. Mark
numerous civil and military agen-
manders during September. Contact your calendars. Cadets and cadet
your Wing Drug Demand Reduction age guests are $17 and Seniors are
Because of Sept. 11, we saw a
Administrator. $22. Location is Jeff’s Catering in
change in the way “we do business”.
Capt Paul Connors Brewer. Everything is in place. Ca-
One thing will not change, that’s
dets, please let your CAC represen-
CAP’s commitment to a drug-free
tative know what you think about the
lifestyle for all our members. The
Civil Air Patrol DDR program, as IG Inspections Grog Bowl. The CAC decision will
be the final decision on that. Keep
well as all substance abuse preven- For all Maine Wing squadrons. CAPR watch on the listserv for registration
tion programs, will continue to do 123-3 requires that the Wing IG's information. Credit cards and checks
what’s necessary to see that our schedule Subordinate Unit Inspec- will be the only way to resister. No
country does what it can to help tions (SUI) at intervals of 24 months cash at the door. Menu choices are
eliminate the use and abuse of or less. In order to comply to this re- Baked Ham, Stuffed Chicken, Vege-
drugs. Red Ribbon Week is dedi- quirement and to give squadron com- tarian Lasagna. Disk Jockey ser-
cated to Drug Enforcement Agent manders/staff officers plenty of time to vices provided by Brian Porter
Enrique Camarena, who was killed prepare, I have developed a schedule (Brooke's husband).
by drug traffickers in Mexico twenty for the next cycle of inspections over
years ago. In response to his death, Maj Jim Raymond
the next two years. (Oh Joy!) Check
angered people across the country
began wearing red ribbons as a
the Wing calendar and see when your
squadron is scheduled. It will be ap- Pilot Check Rides
symbol of their commitment to being proximately 2 years from your last
drug-free. The National Red Ribbon SUI. FYI, our next scheduled inspec- Within the balance of end-of-year
tion is for Augusta-Gardiner in No- funds, only the following CAP Mis-
vember, 2004. Following that is Cum- sion Pilots are authorized to take a
berland County Sq., in Jan 2005 (I CAP-USAF reimbursable CAPF 5
Maine Wing Over think). Please review the inspection and/or CAPF 91 check ride between
report for your last SUI and insure the 1st and 21st of September. Mis-
Wing Commander
Col Mitch Sammons
that corrective action is effective on all sion symbol is A7. CAPF 5 Check
the "Findings" in that report. For any rides Only ( 1 hr max.):
Vice Commander questions, contact your friendly Maine Capt Charles Beam
Maj Chris Hayden Wing/IG. Maj Ed Bonville
Newsletter Editor LtCol Richard Grover Capt Gerald Drake
Capt Dennis Murray Maine Wing IG Maj Nathaniel Fenton
Lt Sherly Hatch
Maine Wing, Civil Air Patrol Following is the Maine Wing SUI Lt Col William Hawksley
PO Box 5006 schedule for the next inspection cycle: Capt Richard Hunter
Augusta Maine, 04332-5006 Col Mitchell Sammons
Nov 18, 2004 - Augusta- Gardiner Sq
Editorial Office: 207/767-1874 (ME036), Jan 13, 2005 - Cumberland Capt Stephen Swan
Headquarters: 207/626-7830 County Composite Sq (ME058), Feb Capt Michael Voisine
11, 2005 - Sundown Composite Sq Lt Laurence Wasson
The Maine Wing Over is an unofficial newsletter
published quarterly in the interest of members of the (ME 037), Mar 9, 2005 - Bangor- Maj Henry Whitmore
Maine Wing of the Civil Air Patrol. Any opinions Brewer Composite Sq (ME 035), Apr Combined CAPF 5 & CAPF 91
either expressed or inferred by the writers herein are
21, 2005 - Waterville Composite Sq Check rides (1.5 hr max.):
their own and are not to be considered official ex- Capt Fred Beck
pression by the Civil Air Patrol or the Department of (ME 056), Nov 10, 2005 - Downeast
the Air Force. (Continued on page 3)

(Continued Cadets
Seniors at Stobie Seaplane Base on Moosehead Lake, Maine move a Cessna 182 seaplane from the water ramp to land parking. Maine Wing has
supported the International Pilots association Fly-in for the past seven years. Photo Courtesy of Mike Lange, Moosehead Messenger.
