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Assignment : Mobile Technology

You will have 3 class periods to complete this project.

Objective: Students will demonstrate knowledge of mobile technologies by
identifying the various platforms, operating systems, features and functionality of
each, and emerging technology.
GA Standards:
IT-DD - 2 Research, explain, and summarize current state of the web, functions of
the web, and future trends emerging of the web.
IT-DD-6 Identify and develop model digital products that reveal a professional
layout and look by applying design principles to produce professional quality
Ethics: IT-DD-3 Identify logistical, ethical, and legal Issues related to digital media
and apply concepts to use of text, graphics, animation, sound, video, and digital
images in digital products.

Prior to this project, students have researched and written article summaries
regarding new cell phones and features. Each student presented their articles
and had a class discussion/question and answer session. The websites we used
are listed at the bottom.

1. Create a PRESENTATION or Thinglink called Mobile Technology

2. Include the following information:
Explain what an "Operating System" is. Give at least 3 examples of popular
modern operating systems and the devices where they're found.
Explain what a "Platform" is and what effect it has on mobile apps
In your opinion, what are the 5 most useful mobile technologies currently
available on cell phones? Why did you choose these technologies as being
the most useful?
Describe at least 5 emerging mobile technologies that are currently being
developed but are not yet released to the public. Do you think they are
good ideas? Why or why not?
Explain how mobile technology has affected our daily lives (personal
Which one do you think will be the most widely used? Why?
What is one thing capability that you would like cell phones to have, but for
which the technology doesn't currently exist?
3. All information must be visible on your website. You may use information from
other websites, but may not link to them.
4. All information must be in your own words. Remember what you learned about
Copyright laws.

Define Operating System & 10
give 3 examples
Define Platform and explain 10
5 Most useful mobile apps 20
5 Emerging mobile apps and 20
your opinion of each
Personal Examples of mobile 10
tech and how it has affected
your life
Future apps you would like to 10
see and why
Grammar, punctuation, and 10
Overall look of presentation 10

If you plagiarize information from other websites or sources you will receive a 0
NO excuses, NO exceptions
Suggested Websites: