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Analysis of Soap Opera Episode Name of Soap: Eastenders

Episode Title/Date: Monday 21 June 2010 Complete the table below: Storylines: How many storylines in the episode? 7 Characters: How many characters in the episode? 21 Camera Angles: What camera angles are used and why? Many mid shots used as this shows the characters and the actions that are taking place. There is also a lot of close up and reaction shots used in order to show the characters expressions. Shot reverse shot is also used to show the conversations between the characters. Sound: What sound is used in the episode and why? There is a lot of sound used within the episode most of it being digetic, either the dialogue spoken by the characters or a song being played in the scene e.g. from the juke box in the queen Vic, the song will be chosen to relate to the scene in some way.

List the storylines found: • Teenager struggling with exams trying to cheat. Married women having an affair Young couples Old man trying to pursue a lady Jealous ex girlfriend Divorced parents and children birthday

List the type of characters found and examples: • • • • • • • • Business man Teenagers Old man Old lady Married couple Pregnant lady Crazy women School children

• •

• •

Mise-en-scene: Are there common settings/props that are shown regularly throughout the episode? If so, what? The queen Vic is the main setting used within the episode and this is true for most episodes of the soap, there is a lot filmed in the market on the square.

Editing: How is the soap edited? Continuous/Noncontinuous? The soap is edited used continuous editing, so all the scenes flow usually happening one after another in time but some are shown to be simultaneous, e.g. when to character are on the phone to one another and it cuts between the two during the conversation.

Time: How is time managed in the episode? Is more time spent on one storyline than another? The time is managed well as all the story lines have about the same amount of air time and this caters to all the audience members that may have favourite characters that may wish to follow their story line more than others.

Target Audience? Who is the target audience for this soap? The target audience for the soap is mostly women of middle age, but also families as it has the prime time spot of dinner time.

What time is it scheduled to be shown on the television? Eastenders is shown on BBC 1 on Monday’s Tuesdays Thursdays Fridays and Sundays. It is shown at 7:30 or 8:00 pm or around 2:00pm on the Sunday omnibus.

Why have specific settings been chosen for this soap? The specific settings have been chosen as they are places where all the characters can come together to communicate and also the audience can relate to the settings through the use of verisimilitude.