Capt Terry Dauphinee
Capt David Genest International Parade Lead by CAP
Maj Christopher Hayden Color and Honor Guard
Lt Glenn Martin On August 9, 2003, the Maine Wing
Maj Richard Merrill Squadrons from St Croix Composite,
SM Eugene Richardson Machias Valley and Downeast once
Time in excess of the maximum allot- again participated in the International
ted (1 hr for CAPF 5, 1.5 hrs for Parade from Calais, Maine to St
CAPF 5 & 91) will be billed to the pilot Stephens, New Brunswick. In addi-
as B17 time. Pilots taking the check tion, the Honor Guard from many dif-
ride, or their check pilots, are in- ferent squadrons participated. This
structed to: year was special to Maine Wing, CAP
1. Notify the CAP-USAF State Direc- because we lead the parade, which
tor, Sid Girardin by email 48 hours in has not been done for many years. It
advance of the scheduled flight time seems the organizers of the event can
and copy Wing HQ. E-mails: sgi- count on CAP personnel to be on time, dsau- and to be very professional. Less, problems for them and believe me they have many problems to deal
State Director's tel. 603 430-3544 fax. with, before, during and after the
603 430-3543 Wing HQ answering event. Thank you to all of the partici-
machine: 207 626-7830
2. Check pilots are instructed to fax
and/or mail to Wing HQ (fax: 626-
7831) within 24 hours of completion of
the flight:
a. the completed/signed CAPFs 5
and/or 91
b. copy of NER Log 2 showing PIC
and fuel charged (in dollars) in right-
Cumberland County Not All Missions
most column.
C. copy of fuel slip Notice of Upcoming Have a Happy
3. Emphasize Safety and Cockpit Re- Ending
source Management. If, due to an er- Trip
ror/omission in MIMS records, neither Maine Wing personnel played key
Sometime in October, date to be de- roles in the recent search efforts for
your current CAPF 5 or CAP 91 will termined, Cumberland County will
expire this month/year or you are both the missing young lady in Co-
organize a one day trip to Washing- lumbia Falls and the lost pilot out of
electing not to take a recurrency ton, Dulles field to see the new
check ride this month, please notify Pushaw Lake. While I do not have
Smithsonian Annex. Flight will be all the details on the missing young
Capt Don Saucier dsau- from PWM on Independence Air, tel. 207 229- lady in Washington County, I think it
which offers non stop jet service. is important to let all know that
7494 ) ASAP so arrangement for an- We hope the price will be reason-
other CAP pilot member to receive Maine Wing was activated to assist
able and fares may be based on the Warden's Service in these two
the benefit of your time for a reim- how many passengers we have and
bursed check ride can be made. missions. Many Maine Wing mem-
what day of week we travel. I would bers went to Jonesboro and then on
Please submit only current, not obso- prefer to only have Seniors on this
lete, forms. The date of the current to Bradford then Greenville for these
trip at this time. If you are interested searches. They did a fine job in both
CAPFs 5 & 91 are dated NOV 01 and in traveling with us please contact
the CAPF 99 is AUG 04. Please direct cases, Lt. Pat Dorian of the Warden
me so travel plans can be made. Service expressed his gratitude for
any questions regarding this notice to Thanks,
MEWG/DO, Capt Merrie Knightly, the assistance as did other mem-
Marc Brunelle, Captain bers of the State Police. The loss of and/or Lt ME-058
Wayne McKinney, wmckin- Kathy Hodgkins of KT Air, on Lucky Landing out of Pushaw Lake was
(Continued on page 7)

County Cumberland County
Composite Squadron Composite Squadron
The Officers and members of County Recently, The Cumberland County
Composite Squadron are proud to an- Composite Squadron held an Awards
nounce the first two Cadet promotions Ceremony at the Air National Guard
in the revived facility in Portland and it was an en-
Cadet program. joyable event. Thanks for the invita-
On 18 March tion, CCCS, and here's to your contin-
04 Cadet Wil- ued success. Significant to the get-
liam R. Groom Karen Varian received her new together was the Change of Squadron
III completed rank of 1st Lt. from Lt. Ken Varian in Command from Major Chris Hayden
the require- a ceremony during the Machias Val- to Captain Jeff Weinstein. I look for-
ments for pro- ley Composite Squadron Civil Air ward to working with Captain
motion to Cadetpatrol's weekly meeting on June 10, Weinstein in his new capacity and,
Airman and on 2004. (photo by Jim Raymond) together, we can assure excellent
29 June 04 Cadet Richie Holmes was pro- achievements during your tenure as
Cadet Kristen moted to Cadet Squadron Commander. Congratula-
T. Kilcollins Airman by tions and thank you for stepping for-
completed her Squadron ward to take on this responsibility.
requirements Commander In addition, Major Chris Hayden has
for promotion Capt. Wayne agreed to take on the mantle of Maine
to Cadet Air- Merritt in a Wing Vice Commander. His willing-
man. ceremony dur- ness to do so is of great benefit to us
Both Cadets ing the Machias all and will allow Maine Wing to have
have also completed the require- Valley Com- more of an ability to secure the rela-
ments for General Emergency ser- posite Squad- tionships between agencies that we
vices rating and are Ground Team ron Civil Air patrol's weekly meeting need to establish and groom. Major
member trainees. Congratulations to on June 10, 2004. (photo by Karen Hayden has done an outstanding job
both outstanding Cadets! as the Squadron Commander of the
Maj. Ed Lower Cumberland County Composite
The Machias Valley Composite Squadron for the past three years.
Machias Valley Squad- He won't be allowed to rest for long...
ron is we have much more to continue to do
Composite Squadron pleased and it will be a pleasure to work with
Major Hayden as we go forward.
to an-
nounce Mitch Sammons Col. CAP
the fol- Commander - Maine Wing
of com-
mand in Augusta-Gardiner
it's cadet ranks:
Cadet 2nd Lt. Brent Matthews - acting Composite Sq
Cadet Commander, Cadet 2nd Lt.
Chris Look - Deputy Cadet Com- Promotions for the Augusta-Gardiner
mander Composite Squadron for April, May,
Cadet SMSgt. Chris McCarthy - Ex- and June:
Machias Town Manager Christina 2 Captains
ecutive Officer, Cadet TSgt. Josiah
Therrien was promoted to 1st Lt. by 2 Mitchells
Duhaime - 1st Sergeant
Squadron Commander Capt. Wayne 1 Master Sergeant
Congratulations to these Cadets for
Merritt in a ceremony during the Ma- 2 Tech Sergeants
their demonstrated leadership.
chias Valley Composite Squadron 4 Currys
Karen Varian, PAO
Civil Air patrol's weekly meeting on Capt. Fellows
Machias Valley Composite Sq.
June 10, 2004. (photo by 1LT Varian) Commander

St Croix Composite Squadron
(Continued from page 7)
the corresponding 101Ts. These
Composite Squadron books are NOT YET available at
A WWII B-17G, named the
CAPMART. In the meantime they
"Sentimental Journey" paid a visit to
St Croix Composite Squadron is can be found at the following links:
the Bar Harbor/Hancock County air-
pleased to announce the promotions Aircrew & Flight Line > http://level2.
port between the 7th and 11th of
June. The bomber is maintained by
the Commutative Air Force (formerly
known as the Confederate Air
Force) and is based in Mesa, Ari-
IC/Mission Base> http://level2.cap.
zona. Jim Dennison, a former mem-
ber of the Downeast Patrol Squad-
ron and owner of both the glider ser-
Don Saucier Capt. CAP
vice and scenic flight service at
Director of Emergency Services-
BHB, spends winters in Arizona and
of Curtis Brown to Cadet Airman, Maine Wing
is the co-pilot of Sentimental Jour-
John Chambers to Cadet Master Ser- ney. Several weeks ago Jim asked
geant and Steven Martorano to Cadet the Downeast Patrol Composite
Technical Sergeant. Congratulations Squadron to provide crowd and
to all for your well earned promotions. parking control for the visit which we
Keep up the good work. promptly and gladly agreed to. The
1Lt Judy Murray, PAO Bomber arrived under cloudy skies,
which delayed arrival by over four
Recently, Commander LTC James
hours, at about 1630 and by 1730 it
Greenlaw promoted Cadet Todd Clark
was open to the public for "tours"
to Cadet Technical Sergeant and Ca-
through the airplane and for flights
over the local area (at $395.00 per
person with a maximum of 6 pas-
sengers on each flight). The flight
schedule was cut short due to main- to Mesa, Arizona. The air and
tenance issues but the tours contin- ground support crew of the Senti-
ued through Thursday evening with mental Journey were very much sur-
an almost continuous flow of people prised with the turnout of local peo-
going through the aircraft. As a ple for tours and flights and said
WWII air-war history buff, LtCol Ken they would like to see BHB on a re-
Goldstein found his niche as tour- turn visit, maybe in two years.
guide and collected the $5.00 fees LtCol Ken Goldstein
for going through the aircraft. Capt
John Riley assisted with crowd con-
det Patrick Lappin to Cadet Airman.
trol and had the opportunity to assist
Both promotions were followed by a
the aircrew personnel with some of
“pinning ceremony.” At the request of
the maintenance being done to the
Cadet Clark, his mother, Senior Mem-
airframe and engines. 1st Lt Perley NO REPORTS For:
ber Jolene Clark, had the honor to pin
Urquhart and SM Teddy Urquhart
on her son’s rank. Cadet Lappin
were there everyday as well to help Bangor-Brewer
asked Commander Greenlaw to do
the honors. After a round of applause
as needed. Cadet Stephan Urquhart Composite Squadron
was there every day as well; with
for each promotion, the squadron
continued the meeting discussing the
other cadets assisting as they be- Waterville Composite
came available. The Commutative Squadron
model rocketry contest in Bangor.
Air Force HQ is in Midland, TX and
Congratulations to C/TSgt Todd Clark
the B-17 has returned there for a Sundown
and C/Amn Lappin on your promo-
month of display and maintenance Composite Squadron
there and it will then return to the
Capt Dennis Murray, PAO Pinetree
"visitation" circuit before going home
ME076 Senior Squadron

Maine Wing very lucky This is indeed a true compliment
Encampment to have from the Commander of the 101st
such facili- Air Refueling Wing of the Bangor
ties made Air National Guard. I hope all
I had the pleasure of attending the available to members take this to heart and
closing ceremonies of the Maine Maine pump themselves up a bit. Col.
Wing Encampment Once again, Wing by Reynolds
Maine Wing Col. Reynolds. Here's to Encamp- has been
had an out- ment 2004 and let's look to the fu- in the
standing En- ture for another success in 2005. active Air
campment Thanks again. Force, Air
made suc- Mitch Sammons Col. CAP Reserve
cessful by the Commander - Maine Wing and Air
excellent work Guard for
of Col. Craig
Treadwell and Col. Reynolds has some
all who gave asked the MEW- time, and
of their time to ING Honor Guard he has
make this pos- to work with the seen
sible. Maine BANG Honor many
Wing cannot Guard. They will ceremo-
thank everyone practice and per- nial pres-
enough for giv- form together at entations.
ing of their time funerals and other events. The Maine
and expertise Our honor Wing
to make such guard will Honor
an enormous undertaking happen. be teaching Guard has
These are the kinds of things that rifle twirling. achieved
make solid The Col. its mission
memories for was deeply of repre-
all who partake moved senting all
in the adven- by the cere- of Maine
tures and help mony at the Wing in a way that makes us all
to instill quali- encamp- proud.
ties in young ment and will
people that be supporting
build strong our cadets.
character for Seth
the benefit of Roberts has
us all. I congratulate all the Cadets done an amaz-
who at- ing job with his
tended En- team. If you
campment have an event
2004. You where
did an ex- you would like them to perform
cellent job please notify Seth. Thank you, Lt. Roberts and your
and we are Ted Kryzak Capt. CAP team for such fine work.
all proud of DCP MEW- Mitch Sammons Col. CAP
you. ING Commander - Maine Wing
We again
were fortu-
nate to be able to work with Col. All Photos
Don Reynolds and his staff at the Furnished by
Bangor Air Guard Base. We are
Maj. Jim Raymond

(Continued from page 3) National Cadet Competition (Continued from page 8)
tragic. Many people in the aviation Results dets.
circles of Maine know her and her The USAF news was interesting.
husband Tim, and had been Drill Team The First Air Force is noticeably
helped by them through flight les- 1st - Southeast Region pulling CAP into its operational
sons or maintenance or just by 2nd - Northeast Region planning. Along with that closer
their kind words or advice when a 3rd - Middle East Region relationship will come the in-
float plane may have dropped in creased expectations from USAF
on them for fuel and a visit. She Color Guard for improved training, record-
was a talented lady who had 1st - Southeast Region keeping, protection of USAF pro-
achieved much in her passion for 2nd - Southwest Region vided assets, and the PR aspect of
flight. I can tell you that Tim and 3rd - Pacific Region things like uniform wear, and con-
his family are very grateful for the dition of rolling stock. It was said
work Maine Wing did to find her as by the USAF briefer that some ma-
fast as was done. Many of you NEW ES jor issue resolutions will take place
helped in this search. Your hard
work was greatly appreciated by
Tests Online in the next few months and will be
announced by the time of the Win-
the Warden Service and the State NHQ has posted a new approved ter National Boards. It took the US
Police. They welcomed CAP into version of CAP regulation 60-3 almost three years to recover and
the effort and did all they could to (CAP EMERGENCY SERVICES go on the offensive after the attack
accommodate our people. It was TRAINING AND OPERATIONAL on Pearl Harbor, and I guess it has
an excellent showing of coopera- MISSIONS) dated 26-May-2004. taken three years for it to do it
tion between the agencies. My The link is: again after 9-11-2001, but I can
conversations with the Wardens documents/u_082503073358.pdf see programs jelling and strong
and the State Police in Greenville (requires Adobe Reader). The relationships developing toward
revealed their satisfaction with changes are focused on Chapter 2 the goal of a strong Homeland Se-
our personnel and their gratitude around Operational Specialty Rat- curity system. Thanks again for all
for our assistance. These were not ings (aka quals) and performance that you do. Maine Wing did shine
easy missions. As you know, the standards. The changes are sig- at this conference, and I am look-
weather was terrible, the terrain nificant and while there are perks ing forward to its continued bril-
was very difficult, and the circum- like quals not expiring for 3 years liance.
stances were very tragic. All who rather than the current 2 years for
took part in the missions should be some specialties, a new CAP
congratulated for their work. You Emergency Services test (CAPT Part II and Part III) - one for
performed in an outstanding man- 116) has also been posted. Be ground/UDF, one for IC/mission
ner. Thank you all very much. aware the current 60-3 and new base and one for aircrew & flight
Mitch Sammons Col. CAP 60-3 require members to take the line. If you hold multiple qualifica-
Commander - Maine Wing new CAPT 116 test within 180 tions that cross the groups (like
days of it's issuance in order to pilot and information officer) then
maintain currency. This means you will need to complete two tests
or even all three - it all depends on
Promise Kept that even though you have com-
pleted an earlier version of the
online exam you will need to com-
your ES qualifications. They are
listed in the drop down exam menu
plete the new exam as well. The on the ES test page at: https://ntc.
Fulfilling my promise of last . This is an
year to keep the members ad- new exam has been posted at open book questionnaire based on
vised about the outcome of all the text provided. Open 101T's
meetings, activities, etc, I under the ES grouping. The CAPT
116 test is an open book question- need to be completed by the end
wanted you all to know the re- of August at which time they will
sults of the competition this naire and can be completed by ref-
erencing the new 60-3. Addition- no longer be valid. New TASK
past July. Congratulations to all BOOKS for ground teams, mission
the teams that participated. ALL ally there are three new online
tests for continuing education - base and aircrews have been cre-
the TEAMS are WINNERS. ated and there are new versions of
CAPT117 for ES. There are three
different 10 question tests (Part I, (Continued on page 5)

Headquarters NONPROFIT ORG.
Civil Air Patrol, Maine Wing U.S. POSTAGE
PO Box 5006 PAID
Augusta, ME 04332-5006

cer, 1 Lt. Peter Goss for his efforts flown category to be considered.
Commanders Corner over the past months, and I thank What are we doing about getting
our Vice Commander, Major Hayden those hours up to where we would
I am pleased to say that I did return for pulling together the video for the be considered for such equipment?
from the hot and humid State of Flor- submission. This award received Well, on the Wing side, we are do-
ida, as planned. I thank Major Chris much attention from the attendees ing our darndest to get more mis-
Hayden for his work in my stead while and General Bowling was very ap- sions with MEMA, the Coast Guard
I was away. It is truly a pleasure hav- preciative of the package. I will con- and other agencies. They are com-
ing the comfort of knowing solid, reli- firm that our new National Com- ing around, but the gears of Home-
able people are back home while I am mander is Major General Dwight land Security are still slow. On the
away. The residents of Punta Gorda, Wheless (who has said that one of individual pilot-member side, we
south of Tampa, are certainly in tough his priorities for this coming year is need more initiative and proficiency
shape and the Florida Wing as well as to attend our Wing Conference in flying.
other regionally local units of CAP are April), and our new National Vice As had been previously mentioned,
again proving their value to the State Commander is Brigadier General Maine Wing also received the North-
of Florida. This year, not only did CAP Tony Pineda. They should prove to east Region Award for Aerospace
extract its pound of flesh from the at- be a dynamic team and have dedi- Education excellence. One of the
tendees, but also a pint of blood from cated their time to CAP by suspend- major factors in receiving this award
87 of us for the Red Cross to use to ing their professional careers in or- were the activities of those squad-
supplement its recovery efforts there. der to devote their full time to their rons that received the A/E Excel-
As you all have heard, Maine Wing new offices. Amazing dedication if lence awards from the Air Force As-
distinguished itself by receiving the you ask me. Other significant news sociation. I urge all squadrons to
first place award for its Safety Pro- is that CAP is increasing its pur- partake in that program. It is an
gram submission...and a check for chase of the new Cessna 182 mod- easy way to get $250 for your
$5,000.00. I had confidence that our els with glass cockpits from 20 to squadron and to give aerospace the
Safety Program had the merit to be 40! Wow...does this mean that we attention it deserves from your ca-
an award winner, but I was not sure of will get one or two? No...we need to (Continued on page 7)
the prize level. I thank our Safety Offi- do better in the number of hours